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This Article is based on my 1986 reconnoitre of Brazil. It might still be of interest to some.

2nd trip (see Stories index) was more interesting : )



In the past , I  have been to Brazil on two separate occasions and stayed 3/4 months the first time and six months the second time. In addition I went on two one year, around the world tours whoring in some countries (Asian in the main) , no whoring in others (European in the main) and numerous other briefer whore tours overseas . I must admit that ever since leaving my home country, more or less permanently, as a young man and living in a 'coloured' country I have not been attracted to my white Caucasian sisters since. First my attraction switched from my white sisters to the newly found coloured ladies of Papua New Guinea and then, when I began forays into Asia, my interest drifted towards Asian ladies and then, on my second trip to Latin America I came to learn why they say Latina's are 'hot blooded' and so added them to my menu : ) . I would have to say , that my favourite ’dish’ is Asian Ladies, closely followed by Brazilian chicks and neither coloured or Caucasian feature in my life much at all these days. Of course both Asian and Brazilian are 'coloured' but I think you get the drift. That is why I have kick started this website with Thailand, Philippines and Brazil .


And so, I will start with Brazil, cause like some of you , I have been there, done that. Only problem is, first time I went there I took no notes and second time I took notes of a sort, but never envisaged setting up a Website like this, so those notes are pretty useless when it comes to finding a lay in Brazil. Even so, they will help to kick start an important whorist destination. Looking forward to returning to Brazil a third time, and then I will record addresses, prices etc .

For starters, I will just give you my broad impressions of my success or otherwise in Brazil , whilst waiting for you folks to send in Reports from that country. Not yet in a position to give you much in the way of specific addresses, prices etc for the second millenium. Some of you readers will be able to though , and we would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

Got a feeling this is going to be a bit 'long winded'. Nevertheless it will give you my impressions on my first stay in this intriguing country I later called, 'Bizarre Brazil'. You do not get the complete picture of my impressions of Brazil until you read "2nd trip to Brazil" , which lasted six months. That overview will be typed out sometime in the future. If you have got plenty of time , read on. Some of you might consider it a long yawn , whatever it is , its definitely long !



Before I landed in Brazil for the first time , I had read some books on the country, including propoganda about the 'brazilian beauties' and how hot blooded they were. This wetted my appetite for a personal reconnoitre. I'm talkin' about pre-internet days. I viewed tv documentaries on brazil, including their sexy carnivals etc ; read news paper articles; and dreamt about Brazil for about ten years before I finally set foot on Brazilian soil. This is how it happened:

Whilst on one of many whore tours to the Philippines, from my nearby base in Papua New Guinea, only four hours flying time away, I met a guy called Peter, in Ermita, Manila. He taught me how to be careful with money when overseas and not to be taken for a sucker. He had already travelled extensively when I had met him, but not to Latin America. After splitting in the Philippines, he to his European country , me to my 'coloured country' we remained in contact.

And so it came to pass, in the correspondence between myself and Peter, that we hatched a plan to travel around the world together, including of course Brazil. In the early stages of this around the world trip I travelled solo in the Philippines and Thailand, two countries that I had already ‘plundered’ for some years by this time . Some of my stories about those countries come from that period. I won't go into that here, or all the European countries we visited, even though we had some experiences with ladies along the way. Might write about them another day. For the time being we'll stay focused on Brazil. So very briefly, what happened in the European sector was : Peter travelled all the way down in his faithful little Fiat to Athens and picked me up , then we turned around and set about visiting umpteen European countries in his car and having lots of fun along the way. After about two months or more of touring around Europe, Peter dropped me at the Geneva Airport. I flew on to New York, whilst Peter went back to his home country to tidy up his affairs before leaving it permanently for a new home in far off Australia. We were to meet up again in Recife , Brazil some weeks later.

I was in New York, just long enough to get a booster vaccination, buy a ticket New York-Recife return, and gain some insight into life in the big Apple. No hanky panky, as I was on a tight budget. Got to Miami and boarded an Air Varig plane on a night flight to Recife in the North of Brazil.

On take off, and racing down the tarmac in the dark , we all lurched forward as the pilot slammed the breaks full on. He aborted takeoff altogether, and returned to the terminal. An hour or so later we took off again in the same plane. The brazilian pilot apologised for the delay, explaining that a 'love bug' had got sucked in, jamming the speedometer. Anyway, finally up and away. Once the fasten safety belt signs were switched off a humungous number of brazilians got up from their seats and started walking around chatting with all and sundry. I thought to myself - what a friendly lot. There was a lovely looking brazilian chicky babe, with a cute and kinky hat on, walking around smiling at everyone, including me. Had a spare seat next to me too, pity she didnt lob into it. : ) But then again not really, because a more important person came along and took that seat, an American. He didnt like the travel companion sitting next to him and so asked if he could sit next to me. Fine, maybe, I will have a flight companion or learn something, not knowing at the time that he had been living for many years in Brazil, spoke the language fluently and thus could help. It transpired that he was married to a Brazilian woman and had a house in Recife, my destination. Voila ! just what I needed, cause I was lacking in confidence, arriving in a country without being able to speak the local language (Portuguese). A big mistake, in retrospect, landing in a country that generally does not speak English, without knowing a single word of the host countries language. Something I would not recommend. If your going to enjoy a foreign land, its important to have a basic vocabulary of the native language. Especially in a place like Brazil, which is not geared for foreign tourists and thus english is not widely spoken, except in the touristy places, and as you know by now , I visit the whoristy places : )

RECIFE: So, the plane touched down in Recife, and when I got to the bottom of the planes stairway I stamped my foot firmly on Brazilian soil (tarmac) and said to myself, "Brazil at last". I imagined myself with a harem of brazilian beauties soon around me. Philip my American travel companion, took me to his waiting wife and car , and then off to his house. Along the way I spied my first brazilian chicks.

Disaster - they were all ugly. Ugly chicks and filthy streets, with bits of paper and dust twirling around all over the place. It was very disappointing, cause it was very similar to what I had left behind in my adopted country, many thousands of kilometres and about five months travel away - Papua New Guinea. I hadnt come this far to see 'dogs', but dogs was all I could see. Anyway, the charming company of Philip and his wife , calmed my mind in the short term. I was confident of locating the Brazilian beauties I’d heard so much about. Philip was a great host and arranged cheap apartment style accommodation for me, right on the Boa Viagem Beach. Boa Viagem is a little south (I hope , could be North , I get disorientated very easily : ) of Recife City proper and the place where the chicks head for in their string bikini's or 'dairy floss' as the miniscule bikini's are sometimes called.

Philip was married , religious and thus not the whorist type, but had been valuable in setting me up in a nice apartment on the chick strip, introducing me to the right restaurants and, importantly, a buddy of his who changed my travellers cheques. The rest, for example, 'ladies of the night', was up to me. Philip was amused by my lifestyle but unqualified to help. In other words, he was a 'decent guy' : ) Sometimes a whole trip can be programmed by ones first impressions and from the first few minutes in brazil I decided that the place was only inhabited by 'dogs', and thus I only saw ‘dogs’ in the early stages. Because I didn’t know a single word of Portuguese and didn’t have any lucky breaks in my first six weeks in Brazil, my days were largely spent waiting for the arrival of Peter, who was a 'ladies man' and spoke Spanish fluently, plus had the ability to learn new languages, such as Portuguese, remarkably quickly. I knew, once he arrived things would pick up. He could pimp for me : ) One thing I remember clearly about this waiting period was a side trip, south to Salvador City, but I will leave that for another time , otherwise this will be too long winded.

During my wait for Peter, in Boa Viagem , I sent faxes to him in Europe. Telegram style, no grammar, just the facts/fax, something like "do not expect brazilian beauties" etc. It was about the six week mark that I started to have doubts that Peter would front up. I recalled that when in Europe with Peter, a European host told me that Peter had left him high and dry in Mexico once upon a time, that is, never fronted as arranged. Was this going to happen to me ? All my ten year dreams up in smoke ? Alas, one day Philip received a call from Peter who was now in neighbouring Venezuela, asking me to meet him at the Recife airport in a couple of days time. This myself and Philip did, and I was surprised to see Peter disembark and clear customs etc with only a carry on bag. Experienced traveller that he was , he travelled with the minimum, so that if he lost anything or it was knocked off, it was no big deal. I must add , that apart from travelling around the world with only a carry on bag Peter had plans of finding a new job and starting a new life in a completely new country far from Europe - Australia , at the end of his trip. Half a way around the world and only a small sized carry on bag. And whats more, Peters carry on bag contained mostly condoms : ) Joking.

OK, Peter had arrived, it was time to party. He said he couldnt understand my faxes, and I said, "you soon will." The chicks understood his Spanish and Peter quickly learnt their Portuguese, but still negative results and vibes regarding Brazil. He did bed down a small number whilst I stayed in the background observing his attempts to ‘crack the code‘, as he put it. Nothing he told me convinced me that the girls were hot in bed or anything special. On one occasion when we were sitting at a table in Viagem (Boa Viagem for short) with two ladies (mulher's). One a blue eyed blonde ,who looked like a dead set Dutch bird (offspring of a German whorist no doubt) and the other one dark haired with dark eyes and brown complexion. I was attracted slightly to the 'dutchie' but couldnt speak a word to her, Peter was chatting up both. Peter acted as translator between myself and them. He told me that darkie had said to him , you can go with her (Dutchie) if you like but she will charge you," me I'm free, and love sex". Peter , being a horny character, and on a tight budget, couldnt resist her offer. By now we had drunk quite a lot , and so I decided to split, and told Pete I didnt like the vibes, (psychic powers once again : ) and that I would go home by myself, only a 100mtrs walk away. I got up and was surprised to find I was a bit tipsy on my feet and so wobbled back home. Nothing much else for me to do in Brazil but to get drunk ! Not what I envisaged during those ten years of dreaming about brazilian beauties and what I would do once I‘d set foot on Brazilian soil.

Next morning, Peter debriefed me on the previous nights sortie. He said he pumped and grinded away all night, doing all the work. The girl took all he could give but did not reciprocate in kind. The next morning, whilst talking to her about going for breakfast, he opened his wallet to make sure he had enough money and guess what ,the mole snatched all the money from his wallet , around U$35 , the equivalent of Peters tight daily budget. Ignoring Petes request to return it , she strode out the door.

As he said, "She said she was free, loves sex , I did all the work and yet she takes all the money out of my wallet". That same mole placed herself strategically outside our place of accommodation, on the opposite corner, the next evening. She was in the company of some very ordinary whores and called out to Peter to join her. She must have liked Peters pumping and grinding the night before and the ‘breakfast’ that followed. Peter of course declined her overtures, and walked away in the opposite direction. We thought - cheeky buggers, take everything ,give nothing and expect a guy to come back for more, what kind of people are they ?

On another occasion we met three young girls at an open air restaurant, right on the Boa Viagem Promenade. They were sitting at a table next to us and we invited them to join us. The waiter forbade they move from their table to ours , so one of the young girls said to the waiter : "very animal, very monkey," . That's about all the English she knew. I thought it was quite humorous, the kettle calling the pot black. Little did we know at the time, that the waiter was saving us a big bill/chit ,cause they had drank and dined well, and we found out much later during our stay in Brazil , that if chicks join your table in Brazil , they bring with them their bill/chit, which you pay. To cut a long story short, Peter banged one of the girls and said she was ok but nothing to rave about. I still preferred to stay in the background , having no confidence or interest in what I saw. The Little Brown Bombers of the Philippines and the Sweet Painted Ladies of Thailand earlier in my world tour were still fresh in my mind . Was I spoiled ?

A couple of days later , another girl beckoned Peter from a few metres away. He went across to her, but declined her overtures, and on departing , she leaned forward and whispered something which made Peter laugh. I asked him what happened. He said, she just said , "you'd better watch out or you'll end up like him", referring to me. "Like what", Peter enquired in Spanish/Portuguese. "A Poofter" was her reply. It seems she'd had me under observation for sometime , and because I didnt take her or any of her friends in the last few weeks , whilst waiting for Peter to arrive , I was now considered a poofter (homosexual). Fact was , I'd seen and banged a lot better in the Philippines and Thailand some time before, and wasn't willing to accept second best. As usual with me its 'all or nothing', and so far it was nothing. Feast or famine. Famine it was, so far.

Well, it was around this time that Peter also started to cool towards the brazilian chicks. As you know, I was already cold, inside the freezer and wasn’t coming out. From time to time we did see some beauties on the beach, but they seemed out of reach, so we decided to leave Recife and head for Salvador by bus and try our luck there.

SALVADOR: At the time of our visits to Salvador I was not aware that it was considered a dangerous place. Ignorance is bliss, and 'Mother Mary' or someone is watching over me, cause no real trouble for myself or Peter during our stay there. I must warn you however that the chick scene in Brazil didn't get better, if anything it got worse, on this my first trip to Brazil. Naturally, my second trip would have to be a whole lot different and it was. But for now, more doom and gloom about Brazil on this my first trip.

Salvador is intriguing. We lived in the old part of the city, cobbled roads/streets, former slave markets, ancient buildings and dark mysterious inhabitants. Thoughts/visions and sounds of voodoo, african drums and the like. It wasnt hard to imagine the 1700’s when Portugal reigned supreme.

Being on a tight budget, we slummed it in U$7 a day short time hotel . Makes for interesting observations, the goings on around you. Peter, ever randy was determined to find the key/code to the 'hot brazilian beauties' that we had all read about, but rarely saw, and even more rarely tasted. His Portuguese was much better now and he was able to converse partly in it and the balance in Spanish. The main thing is, the girls understood him . I could tell from the twinkle in their eyes, that Peter the charmer was up to his old tricks. Needless to say, his good work rarely, if ever, paid off. One incident , that I clearly remember, happened in a cantina not far from our accommodation. It was quite a big cantina with about sixty or more ladies of the night in attendance. Don't recall any guys other than Peter or myself in the place. Perhaps we were too early. We consumed the usual beers, and then I noticed a respectable looking young lady in a corner, far off. She caught me looking, so I locked on to her eyes to let her know I was interested. Must have done too much ‘locking on’ cause she got up from her chair, walked casually across to me , lifted up the big plate of salted peanuts we had on the table and emptied them on my head. The only thing I was guilty of was 'staring'. Did it warrant that reaction from a whore who was there to hook a customer anyway ? Beats me, whats in these peoples heads. Not long after , a guy comes along selling miniature monkeys. The little monkey sat on my shoulder whilst Peter chatted with the seller. They are so small that you can put them in your pocket. One fellow traveller I came across in Viagem, said he was going to take his monkey home with him , smuggling it into his country somehow. They are so small, about twelve centimetres tall from memory. Anyway, whilst Peter is chatting with the monkey seller , the monkey pissed on me !

Enough of that place, Peter and I paid our bill (conta) and moved to a similar pick up place immediately opposite, to see if our luck would change. We sat down, ordered a big bottle of beer each ,and immediately after its arrival on our table ,a rather robust looking ugly one came across to me ( why not Peter ? : ) and grabbed my bottle and started to drink it. I motioned no, no. She put the bottle down ,clenched her fist and put it to my nose inferring that I needed a punch up the nose for stopping her drinking my grog, uninvited. I thought, good grief, what have we got here - animals ! ? They have no manners or decency. So, after finishing that bottle, I checked my chips in and walked home by myself. Peter a big drinker , stayed on, but reported next morning nothing happened, ie, he did not find anything respectable to bring home with him.

There are some fun stories of a non sexual kind that I could tell about this particular stay that I will tell another day. For now I'm trying to give you an overview, unbalanced as it is, of Brazil as a whoring destination, on my first trip. It just shows you, that what happens in the first few minutes or hour of arriving in a foreign country can sometimes set in cement what happens thereafter. If the start of the trip is smooth, quite often it is a success. If I get off to a rough start, sometimes I can not turn the trip around , to my favour. My mind is prejudiced/negative as a result of first impressions and thus negative experiences follow. Make sure that doesn't happen to you : ) Stay positive , regardless.

So, we decided to get the hell out of Salvador with its snake charmers, open air kung fu displays, charming but ancient elevators, history and cobbled streets, to the mecca of Brazil - Rio De Janeiro (‘River of January’).


RIO DE JANEIRO: Hang the expense, we flew to Rio, I'm not sure why, maybe because the stretch between Salvador and Rio by bus is noted for highway hold ups, where passengers are relieved of all their valuables at gun point.

The landing in Rio was the most perfect of my life. Honestly, I did not know that we were actually on the tarmac, not being able to see out the window and hearing no bump. The passengers let out with enthusiastic handclapping and howls for what must have been a one in a thousand perfect landing.

Peter handled everything on arrival , through a mix of Portuguese and Spanish. On the bus to our accommodation in the Gloria District a young attractive Brazilian girl made conversation with us in English and gave us some free bus passes to kick start our stay. How wonderful, I thought , this Rio is going to live up to its reputation. If I had been a bit more confident, I would have taken her name and phone number then and there, and perhaps my stay in Rio would have been a different story. Quite often it takes a local 'native' to give you the key to a city. Anyway, we let her slip out of our grasp and moved on to Peters choice of accommodation - Hotel Opera, in the Gloria District. How could I forget it, and what's more I plan to return to that brothel of a hotel just for old times sake, one day. The receptionist spoke English and we pumped him for information regarding 'nocturnal activities' and he gladly supplied the appropriate information . Off to Copacabana we went, eager to see for the first time a decent selection of brazilian beauties.

Well, I tell you lads, Brazil has their beauties, but they are not on every street corner. No more beauties per head of population than any other country, I'd say. Possibly even LESS ! But of course you don't need all of them, just a handful, but we hadnt even had one by this stage !

Our ‘beat’ was up and down the Copacabana promenade. Parking under the umbrella's of the various open air restaurants/cafes. Following the tip from our hotel receptionist , we always ended up outside Help Disco. The natives pronounce help as - Helpee. Supposedly the biggest disco in the whole of South America. It was big, but Bangkok has got that and more, when it comes to Disco's. The parade of moles going into Help was long and glamorous, but they all looked like moles. One thing about the Philippines and to a lesser extent, Thailand, the whores do not always look or act like whores, but the Help girls did.

It was one night we were staked outside Help eating and drinking, that a 'brazilian beauty' came upon us. I was first to see her come around the nearby corner behind where Peter was seated , with what looked like her mother. Gorgeous, what I dreamt a brazilian beauty would look like. In the prime of her life around 22 years of age, buxom, great smile, healthy looking and beautiful without a question. She parked to our left and behind Peter, who couldnt see her at this stage. I said nothing , thinking - "she's mine" : ) Sitting at the table with mumma, she did not at first notice me and my eagerness (eyes popping out of my head ) but did notice a couple of Argentinian tourists (or whorists) sitting to my right. They must have given her a sign , cause next minute the gorgeous , smiling beauty dumped mumma and wiggled her way across to their table.

So, she was 'on the make' as I had suspected, but alas the moustached gringo's had beaten me to the draw. She sat and chatted with them, always with that great smile. And then surprise, surprise, the Argentinians got up and left. The price must have been too high : )

Bugger the price, I will unload my entire budget on this one, thought I.

So, she was already facing me, but still behind Peter and to my right. Peter was now aware of her presence but wasnt doing anything about it. I smiled at her and drew back the chair between myself and Peter, inviting her to join us. She got up and joined us . Gulp, this gorgeous thing is so close to me now !

She didn’t speak a word of English and so Peter talked to her , and talked to her , and talked to her. I was soon drifting away into the background. Through a lack of Portuguese vocabulary , I was losing her. Sometimes she would look at me, and then ask Peter questions about me and he would answer on my behalf. Such a lovely natural girl, just what I had been waiting for, but a language barrier was between her and me. After maybe 20/30 minutes non stop portuguese/spanish between her and Peter, that I did not understand a word of , she went to the toilet.

I had been sitting their silently like a 'dummy' and not enjoying it, so I seized the moment, and said to Peter,"two is company three is a crowd I'm off, lets know how you go". I quickly knicked off around the corner at the same time she disappeared into the restaurant to go to the toilets.

Next day I got the report from Peter.

He said she was very disappointed when she returned from the toilets to find I had gone. Peter explained to her about the language barrier etc and set about securing her for the night, but she indicated to Peter it was me she was interested in and not him and gave Peter her apartment address and phone number and told Peter to tell me to call her.

It's hard to explain why I never called her, it was a combination of thinking she was too good for me (too gorgeous), couldnt speak to her (especially over the phone) and that I didnt have enough money to 'keep her'.

Anyway, a few days later I was alone, walking up the Copa strip heading one way and she was coming down heading the other way, arm in arm with a good looking young tourist guy. She called out 'tudo bom' Thomas, (" Hi Thomas", she had remembered my name) as she passed by.

In some ways I was envious of the guy, but in other ways relieved, cause I thought I was out of my league. Dreamt of meeting such a chick , when the time came, chickened out.

Didn't deserve her : )

Well, Peter and I went to local dances which were both interesting and exciting. We hung around Ipanema Beach too. Even visited the Zoo : ) Tried to track down Ronnie Biggs (the famous British Train Robber) but failed. Met some dubious characters, one a Frenchman on the run from the police in France and the other, an American buddy of his who had just been released from prison in Holland. They told me they had lived in Bangkok , had an Advertising Agency there and drove around in a Mercedes Benz etc. Could have been a fairy tale for all I know. Will tell a story or two about them and other things that happened in Brazil on this first trip, another day.

Being people orientated , we had lots of innocent assignations with the brazilians , some of them girls, but a sexy time we did not have. Peter was robbed once, and the subject of a second attempted pickpocket theft another time.

So, you have an overview of how sexless my first trip to Brazil was . My second trip was an altogether different matter, as you will see in my "Brazil 2nd Trip" story.

Please do not think it is a waste of time going to Brazil, based on this story. I've often wondered why my first trip (written above) was such a 'sex disaster' and my second trip such a 'sex success'. I think it was because , second time around I had a bigger budget to play with ; made an effort to learn some of the language (Portuguese) and wasn't relying on someone else (eg Peter) to help secure ladies for me.

Think I would have had greater success on my first trip talking to the girls in a terrible portuguese/english mix rather than letting Peter talk to them on my behalf in fluent spanish/portuguese.

Perhaps the girls did not respect me , cause I let someone else talk on my behalf ?

Who knows, one thing for sure, after my second trip to Brazil I voted Brazilian women the sexiest in the world !!

And what's more, they voted me the sexiest guy in the world, small dick and all !! : )

Sometimes us small pricks can outdo the big pricks by sheer energy.

Brazilian girls throw a lot of sex energy towards you , and I tend to respond in kind.

Helps to get rid of the beer belly too : )

Slipping and slopping in the tropical heat of Brazil.

What more could a man want ? .........(the life : )




Check out - "2nd Trip Brazil"


C Ya ..........................................Thomas

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