4."Romance with The Ladies" by DD.


"I might not be a true whorist in that sense that I dislike short time or visiting whore houses with girls exposed around and waiting...I prefer to get a girl from a bar and I'd do that after visiting the place and watching her for a long time...

Thailand was my first visit in the South East Asia, year 1987, and after three days and three times visit at one girlie bar called Tillac (still going strong, I think!) in Soy Cow Boy, I picked up a lady. I don't remember how much I paid for the "bar fine", but believe it or not, the lady didn't ask me anything the following morning.

My secret? There isn't any, only I treated her with respect and some tenderness, yes, and made her to understand that "her pleasure" was more much important to me than my own, or at least equals mine. I dated the same lady for the 10 days I stayed in BKK(Indra Regent

That lady kept on writing to me for many years (she could hardly speak English, so I guess a friend of hers was translating) telling me she wished she could meet another man like me in her life.

Two years later, I visited Angeles (before Pina Tubo) and following the same procedure, I got a lady from EL Toro( I guess the place is closed now like the hotel I was staying at, Hawaii Inn, or something like that). Again the lady fell literally in love with me...I gave her 1000 Pesos for the three nights we spent together, then decided to move back to Manila where I've booked (and paid in advance) a room at Silahis International for a 15 nights stay.

I took the well known Swagman bus from the Clarkton Hotel and was back to Manila before noon. Feeling tired after my AC nites, I took a bath and headed straight to bed.

Around 5pm, the reception waked me up saying " Sir, there is a young lady who'd like to speak to you!".
You guessed right, it was Marites from AC! Knowing the name of the hotel where I was staying in Manila, she had followed me all the way from AC!.

I stayed with the lady until my last day in Manila.

I'm not interested in getting married but I wanted to "help" Marites by paying for her to go on studying ...unfortunately I understood after a while that her Mom was keeping the money I was sending and yet allowing her daughter go on go-go dancing. Mothers in the Philippines seem to be the best Mama San for their daughters..."

DD 29th October 2002.

And DD continued this story in an Email 5th November 2002 , as follows:

I want to be fair towards u and those who have read my previous e-mail by telling u some details and sending a few pictures made in Bangkok (1987) and in Manila&Angeles City (1989) during two of my journeys in the South-East Asia. But I want to be fair too with the ladies I photographed, meaning I wouldn't send a naked pic of a lady showing her face...I might one day, though, coz one young lady I met in Rio encouraged me to do just that! We live in a weird world.

1. Ponn (Thailand) :

Ponn (not sure about the spelling) was 19 years old. Got her from Tillac in Soy Cowboy... the size of the boobs isn't impressive, but she had everything a sexual "gourmet" loves, she was very tight, very clean, very compliant. I must add I'm not very adamant as I don't enjoy anal or BJ. True! I just told ya I'm a rookie!

Here is Ponn!...do remember, I preferred them when they have their hair cut! (Saun....The Enforcer/Moderator....."sorry photo of Ponn omitted, we try to avoid photo's of actual pussy , if pos.")

When Ponn got her accident (menstruation), I couldn't wait, so I for once asked a taxi driver to show me a good "place"...and I got myself a rather big lady. Can't remember her name. Let's call her Chiangmai as she was from that town. Chiangmai amazed me a lot as she kept on talking about "her boyfriend", a Canadian guy, telling me after we've been making love all the night long, she hoped he'd marry her. I couldn't help laughing as she thought Canada was a part of Europe.

I didn't laugh when she asked for the money. Rather steep... but she got what she asked coz I hate bargaining.
Here is Chiangmai! Rather huge down there, in reality very tight inside (Saun....The Enforcer/Moderator....."sorry photo of 'Chiangmai' omitted, cause pussy photo" : )

2. Visions (Philippines):

It's a pity PAL (Philippines Airlines), commonly known as "Planes Always Late" wouldn't traffic Europe any more. I like them and they were my favorite airlines. In 1989, I traveled to Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan for less than Usa$800.00. The cheapest ticket from the other airlines started from Usa$950.00!

Coming from Bangkok, I wanted to stay just one night- my first night ever in the Philippines- before heading to Taiwan. That night I spent it at the Philippines Village, the hotel nearby the airport. My presence in Bangkok had been wild and hectic so I wanted to take it easy in Manila.

But after a few cold San Miguels, I found myself in Ermita with that typical glance from a sexually starving guy (whorist!)! Visions was the place, now in Makati or Pasay I've been told. No time to negotiate. So after 10 minutes in Visions, two ladies drinks, one to Mama San and the other one to the lady of my night (needless to mention the inevitable bar fines), I was on my way back to the hotel.

The lady, let's call her Visions, was really a stunner...and she agreed to shave in front of me...Got a bit disappointed, though! She wouldn't stay all the night long claiming her kid was waiting home! Yet I could tell, the lady wasn't a mother! Well, I paid, rather generously coz I in

So one week later I'm back in Manila. In the plane, I had bought a very expensive French perfume for Visions. To my big disappointment, she seemed to ignore me when I entered her bar. She's sitting with a guy and I can see him digging deep in his pockets and buying a lot of ladies drinks... I called Mama San, got her to pay attention to me with a lady drink, explained her my "problem".

Mama San goes to talk to Visions, comes back and tells me "Gimme the address of your hotel and she'll come to-nite..." . I hand over the perfume to Mama San "Give it to Visions and tell her I'll be waiting".

I spent the night alone. Disappointed, furious and feeling cheated.

At noon, Visions showed up at my hotel, smelling from my expensive perfume...I'm so sorry, she said, u know I couldn't leave because that man u saw was buying a lot of ladies drinks and Mama San wouldn't let me go

I didn't ask where the generous gentleman spent the nite...

Visions made it up for my lost night...We were having breakfast when she told me she was engaged with a Scandinavian guy... on his way to Manila! But she was willing to drop him as I was a "nice guy"(quote), bringing her this marvelous and "true perfume".(I was later told there are many perfumes made in Asia, very poor quality, but having French manufacturers' names...).

I didn't want any trouble with a Viking, so I told Visions I was engaged back home...Besides, Visions had expensive tastes...



It was in Manila( Ermita) at a hangout called Raymond , I met a Swiss. That guy spoke French and had a rather dangerous and unusual job: he was hunting and selling poisonous snakes. I could write a book about his adventurous, but this report is about ladies, isn't it!

My new friend advised me to visit Angeles City.

The first lady I picked up was go-go dancing at Zigg's, so we call that lady Zigg's. That place is still thriving, I've been told, incredible! After so many years!

Anyway, I had had my fair share of San Miguels that first evening when I saw Zigg's. I said to myself "This is my nite!". Zigg's was sitting with a rather old gentleman, white hair and hanging belly, u know the kind. Worse, his English was inexistent(my English is poor, remember!). I called Mama San, bought 5 ladies drinks to her and asked her to send Zigg's to my table.

Now she comes, but (although a bit drunk) I can sense in some awkward way like a telepathtic warning that I shouldn't take the lady. But she's gorgeous...I pay my bar fine and there we go to my hotel, Hawaii Inn (or something alike).

Zigg's doesn't say very much, but when she speaks, I understand that this is another lost nite "I don't want to make love to a black man!"...."My friends told me Blacks are brutal in bed, and I don't want... and so on".

Those words make me sober and I feel empty inside. "Don't worry, I answer, I won't touch u, lady!".
I take a shower and go to bed.

To my surprise, I felt asleep at once. In the morning, Zigg's was still sitting (sleeping) on the chair. I wake her up. She refuses to take a shower, she refuses to eat breakfast, but she takes the 500.00 Pesos I put on the table. "For your taxi", I say.

She looks at me with astonishement...I reckon . Then she says "Are u coming to Zigg's to-nite?". Why? I said. "I'll be there, she replied. I smile " I might come, I said.

I never went back to Zigg's.

Hope she found out all Blacks aren't brutal

My second nite in AC was my anniversary! One cleaner I talked to at my hotel recommended me to try El Toro. "Many ladies working there are beginners, he pointed out. I gave the guy some 50 pesos and headed to El Toro.


Yes, the ladies here were amateurs compared to those in Zigg's, they were younger, seemed very shy...the whole place without being shabby couldn't compete with the luxurious Zigg's. Yet I liked El Toro immediately and I got rewarded soon when I saw Marites...she went on the stage, moved and danced awkwardly for some minute and then disappeared!

I called Mama San, paid a few ladies drinks to her (make Mama San your best friend if u want to get a "good" lady!).

Soon enough, Marites was at my side sipping her own ladies drink. She was a kid, hardly 18 years old (in fact 17 as I found out later on when I got to know her...), and looked so innocent I felt kinda guilty! Hell! This is my birthday....!

It was 1am when we came back to my hotel, it was so hot we decided to take a swim in the swimming pool...she hesitated as she didn't have a bra... God! I knew I was on my way to the paradise...

Many years have passed by...
Oh yes! I really felt in love with Marites... now and then I'd still read some of her letters "Honey-ko, I know I'm still young but I never enjoy in bed like with you..".

I could tell coz I saw her moaning and screaming ...sometimes so intensely that she'd got tears, begging me not to stop...Yes, I could telll, it was genuine... she hasn't learnt yet to fake...




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