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Fishin for Fun

Tues 31st Jan - Online

I'm getting excited , airline tickets purchased. Tuesday 31st Jan FFF-3 page will be online.

Simultaneoulsy Blogs on this page will cease. I'm excited.


36. Sunday 29th : Big Pricks not Popular

A Big Prick , and prickly one at that.

Thats me , before my weight loss programme : )

Sent in by one of our readers , an email from an Angeles GoGo girl as follows :

"Most Filipinas dont like Big. It hurts, it is no fun, and the guys with big ones are too proud and want to Push it too hard and it is no fun. Regular size and CLEAN is what is important and smell good ! And guys with piercing Yuck. We Do Not Like Big" ! 

Comment : So the obvious question is : "do you like big money" ? And the answer will be yes. Confuscius was right all along : "big money , small prick , does the trick". But where does that leave me ... small money and small prick ..................... a voyeur methinks , nothing more : )


35. Saturday 28th : Mohammed Jackson

"Pop star Michael Jackson went shopping in Bahrain disguised as a traditional Arab woman. A Reuters photographer saw him in a popular shopping mall in the centre of the capital Manama all in black , with sunglasses , gloves , a veil covering his face and dressed in a full length abaya robe with mens shoes peeping out at the bottom".

Comment : He is also reportedly considering converting to Islam with a name change to : Mohammed Jackson. Question is .. would a man (Mohammed) wear a "veil covering his face and dressed in a full length abaya robe". I think not. Think he should heed popular demand and rename himself : Whacko Jacko.


34. Thursday 26th : Thai Peculiarities


Thailand : The Centipede King (Montri Siangwong) and the Scorpion Queen (Kanjana Kaetkeow) will marry on Valentines day. They said they will consummate their marriage in a specially prepared coffin. Montri is the world record holder for spending 28days with 1000 centipedes. Kanjana is the world record holder for spending 32 days in a glass cube with 3400 scorpions.

Love Match ... Kanjana and Montri

Comment : Yes , the Thais have a penchant for spiders , bugs etc , especially in their food. Have you ever noticed ? : )


33. Wednesday 25th : Shy guys don't win

"A Canadian man is writing to 3,700 Belgian women called Sabine in a bid to find a sweetheart. Marc Lachance met a Belgian woman called Sabine on a bus trip to Havana while he was on holiday in Cuba. He told De Morgen: "We liked each other and spent the day together. But I was too shy to ask her address or telephone number."

Back in Canada, he realised Sabine could be the woman of his life and began his efforts to track her down. "All I know is she speaks French and she was travelling with a friend named Klara," said Mr Lachance. "Finally, I looked up in the phonebook the addresses of all women named Sabine. There are 3,700 of them. I was shocked it's such a popular name."

Mr Lachance has so far written to all the women named Sabine in Brussels. Soon he will send letters to the Sabines in Namur, then the rest of the country. "It is costing me a lot of money," he admitted. "And what if her name is not in the phonebook - I dare not think of that".


Comment : Better still travel to Brussels , be interviewed on the tele (human interest story) and voila ... Sabine will materialise. As I have said before on this website : shy guys do not win : ) ....... the count down continues .. FFF3 , wont be long now : )


32. Tuesday 24th : Unbridaled Fantasies


"Fur-lined underwear has been banned in Uzbekistan after authorities deemed it too sexy. Sales of the furry slips have rocketed in temperatures below minus 20c. The government has now banned the lingerie saying they want to protect citizens from "unbridled fantasies".

Comment : Unbridled fantasies ? I thought it would be bridled if it had fur covering it. It seems , in these politically correct times we must have less freedom and more restrictions. In the 1970's there was much more freedom , especially in the whoring arena. Given enough time Phil and Thailand will be sanitized like the West.


31. Monday 23rd : Unhappy Day ?

"Cliff Arnall, a health psychologist at the University of Cardiff, specialising in confidence-building and stress management, told AFP that today Monday 23rd will be the most unhappiest day of the year".

Comment : Well how did it go ? Quiet for me , but not 'unhappy'.


30. Saturday 21st : Im a Woman !

A Thai gender bender (katoey) by the name of Mongkon Pusuwan , listed as a man in his/her passport has avoided caning following conviction on drug charges in Singapore. The judge decided that for all intents and purposes (sexual included : ) Mongkon is a babe when she/he had a sex change 10yrs ago. In Singapore men receive canings but not women.

Comment : Did the Judge try him/her out ? : ) On return from Singapore Mongkon can boast of his/her trophy ... a legal judgement that he/she truly is a woman.


29. Saturday 21st : Degrading Carnal Weakness (whoring)

Here is an email received by one of our readers :

"............. Actually take charge of yourself and your "rampant carnal urges" otherwise you will never experience true self satisfaction. You sound like an intelligent person, yet you don’t seem to know how to actually master your intelligence, to be able to use your full brain potential and experience true “INNER” happiness. 

The true masters of this world are the leaders who can summon up the self-discipline to enable them to resist degrading carnal weaknesses such as reverting to SE Asian sex, just to “trick” themselves into thinking they are actually in charge of their feelings of fulfilment, when they are far from being in charge. 

You obviously have the financial wealth to travel to SE Asia whenever you need to reach out for sex-without-love, but as they say, money cannot buy happiness and if you continue following this solution to try to sustain your health and happiness, you will soon discover the truth in this saying".

Comment : "Degrading carnal weakness" indeed. Yes , as I said before in these Blogs ..... repent lads , repent. You noticed in FFF2 that my 'catch' (fucks) were few and far between. FFF3 will be even less so methinks. Myself , I have seen the light , and am mending my ways before I meet my maker (The Devil : )


28. Friday 20th : Flying Saucers at last

This article deleted. Like many others , not worth reading : )


27. Thursday 19th : Sex cures Breast Cancer

A Russian woman has been told by her Doctors that she has breast cancer and the best way to get rid of it is to have sex at least two times a day for at least a year. Consequently she has placed a full page advertisement in a top Russian Daily called 'Moscow Komsomolets" , which read in part : "The ideal candidate would need to have sex with me every two days for at least a year". One of the specialists is quoted in the same article as saying : "To avoid this type of cancer , after a certain age , three sex sessions a week are necessary".

Comment : I am wondering why one of the good doctors or the specialist did not offer their services ? Perhaps she aint pretty : ) Devious me is now trying to think of how I can use a similar tactic with unsuspecting Phil girls. Perhaps I could say to them : "My Doctor has told me to have sex with good girls only , to cure my 'migraine headaches'. I am not allowed to have sex with prostitutes. If you help me (have sex with me) I will reward you for curing me of my ailment (itch to fuck good girls : ) with P1000". Any which way , good girls need an excuse to have sex , especially with strangers. Perhaps their maternal instincts (or ATM instincts) will kick in and they'll 'cure me' ? : ) Worth a fun try. Will report my findings in FFF3 (soon).

Note : In Thailand , you can not get such complicated matters/proposals across (language barrier) , hence better to target Phil girls : ) The art of seduction , whether it be 'migraines' or not , is much easier in the Philippines. We give thanks to the Americans for introducing English to the Filipinos (1898-1946 era).


26. Wednesday 18th : Loss of Face = Loss of Life (Samui Murder)

Re murder of foreign woman Samui recently. Quote : "Thailand's prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had declared the men should face the maximum penalty because of damage done to the country's image".

Comment : The men have since been condemned to death by lethal injection. So its because of the damage to the countrys image and not damage to the victim and family that they face the death penalty. Loss of Face seems more important than loss of life.


25. Wednesday 18th : All is Quiet


All is quiet at d' Front. Nothing to report except for personal happenings. Currently occupied with medical appointments and examinations. Got a feeling this is going to go on for months. Will get rid of some of that before take off FFF3 and then the longest part (health circus) will continue when I return. Looks like this particular medical condition is going to 'haunt' me forever : ) Such is life. Others are worse off , thats for sure. FFF : Will advise in these Blogs , this month (January) of my take off to d' Front (Thailand/Philippines). Apart from that , all is quiet.


24. Monday 16th : Thai LON's Empowered

Twas reading an article about how the LON's of Patong Phuket helped out during the Tsunami. They are now complaining that the government did not give them handouts like they did to the rest of the Thai population in Patong. A Foreigner woman running the 'Empower Foundation' spoke up on this subject. I read further on in the article and found out there are foreign women registering Thai sex workers into their 'Empower' organisation , counselling them etc. You know where that will lead to dont ya .... feminism a-la western world. Oh Dear , isnt there anything sacred ? Thai whoring coming under the influence of western feminists ! Enjoy while you can fella's : )


23. Sunday 15th : Foreigners happier in Thailand/Philippines

"It seems that people in Britain are finally seeing the light.. Doctors there are recognising that people feel miserable at this time of year because of the shortage of sunlight causing a range of symptoms from lethargy to severe depression. It is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the area of the brain which controls mood , appetite and sleep. Eighty per cent of cases can be treated by exposure to bright light".

Comment : So now we know why the Flips and Thais smile so much , and why we are so happy in their countries ... its the light (not the women : )


.22. Sunday 15th : Why Filipinas like Foreigners

"Money sent home by Filipinos working overseas in the first 11 months of last year totalled $9.7bn (£5.5bn), said the country's central bank".

Comment : One of the main reasons we foreigners are popular in the Philippines. Gal can marry us , get a job in hubbies country , then send real money back home to the family. Their Filipino based family is more important than us , incl. foreign husband. Figs above indicate that once again.


21. Friday 13th : Fast tracking Motherhood

"An 11yr old Colombian girl is pregnant with her second child. The girl who is eight months pregnant already has a one year old child".

Comment : Question is .. who's the Dad ? By the time she is 21yrs old she could be a Grandma : )


20. Friday 13th January : Big Pricks - French

"French men have the longest penises in the world. Researchers from Andromedical in Spain found that the average French manhood is 6.2" when aroused. Italy is next at 5.9" reports The Sun. Britons fall below the world average at 5.1". Countries with the smallest were India at 3.9" and South Korea with 3.7".

Comment : We always knew the French were the biggest pricks in the world , now we have proof : ) But I would like the 'Andromedical' people to explain how they gathered their information. Must have been a case of gays measuring gays : ) And that explains the popularity of Koreans at places like LA Cafe Manila .. big money , small pricks : )


19. Thursday 12th January : Job Applicant - Philippines

Filipina courtesy :

A bodacious Filipina applied for a sales assistants job. The Interviewer said "yes , we have a position for you". The boss , who had just entered the room said : "In fact we have several positions for you " (Anal , Missionary , BJ : )


18. Thursday 12th January : More of the same (terrorism).

More terrorism experts (eg Zachary Abuza of USA) are coming forward today and predicting a strike in Phuket or Bangkok any time soon. Especially mentioning foreigner bars. Heed the warning folks ... repent ! Mend your ways. No more 'bars' .... visit the Temples , go for Elephant rides etc : )


17. Thursday 12th January : Italians Priorities

"Most Italians feel more guilty about overeating than cheating on their partners , a survey has found. Excessive eating and spending topped the survey of what people considered the most guilt-inducing vices"

Comment : Similar to Filipinos. Its the cover of the book not the contents that matters. For me , that only applies to sex , in most other respects I am looking for substance. Not the Italians or Filipinos .. the 'cover' is all important : )


16. Wednesday 11th January : Biggest Pie in the Sky (2005)

A newspaper nominated as the biggest pie in the sky con of 2005 the chain email , sent out to millions and which read something like this : "Princess Diana never lost her ability to inspire others. You have won $3 million from a Lottery set up by her Estate". And then of course request for personal identification and eventually a "release fee" (the sting : )

Comment : The paper said the emailers had good success with this one. A survey taken showed 85% of folks are willing to take a risk for an especially high profit , hence the success of the Diana Scam. The biggest whoremonger scam that I know of is the Pesos100,000 scam when guys are set up with a girl under 18yrs of age.


15. Wednesday 11th January : Delicious say the Murderers (Koh Samui)

"Delicious , very delicious" (in Thai language of course) shouted murder suspects Buagloi Posit and Wichai Somkhaoyai as they climbed back into their trawler fishing boat after having raped and murdered a young falang woman. They walked around the trawler boasting of their rape , said crewmen. The Prime Minister of Thailand has requested they be executed (if found guilty by the Courts).

Comment : They thought the inherrent dislike of foreigners would allow them to get away with their boasting. However , crewmen wanted to make sure they were not accused of involvement and reported the two of them. Prime Minister wants the death penalty cause this incident represents an international "loss of face" for Thailand and a loss of tourist dollars too (downturn in tourism).


14. Tuesday 10th January : Mouse burns house

"A mouse took fiery revenge on a man who threw it into a pile of burning leaves. The flaming mouse ran back into the wooden house of 81yr old Luciano Mares in New Mexico , setting it afire and virtually destroying the building. Mr Mares said he'd caught the mouse in his home and threw it on a pile of refuse and leaves he was burning in the garden. The mouse was on fire and ran back into the house , he said".


13. Tuesday 10th January : Koh Samui - Murder Solved ?

Murder suspects.

"Two fishing trawler crewmen have confessed to the murder of 21-year-old Welsh student Katherine Horton on a Koh Samui beach on Jan 2. Only one confessed to raping Horton, but investigators told a press conference yesterday that DNA tests confirmed both men had raped her".


12. Monday 9th January : Quiet

Yeh , not everyday of the week something happening. Sunday and Monday (today) included. All is quiet on d' Front except where I am. Medical report received today. Seeing Specialist Wednesday for his prognosis , and within days will make a decision on what to do or not to do. The life of a Monger wasn't meant to be easy : )


11. Saturday 7th January : Bangkok - Prophet of Doom 'n Gloom

Rohan Gunaratna , security analyst IDSS Singapore : ''We believe that the threat of terrorism is growing at a very serious pace, and that it is just a question of time before they attack Bangkok,'' Mr Gunaratna, who heads a terrorism research unit at IDSS (based in Singapore) , told reporters.

He said the Thai government needs to expand its intelligence network, engage Thailand's Muslim political leadership and work with neighbouring Malaysia to stop the spread of cross-border terrorism.

''If they don't do that, our assessment is that terrorists will attack Bangkok before the end of the year'' he said.

Comment : To be personally harmed by a terrorist attack would most probably be much more unlikely than being run over by a Tuk Tuk (I hope : ) Religion ........... its been the cause of so much harm and misery , yet when a tragedy befalls the believers they still say "Allah is Great". If Allah was so great how come he doesnt spare them from tragedies (tsunamis , earthquakes , mud slides etc etc) ?


10. Friday 6th January : Muslim Terrorist in Bangkok

"Police are hunting a Muslim suspect implicated in numerous bomb attacks in the far South and who is believed to be in hiding in Bangkok, Crime Suppression Division (CSD) Commander Pol Maj-Gen Vinai Thongsong said yesterday. The man, identified as Faisol Hayesama-aae, 23, is suspected of having perpetrated the Hat Yai airport bombing, which killed and wounded scores of people in April of last year".

Comment : Well it had to happen didnt it .. a blast in Bangok. One day , somewhere (Bangkok) boom ! Also Manila would be on their list too (popular bar frequented by foreigners).


9. Friday 6th January : Beware - Year of the Dog

Make sure your chick is not a dog : )

"According to the Chinese zodiac , 2006 is the Year of the Dog. Those born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982 and 1994 were all born to this astrological sign. Such persons are said to be honest and loyal".

Comment : "Honest and loyal" , well that eliminates about 99.99% of the girls in the Philippines and Thailand. Although I could have sworn I saw a dog or two on my last trip : )


8. Thursday 5th January : Murder - Koh Samui Thailand

You wouldnt think peaceful laid back Samui would be the scene of a vicious crime as follows : Two young English women walking along the beach late at night (1st Jan). Parents of one calls daughter who walks off into the distance talking to parents. Other girl returns from the beach to her room. Girl on cell phone next found floating in the sea , raped , bashed to death and dragged out to sea.

Comment : Sweet and smiling as Thais are there is a lot of violence in Thailand. Normally we foreigners are not on the receiving end of it. A sense of false security surrounded the girls. Some little monkey was sitting there observing it all and pounced when the woman was on her own. Parents will be devastated to find out their phone call created the scenario for their daughters murder.


7. Thursday 5th January : Chavez - Venezuela

Popular toy package.

"Venezuela's top-selling toy this Christmas was an action doll figure of President Hugo Chavez. Different versions of the doll include one in a combat uniform and another which reads excerpts from one of the president's anti-American speeches".

Comment : Yeh , I think George Bush has already learnt not to toy with Chavez. What I like about Chavez , he doesnt conform or lick boots. We need individual countries run by independent leaders like Chavez , and not "one world". If 'one world' ever arrives , it'll be the end of mongering as we know it today.


6. Wednesday 4th January : Visa's for Sex

Brazilian girls popular with Immigration Officers : )

Enterprising lads at the UK Home Office have been extracting sex from foreign females. A guy who obviously did not share the spoils , blew the whistle on his fellow workers and said : "The best looking women were interviewed first for visa's or visa extensions. Unnatractive women waited for hours to see someone". "Brazilian girls would be given permission to stay in the country longer than their boyfriends , for no valid immigration reason". "If the sex kept coming the visa extensions kept coming".

Comment : Missed my vocation in life ..... Immigration Officer. I can understand the Brazilian girls being popular. They are most energetic/active in bed. Usually start proceedings with a BJ , no urging or hints required : )


5. Tuesday 3rd January : Nothing Happening

2006 is off to a slow start with nothing happening of note. Friday I've got a biopsy and following Monday results of that biopsy , so important time for me personally , but apart from that can't think of anything on the horizon worth talking about. After biopsy will follow up availability of Snoopy Camera and then be in a position to buy a ticket for Thailand/Philippines. No News is good news : )


4. Monday 2nd January : Philippines


610 were injured by fireworks and guns , New Years Eve , Philippines. 33 of which were by stray bullets. Two were killed. "Health Secty Francisco Duque said a government safety awareness campaign was not a failure" , presumably cause eight were killed year before (but only 251 injured).

Comment : Yeh similar mentality to other countries viz "a loss is a win". Latin countries guilty of this offence , Middle East also. Remember Saddam Hussein's "Mother of all Victories". Being excessively concerned about 'loss of face' (Thailand/Philippines in particular) is fortunately something we in the West are not overly concerned about. Main thing is ... the Phil girls can produce fireworks in bed , and that's where it counts : )


3. Sunday 1st January : Thailand Wish List

"Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has declared that his priority for this year will be to "cleanse" the country of all thugs, vices and bribery".

Comments : Thugs ? .... govt sanctioned murder of hundreds pos thousands of folks presumed to be involved in drugs. Some innocent people were murdered as a result of this thuggery. Vices .... thanks for the early closing (1am). Bribery ? The ball is in your court PM : )


2. Sunday 1st January : Surreal for real ?


"For the new year please spare tired, meaningless cliches: ponder the "surreal," take a deep breath before "breaking news," lose the "person of interest" and, whatever you do, don't utter "hunker down". The curmudgeons at Lake Superior State University in Michigan have warmed their cold hearts again for 2006 with their 30th annual list of words, phrases and acronyms deserving banishment from everyday usage.

"Surreal" led the new year's list of cliches from the poisoned emails of fed-up contributors".

Comment : I too hate cliche floggers. Surreal at top of list. Flogged so often it starts to sound 'surreal' : )


1. Sunday 1st January : Blogs for January

Biz as usual .. Blogs in January , right up to when we take off for Thailand/Philippines. Then a separate page/link - "Fishin for Fun - 3"


BLOGS above

added to during January until our departure (FFF3).



NEW  .. ... Pics/Images ... News .. Jokes .. Info .. Waffle etc. ("mutually friendly/beneficial")

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Happy New Year !

I have been advised that for the Chinese , 2006 is the year of the Dog.

Hope that does not mean I will only meet 'dogs' in 2006 : )




PIC ..... Maarten and his attractive companion. You can see Maarten looks attractive , hence he attracts attractive girls and gets quality sex too. Oh , too be handsome. Not my lot , unfortunately .... T : )


PIC ..... Another attractive looking babe (Philippines). Obviously Robert Marley (photographer) has got what it takes too. Might explain why I have been missing out lately : )




Blogs in January , right up to the day we take off for Thailand/Philippines. Then a separate page/link - "Fishin for Fun - 3"


PIC ..... Read the following explanation before 'click here' : "Are you a Prostitute" Sign. What a giggle , I quote from the sign (left) : "If your unsure whether or not you are a prostitute , please ask ....."

So the babe steps up to Security and says "I am not sure if I am a prostitute". Security says : "How much Short Time". She says : Pesos500. "Your a prostitute" , says security.

Oh thanks , says Pro' , but what if I'd said : "marriage , half the house , the car and maintenance for the kids till they are 18yrs old". "Oh , then your not a prostitute" , says the security : )

Sign submitted by : Taipan

Note : Pic removed , to save downloads.


FFF ..=...Find em .. Feel em .. Fuck em ..: )




Taipan says : ..

"Should have been suss when the brother in law was going to pay for the drinks".

I say , 'good one' Taipan , right on the money.


Here's what Taipan has sent in , and what he is referring to :


"Friday Dec 30

A Sydney escort hired a hitman to kill her husband in the Philippines in order to claim $400,000 in life insurance, an Adelaide court has been told.

Jennifer Remigio, 30, arranged to have her Adelaide husband Michael Remigio shot dead in a laneway near a Manila hotel in October last year, the Adelaide Magistrates Court has heard.

Mr Remigio died when shot numerous times in the head and upper body as he sat in a car near the hotel in a seedy Manila suburb, prosecutor Carmen Matteo told the court.

Ms Matteo detailed the alleged murder plot during a bail hearing on Friday for Ms Remigio, who is charged with conspiring to kill her husband.

Ms Remigio, of Pyrmont in inner Sydney, and some members of her Philippine-based family organised an unknown hitman to perform the murder in the early hours of October 14 last year, Ms Matteo said.

Ms Remigio had a financial motive for the killing - to collect a $400,000 life insurance payout on Mr Remigio, a policy initiated two weeks before the murder, Ms Matteo said.

She said Ms Remigio's brother was involved in the murder plot, taking Mr Remigio and two of the dead man's friends to a hotel in a "rough and undesirable" Manila suburb on the night of October 13 last year.

About 3.30am the next day, Mr Remigio and his two friends left the hotel and returned to a parked car while Remigio's brother remained at the hotel on the pretence of paying for drinks, Ms Matteo said.

Mr Remigio, 30, was in the passenger seat of the car when an unknown gunman fired a number of shots into his head and upper body. The gunman remained silent and the dead man's two friends were not injured.

"It was not a random killing and certainly had all the hallmarks of a contract killing," Ms Matteo told the court.

She said Ms Remigio, who had lived in Adelaide until August this year when she moved to Sydney and worked as an escort, was the sole beneficiary of the life insurance policy.

Ms Remigio had earlier sent $26,000 to her family in the Philippines and a further $3,000 in the days preceding the killing to her brother "which must have been used in the payment of the shooter", Ms Matteo said.

She said police telephone intercepts would show a surge in frequency of calls between Ms Remigio and her brother in the days before the killing.

Ms Remigio, arrested in Sydney two weeks ago and extradited to South Australia, faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if found guilty.

Magistrate Joseph Baldino refused Ms Remigio's bail application and remanded the mother of two in custody until another court appearance in February next year".




Thommo says : .Greatest short time companions in the world - Filipinas.

Emphasis on 'short time' (ST).


Dont hang around fella's. Fly in , get what ya want , fly out. Leave it all behind.

Good for ST only , just like Thommo : )





You know , it should be a legal requirement of the Insurance Coy to advise the insured , life insurance has been taken out on him/her by another party.

For example , it would be nice to know if your wife has taken out a life policy on ya , just before she sends you off to the Philippines to 'enjoy yaself'. Not the first time I have heard of these Filipino 'assassin' stories.

When will they ever learn ?




Girl opp. reminds me of Bambi (FFF-2)

very similar.

It was worth waiting to get her (Bambi)

Patience is essential .. especially when the 'fish' is timid : )




Thommo and Saun ...... Back at it again (this Jan) , same line ..(bullshit : ) .and tackle ..(: ) .as in yore.





Blogs in January until take off (FFF3)


TRY THIS ..................

Compliments of Taipan , once again.


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