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"Fishin for Fun - 5" ...Live on NEW page , October 14th.



75. Tuesday 10th October : The Great Escape - FFF5

I am in the final stages , packing PC and all other valuables , transferring them to a 'safe house' (such a thing ?). Final run down on finances etc. That is , I'm busy. Next text from me will be on Fishin for Fun - 5 page , no more text on this page.

So , whilst you poor things are looking at the 'baby elephants' (western woman) I will be pervin on sexy struttin , ever smiling , Flip girls. Emphasis on pervin , not screwin. I'm beyond screwin now , thats for anee-maals ('animals' , as pronounced in Brazil) , not sophisticates like me : )

I will report where the fucks are found , prices etc and then you guys can "go get em" , ok ? : )

See ya on FFF5 page .. Sat 14th October.


74. Tuesday 10th October : Charity on Wheels - Interesting Read


"What a trip....even though I was with a group and had brought my own "sand to the beach" (girlfriend) (20 of us ) i have to say i cant wait to go back.

Staying mostly in Lahug area, i only stopped by Arena and Ayala Mall and Raja.
Raja was a setup with a pimpette...god ugly woman pimp made my dick limp when i walked in to review merchedise...whoah...freaked me out the Golum looking old hag...girl was not looker...left...sat out side, guess she called in younger fresher talent, 10 mins later 2 groups of 2 girls walked right through lobby to which i grabbed 2 friends and said...round 2....

I quickly grabbed the "shy" one...maybe too quick...the pimp saw and she stood FIRM on 3000p all night...i didnt want all night but that was price budge...oh well... 1st year college type with chinese mix face was worth my frst Cebu lay( even at 3000p) she did well and i love when they ride bent knee instead of normal riding me with legs spread back..even though i know she knows she was gonna be in pain later that night (i'm half spanish/half black)...suffice to say 3 times got off, threw in many positions and really great her txt number for revisit some other day... jus before leavin...the cutey sweetly asks if she can take the bathroom glass cup????she paints/decorates them for her room...then she eyed the cool blue that went to her purse...cute...but wierd...i said enough as now she had a wild eye look as if "what else can she fit in"?

Not sure but recurring theme was the girls with pimps and mamasans seemed to get really screwed(tic) on pay....friend said after i split..he saw the other girls get their cuts...a measly 300p...from i woulda tipped her more that night, but compensated her well since we cut out her ugly pimp.

At another night a newbie to Arena Nightclub confided that she gets a whopping 150p from the 4000+p barfine...makes more on drinks and not leaving with guys (story of bad BF, no sex for 9 months...broken heart..believable due to her being vvery tight and "fresh" looking)...but since i had an "in" at Arena.

Arena became the spot for me...met and hung out at arena only because the place was just insane to visit(fashion runway shows, Midgets, trannys, obese jugglers and fire eater...woah..what kind o strip club is this.) wasnt used to the whole intrueging place...just hang with a girl at the bar thing....i'm from big city USA ...u pay heavily at any gogo a broken atm spitting out dollars or else the girl walks away... here...they just seemed content to chat and laugh and sing and do lil dances for us(me and friends....sometimes just me alone)...they are not hesitant to show u close ups of pussy or anythinng for a kind asking...

Plenty of chances to slip cell numbers to girls for daytime screw, avoid barfines that way..for me...not so much of an issue...just more of "oh no...big American dick, will it fit? of an issue with most girls who looked interested in me but just didnt want to risk a serious belly ache after.

On last night i ended up taking out a newbie who i saw the night before not smiling, until i asked her to smile for me...she lit up the whole place with that smile...only cuz i asked...but i was busy with diff girl(s) first time i saw her. (4th day there so she says but pretty believable story backed up by the drag/tranny and other madams and watching over her since she was so new...rare to see, i would think in such a catty girl atmosphere...but she was a cuteypie...totally needed to be taken out of that place.

Arena rules...for me anyway...some worries..jus take a girl..another night i had the assistant madam..the tranny...introduce to newbie..big mistake, even though i said hello to her the other i had to buy the lady drink and mandatory Madam drink for doing the intro..not sure if that was rule but i did stress to tranny...dont mess with me or i'll tell uncle ur trying to rip me off...suffice to say i had to pay lady drink plus madam drink but i had only 1 charge for my 3 drinks and bar fine but a 1000p "gift" thing for the tranny the 4000-7000 asking i overheard from other guys in bar... and newbie went to close by Fuckhotel...whata dive!!!! 250p for a shitty room that looked like an old bratislava torture hotel...oh well...had plenty of towels, warm shower and to tell u the truth...even though it was my last 3 hours in cebu before flight home...i spent alot of it just chatting with an otherwise serious potential for gf, maybe more...almost fell in love with this newbie, poor girl...tiny...almost fell hard for her!!!!

I had business to attend to and i needed to get off...and thats what i did...softly though...but totally got off...on way home i had still 5000p to spare...a heck of alot and thought i'd just give it all to my future wife=) after the deep convo we had...just felt bad for the chick...wayyyyy to cute and muse-like to be in a place like that... killed me when she started to cry...saying "too much, too much"...she tried to correct my peso calculations... i told her to keep it and buy a fone...text me and keep in touch....she said her 8 bros/sis would benifit greatly from it and made her shame go away a lil bit for my act of kindness...oh... those eyes still haunt honest(lol..she coulda been the best actress) filled with happiest of tears that none of my NYC gfs ever had even when i gave them the most expensive of Tiffanys or Bulrgary gifts($100 us bucks was nothing compared to other gifts for unappreciative REAL gf's)...

Suffice to say she texted me today to say thanks and if ever in Cebu...she (name with-held) with numerous bros/sis))would like to just take me to beaches, clubs, visitors places as my friend or gf, if i wished...and she has quit her Arena gig..sorry to all the guys she woulda entertained...but kinda glad that one got saved (called cebu contact yesterday... and she did indeed not return...might have to follow up with her on my next trip( still waiting for her to text me with sad story/send money chat....nothin..just cute messages.)

Learned alot from reading your site before my time i'll put into practice your knowledge and go alone as well to really focus on perving and ho-ing".



COMMENT : At the start I thought AlohaNY would not be an interesting read. But the story got better as it went along.

Particularly liked it when AlohaNY said things like :

".................on way home I had still 5000p to spare...a heck of a lot and thought i'd just give it all to my future wife=) after the deep convo we had...just felt bad for the chick...wayyyyy to cute and mouse-like to be in a place like that... killed me when she started to cry...saying "too much, too much"...she tried to correct my peso calculations... i told her to keep it and buy a fone...text me and keep in touch....she said her 8 bros/sis would benifit greatly from it and made her shame go away a lil bit for my act of kindness...oh... those eyes still haunt honest (lol..she coulda been the best actress) ............." #

I know we always talk about overspending/spoiling the girls , but AlohaNY seems to be a compassionate guy who went in with his eyes open. Trouble now is , SHE has got 'wedding bells' syndrome and poor old AlohaNY has to marry her .

Your all invited : )


73. Sunday 8th October : Rosco Part Two - Angeles Scam

See below No.69 , I have added part two to Rosco's 'nightmare'.

Recommended reading (Council of Elders).


72. Friday 6th October : Snoopy - Crims - Cake - FFF5

So , Snoopy Version .2. aka Snoopy's Cousin arrived. Tested it thoroughly and yep the propoganda re anti blur/shake with low light shots no flash was just that , propoganda. But hold on a minute , Version 2 is supposed to have a new improved "Intelligent Flash" and yep it does. V2 is superior in flash department. So the no flash lowlight compact camera still eludes me , but I now have a back up camera and better flash shots. Think I will call V2 ... Snoopy and my first camera 'Old Dog'. Snoopy/V2 is smarter looking too , the brazil crims will like it : ) Looks like I will use Snoopy (V2) in Philippines and Old Dog in Brazil , with back up copy safely kept back at the Hotel. I know it excites you to know I have got my camera's sorted out : ) One day the same company will have a genuine compact (about card pack size) low light , no flash camera , but not now. Such camera's are around but they are too chunky/thick , ie , not flat card pack size like my Snoopy/Old Dog.

Crim scene has been awfully quiet , tonight and tomorrow night will be their last chance to strike before the 'Council of Elders window of opportunity' passes. Do crims respect the Council of Elders ? We'll see : )

All is going according to plan , apparently my new air ticket arrives on Monday. Hope when I get to Flipsville the cake is fresh for the girls. Saturday 14th October first page of Fishin for Fun - 5 will be online , with new improved pics courtesy of Snoopy/V2. I'm excited : )


71. Monday 2nd October : Thailand - Lucky Dip

"Dear Whorist Brothers,

Just back from a short (too short) visit in Bangkok, I would like to share an experience with you guys on

As I just had an evening to spend in Bangkok, in transit so to speak, and had to leave again very early next morning, I was determined to make the best of it. Now, I had not been in that good old city for many, many years, and sure the place has changed tremendously, but still I remembered the good times I had around Sukhumwit (in the 80's!), and there I went prowling.....

Quick look around the bars on Soi 4, nothing too exciting, but it was only 8-9 pm, so the night was still young and promising! .... went up walking along Sukhumwit and took note of the few girls on the way, not really that great choice, but just in case ..... And back to Soi 4. There was a buzz around the Nana Hotel and especially on the parking lot. Must have been 10-11.00 by then. A dozen or two girls there, not that much choice, but I thought, OK I do not want to spend endless hours at a bar, drinking, running expenses, getting pissed and no guarantee to get any good piece of ass, so let's go for a direct hit! There was that girl who smiled at me as I went through the parking lot to the hotel entrance (I needed a leak, and a moment of reflexion, hahaha!), and on my way out, again a big smile. Maybe not a stunner, but quite a good looking girl, fair-faced, not too small, nice breasts and yummy legs. I went to her and asked her, rapid-fire style: what's your name? how much do you take? do you like oral? Not really my style to be that pushy, normally, but as said, I did not have much time to beat around the bush! The girl looked sweet, said her price (perfectly OK) and she was ready for "whatever you like", so there we went. She immediately slipped her hand in mine and caressed my fingers, and I thought "nice! sweet!". Me being a bit passed my prime, although still fit and good looking, the spontaneity of the girl was a nice surprise. All the way to the hotel, she did not stop caressing my fingers, as if I was the long-lost love of her life.

In my room, after eating a snack picked up on the way, we started cuddling and fondling each other, again as if we were deeply in love with each other. Had a shower together, and to bed!

Now, all that sounded a bit sissy, no? all that stuff about "lovey-lovey" etc...? Well, here I was for a big surprise. Not that she stopped acting the "loving one", on the contrary, all went on with utmost tenderness.... but..... she gave me one of those blow jobs I will remember for the rest of my life! She had that way to lick me under the balls and in the crease of the legs, I thought I was dying of pleasure! And she went on and on giving my genitals a sumptuous treatment, changing positions..... We naturally moved on to a good old 69, and I gave her as good as I was getting, encouraged by her moanings. When she went to grab a condom, I dropped my banner a bit, so back she came down on me for a few extra minutes of a super fellatio, as if she could not have enough of it (who would have complained???), and got me as straight as justice again. I was so excited by the whole thing, her prettiness, her sweetness, the oral performance, that I could not hold myself for very long after penetrating her, but sure enough we both had what I would call a juicy orgasm!

And she nestled in my arms like a small bird, truly loving me in a different way, as we got to sleep.

Whow! I felt so sorry I had to leave the next morning! That girl really stunned me with her loveliness and her fantastic oral skills! If ever I get back to Bangkok, I will look her up again (we exchanged e-mails). This is a girl I would make my tilak for sure!

So guys, this was a bit long, but I had to share this with someone, and for sure I can not tell my family, hahaha! For those who think thai girls are only in for the money, and have hang-ups with good old BJ, think again !!!! But maybe that was my lucky day :)"


Comment : As I told the writer , I was 90% sure that later on in his tale he would say it was a katoey , but not so. Why do guys have such good luck ? First choice a bullseye , girlfriend material etc. Its not fair : )


70. Monday 2nd October : All is quiet at d' Front

Ref 66 below.

No criminal activities to report. No news is good news : )


69. Sunday 1st October : Angeles - Another Scam (P250,000)

Whorist reader writes in :

"I have been on my whoring tour for over 14 months now...Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. I guess one should expect SOME troubles along the way, but this one still angers me.

A week before X-mas 2005, I was winding down a 2 month trip to Angeles City. I was planning a "night off", not feeling like going out and consigned to relax in my pricey (but convienient locationed) "aprartelle". With a decent movie on cable TV a half hour away, I took a fresh cup of tea downstairs to watch the world go by, and sat on the front stairs of the I had done numerous "off nights" before.

Typical night in Angeles, with the usual begging street children, trike drivers and working girls going about their lives...all played out in front of my stoop. A group of four of five girls walked along slowly, breaking up to proposition several groups of men seated around the area. One came to me, cute as hell!! I made the usual small talk...what's your name? (Lisa), where are you from? (Samar), how old are you? (19), etc. She actually looked a bit older, but I let it slide. How much for you short time? (500 pesos). But I politely turned her down. I just wasn't in the mood. She slowly walked away, waiting for her friends to catch up. My interest heightened to her assets as she left.

One of these friends, having been turned down by two Arab looking guys sitting not far from me, also came up to proposition me. I turned her down flat, but then made the fatal mistake. She offered me her friend for 300 pesos, the same girl I had just turned down. I guess I was more interested in the bargain than the girl at that point, but back to me she came, and she followed me up to my room.

We talked on the bed for maybe 10 minutes, flipping through a Tagalog dictionary. She excused herself to the toilet and came out buck naked, asking me for a towel so she could shower. She had a body the likes of which I have never seen before. Absolutely gorgeous. Well built , killer body. She took an unusually long shower and I showered quickly when she was done.

She knew what she was doing, and went right down to business. She thwarted my attempts at foreplay by grabbing my cock and slipping it inside her. 
After I finished, she hopped up and went to the bathroom but didn't shower. I thought I heard her talking on her cell phone briefly. She came out fully clothed, which did seem odd at the time. I slipped on pants and a shirt quickly to see her out.

As I was seaching my pockets for the money, I realized I had no change and was going to give her 500 pesos....when the knock came at the door. The voice was her friend who arranged the deal. When I opened the door, I was greeted with a camera flash right in my face. The door burst open and 4 good sized Filipinos barged in. They claimed to be police, but had no uniforms, no guns and would or could not produce badges. The first thought that came to my mind was that they were street thugs, posing as police. Their behavior was not police like, so I fought off their attempts to handcuff me, and I screamed as loud as I could for help. I yelled at Lisa to run for help. I was trying desperately to get the attention of the apartment staff downstairs.The struggle in my room lasted over 20 minutes, but when the apartment manager finally came up, I relented. The "police" behavior changed dramatically by the presence of the apartment staff and several other western tourists who heard my yelling. Off to the police station we went. I still had NO idea what was going on.

It was at the police station that the head detective told me that "Lisa" claimed to be 16 years old. I was shocked. They were charging me with child rape. He whispered to me that he suggest I settle this case with money. 250,000 pesos. He had this big "shit -eating" grin on his face as he told me the amount. I knew I was in for a long night ahead.

I'll finish the story next time. 



COMMENT : Similar scam to 59 below , it seems. Angeles is shooting itself in the foot and is now off limits until the Council of Elders advises otherwise.

Life at d' Front is getting hairier by the year. Just as well I am entering the retirement phase (voyeurism etc). Got all my 'experiences' (sexual) behind me and not looking for much in the future.

Osama set up a terrorist training camp. Looks like we have to set up a training camp too. Teach the boys how to engage 'the enemy' etc : ) Although , its hard if not impossible to resist the scam Rosco faced (above).

Ho hum , more whorists for Thailand , less for Philippines. Shoot , shoot yourselves in the foot Flips , shoot shoot.

From inside his prison cell (?) we await part two of Rosco's nightmare.


PART TWO ... Rosco's Nightmare :


I will now conclude my sorry tale.

When that steel bar door clinks shut, it is the loneliest feeling in the world. I find myself alone (thank God) in a 5 foot by 7 foot grimy and foul smelling holding cell at Angeles City police station. The cement floor is slimy with piss. As the adrenaline from my lame resistance wears off, I feel sharp pains in my ribs and wrist. I wonder how the hell I'm going to get out of this mess.

An hour or two later, my cell door opens and a young Filipino man is pushed inside. He falls to his knees, drops his head in his hands and begins sobbing uncontrollably. After a while he gets up and pisses on the wall. Now we are both standing in a full puddle of his fresh piss. Throughout the night a few visitors are allowed to stand outside my cell door. It is the friends of my alleged "victim", just stopping by to suggest I discuss payment with the "Auntie" of the "victim". "Filipino men will be fighting with you in jail all the time" one girl says to me. They leave without mentioning any amount. The "Auntie" never shows herself.

The next morning, I see the girl from last night led in to the detectives desk just outside my cell. She is now dressed in a little school girls uniform, no make-up, and carying a large stuffed animal. Her hair is in a pig-tail. She did everything to look younger but lick a giant sized lollypop!! They talk in Tagalog but I can tell she is giving her official statements for the police report. An hour later the typed report is handed to me to read. The report is in English :


"Police were staking out a known pedophile...." the report begins. My heart sinks. If the police would blatantly lie like that on their report, what chance do I have? I have NEVER had ANY run in with police anywhere in my life before, and I have NEVER been around ANYONE under age in any inappropriate way EVER. I am being charged with (gulp) child rape, child abuse and resisting arrest. "This is a very serious charge, Mister Rosco" they kept saying to me. They always smiled when they said this.Two or three detectives came separately to my cell and asked me for my version of events. I told both of them that I wanted a lawyer present and I wanted a representative from the US embassy to see me ASAP.


One other guy who claimed to be a community activist came by alone and said he was "on my side" and he was reporting "against police corruption". He wanted to know my story too. After he heard me out he whispered "I think maybe this is a set-up, Mister Rosco". OH GEE, DO YA THINK?!!!!!! He started to ask about my personal finances. "How much money do you have? Where is it? Tell me where it is and I will go and keep it safe for you" he says. I may be stupid but I ain't THAT dumb. I told him to go FUCK HIMSELF. He told me I could fuck off as well and left.


Sometime around 3 p.m. I was handcuffed to the other guy in the cell an we head off to see the prosecutor for Angeles City, maybe a half hour away. We are handcuffed together in the back of a pickup truck, being paraded around town like two monkeys on display. The prosecutor deals with the other guy first. He is being sent to jail without bail until his trial for allegedly stealing some chocolate bars the night before. 
I am next.

He asks me if I have seen my lawyer yet. I tell him of course I haven't and I want to speak to someone from the US embassy as well. He says I can call them myself. I have no phone, and of course I don't know WHO to call, but this is my problem he tells me. I tell him my story. Far from being sympathetic to my cause, he actually ADDS some additional charges onto my original list of offenses.

This whole time, I am waiting for SOMEONE to ask me some amount of money to make this go away. NOBODY ever actually asked me for money. They only alluded to it. Now it's getting late and I'm told I will be transferred to county jail until my court date. No date is set. I sit and sit and sit. Everyone seems to be stalling. I have no idea how this is supposed to work so I bite the bullet. I blink first. I ask the prosecutor if there is some way I could make restitution to the "victim" for my "offense". "What do you mean?" says the prosecutor. Now everyone's interest has picked up quite a bit. I continue "maybe I could apologize to the "victim" and offer some money for compensation?". "How much?" say the prosecutor. That's the real question, isn't it. That's what this bullshit is ALL ABOUT....but how much will do? I wanted out of this situation in the worst way. I wanted more than anything to get the FUCK OUT of the Philippines right then and there. I thought of the amount of cash I had in my room. "24,000 pesos" I said.


Smiles abound!! Off come the cuffs. They were so happy I thought they were going to sing to me "For He's the Jolly Good Fellow". "OOOH, this is good" says the prosecutor, because "they need money". I am told to apologize to the police officers that I harmed with my "resisting arrest". I have to sign a statement that I won't sue them for my injuries. "Next time you have to check the birth certificate of the girl, Mister Rosco" someone says with smile. "Don't trust their I.D. card, it could be a fake. You can't trust ANYBODY" said one police woman. "Indeed" I say. "How do I know their birth certificate is not fake?" I ask. "You can look at the picture" they all told me. "I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure birth certificates don't have pictures" I explained... "and even IF they did have pictures of the person, it would just be the picture of a new born baby, wouldn't it?" They released me from custody about 24 hours after the ordeal began.


Their reaction leads me to believe that I overpaid quite a bit. Who knows how far this really would have gone? Maybe if an US Embassy official got word he could get me out. Maybe if I held out a little longer I would have called their bluff. Maybe 10,000 pesos would have done the trick. Who knows? What I do know is that the 4 Filipinos who barged in my room were NOT real police. My yelling alerted the apartment manager who in turn called the real police. It doesn't really matter. They are all in on the scam. Nor does the "victim" actually HAVE TO BE underage, she simply has to CLAIM to be underage. Her real age will be part of "the investigation" as they call it. These charges carry NO BAIL and you can rot in county jail until your court date, which could be months away. Once you are in their clutches, they got you good. And they know it.

This experience has ruined the Philippines for me. I can no longer enjoy the constant, totally innocent flirtation from young women that I encountered EVERY DAY during the 2 months I was there before this mess happened. Now it all has a sinister quality about it. I can not bring myself to smile or flirt with any woman there now, for fear of their alternative motives. Nor can I go back again. Maybe. :)



68. Sunday 1st October : Thoughts

Yeh , just hang around this page until I get on the plane for the Philippines.

Gotta have a rethink of my future. Recent criminal activity is a sign of things to come. Thought I'd left that all behind me when I exited Papua New Guinea (PNG) thirteen years ago. Don't want to re-live the png experience in this my twilight years. Last night was quiet , but I am house bound. The crims could be observing my movements today. All thoughts are running through my head , including taking up residence in either the Philippines or Thailand. As procastination is my forte , I'll most probably do nothing : )


67. Saturday 30th September : The stuff of life - Water

"A 72yr old small town mayor in the US , who is accused of providing city water service in exchange for sex , has agreed to resign. Troy Anderson's resignation as mayor of Waldron Arkansas , population 3000 , will be effective on Sunday.

Arkansas State Police investigated complaints against Anderson , who was charged with two counts of abuse of public trust and four of patronising a prostitute. Case documents allege he provided city water service to a woman for sex".

Comment : This man is the benchmark for the rest of us , and the real thing , a deviate extra-ordinaire. Sex for water indeed. Don't think I would get far with that approach in the Philippines ,eg , "Here sweety , a bottle of Evian (spring water) , now how about a blow job" : )


66. Saturday 30th September : At d' Front Already : )

See 65 below. The real happening for me next day was trying to thwart the crims.

So , 8pm down the end of the property I go , find a 'control tower' , elevated position in the bush at back entrance to property, right near where the crims will park their vehicle on the back road. My plan of action is : let them enter the property , when they get a safe distance away , go out onto the roadside and take registration number of their vehicle , return to property and surprise them from a safe advantage point. The bang , and shotgun pointing at them should do the trick. Hopefully they run off. They can't get to me from the safe advantage point (and I cant get to them either) So , what actually happened ?

I found my Control Tower in the bush , sat down , and in the dark , checked I had all equipment on hand , patted shotgun to my right , spotlight to my left , then moving my hand around on the ground , couldnt locate explosive device on my left where it was supposed to be. Had to shine spotlight on area , and yep it was not there , I've dropped it somewhere. No problem , it was 8.15pm and the crims would not call until 9 at earliest 10pm latest. I retraced my steps in the bush and out of the bush right back to my house and no device. This was the main 'shock' tactic of mine , had to be found. Forty five mins later I found it in the tall grass. Returned to my favourite spot , sat down and waited for the crims.

9pm arrived , 9.30pm , 10pm , some cars came and looked like they were going to park but didnt. Flying Foxes or whatever were above me dropping sand like stuff on my head. A possum was making noise not far away and something was crawling through the bush towards me , most probably a fowl of some sort. Creatures of the night for companions , instead of chicks in the Philippines : ) Eleven pm came , then I gave up , obviously they are not coming. 11.05pm I returned to my house but didnt fall asleep until 4am. Unable to sleep , half alert for the crims.

Next day I inspected the building , nope they did not call. Perhaps they were overimpressed with my reinforcements from the night before ? Anyway , whilst absent from the property and in broad daylight that next day , they struck again. Apparently they had their control tower and were observing me too : ) Neighbour reported loud crashing noises etc and five guys exiting the place. About $1500 of those same treasures were stolen again , cause I had taken them out of the overnight location thinking they were safer in the regular location by day. Not so , need top safety day and night it seems. They have about 40% of those items now , and want 100% , I am sure. Insured yes , but thats not the point , dont like being bested : )

Where to go from here ? Plan B methinks. No sitting in the bush , a more safer and effective way of getting the vehicles licence number is required and fast , to hand to police. So its Plan B. Stealth Intelligence tells me the crims have got a window of about eight more days to achieve their objective. After that , they are unlikely to strike. So says "Stealth". Council of Elders agree , eight more days and the siege will be over. Hope they are right.

There is no other safe place I can move the objects to. Will have to reinforce even further. Tried to locate a nasty Rottweiler but such is not pos in a matter of hours/days. Takes weeks/months to find the right dog. So its Plan B tonight folks , but wouldn't be surprised if the crims wait until I have come off red alert and then strike again. For sure with Plan B I will get their car number and then its the cops job to apprehend them. Reminds me of PNG and all the criminal stuff there.

I must get the better of these crims , ie , registration number , apphrehension by police , return of stolen goods (hard to sell items). More exciting than the Philippines , I tell you. Fishing for Fun has started early , having my 'fun' already.

Earlier on this page I said I was 'lost' , not lost now , I'm on a mission : )


65. Friday 29th September : Under Attack

Damn , have to delay my departure (FFF5) by a week. Got four criminals attacking the joint. They got $2000 equivalent in items first raid , came back again two nights later , but I'd reinforced the place and they could not force their way in. Presume they have gone away to get better tools to gain entrance tonight. They only took 20% of the goodies on show first night they called. Now they want the other 80% , which of course has already been removed to a safer location.

Tonight I will sit in the bushes waiting for them. My first job is to get their car registration number. Its not a stolen car , I know that much. Secondly I will approach them in the dark with a de-activated double barrel shot gun and a device that lets off a blank cartridge. Sound from device is very loud and realistic. First the bang , I'll immediately drop the device , they'll look and see the shotgun aimed at them , then hopefully take off.

Hope they dont stand their ground and call out something like : "hey grandpa , go back to sleep". If they do that , I know I am a gonna , and will most probably lose my shot gun in the process : )

So , must ward off this threat first , then install a friend who is willing to occupy the premises whilst I am away. Delays my departure by one week.

So long as the cake isn't stale when I arrive in the Philippines , all is well : )


64. Thursday 28th September : Thailand - New Bangkok Airport

Yep , Suvarnabhumi Airport , 1st planned 45yrs ago and costing $4 billion , has finally become a reality , 28th Sept. No more Don Muang Airport. Suva' is apparently 30km's East of Bangkok. It will be interesting to see what a taxi fare to the City will cost. The Thais are great ones for investing in infrastructure. Can not say that about the Flips.


63. Sunday 24th September : Winners 'n Losers

Cary Cooper , Professor of Psychology and Health at Lancaster University England :

"In life there are winners and losers , or wolves and sheep. Wolves have a rabid desire to succeed. Sheep on the other hand are actually happier losing than winning. They don't have the same competitive drive.

Recognising which camp we fall into could be the key to happiness".

Comment : Personally , I have preference for the loser image. Disarms the enemy and helps me to relax , unwind and enjoy life. A loser has nothing to lose : )


62. Saturday 23rd September : Telegram from the Queen

"Four out of ten Britons would be prepared to give up sex if it meant they could live to be 100, according to a new poll.

Almost half of the women asked in the Bupa survey said they would take up celibacy to reach the milestone .

However, only 31% of men said they would be prepared to sacrifice nookie for a telegram from the Queen.

Many people - 39% - would be prepared to give up eating and drinking whatever they wanted to ensure they lived to 100, while 42% would give up travel.

But there was one thing people would not give up : 74% would not sacrifice money".


61. Thursday 21st September : LA Cafe - Closed/Open

I just came back from Manila and I can confirm that LA Cafe is closed; Burgos is still thriving with street trade; the traffic still sucks; and a small hotel behind the City Garden Hotel in Burgos, the Durban Street Inn ( is a bargain at P1200. Regards , Asiaguy
UPDATE : Reportedly open again 22nd Sept. I think its days are numbered. So don't bank on it being open when you call. Have a 'B' plan , just in case.

60. Wednesday 20th September : Army Coup - Thailand

About time , another Army Coup in Thailand. Fourteen years since previous one. Newbies should proceed ahead with their travel plans as it will be 'business as usual' , regardless of current political manouvres. Maybe designated trading hours , eg , 1am closing will be strictly enforced , but otherwise there will be no stopping the sex trade , which the Army and Police depend so heavily upon for personal cash flows.

Even so , this is not what the country wanted , a coup during the kings year of celebration.

So, attempted coup when I was in Philippines not that long ago , now coup in Thailand. Our hunting grounds are currently a little unstable.

Council of Elders advise : "Proceed ahead and fornicate as never before". Nothing to worry about.


59. Tuesday 19th September : Philippines - Angeles Scam

Email to Thommo :

"A friend who frequently visits the phillipines every two months has some disturbing news.    He has just returned sept 06 and has advised of the following.  The girls in the bars are now colluding with the police and are snatching innocent guys monies.  I will not metion any particular bar to protect the locals but this is disturbing. And its happening to guys paying the bar fines in the main bars on fields avenue. Guys are paying the bar fine, having sex and then the girls are saying the sex was unconsented.  The police play along with the scam saying that paying the bar fine does not allow sex.  They then use scare tactics to squeeze 10,000US out of unsuspecting victims.

I am dissapointed as i was intending a trip in a few weeks.  I have been there years ago but i never heard of this fn bullshit before.  Apparently in peak season the cops are now claiming two victims a day.  I hope you display this information to would be travellers.  I am definitely rearranging my plans now.  This means that it is now completely pot luck as to whether you get stung or not.
They are now on their way on destroying a good thing.  I would like to know from others who have experienced or know of this stupid fad that has started in Angeles.

Next month the losers will be phillipine airlines, taxi drivers, hotels, shops, girls bars etc etc.  the money will go back to thailand.  At least the Thais know the importance of repeat business".


UPDATE : See update below , posted on 10th October.


Thommo's Reply :

Yeh the Thais have commonsense , something lacking in the Philippines. Filipino's are notorious for shooting themselves in the foot. They have got everything except honesty , and its this lack of honesty that holds them back and always will hold them back.

The scam you talk of is not new , there are many variations of the same scam , but never heard of U$10,000 , you must mean Pesos. Normally the heaviest is Pesos100,000 (U$2000). Its been going on since Adam and Eve.

Anyone on the receiving end of this shit should tell Police he will 1. Get in contact with his Embassy and 2. Get legal advice and 3. Not pay a cent. Easier said than done , I know.

For sure , you should divulge the actual bar/s this shit is coming from , otherwise guys are just walking into a trap.

Yes , there is more scam , tricks etc in Philippines than Thailand. One of the reason some guys do not go to Philippines anymore. I first set foot in Philippines 1974 , been there hundreds of times , staying months some times in days of yore , and never have been on the receiving end of a scam. But then I do not fuck GoGo , Whore House , Massage etc girls : ) Some of them are hard core whores who do not care how they make their money.

This scam you talk about will not dramatically affect Philippine Airlines etc. as you suggest. It already has affected them and the Philippines. If this shit was not going on , Philippines would have more visitors than Thailand. Its the stories of crime and filth that deters visitors from ever going to the Philippines in the first place.

One thing the Flips are good at ............ shooting themselves in the foot.

I am visiting Philippines 1st week of October. Wish me luck : )

Thanks for reminding us of the perils of whoring a la Philippines.

"Life of a Monger , wasn't meant to be easy" : ) ............. T


UPDATE : See update below , posted on 10th October :


You have a report listed on your website that I think is a piece of garbage and as garbage the report should be put in its proper recepticle.
The report is Sept. 2006 intitled Angeles Scams by of course.. Anon.
His claim is not happening and is an attempt yet once again to put Angeles in a bad light compared to Thailand. Some guys have nothing better to do than say shit like this.
The fake scam is an old varriation of one that has been happening for some time and that is true.
In the area of Blow Row aka, Santos Street bars are some freelancers. They have been taking guys to the hotel and once there a cop shows up and scams them out of money. Of course being a policeman you pay it or end up where you don't want to be.
As I said this has been reported many times so guys would be warned. Most guys who know Angeles will advise not to take freelancers unless your a vet with good knowledge. Even then I don't use freelancers but some do.
Stick with the bars and should have not problem. The statement that this is happening in bars is complete bullshit.

AC Map


58. Sunday 17th September : Lord Chief Justice Thommo - At the Rescue

Received the following Email :


I am hoping someone there could maybe help me with a question that I have which has put my life on hold and caused me great confusion.  I know this is not something that you have time for but I don't know where else to turn and I am reaching out in hopes that someone will help me come to some peace.  My fiancee recently took a trip to Bangkok.  I know how available prositutes are there but I was wondering about this activity among lady dormitories near Ram. University?  Our Visa account shows a charge for $294.00 listed as PRAKAYDAO  RAMA-4 Thailand.  The only information that I could find on Prakaydao is a lady dormitory on Rama 4 near the university.  I know that our outlook on prostitution may be a little different but I hope you won't hold that against me.  Does this kind of thing go on in such places and to a degree to where they take Visa cards.  Please respond to my question if you can, whether I marry this man or not counts on the answer.  Thank you for your time".



Thommo's Reply :

Exact text I sent her ....


"The Thais have a lovely smile and charm , manners etc but underneath they can be a snake in the grass.

If they perceive you as being experienced (eg myself speak some thai language) normally no tricks.
But if your perceived as a newbie , then there can be tricks.

It would not surprise me what they did with your fiance's credit card . The dorm info you supplied does not ring a bell. Anyway sex for foreigners does not extend to dormitories. Credit card sex in dormitories ... never heard of it , put my money on it never happens. Lot of sculduggery going on with foreigners credit cards if one is not careful. Not uncommon for foreigner to return home and find unauthorised purchases on credit card account. Why doesn't fiance challenge the debit ?

Not clear on what actually happened , bit confused in what you say , but can say with 28yrs of many trips to thailand , it would not surprise me what tricks they (Thais) could get up to.

Deceiving foreigners is quite common , especially if foreigner is naive/trusting.

Verdict : Not guilty , insufficient evidence against the accused. The court rises.

Lord Thommo of the Old Bailey"


COMMENT : We have to help our fellow mongers , in time of peril : ) Think I have saved his bacon. Anyway , he was innocent of "sex in the dormitories" but most probably not innocent of sex per se : )


57. Sunday 17th September : Bombs - Hatyai Thailand

More trouble in that non event of a town/city called Hatyai. A very long way from Bangkok , and to think in days of yore I travelled by train from Bangkok to Hatyai. Not worth it , even less so now the terrorists are targeting it on a fairly regular basis. Pussy aint worth dyin' for : )

FF6 (Brazil) : Portuguese language. Pleased with my progress. Didn't realise how much stuff I had on the language. Words/expressions coming back to me now. I'll arrive best equipped language wise , but not cash wise. 1995 I had unlimited funds , no budget , just spend spend spend. When your in that situation and whoring , the good times flow , that's for sure. It will be interesting to see what I think of Brazil when I am on a much more restricted budget. First trip (1986) I was on a tight backpackers budget. Not a lot of excitement on that trip. 1995 unlimited budget ... fun , fun , fun. 2007 : restricted budget. Will see. Given up on the idea of buying a pocket translator. Just another gadget for the crims to steal. Pulling gadgets out at night in little cantina's isn't the smartest thing to do. Will have to do that with the camera , but hope to have a guia turista (tourist guide , aka , security) with me then.

FFF5 (Philippines) : This trip is mainly a courtesy call , to show the girls my newly acquired 'glow in the dark' penis and drink copious amounts of beer. Mona Lisa and Bambi (FFF4) have gone their own way. Bambi is staying faithful to her sponsor , who keeps pumping money into her. No doubt she has visions of a mansion , fancy car etc back home in the States. Sponsor might not have anything like that. Doesn't pay to spoil the girls , raises false expectations. So , sexual conquests for me in the upcoming FFF5 , might be few and far between. Anyway, don't want to spoil my reputation as a voyeur/deviate : )


56. Wednesday 13th September : FFF5 & 6 - Progress Report

Well , I have my tickets for both Philippines (Oct) and Brazil (Feb) , and am seriously impoverished as a result. Brazil ticket was the most I have ever paid for an air ticket , double or more than anything I have paid before. Flying there Carnaval and High Season time , is as expensive as it gets. I delayed purchasing the ticket for 48hrs and in that time the ticket price went up $150 , so then bought quickly to avoid more inflation. As folks buy more tickets for Carnaval , the price goes up.

Teller where I paid for ticket (Agents A/C) said her son had just come back from Brazil that very morning. "They were either trying to rob him or were robbing him , all the time". Welcome to the War Zone. I picked up a good tip from the Internet , a guy said words to the effect : "if you look paranoid about being robbed you will be robbed". Yeh , I agree , a scared looking tourist/whorist would be an invitation to the street crims of Brazil. Think I will place rear vision mirrors on each side of my mini day back pack , slung in front of me. That way , will be able to keep an eye on whats going on behind : )

Reminds me of years ago reading Lonely Planet where they reco'd backpackers to fix chicken wire around their backpacks , otherwise their packs would be slashed from behind. For sure the attack comes from behind , nearly lost a wrist watch that way , last trip. Lost sunglasses snatched off my head and so on. Next step is reserve a room at my favourite hotel (Recife). That should be fun , they only speak Portuguese : )

Thank heavens for the Americans and their 30yr occupation of the Philippines years ago. At least they set the English language in concrete. Not long , and I will be there (Philippines). No need for rear vision mirrors in that neck of the woods : )


55. Monday 11th September : Warriors Guide - Brazil

The Labour and Employment Ministry of Brazil and myself agree , whoring is a "battle". When your there it truly is "d' Front". Excerpts from their paper , including the journalist who translated it :

Journalist : "The Brazilian Labor and Employment Ministry (Lula) provides a list of working activities that exist in Brazil. This detailed list presents thousands of jobs and professions with advice on how to make the best of them. Included in that list is :



Item 5198, "Sex Professional" is an example of the effort put in the task by the Lula administration's bureaucrats. They have pieced together all that's needed to make a successful career of prostitution.

The information given on their site is a real primer for anyone man or woman interested in getting into the business of selling their bodies. It teaches step by step how to prepare, seduce, negotiate and then deliver the sexual goods. The free advice should be obligatory reading for anyone dreaming on becoming a prostitute.



Under the heading Working Resources candidates to a prostitution position are warned they need a special wardrobe for the activity that is called batalha (battle or war) by the government's primer. The basic kit for the street warrior includes male and female condoms, water-based lubricant, cell phone, moist paper towels and toilet paper. They are also told to print their own business cards.


Two year apprenticeship : 

According to the Labor Ministry's instructions, the prostitution career is open to anyone 18 or older and the requirements in terms of schooling are minimal. The average schooling for a Brazilian prostitute is between fourth and seven grades. The government also warns that prostitutes will not get the full potential of their career before two years of experience".

The Ministry continues with the following tips" :

Note : To avoid a terribly long list , I have omitted some of the government tips.

Here are some of the more interesting ones. Their words , not mine and not the Journalists :


To gain an Encounter

Plan the battle 
Become visually appealing 
Create a seductive look 
Conquer with touching 
Offer customer specialties 
Recognize the customer's potential 
Satisfy the customer's ego

Serving the Customer

Prepare the working kit (condom, accessories, make-up) 
Organise working schedule
Negotiate price 
Fulfil customers fantasies 
Give caresses 
Role play for customer 
Invent stories 
Engage in sex 
Go shopping with customer 
Pose for pictures 
Conquer the customer


COMMENT : I like some of the above , eg : 1. "Plan the Battle" 2. Satisfy the customers ego and praise him 3. Fulfil customers fantasies 4. Role Play 5. Invent Stories 6. "Conquer the Customer"

And all this is coming from the Government !

Your certainly at d' Front when your in Brazil : )


54. Thursday 7th Sept : Wife - Loss of Face .... Husband - Loss of Life

Thai Wife

Loss of Face : )


"The Thai ex-wife of a murdered Briton, whose charred and dismembered remains were found scattered in the jungle, has been sentenced to life for his killing. 
Toby Charnaud, 41, a former farmer from Chippenham, Wiltshire, vanished in March 2005 after going to collect his son from Panadda Laoruang's home.

The Petchaburi court convicted her, two relatives and a neighbour of murder. Another two men were acquitted. 
The couple married in 1997 after meeting in a bar, but divorced in 2004.

Beaten to death :

The Charnaud family lawyer, Bunchu Yensabai, said Mr Charnaud divorced his wife because of her addiction to gambling, according to reports. 
Ms Laoruang, 35, was found guilty of hiring Bunthiam Phuiphong, 31, Chatri Sriprathum, 28, and Niphit Satabut, 27, to kill her ex-husband at her farm in the Kaeng Krajan National Park, 180 km (110 miles) south of Bangkok. The court heard that the three co-defendants had first fired a home-made gun at the victim, and then beat him to death

According to judge Sarayuth Busayanawin, they then tried to get rid of the body by burning it on 20 kg (44 lb) of charcoal and then burying the remains in a national park.

The prosecution argued that they had been paid by his ex-wife to kill him so she could inherit his money and property.

In a bizarre twist, Mr Charnaud had earlier won a writing contest with a short story that appeared to predict his own murder.

Mr Charnaud's mother, Sarah, who did not attend the hearing, issued a statement saying his family's lives had been "shattered" by his killing. 
"For me, his mother, one of the worst horrors of his death is the fact that the first attempt to kill him failed and he would have struggled against his attackers in vain" , she said".


53. Thursday 7th Sept : Asshole Husband (joke)

"Two women were having lunch together, and discussing the 
merits of cosmetic surgery. The first woman says, "I need to 
be honest with you, I'm getting a boob job."

The second woman says "Oh that's nothing, I'm thinking of 
having my asshole bleached!"

To which the first replies :

"Wow it's hard to imagine your husband as a blonde!"


52. Sunday 3rd Sept : Elevated

Regarding entry .51. below :

Naturally I took the offer of 'counselling' from the Council of Elders. And in their wisdom they advised that neither the Yellow Cake nor the 'glow' will last forever and thus recommended a quick flight to Flipsville and share same with the local ladies. So , its Flipsville this October , then Brazil February next year for Carnaval and carnal delights.

Have already started to overcome laptop problem brazil. Will go to and fro Internet Cafes 'hippy' style. No leather bag (hippy native string bag from Papua New Guinea instead , laptop covered in brown paper) , no shoes (thong type slippers in lieu) no sox , no sunglasses/watch. Add to that , go to Int Cafe 9am , when the crims are back home sleeping off their previous nights manouvres. Going on Lonely Planet (freebie library copy) Internet Cafes open around 9am , so 9am it is. Will try and recruit a male tour guide ex Front Desk staff to accompany me when I'm pulling out camera and taking pics. Combination of 'hippy' disguise and tour guide , plus equiv of 10 months residency in Brazil , days of yore (experience) , should minimise risk of theft somewhat.

Focus , focus. Gotta focus on first things first .... Flipsville (Philippines) this October , four weeks away.

Will try and get a pic of the girls enjoying my 'yellow cake'. I am serious , will capture it on camera and place on FFF page. That's a must. A celebration of sorts. Yeh , this mini Flip tour will be a celebration of sorts.

Then after Brazil , my finances will be greatly depleted , and so , post Brazil the FFF Diaries might be few and far between for a while , but not forever. 2007 post Brazil will be quieter than usual , methinks. I'm expecting FFF6 (Brazil) to be my best Diary yet. Expense/danger there is , and excitement there is ... Brazil.

So there is the programme. Its funny , in brazil they do not call the girls 'hookers' , they call them programme girls. Think they spell it "program or programa" , will soon find out , when I brush up on my Portuguese.

Brazil is a photographers delight , especially a kinky place like Salvador. It's a Voyeurs Delight too , I will be in my element there. Hope I get the balcony room , I had twenty years ago , overlooking Praca de Se (Court). Lots going on underneath that balcony. My eyes will be busy. But Cantina da Lua (CL) is my most important target. If I get in and out of there unharmed I will be doing well. Will not go there without a local 'chaperone'. Hope they let me take pics inside , but then of course when I do that , I advertise that I am in possession of a valuable camera. Will cultivate 'friends' inside by shouting some drinks and smiling a lot , in the hope some of the guys will volunteer to escort me back to my brothel hotel 100mtrs away. Need more than one local to escort me home early hours of morning , Salvador crims operate in packs.

It's going to and coming from a place like CL that there is a risk. Inside , there will be trepidation at first by the local boys , eg , "who's this gringo , invading our private watering hole and perving on our private women". Whites do not normally enter CL. Never saw any doing so in 1986 . Even less of a chance in 2007 methinks. For sure , I will enter with the biggest of broad smiles , sit down quietly , greet everyone around me (tudo bom/whatever) and wait for my first opportunity to shout nearby table drinks.

Maybe I told you somewhere else on this website : When in Papua New Guinea and running a Store 1992 , a white guy strolled into my store. Unusual to have a white customer in that neck of the woods , high up in the remote Mountains. We got talking. He said he had been working on oil rigs in Brazil , married a brazilian woman , owned a go-go bar etc. I told him about CL and the lovely experience I had there (1986). He was amazed I had walked in and out of CL , and back home to my hotel , early hours of morning unharmed. Ignorance can be bliss at times. I like a certain amount of danger. Sitting on the outside circle looking in is my favourite activity , but not inside the circle looking out : )

That's what I intend to do in Brazil , circle danger , and enjoy it. Also sample a few beautiful asses 'n tits (faces usually lacking , but not always) , strong shapely legs , and high energy sex. Think I will have my heart checked before I go : )

But most importantly , I'll get busy with my voyeuristic duties/responsibilities. Capturing same with the camera , wherever possible. Thinking about buying a back up Snoopy. Expense of doing so worries me a bit , but its my passion in life .... whoring. Not necessarily fucking nowadays , but observing d 'trade' in full swing. It's like chess in a way.

I enjoy , sitting at a watering hole , watching the eyes dart hither and thither , guys sizing up gals , gals sizing up guys , offers and counter offers , rebuffs etc. And the voyeurs delight .... a gem of a gal , nice looking and nice attitude willing to suck and fuck all night : )

The prospect of going to Brazil has elevated me. My imagination is running wild.

I am getting ahead of myself ...

First the 'celebration' , and courtesy call , on the girls of Cebu (Philippines) and surrounding islands .. in four weeks time , October.



Things are moving fast (elevated : ) ........ Have ordered Snoopy's cousin , the one that is supposed to be blur free , ie , compact camera , lowlight shots without flash , blur free. Will believe it when I see it , but need a back up , got a feeling those brazil crims are going to get something , most probably my camera , so a back up camera will be handy.


Brazil Babe


The kind of babe I will be targeting


.................. if I ever get there : )


51. Saturday 2nd Sept : All over the Place

One of the reasons I never married , no woman could ever live with me , I change my mind so much : )

Last night finished a few hours of researching Recife and Salvador and the stuff on there depressed me. Too much negative stuff going on (Brazil). What the guys there were saying reminded me of the negative experiences I had in Brazil too (4 month stay and 6 month stay , in years gone by). Yes , I also had good experiences on those previous trips , otherwise would not have stayed six months , but it wasnt only cause of the sex , it was cause of the overall atmosphere ... bizarre , that I stayed so long ! Brazil intrigues me. Anything bizarre will hold my attention , as Brazil did and still does.

But to fly in for say three weeks and have a ball , I am wondering , after reading those negative reports from guys , will I have a ball ? Most importantly , I am thinking ... would I have a better (less hassles and cheaper) time in Philippines/Thailand ? Why pay four times as much for less ? Crime comes up in their brazil reports , muggings and attempted muggings. Saun is not coming with me to Brazil. I'll be a target. Mmmm , need more time to think about this one.

Negatives : Crime (laptop ; camera ; muggings) .... Expense (compared to Philippines) .... Language barrier (They do not speak English) .... Accommodation availability (Carnaval time) ... getting to and from Internet Cafes with Laptop avoiding theft (street crims) .......... and the list goes on. Guys are saying 'Cantina da Lua' in Salvador is off limits to whites nowadays. That was going to be one of the highlights of my trip ! And they say , carnaval time you can not take a camera out onto the streets with ya etc. Oh Dear , my beloved Brazil has gone down the sewer , it seems. It's twelve years since I last visited Brazil. Most probably a lot more unemployment and thus crime since then ? For sure the online guys do not seem to be enjoying themselves , like the guys who post on Thai/Phil websites do.

Positives : Definite escape from Planet Earth .... Planet Brazil (saves buying a $250,000 ticket with Virgin Galactica) ; Bigger bodies , strong bedroom action ; Great music and dancing.

Indecision , procastination ... will I ever get there ? My Brazil trip looks like costing U$6000 for 21 days , fares included. Not much nookie budgeted for either in that fig. That's the equivalent of about three twenty one day trips to the Philippines (63 days) , fares (x 3 trips) included , and nookie (Phil) , including bj's without condom.

I have fond memories of my second and last trip to Brazil. Had a lot of luck with the girls , never looked like being mugged etc , but yes was drugged in hotel room once. Drank at Cantina da Lua with slave descendants and their women , a ball , including the music. Perhaps I should just leave it at that , rather than invest U$6000 to find out , like the guys on the internet , that things nowadays have deteriorated , including BJ's only with condom !

For sure , the Thai/Flip girls are more feminine than the Brazil babes. Femininity is important to me. If I dont go to brazil I will miss the dancing , music , full sized bodies and bizareness of the place. But an ageing monger like me , heading to Internet Cafes with an almost new $2000 laptop , and at other times holding a new funky camera , might be too much for the street crims to resist ? I can hear them now : "Here he comes , on his own , ageing tourist , time to pounce" :)

I will not feel under threat in the Philippines , but will , to a certain degree , in Brazil. Can a person 'enjoy' if he is looking over his shoulder all the time ?

Need more time. If I am not going to Brazil I will take off for the Philippines rather soon.

Wanna give the Flip girls some 'yellow cake' whilst I've got it , and show them my new "glow in the dark" penis : )




After researching , then typing out above I went to sleep. Woke up six hours later in a different frame of mind.

Thinking to myself , "to hell with those guys on the websites , they paint a negative picture of Brazil , but I have a different attitude to them , different approach and modus operandi. They are fucking regular whores for U$100 , I will get 'irregular whores' , non whores and 'apprentice whores' for U$30 or for free (eats , drinks and a taxi home)". And as for dangers , that's something I have to come to terms with. Do my best to protect myself and equipment , whilst seeking 'fun , fun , fun'.

Cant sit in the relatively safe western world vegetating away. Gotta get out and about and experience some excitement. I'm not getting any younger. It's now or never , in respect of Brazil. I would regret not returning just because of the 'crime'. It would be an even bigger crime not to farewell Planet Brazil. I'd feel like a whuz/whimp. Gotta satisfy that curiosity , regardless of the price/pain.

Stay tuned , might have further thoughts on this subject : )

Who cares ? , says you.

Correct , who cares.

"He who doth procastinate and hesitate" , thats who.

It's great , waffling on a website : )


UPDATE to the update :


Further down the track , and since writing the above , I wish to advise :

The Council of Elders is aware of my predicament , and have offered 'counselling'. Dont know if that's good or bad : )

Miss July/August

50. Thursday 31st August : Semmich

"A sandwich half eaten by Britney Spears is being sold on eBay.

The half eaten egg salad sandwich was left behind by Britney at a recent awards ceremony and was taken home by a waiter who realised its money-making potential.

There have been 23 bids so far, with the highest one currently standing at £47.52.

Describing his actions on eBay, the waiter said: "It (the management) does not say anything about how I am supposed to discard their food when they have me pick up their leftovers." He went on: "When I got home, I pulled out the camera, took a few before shots, then vacuum sealed them right away. The vacuum sealer preserves items such as this for years and years."

Comment : An enterprising young man. Suppose some fan freak will buy it and lick , lick , lick the section where she last bit : ) Fella's , we should put our used condoms on eBay : )


49. Thursday 31st August : Found

What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday ? Lost : )

Been busy online and offline trying to find an air route I am comfortable with ... Brazil trip. Price , regardless of route seems to end up the same. Got one now that lands me in Recife , my place of destination anyway. Other offers had me arriving in Sao Paulo and catching 42hr bus rides to Recife etc. All for no gain money wise and lots of pain.

Ever had a 42hr bus ride ? I've had some big babies in Brazil before , not interested in them any more. Biggest bus ride I will do on next trip is Recife - Salvador , about 12hours that's enough for me. Salvador is the most dangerous , but most exciting of the towns I will visit. Hope I enter and leave Brazil with camera and laptop intact : )

So it was one day 'lost' , no purpose , next day , found ... Brazil. Got lots of language catch ups , research accom (Lonely Planet) , brush up on latest scams etc and decide on locations/venues I'm going to hit. Never do that on arrival , always research beforehand. Ones trip depends a lot on the quality of 'homework' before take off. By the time I arrive in Brazil , I will know my target/s and how to find them with the minimum of fuss. One thing that keeps nagging me though .... security of my possessions .. new laptop and new camera. Crime and muggings is much higher in Brazil. Most probably leave my leather bags , watch , sunglasses etc home. Gotta dress 'down'. Best to walk around with no sox , watch , sunglasses and in shorts , and no looking up at tall buildings either : ) Memories of those street kids trying to rip my watch off my wrist , taking sun glasses off my head etc (Recife). And I will never forget being drugged and robbed in my hotel room by two sweet ladies I had known for two weeks. That was 1995 , imagine what its like now ... more dicey , I presume.

So now I have got a purpose in life ... Brazil : )


48. Monday 28th August : Lost

Radiotherapy is over and I am lost. It took up 3hrs of my time every day and gave me a purpose in life. Now that is all gone.

Oh , if I was only in my 20's I would lash out and do it .... travel , travel , travel. I remember taking off in 1986 on a one year world tour with only U$20,000 and no job/future to return to. For sure , the best trip of my life , included Brazil too : )

Now , as an ageing Monger I am 'scared/fearful' of lashing out , yet circumstances same as 1986 except for one fact , I am a lot older : ) "Fair is youth and void of sorrow , nought it cares/knows of tomorrow". Yes , as we get older we become more circumspect , willing to take less risks. I've even started to use condoms lately : )


47. Friday 25th August : 40 Orgasms a Day

"A woman in Britain who had forty orgasms a day , was yesterday put on probation for a $14,903 benefit fiddle.

Ruth Leach , 49 , from Blackpool in Englands Northeast , who suffers from "persistent sexual arousal syndrome" , said she lived on her own to claim council tax , housing benefit and income support for herself and her ten children.

But she had taken in a lodger , Simon Leach , 22 , who then became her toy-boy lover and the couple began living as man and wife , though she was still claiming benefits as a single parent. They have since married".

Leach did not tell the Government about the change in her circumstances , but she did sell her 'orgasm' story to a magazine.

Comment : When I was 22yrs old I would never shag a 49yr old. When I was 49yrs old I would always shag a 22yr old : )


46. Thursday 24th August : Striptease at Funerals

"Five people have been detained in China for running striptease send-offs at funerals, state media say. 
The once-common events are held to boost the number of mourners, as large crowds are seen as a mark of honour. 
But the arrests, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, could signal the end of this rural tradition"

Comment : I am a great believer in respecting traditions/customs , especially ones of this kind : )


45. Wednesday 23rd August : Sex in Sydney .... The Joker

2006-08-17 Michelle’s – 137 Bayswater Road Sydney 
$150 in addition to massage fee (that's why I don't live in Sydney...) 

Tall, slim with small pert breasts, her face looks 35, her chest looks 14, the rest of her body looks like a very toned 25 year old.

Pierced belly button, pierced clitoris which she says makes her much more orgasmic. In fact, she says that in masturbation she can come 8-9 times over half an hour, and she certainly claimed to have come 6-8 times with me. The fact that she is very quick to suggest mutual oral sex and whips out her mini-clit-vibrator at the first opportuinity certainly suggests this is the case

Started with some basic back massage with hot lotion, very nice body slide with ear kissing, roll over and I get her to lay on her back as I go down on her. First time for me with a pierced clit but I adopted the usual techniques and she responded well. First time no fingers, then one, then two , finally three. She was certainly having orgasms.

I get up and she licks my balls (will only suck cock with a condom) I slip one on and lay her back, sideways over the table. I fuck her standing up, slowly, her legs around my neck. She is using the vibrator on her clit and as it repeatedly brushes against my cock I am worried about coming too soon. After a quite evident orgasm on her part I get her onto her hands & knees and enter her doggy style. She has long legs, so the angle of attack is high, and I work her nipples with my fingers. Long deep strokes, then just short pulses all the way inside her. I reach around for her clit and after a few moments she gets her own hand down there and triggers away. Finally I have a good, deep, drenching orgasm.

Afterwards she remarks that she could feel every stroke, every nuance and contour of my cock as I fucked her (so full marks to Durex, Pleasuremax 56mm ribbed & studded…)

Perhaps best of all, she said – I think quite sincerely – ‘well, you know your way around the bedroom…’ A compliment indeed from a professional whore

I would definitely fuck her again

The Joker


44. Monday 21st August : Talkin to Myself (Waffle Again)

The fish are not biting. That is , cant come up with any gos' , news etc for time being.

Four more nuclear attacks and then the ceasefire comes into effect , no more radiotherapy.

Started researching Brazil to see if I can get a feel for it. Can I get value ? It will cost me 3-5 times more than a similar trip to Thailand/Philippines. Its not about sex for me nowadays , its about fun. And what is fun ? Observing , in the main. Meeting folks from another planet (Brazil) and most importantly having a break from my usual routine. Brazil for sure is a break for anyones routine. More of a break than Philippines/Thailand. Another planet .... Brazil. So maybe , its worth the extra cost. Money is scarce , will have to have a further think on it. Right now , I say I am going to Recife , Salvador (Voyeurs Delight) and possibly Natal (fond memories). , ie , I am going to Brazil , arriving Carnaval time 2nd week of February 07.

Carnaval time is the time to be in Brazil , and I am not talking about the highly commercial Rio style of carnaval. Way back in 1995 , Recife during Carnaval time , was a blast. Nice young non whore girls in my bed. One in particular I can see clearly now (sorry no pics survived). She was walking down carnaval street with girlfriend , I was standing in their way , beer can in my hand. Asked them if they wanted a beer , yes , of course. Buy from people walking around selling them and the rest is history.

So , before my days on this Planet are up , I should say farewell to Brazil , Recife in particular. And then there is that weird city called Salavador , south of Recife. "Voyeurs Delight" , thats for sure. North of Recife , a relatively small city called Natal , fond memories of a great gal there. Maybe I will get there too.

Oh well , enough talking to my self. Back to more research. By the time I hit Brazil I will be armed with the best and latest info.


43. Thursday 17th August : La Cafe Re-opened .. LMarines

La Cafe was raided last Saturday. BTW, it came out in the nighly news. On Sunday they were back in Business but there is another new twist to this too. The Amazonia Club was raided as well on Monday.
Another new development is the new enforcing law in Makati to keep underage girls out of the streets between the hours of 10Pm to 5Am. Finally someone is thinking. There are too many underage girls roaming around as freelancers.

42. Thursday 17th August : Hooker Raped in Nightmare Motel .. LMarines

"Cop rapes hooker 
by : Ferds Sevilla 

KATIE (real name withheld), 19, prostitute, thought she was jaded to the ways of her wild and wicked clients. Until she met a cop who shattered whatever faith she had left in men, and God. 

The maniac thrashed the terrified hooker, then poured wine on her gaping wounds while he poked a gun at her sex organ. It was a sadist’s demented view of a good time. “Pagod na pagod na ako!,” Katie cried as she endured the beastly sex and torture. Yet the louder she cried, the more her tormentor smiled with satisfaction. 

Sodomy spiced with injury. Blood and battery. A painful orgy with merciless hands and a cold gun. These were just among the perversions that Katie supposedly endured for hours in the mercy of her rapist inside a motel in Sta. Mesa, Manila. 

“Ang baboy. Kung anu-ano ang ginawa at pinagawa niya sa akin. Siya raw ‘yung si Pigoy Big Brother,” Katie told People’s Tonight. 

Katie was among the 100 suspected prostitutes rounded up Saturday night by Manila Police District operatives from the L.A. Café Bar on M. H. Del Pilar and R. Salas Sts., Ermita, Manila, on orders of Mayor Lito Atienza. 

The teen hooker, known at the bar as Kit-Kat, is a self-supporting second-year Customs administration student. This, according to her identification card. 

“Ito lang naman po ang mapagkakakitaan ko ng sapat para maisulong ko ang pag-aaral ko at ng kapatid ko. Praktikal lang,” Katie said. 

Katie was with a Korean client outside the Manila Hotel on Roxas Blvd. three weeks ago when the uniformed cop pounced on them. 

“Mali raw po ang ginagawa namin. Malambing kasi ‘yung Korean na kasama ko. Sabi ng pulis prostitution daw ‘yun at kailangang dalhin kami sa headquarters,” Katie recalled. 

The Korean asked how he can settle the “case.” 

The officer allegedly instructed the Korean to pay for his time and all the “trouble” he went through in tracking them down. 

The Korean rushed to his Manila Hotel suite and got at least U.S. $2,000, which he gave to the officer. The policeman warned the foreigner not tell anything to anybody or else he will not ever get out of the country. 

The officer reportedly refused to release Katie. 

Katie alleged the policeman took her to a car at the parking lot in the back of the MPD headquarters on U.N. Ave. 

“Pag ‘di raw ako nagpa-kuwan, ikukulong daw ako at sama-sama raw ‘yung mga babae’t lalaking preso. Pipilahan daw tiyak ako, sabi n’ya,” Katie told People’s Tonight. 

She said the policeman then took her to Nightmare Motel

“Kasuka-suka ang mga pinaggagawa n’ya sa akin. Kinunan pa ako ng picture sa cellphone. Gustong kunin ‘yung cellphone ko, nagmaka-awa lang ako. Ako na lang ang nagbayad sa motel at taxi,” Katie said. 

Katie said she met the Korean at L.A. Cafe, where very young, pretty whores are reportedly available. The bar’s managers have belied allegations that the establishment is a haven for prostitution and illegal drugs. 

“Hindi kami kayang ipasara ni mayor dahil wala silang mahuhuling illegal dito,” a bar security OIC said"

People's Tonight 
8/15/2006 20:18 PM


41. Wednesday 16th August : Joker in Hong Kong

Neptune Disco, Wanchai,  Hong Kong 
HKD 1,000 

Getting older as I am, I often break the really long 
haul flights with a night somewhere, so today in Hong Kong 
on the way back from Beijing I meet Ann, 32 from Buri Ram, 
who has a daughter 12, and who says the father died 
when she was seven months pregnant. Khmer/Lao 
extraction. I love Thai girls for the GFE, even in HK, but this one didn’t 
quite pan out as either of us expected. 

She speaks immaculate English and having admitted 
to three previous visits to the Excelsior hotel during 
her 21 days in HK one can only accept that she is an 
accomplished whore, a fact borne out by her really 
outstanding BBBJ technique, about which more later. 
Anyway, we got to the room and I started to get the 
feeling she was in a hurry. 

Nice face, not very Issan-looking, hair lightened 
perhaps, I stripped her off to reveal an almost 
perfect mid-height body with very light skin tone. 
She was not shaved, but had almost no pubic hair 
at all, her pussy being tiny, neat and smooth 

She went down on me pretty much as soon as she 
came out of the shower – really good technique, 
bobbing up and down then deep throating, no friction 
or pausing for breath. But after a minute max she is 
asking me to put on the condom, seemingly focussed 
on keeping short time as short as possible 

Any way, I wanted to eat her out first and got to it. 

Now either she is really massively orgasmic or a very good 
actress – I suspect the latter – as her ‘orgasm’ came 
within fifteen seconds of me starting to work on her 
clit and her pussy was not even wet by then. Even The Joker is not that good! 
Still, full marks to her for making the effort. 

Interestingly, she presented herself first for doggy 
style entry – something quite unusual in my 
experience, as 99 percent of women seem to prefer 
getting on to their backs to start things off, but again 
perhaps this shows her long experience in getting men off, 
and her desire to get done and get out ASAP 

I decided to refocus her attention by slamming hard 
and deep into her as quickly and as violently as 
I could. Now, I know for a fact that my cock is way 
too long for most Thai girls, and I was pretty sure that 
regardless of her ten years professional fucking the same 
would be true for today’s lucky lady. Sure enough, 
now she was screaming out and it wasn’t acting 
I can tell you. 

So I flip her onto her back, force her knees back against 
her shoulders and drive in deep, closely watching her face 
as her professional pride gives way to the shock and pain 
of every stroke. I can’t help noticing how beautiful her 
body is, lean and taught as I pin her down, 

A few changes of position – I always like the side 
approach for deep penetration = an attractive view 
of both sides of the coin and the ability to get my hands 
on both tits at once. Now every time she asks me to come 
I just slam into her harder. 

I put her back on her hands and knees, then force her 
face-down with a pillow under her hips. I get between her 
legs and push them apart with my own. I stretch my 
legs out over the back of her thighs then hook 
my feet back under the backs of her knees (try it…it 
mounts you nicely on her) Now she is 
immobilized with my cock poised for a deep rear entry into 
her pussy. This position lets you get really far up with a 
great angle of attack and she is soon calling out again 
every time I thrust – but not as loud as she calls out 
when the first thrust goes into her arse. 

Frankly, I am brutal now, holding her down and making 
vicious powerful thrusts deep into her. The calling out has 
long given way to sobs and I finish with a pile-driver that 
they could probably feel in the next room. 

I climb off and crack open a Carlsberg. She goes to the 
shower and spends 15 minutes cleaning up the cum 
and blood from her arse. When she comes back she 
says ‘your friend hurt me too much’. 

You don’t say? Here’s 1,000 , see you later. 

The Joker


40. Tuesday 15th August : La Cafe Closed Down

Supplied by Taipan :

"Pasukin ninyo! Wala akong pakialam kung sino ang may patong diyan. Maski taga-rito sa city hall, sisibakin ko sila!”

This was the stern order of Mayor Lito Atienza to Manila Police District acting director Senior Supt. Danilo Abarzosa which led to the raid of L.A. Café on M. H. Del Pilar Street, Manila. 

At least 100 suspected prostitutes were arrested.The establishment reportedly served as a front for prostitution and was frequented by shabu vendors. It reportedly enjoyed the protection of some policemen, military officials, and city hall insiders listed on the club’s payroll. Police sources said some media personalities are also on the take. That earned the establishment the tag “untouchable.”

“But mounting complaints have reached the office of Mayor Atienza, alleging that prostitutes, pimps and shabu vendors abound in the said establishment,” Senior Insp. Rene de Jesus, chief of the MPD Detective Beat Patrol, said. A surveillance operation revealed that L.A. Café employed “very young pick-up girls.”

Ermilinda Viray, bar assistant manager, who was held along with seven “undocumented” waitresses, however, strongly denied the allegations.

“Gawa-gawa lang ‘yan ng mga naiinggit na competitors namin,” Viray said. 

The bar owners, Kirshner and Jonathan Turf, were not around during the raid. 

Police could have arrested the 200 pick-up girls hanging out in the bar, but there were only six jeepneys to transport them to the Manila Police headquarters on U.N. Avenue.

Those arrested were reportedly teenagers working without permits. 

L.A. Café is just a block away from the MPD Sta. Monica precinct and two kilometers from the MPD Station 5.

Last year, three call girls told the police that they were picked up at L.A. Café by a group of Arab students who gang-raped them.

The establishment was raided last year by the MPD Task Force Galugad under Chief Insp. Alex Yanquiling, Jr. But instead of getting a commendation, the official drew flak, and his promotion was frozen"

Peoples Journal
8/14/2006 19:36 PM

"I also heard from a friend that Amazonia was raided too last night" .... Taipan


Comment : Seems the pack rape by Arabs brought too much attention to La Cafe and the rest is history. Also , nice to know our korean friends will find it hard to get a freelance nookie , this point on : ) Unfortunate for regular Mongers who regarded La as 'home'. Myself , I thought it was a great voyeurs haunt and good place to get a feed. For me , post radiotherapy and thus impotence (?) it really is a plus , cause I do not have to stay in rat/filth infested Manila again to update La.

It was too good to believe , Ermita coming alive again. La was a big step forward , now there are many big steps backwards. Perhaps this Sphinx will rise again with the greasing of the right palms ? Will be hard though with all the publicity , newspapers and all. Bye bye La , nice knowin ya. Hello .............. (replacement).


39. Sunday 13th August : Online dating Sites


Review of online 'penpal' sites .... by Bsx :


"filipinofriendfinder - Free membership; chat, limited contacts, can reply to email, good range of girls

hi5 - Free membership: slow response, pretty good range, lousy chat

prettypinoys - Free membership; sucks, lousy browse, only 'kisses', can not even open email

adultfriendfinder - Free membership; chat, limited contacts, can reply to email, good range of girls.

Many scam web-whores from Cebu"


Comment : Add to that and the popular : ........... As usual , 'buyer beware' : )


38. Saturday 12th August : Waffle

Nothing to talk about , so might as well talk about myself. I have survived 24 nuclear attacks (prostate radiotherapy) and havent suffered the side effects promised. Might have to ask the Oncologist to increase the dosage so I can feel some side effects. Other guys on the same programme are suffering , why not me ? Its not fair.

Thursday 24th of August is the 32nd and last attack. Then I will see if the Oncologist can give me the green light for FFF5 , ie , consumption of alcohol and providing girls with my latest and most unique gift ... Yellow Cake.

Currently I am hoping for dick dipping in the Philippines October or earlier and then a big reconnoitre of Recife Brazil late in the year. Dreams are made of this : )


37. Thursday 10th August : Sex Debt

"British prostitute took a client to court after he admitted he could not afford to pay her after sex , reports the Liverpool Echo. Tracy Harper complained to police after unemployed Matthew Bushell 33 , told her he could not afford U$1200 equivalent , he owed her for their six hour liaison. Bushell , it has been revealed , was bankrupt and owed U$25,000 equiv from using phone sex lines and escort girls".

Comment : Sad isnt it , lad has never heard of the Philippines and U$20/30 all night. Some people are locked into their immediate environment , they don't think outwardly . Imagine how much nookie he could get for U$25,000 , about eight hundred (800) all night Filipina's. But then , he didnt pay his bill/s did he : )


36. Monday 7th August : Masturbation makes Money

"More than 250 men and women pleasured themselves for charity yesterday in Great Britains first 'Masturbate-athon'. Participants from all over the UK queued outside a converted photographic studio in Clerkenwell , central London , to take part in the event.

Participant Neil Crawforth 28 said : "I'm not a good swimmer and I can't run very far , but I can masturbate".

Comment : If there were both men and women there , what a waste. Why didnt they have a fuck-athon ? Presumably it would raise more money too : )


35. Saturday 5th August : Babe strikes Out

"Ethically ambiguous as your sex tourism is , I know that if I were a poor girl in a shit country I'd lie to men about their sexual prowess too, especially if it meant my family would be eating that week. I'd take your sandwich and your $20 and I'd tell you that you weren't like the others, in fact you were unlike any man I'd ever known, that you made me feel so good, that I came so much I couldn't see straight. Et cetera, et cetera. Maybe I'd even lie and tell you your penis was big.

Then I would laugh about you with my sisters, "can you believe he bought that shit".

Eventually you'll see they all lie to you in the same way and the lies will make you falsely proud. You'll get younger and younger girls, hoping to find a real virgin, or you'll hurt them to punish them if not , until you fuck up and do something illegal and end in prison.

Or, and I'm hoping this is more likely, you'll just run out of money. And you'll be stuck on your home soil, with the women who aren't impressed by your middling cock and your goddamn sandwich, getting older and uglier, inside and out. That's you: lonely and bitter.

But I wouldn't stop you from travelling this road even if I could, because the way it's looking, you'll never marry or breed: you're a genetic dead end, a stumpy limb on a tree. And the world is better for it.

...Unless, of course, you knuckle under and buy a wife from one of those shit countries (who will say she's a nice traditional girl, but she's played virgin with many men just like you), and then you're left with a 50/50 chance. Either you'll have sad children who'll grow to hate you as much as she does, or she'll leave you as soon as she has her new citizenship and you'll be stuck paying so much alimony that you can't afford the sex tours for which you can no longer maintain an erection.

Yeah. You know where it's at. Have fun out there!


Comment : I stole this article from the Internet , stumbled across it when checking something else out. Not bad , entertaining and pretty close to the truth at times : ) PS : She was blogging on another site , she's not referring to you , my elite readers : ) Why is she fishing around male fuck sites ? Looking for trouble ? , or is she ... "lonely and bitter" ?


34. Saturday 5th August : Dereliction of Duty

"Police in the German city of Aachen received an unusual call for help late Wednesday when a woman telephoned to complain her husband was not fulfilling his sexual obligations.

After the couple had been sleeping in separate beds for several months without intimate contact, the 44-year-old woman woke the husband, 45, in the middle of the night and demanded he satisfy her needs, police spokesman Paul Kemen said Thursday.

When her advances were refused, a row broke out and she called the police and asked them to intervene, he added.

The police officials did not feel able to resolve the issue , Kemen said".

Radioactive Thommo : "Paul Kemen , I would like to advise you , your duty is to service the public. Get her pants down and do it , immediately" !



33. Saturday 5th August : World blocks

I might have arrived ... folks in other countries now tell me they can not access site either , including myself just few mins ago , getting 'Forbidden' message also. Have emailed web host and might have to bring in d' Guru. Alternatively , punch in word 'whorist' on Google and then click whorist website listed = got it. Can navigate around the website using links on pages. Of course the only ones who need this advice are the ones who cant read this page : )

Perhaps its my radioactivity. Lock up your daughters 'Radioactive Thommo' is on his way : )

UPDATE This problem might have been resolved following a tip from a reader. The question is , are you eskimo's , buddhist monks , vatican employees (I know , stats tell me ya pervin on this site) tanzanians etc still getting ? Please lets know.


32. Friday 4th August : Philippines Government blocks

Lads are emailing in and telling me they are getting "Forbidden" messages when they try and access from the Philippines. Maybe same thing happening in Thailand. They have finally caught up with me. Quite rightly too. I have been working on this for over four years , finally they have recognised my presence. Let's know if you too are having probs accessing Maybe one day will be banned world wide. Then I can truly say ... "I have arrived" : )


31. Thursday 3rd August : Texting - Fishing - Yellow Cake

"A study by Canadian researches has found that abbreviations , linguistic shortcuts and phonetics spelling popular among users of instant messaging and SMS programs do not threaten the integrity of the English language , but rather show a mastery of both formal and informal English"

Comment : Depends which country your in. Text messages within Philippines sometimes take some understanding. Haven't tried Thailand yet , bet their message would be even more unique : )

Which brings me to the subject of the word "Fishing". As you know I use it in relation to whoring. Seems folks who harvest bank info etc on Internet refer their activities as fishing also. Two quite different activities it seems , mine is throwing away money , theirs is hauling money in. Apparently Brazilians are the best 'fishermen' to date. Their hauls are bigger than others. Half their luck (until they get caught).

Already thinking of FFF5 but need to complete current medical treatment before I know where I'm at. I havent drunk any alcohol since returning from FFF4. Maybe I cant drink until 'x' weeks after treatment completed ? Will ask the Oncologist next week. What he says will affect my plans.

Life of a Monger ..........

Enjoy it , whilst you've got it (a healthy prostate : )

If it suffers (cancer) it could end your whoring career (impotency).

For sure , next trip I will arrive bearing a unique gift for the girls ... Yellow Cake : )

Watch their heads 'glow yellow in the dark' as they suck on .. 'Radioactive Thommo'


30. Monday 31st July : Women making a Stand

"A physically challenging feat - women peeing while standing up – is now easily achieved thanks to a funnel-like device, its manufacturer claims

London -based company WhizBiz today said “The Whiz” fits snugly against the body to enable women to “take a stand” like their male counterparts and avoid smelly public toilets and long queues.

Invented two years ago in the United Kingdom, The Whiz is coated in an anti-bacterial agent so that it does not have to be cleaned and is reusable, WhizBiz spokesman Lachie Campbell said.

“It is coated with a high-tech plasma film developed by the British Army which repels fluid meaning women can pee, flick once to dry and stuff it in their handbag,” Mr Campbell said".

Comment : Next they'll have a penis. We are an endangered species fella's : )


29. Friday 28th July : Battle Fatigue

No gos , news etc , only that my treatment continues and minor stinging/pain when I piss has kicked in (radiation cystitis) and minor fatigue has arrived too , nothing major at this stage. So monitor your prostate lads , from 50yrs on latest. Monitor it ... don't put it off. If you happen to develop cancer , all is well so long as you do not let it escape the prostate into the bones and then who's knows where. Once it does that your in deep trouble. Fortunately mine is confined within the prostate , was when I departed for FFF4 anyway : ) Monitor your prostate with regular PSA tests. Your Doctor will kick start that process.

And to all our lads at d' Front .... onward ever forward , no retreat. Battle fatigue is the only fatigue to have : )


28. Tuesday 25th July : Cellphone and Sex

"Social anthropologist Kate Fox said : Eight out of 10 adults are so addicted to their mobiles they can't turn them off during sex.

The majority of adults questioned said they could not get through a day without their phone".

Comment : Personally , I am against cellphones and ONLY use them when overseas whoring and even then I rarely get a babe via cell , its usually after I get her that the cell plays its part. The sight of a cellphone on a babe turns me off , it means to me , "she's got too much money". Anyway if a gal got off the nest to answer her cellphone I would show her the door , minus remuneration ... and her clothes : )


27. Monday 24th July : Arabs Boosting Tourism

"Indonesia's vice president said he saw nothing wrong with Arab men paying local women to marry and then divorcing them days or hours later, and suggested the practice - dismissed by critics as legalized prostitution - could boost tourism.

"We need different kinds of marketing campaigns, more targeted. At the moment most Arabs go to Puncak. If they go there looking for women , that is not our business, it is not a problem"


26. Saturday 22nd July : Tables Turned


Hi :)

I saw your site website and was impressed by all the information there. seems you've spent a lot of time working on that site! lol :) good job! i was curious if you know of anything like your site, but geared towards women, instead of men, who are interested in having carnal relations with the men in foreign countries... specifically, asian countries... i used to live in south korea & i visited japan twice... most of the asian guys are pretty taken back if you just come out & ask them for sex. i was married to a korean guy for a while, but, he was shocked by me.. he couldn't handle me at all, so we got divorced & i'm back in the states now, but planning on moving out of country again soon. the guy made me sleep in a different room, because i asked for sex all the time & he just couldn't handle it.. he could barely function at his job... i was surprised, because it was only once or twice a day & that isn't enough. what kind of lame shit is that?.. you know what i mean?.. he's the only guy i've ever been with, but, i was so disappointed by him that it's not even funny. at one point, he told me i'd need a harem to satisfy me... so... i'm looking for one.. LOL :D 

Anyway.. please let me know if you have any information that is lady-friendly. :D hehe

All the best,

~ Candy


25. Friday 21st July : Lured

Lured into prostitution ?

Believed to be the one on the right.

Still inocent ?

Jammu - A BSF jawan this week accused a Delhi-based couple of pushing his minor daughter - a former Miss Jammu runner-up - into prostitution after luring her to the national capital with promises of modelling jobs.

"My minor daughter was misled by Kamal Sehgal and Muskan (a couple from Delhi) whom she had met in Delhi when she was there for a stage show. They exploited her and pushed her into this racket," BSF Lance Naik Vinod Kumar told reporters here.

"She is yet to complete 18 years of age. Kamal and Muskan took my daughter to Delhi on a promise of giving her modelling assignments and did not allow her to return", he said.

The 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up was arrested from Delhi alongwith the couple and three others on June 25 on charges of prostitution. 

She was enrolled at a BSF school in Paloura and had discontinued her studies after failing to clear her ninth standard examinations.

Kumar had registered an FIR at police station Domona in the city on April 16 saying that his daughter had gone missing.

He cited the girl's birth certificate issued by the Commissioner of Jamnagar Mahanagar Palika in Gujarat in 1990, putting her date of birth at November 14, 1988, to prove that she was indeed a minor and had been hoodwinked by the Delhi couple.

Kumar, who lived with his family in a rented room at Paloura belt in outskirts of the city said he had full faith in his daughter, who, he believed, was innocent.

Comment : Given the chance , would you "lure her into prostitution" , ie , pay to screw her ?

Shame on you : )



24. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 8


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.


Contributor Thommo :




"Ellude me , just as much as they ellude you : )

However , you can increase the number you bed by developing relations with the local natives. This is fraught with danger , as the locals (Thai/Phil) are a wiley lot and a significant number of those who make themselves available to us are in expectation of enriching themselves at our expense : )

There will always be exceptions , and with persistence and patience you can develope relations with , for example , Filipinos that will bear fruit ... that is , the odd beautiful babe.

Why would they introduce you to a beautiful babe that they themselves would like to bed ?

Well , some girls are not interested in their local lads. They want a foreigner who can whisk them away to lands full of milk and honey ($). Their Filipino friend is aware of this , and if you are a half reasonable person who has taken time to develope a sincere relationship with Filipino's , whether they be man or woman , then your in with half a chance.

I have found women better as a medium for 'merchandise' than men. Would you introduce a beautiful woman of your country to a foreigner to fuck ? Not likely , you would persist in trying to bed her yourself : )

Whereas women , who say are past their prime , eg early 40's married with kids , who happens to have a friend/relation looking for a foreigner having nothing to lose introducing you. Don't forget , if the girl makes it to the lands of milk and honey , she will reward her Auntie/whoever. So there is invariably a 'commission' in it for the 40 year old too. Alternatively a young gal who you've screwed the brains out of , who still likes you and is looking for some bread to put on the table. The 'bread' comes via the gal she presents and/or via you the procurer.

Of course , if your whoring life is well known , your chances of scoring a true beauty are lessened. Some guys do all their whoring in short time hotels to keep their whoring activities secret , and only have 'good' people come to their regular place of abode.

I remember suggesting to one married Filipino lady I'd known for about 14 years that I'd be interested in her beautiful niece , to which she smiled and said "we'll see". Nothing happened. On reflection I think it was my whoring reputation that spoiled my chances in securing that particular wench.

I never give the impression of marriage prospects , just be nice , shower small romantic 'gifts' and wait for the respective maiden to succumb. I don't like guys who go around giving the impression they are going to marry , just to score with the girls. I consider that underhand and 'exploitation' of the girls desperation to leave their poor surroundings.

Whilst all this is going on , you have to whore , cause these beautiful non whore girls do not hop into bed with any Tom Dick or Harry (or Thomas : ). The ones I am thinking of are not virgins , but they are not whores either. So , you have to be at your patient best and don't rush things. Filipino's are hot blooded and if they think you are half decent will succumb in time , or ......... you will give up : ) I've done the latter quite often , all part of 'the game'.

So , if your the naturally friendly type , you will meet lots of Filipino's , some of which can help introduce you to the occasional gorgeous girl. The type of Filipino contact I like is the one who doesnt care how many girls I screw , so long as I treat them right and reward them in some way for their sexual favours. These kinds of contacts can take years to find and then develope/train.

Persistence pays. Nothing worth having ever came easy.

So , you should set forth this day , a strategy to be more friendly/open to the local natives. Be on guard for those make a living scamming foreigners. To those locals who make your life so much more enjoyable (nice girls) .... reward them with gifts brought from your home country , assistance with small local problems ($) etc. , but always remain in control.

I had the sad experience of one of my contacts (developed over years) going 'bad' on me. This is how it happened : I arrived particularly excited at the prospects of what my contact would deliver me and to encourage said contact more , I bought him (guy this time) a cellphone , thinking that would improve my chances even further.

Wrong , never 'pay/reward' up front. My contact interpreted that early gift as 'an abundance of money'. He must have thought : "mmmmmmm Thomas is loaded this trip , think I will relieve him of some of it" , cause he scammed me in many minor ways. Stories which I believed and then handed over the required money to fix. Mind you , he delivered two very special ones on that particular trip. Ones I still think of , three years down the track. However , he had not played those mean tricks on me before and so I disciplined him , taught him a lesson. We will see on the next trip if he learnt anything : )

So developing friendships primarily to get access to nice looking non whore girls is fraught with danger and disappointments , but why not try it , mixing whoring with 'courting' ? Some times I do not bang the gal on first trip but on second. One has to be patient , especially if she is particularly pretty and not out to sell herself.

A final tip. Stay away from virgins ! More trouble than they are worth. How do you know if a gal is a virgin ? I tell my contacts .... "no virgins" ! Haven't struck one yet : ) Semi Virgins yes , but actual virgins , no.

What's a semi virgin ? , ha , ha.

Well , she has been 'road tested' by someone else. Lost her 'cherry' (virginity) only recently. What are they like ? Well , I found them particularly HOT ! It seems Filipinos are hot by nature , virgins bottle it up , but when that dam (hymen) is busted , all hell is let loose : )

Don't come across many of them , more likely the gal who is choosey with whom she goes to bed with , that is , not a virgin , not a semi virgin , but a gal with 'low mileage'. They are my favourites. Had two special ones like that on my last trip : )

At a guess , my typical mix on a tour is :

25% Freelancer Hookers ;

75% gals supplied by a contact , whom I have developed over the years.

[UPDATE : In recent times have flown solo , ie , no contacts]

Nothing worth having ever came easy. Beautiful women can be had , but they come at a price and it's not necessarily dollars , it could be charm , patience , decency that wins her over: )


23. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 7


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.


Contributor 'Trash Hammer' :


"THE ground-shaker - Let them get on top keeling , their legs asride of you. Let them

show how well they think they can fuck you. Even give them some encouragement.

” Come on baby show me how a …(nationality).. girl can fuck!”.

Ham it up! We can do some acting too, don’t you know.

When she has either exhausted herself, or almost got to the brink of orgasm suddenly take charge.

Using your legs, lift your butt off the bed, grab her buttocks and slam it into her from

Underneath, like there is no tomorrow. And don’t stop, until she has cum or you’ve

run out of gas.

She’ll be impressed! She’ll tell her friends!



"THE Hammers – Dog on the side – Like title suggest, on her side, but the bottom

leg straight. Kneel into her and take he around the waist with two hand and go at it like a

rabbit on speed. Take care in the direction she is facing .For me, it wont work facing to the right,

at all. The beauty of this position is you see the whole package, the face, breasts, leg and a profile of her tidy little butt. Magic! If she still isn’t responding, you’re in the perfect position to give ring

a little probing. This will bring even the most slothful bunny around immediately, whether she

likes it or not. If her eyes are rolled back in sockets and she’s bellowing like a trapped

waterbuffalo, she’s liking it. If she’s quietly whimpering and her eyes are bulging like a choked prawn, she’s not. But what the hell. At least she’s awake now".



"The Singapore sofa slam. I like this one when she’s a bit fiesty or cheeky, just bend her over the back of the sofa and slam it it into her with the full length of your rod . There’s nowhere

to go baby, just take it like a good girl. Then, walk around to the front of the sofa and lie down

and watch the sweat dripping down her face as she hangs bent over the back of the sofa, recovering.

Ask her gently,”Did you like that, you little piece of trash?” Before she can answer grab her hair and drag her over the back and lie her on her back with her head wedged into the corner of the sofa for Stage Two… the Korean couch cruncher Put her legs up in the air and then spread them in a V shape and enter her from on top with one knee up on the couch , the other on the floor. Supporting yourself with one hand on the back of the couch, and the other on the side arm of the coach . S he’ll be a devoted little puppy for life".


22. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 6


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.

Emailer 'unknown' :


"Vickie & Lisa. Both works @ Nifty's. Vickie is a nice charming gal who happens to be a Cherry girl. She is a "Real" Cherry. A flirt yes, but will let you know from the start she is cherry and saving it for her future husband. Go Figure. I met her on the streets about 2 years ago. She was running away from a psycho who was stalking her. She bump into me and told me what happened. So, I walked her over to her place of work and said thank you. Later that night my phone rang at my room. She found out where I was staying. Invited me to come on over and to meet her cousin Lisa. We had a bowl that night and that's how I found out about Vickie being a Cherry. Lisa, well she is a different story and very hot in the sack. I have come to know them both very well and @ times I get the vibes that Vickie has a "special" liking to me ever since our first meeting two years ago".


21. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 5


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.


Contributor Thommo :




"Also known as LON's , Sweet Painted Ladies (Patent Pending : ) ; Hookers ; Working Girls ; Whores ; Prostitutes.

What is the difference between a LON and a Prostitute ?

Well , firstly what is a prostitute ?

Typically she is Western Woman willing to only have sex upon payment of cash.

Do LON's have sex without expecting a cash payment ? No , not normally , but it is the way they do it (provide their service) that makes the difference.

Either they (LON's) are indifferent to prostituting themselves , that is , have different values and do not consider being paid for sex anything unusual , ie , it is part of their culture OR they are great actors , because the experience with a LON (residing in the Philippines in the main , Thailand also , but to a lesser extent ) is more of a girl friend experience than a prostitute experience.

Having never slept with a western prostitute I am only guessing what the experience would be like. Perhaps some viewer/s could write in an fill me in on that.

Having slept with many LON's I am not guessing. They are truly smiley , relaxed , giving the impression they are genuinely interested in ya. Some show so much interest , one wonders at times , why one is paying : )

So why do we pay ?

Because we know it is expected of us and because they (LON's) have no other way of surviving.

Is that true ? No other way of surviving ?

Partly true. We will never know the precise background of every girl , some fall into prostitution by genuine necessity , for example , bread winner (dad) dies or runs away with another woman (not uncommon) , mumma has 3/5 more kids younger to support and there is no social welfare/umbrella to protect the family.

After some weeks even months of cadging food from the neighbours , eldest sister , with no education , but good looks realises the only way the family is going to survive is to sell her pussy , and so heads for the local red light district makes contact with a pimp , lays down on a bed , shuts her eyes grins and bears it whilst an overweight gent , more than twice her age , slips his huge prick into her tiny hole.

Next morning she runs home a hero with a thousand pesos (clear of pimps commission) for mumma and her sisters and brothers to live on. Enough to keep them going for a week or two. The wayward woman , aka , LON has arrived : )

Some of course , do not have to sell it , but nevertheless. They are waitresses or street vendors etc from poor families who see other girls getting their gear off and earning in a few hours what it takes them a month to earn. Some enter the trade via lecherous fiends like yours truly.

Yes , I take home restaurant waitresses from time to time. Both the waitresss and I know money will be proferred the next morning , but nothing is said about it. I always say - "find out up front how much the lady is going to cost" , well there is always exceptions , regular waitresses are an example of that : )

But these LON's (not western pro's) all have one thing in common - girlfriend attitude , not prostitute attitude.

Once again - exceptions ? For sure , especially amongst the Go-Go girls , some of whom think they are gods gift to men. But even the Go-Go gals can 'pretend girl friend' for a few hours , if the money is right : )


The availability of such large numbers of wayward women in Thailand and the Philippines is made possible by poverty and cultural attitudes towards selling pussy.

In the Philippines prostitution is less tolerated by regular folk because of the Catholic Religion. However , internal economic chaos ensures a steady and ample supply of 'wayward women'.

Within Thailand , Buddhism is more tolerant of prostitution and thus it's not frowned upon as much by regular folk as in the Philippines. Add to that , large sections of the Thai community are below the poverty line , and you have an ample supply of wayward women.

We the Mongers are the hero's , not the villians. Without us , many families would not survive.

The inept corrupt politicians of these countries are the villians , not us.

What do they do for the impoverished ?


20. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 4


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.


Contributor Thommo :


"And don't forget , without the LON's we would not survive.

Well we would not perish , but our quality of life would be much lowered by the absence of these smiling sexy LON's , on the occasions when we manage to escape our 'old lady' back home or the humdrum routine life of the west.

For me personally , I am of necessity ($) trying to wean myself off the need for regular LON 'fixes'.

Trying to get used to the idea that frequent forays to the Far East are a thing of the past , and enjoy in lieu 'armchair mongering'.

Living 'the life' through others. Longprongs serial emails helped a little in that regard.

But alas , there is only one answer - pain.

One must learn to go without.

Too much pleasure and not enough pain is not good for anyone.

Do you believe me ?

As one wise lad once said :

"give me too much pleasure , and I will tell you if it's good for me or not" : )



19. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 3


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.


Unknown contributor :

One thing people have to understand is the Thai culture and its proximity to China. All comes down to "Face." A Chinese with all his Honorable bullshit this and that is actually lying to your face by using such high class, humble and honorable words. When he says your humble servant they actually don't mean that they are saving their own hides from loosing face. Insulting you in such a way keeps "Face" intact. If he confronts you personally, in public, he will loose "Face" that's unless he has something to back his words up. To understand the Asian culture it all begins with face. Once you understand that everything else falls in line. They actually don't like the foreigners to be in their society and mess up their culture. The mainland Asian and Japanese are that way. Hong Kong with the new influence of China again will see itself running away from the richness learned during the British era. Hong Kong will turn into something else eventually.
The Filipinos as people, even thus they are Asian and Chinese that have come to their country, have never been influence by the way Asian society from the mainland actually is. They have been influence more from the West than from any other country is the Far east. The Spanish and the Americans. That's the reason why they want to be married to an American or westerner. They don't forget what they Japanese did to them either. They had seem more ill done to them by their own Asians than from westerners. They are hardworking people if you give them the benefit of an opportunity. When the military Bases were there many found work and had a decent life. Now they see themselves more like a 3 world Asian country. If given the opportunity and some minor changes done to their society you will see a country rising from the ashes and challenge those around them - but the Filipino are such a friendly people and won't mean ill to any. Marcos did a disservice to its people and many Marcoses have come under different disguises to enrich themselves and not to service their people. The only fall back the Philippines has is it's many islands spread out around the ocean. To hard for them to put together their resources. Not impossible but time consuming and eventually Money.
Yes, The filipinas are a better companion than a Thai. Before there was Thai fun there was Filipina fun. I've been to Thailand and all of that but to me nothing beats a filipina in friendship, friendliness and sweetness. Thailand is hot now because people wanted to see a different face. The Philippines are not because of that but guess what when you go to the Philippines you are treated like a long lost brother. What a difference that makes. The Philippines was, is and will be always there. Thailand is like Fashion - today its hot and tom. its something of the past. 
I don't know what others may choose to, but as far as I'm concerned ,

Give me a Filipina or death !!!!


18. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 2


Holding Bay : Explained in 17 below.



It's six months until
I visit Thailand once again.

12 hours of boredom on the plane, and then 
ohhhhhhhh that cool beer and that smile, those eyes
silky black hair the olive brown skin.

Imm gona wait.

Princess Anne



Hi Princess Anne. 

You say : "Boredom on the plane" ?

Obviously you do not fly Thai Air.

Since 7/11 , Bali Bombings , SARS and the consequent drop in passenger numbers Thai Air have introduced a new brand name airline : In-Flight Fucks (IFF). They offer the following :

1. In Flight Free Fuck (IFFF)

This is when you do not have to pay the HF (Hostess Fine) to fuck a hostie in flight.

In Flight Free Fucks are possible when you pay the IFFF surcharge at the time of purchasing the ticket. To save embarassment when purchasing the ticket, just say to the Travel Agent " I would like to travel IFF on a triple F ticket to Thailand please" and she will know what you mean.

This guarantees you at least one in-flight hostie fuck.

Of course , if you want to fuck the lady selling you the ticket , that will cost you.

Local UK/USA/Aust , whatever (not Thai) rates apply.

In this case you need to say : "IFF Ticket to Thailand IFFF + FU" please.

Which translates to - In Flight Fuck Airways Ticket to Thailand , in flight free fruck , plus fuck you" please . The Lady will immediately understand , drop her pen (& pants) and lead you to the ST rooms conveniently located behind the counter.

This way , you get a 'local discount' next time you purchase tickets at that same Travel Agent. But in my opinion still not cheap , cause your paying local (foreign) rates for the FU (travel agent sales assistant).

2. In Flight NO Free Fuck (IFNFF)

This is when you pay as you go , in flight.

I have found with experience this is the cheapest in-flight way to go , cause although IFFF guarantees an in-flight hostie fuck , there are times when the hosties are either 1. butt ugly (more the exception than the rule admittedly) 2. not available for lengthy periods , ie , every man and his dog is chock a block up the hosties and there is a long wait for a naughty.

So , no paying up front with IFNFF , but you take a gamble on Hosties being available at all ( cause no guarantee) , also you pay a Hostess Fine (HF) , Baht currency only (bring some along).

HF fee is as follows : Business Class (where only model Hosties are employed) Baht 750 per hostie ; Economy Class (where the general run of the mill hosties are employed) Baht 250 per hostie.

These fines have to be paid to Flight-san before the deed , of course.

Most passengers prefer ST (Short Time) , so as to be able to taste all the flavours. LT can be arranged , but only within the confines of the plane itself. Take-out , onto the planes wings is not normally encouraged/allowed and attracts an additional surcharge as Thai Air have lost a lot of hosties that way. Understandable.

Flight Attendants Drinks - FAD's. Yes drinks can be bought in the customary LD/LON way and are a modest Baht 250 for business class or 100 for economy class hosties.

Duty Free on Board - Has been replaced with Fuck Free on Board. Hosties bring a photo album around in flight. Not recommended.

Better to buy the IFFF (In Flight Free Fuck) Air Ticket , or select hosties as they walk around (IFNFF). Cause once you select from the album you have to pay upfront , THEN the album hostie fronts. Often she is not the same girl as in the album. Flight-san comes up with typical lame excuses , eg , "she's off sick etc , this one (replacement) is better" etc. Or "she doesnt work here anymore" etc.

Additional In Flight Fuck Fee - There is also an in flight fuck fee for those who are caught fucking non hosties. The purpose of this is to assist the pilot to control the plane. In the past Thai Air has found it difficult to stop the plane from wobbling side to side mid air when everyone is fucking everyone else , ie , a 'free for all' . Hence the IFOFF (In Flight - Other Fuck - Fee).

The fine in this case is triple the hosties fine (HF) , to discourage in-flight 'turbulence' (free for all/wobbling of plane).

In Flight Meals - Sorry no meals are served , because 1. some passengers have complained of indigestion , ie , bolting down their meal and then straight into the hosties 2. others have complained that their favourite hostie was not available due to her serving meals, collecting trays whatever.

It is suggested that hungry passengers eat "in-flight pussy" in lieu , or alternatively , BYO (sandwiches and tea thermos) .

Toilet Accessibility - As indicated above , toilets are usually occupied from take off to landing. Suggest you 'fast' (go without food) prior to departure and restrict your drinking en route/root.

Magazines and onboard TV - Only hardcore available/shown.

Singles Only - Single men and women only.

Following massive complaints and a public out cry , Thai Airs alternative Airline - IFF , no longer sell family tickets.

Suggest you try British Airways/United Airlines , whatever , if your travelling with your family.


Question :

Is it value for money ?

Some say it beats the boredom of a long flight , and therefore it's worth it. You can not deny the fetish value of fucking a hostie in uniform and , in flight.

Others complain of the lack of privacy and the difficulty of getting into the aircrafts toilets , owing to the fact that most prefer to screw hosties in the toilets.

Then there are those who do not like the old cum stains all over the planes seats. For most a turn off , for some a turn on. Request a seat cover , they have plenty of them.

There is no denying you pay more for a in-flight fuck (whether you purchased in advance or not) than at an Airport Fuck Free Shop.

Airport Fuck Free Shops are cheaper than the regular outlets (NEP ; Soi Cowboy etc) because they do not charge Bar Fines , but you have less choice , at these places , eg a hundred or so at FFShops but many thousands if you shop outside the Airport precincts.


Anyway , thought I'd let you know , no need to be bored on long flights , now that Thai Air have introduced these special in-flight services on their subsidiary airline - IFF.

Readers/viewers in-flight experiences are welcomed.

Please send them in now.


17. Tuesday 18th July : Holding Bay - 1

Explanation : I was about to delete an extraneous file called 'Holding Bay'. This is where I place things for the time being , just in case I want to use them one day. Well I decided to publish some of the items in that file before I deleted it forever. Here is the first of such saved items.


"It's not that I'm afraid to die. 
I just don't want to be there when it happens." 
Woody Allen


"Beauty is only a light switch away "


Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring,and good-looking? 
Because those men already have boyfriends.



16. Sunday 16th July : Tampon 'Victims'

"Amsterdam — Police in the Northern Dutch city of Groningen are investigating a man who rummages though rubbish bags in search of used tampons and sanitary towels.

The 40-year-old local man is particularly interested in tampons used by students and young women, a police spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The fetishist has been active for at least the last six months and has been regularly spotted searching through garbage outside student dorms. It is not known what he does with the items he collects.

He has left letters for several of his 'victims'. Citing the interests of the investigation, the police spokesperson refused to disclose the contents of the
letters, but said they included a play on words.

Only one female student has lodged a criminal complaint so far, but it is expected that two others will come forward shortly. Police hope to be in a position to detain the man shortly for harassment and threatening behaviour. Opening and rummaging through other people's garbage carries a fine."


15. Friday 14th July : Pissing in a Womans Mouth ?

"A Dutch McDonald's has been forced to remove a pair of mouth-shaped urinals after a tourist complained.

The branch in the south east of the Netherlands said it was removing the bright red, mouth-shaped urinals after a disgusted US customer complained to McDonald's head office in America.

Manager of the fast-food outlet Giel Pijper said the urinals, named Kisses, were works of art which he was now going to have to sell off.

The mouth-shaped urinals, designed by Utrecht-based firm Bathroom Mania!, have already caused controversy.

Virgin Airways was forced to scrap plans in 2004 to install two of the Kisses at New York's John F Kennedy airport after complaints they looked like women's mouths.

But designer Meike van Schijndel has denied they were ever conceived as anything rude and said they were designed as a fun cartoon mouth and not as a woman's mouth".

Comment : Pissing in a Womans Mouth ? I know a guy who regularly pissed in womens vaginas before withdrawing. He believed it would help him escape STD's and he was most probably correct , cause my Doctor once told me to piss immediately after withdrawing , to avoid STD's. That was in the "good old days" , before Aids and condoms. Note : Pissing in the condom before removing it will do no harm either. Make sure you are positioned over the toilet bowl , hand on condom , let it fill up with urine , and then remove. You might choose to then wash your dick and hands : )


14. Thursday 13th July : A Serious Diary

Three months later , in October , I removed this lengthy article , cause I could not change the font to conform with the rest of the font on this page.

Annoys me , different font same page , so removed.


13. Wednesday 12th July : Keeping abreast of Things

"A new scientific breakthrough raises the prospect that women could have a baby on their own by producing test-tube sperms.

As published in the journal Developmental Cell, scientists at Newcastle University, England revealed that they have turned stem cells from am embryo into sperm which are capable of producing offspring.

In the research, they used the sperm - created from stem cells - to fertilise eggs and produce babies. The babies in question were laboratory mice but the announcement raises the prospect that women could use the technique to have a human baby."

Comment : Then we can just fuck for fucks sake : )


12. Wednesday 12th July : Keeping abreast of Things

"Yahounde , Cameroon (Reuters) - Worried that her daughters' budding breasts would expose them to the risk of sexual harassment and even rape, their mother Philomene Moungang started 'ironing' the girls' bosoms with a heated stone.

'I did it to my two girls when they were eight years old. I would take the grinding stone, heat it in the fire and press it hard on the breasts,' Moungang said.

'They cried and said it was painful. But I explained that it was for their own good.'

'Breast ironing' -- the use of hard or heated objects or other substances to try to stunt breast growth in girls -- is a traditional practice in West Africa, experts say.

A new survey has revealed it is shockingly widespread in Cameroon, where one in four teen-agers are subjected to the traumatic process by relatives, often hoping to lessen their sexual attractiveness.

'Breast ironing is an age-old practice in Cameroon, as well as in many other countries in West and Central Africa, including Chad, Togo, Benin, Guinea-Conakry, just to name a few,' said Flavien Ndonko, an anthropologist and local representative of German development agency GTZ, which sponsored the survey."

Comment : I bet Flavien had some fun conducting that survey , eg , to teen girl with large breasts. "Why your breasts big (fondling them) , didnt you have breast ironing". "Why they are so big and round (mand handling the girl again) , it looks like you never had breast ironing" "Which is better big boobs like this (fondling them again) or small ones" ? etc. Oh the fun we could have had. Must get on Flaviens research team : )


11. Sunday 9th July : Italians love Prostitutes

"Prostitutes in Berlin say they are glad Italy knocked Germany out of the world cup because Italian fans make the best punters.

Haki Simsek, the owner of Artemis - Germany's largest brothel - said: "I know I shouldn't be happy Germany lost, but it's the best result imaginable for business."

So far the World Cup has failed to bring in the business for the world's oldest profession despite high expectations.

Artemis worker Svetlana from Omsk said: "It's been a total flop. The fans are all celebrating with beer instead of sex."

But according to Marlene, 29, from Poland, the Italian fans have saved the day. "After a win they are in a great mood and love celebrating with us and after a bad game they need comforting."

Owner Simsek added: "The Italians love coming here, they are great customers and we are all so happy they are in the final."

Comment : They say a dog is mans best friend. Add beer to that list , not pro's. Oh for testosterone. Take some pills lads , reduce testosto' levels , save money , frustration etc and join the "Thommo Celibates Club".


10. Saturday 8th July : Eating Pussy - Surgical Precision

Extracted from the Internet :

"I remember having a conversation with Mewes about eating girls out, and being shocked to learn that he only did it with the chicks he really liked or was going to spend time with beyond a one-night stand. Going down on chicks was never an option for me; it was the standard.

When you grow up fat, you're never any chick's first choice for fooling around, and any nookie you get is predicated more on your personality than your looks. Since I didn't have the aesthetic advantage working for me, I decided that having the oral edge might improve my chances of getting action beyond the mercy-dry hump or third base fumblings.

If a girl was gonna do me the courtesy of giving me a shot at the title, so to speak, I was gonna make an impression. So at age thirteen, I bought a gynecological textbook at a physician's book shop and read that shit cover-to-cover, absorbing all the knowledge I could about the mysteries of the dickless. By age fourteen, I was - as Sam Kinison used to say - a lick-master from the Orient.

You'd be surprised how many women will look past a flabby, swingin' gut if they know they're gonna get eaten out with nearly surgical precision. And when you add digital-to-anal manipulation to the mix, any thought of you as a fat-ass seems to fly out the window (at least until she cums)"

Comment : Personally , I think eating LON's is disgusting (and a health risk) , but them 'eating' our cocks , well that's different , and ok : )


9. Thursday 6th July : Brain Rewire

Quote : "A man who was barely conscious for 20yrs was able to regain speech because his brain spontaneously rewired itself "

Comment : It's more than 20yrs since my brain needed re wiring : )


8. Thursday 6th July : Who's Boinking Who ?

Quote : "Women in their late 40's and early 50's are having more sex than younger women in their twenties"

Comment : I know this much , those 50 year olds are not having sex with me : )


7. Tuesday 4th July : Update

I'm still in the land of the living. Have entered a long dark tunnel (medical treatment) , hope to pop out the other side in 8 weeks time , the Lord willing. Havent been able to dig up any 'dirt' for this page lately , hence no blogs/bilge. Scheming/dreaming about my next venture ... FFF5 ....... T


6. Friday 30th June : Faggots fight over Dog

Quote : "A year after legalising gay marriage , Spain is now seeing its first gay divorce , with a custody battle over the couple's dog"

Comment : It will be fun watching d' faggots and their divorces. More fun that hetero's methinks. I hope no readers are defiling Whorist Commandment : "Thou shalt not marry". Council of Elders take transgressions rather seriously. Not forgetting , if the LON's do not offer BBBJ , Commandment : "shag em long and hard" applies.


5. Wednesday 28th June : Fondling Boobs - Pattaya

"Pattaya : A tourist found out the hard way that not every woman in Pattaya likes to be groped, and that getting mixed up between grope-me-do and touch-me-not can be an expensive experience.

At 3 am on May 28, Pattaya Tourist Police Sub-Inspector Pol Cap Jirawat Sukonthasup received a call from Sukanya Pakdeerattanamitr, 22, of Tambon Nong Preu, Banglamung District. Complaining that a foreign tourist had sexually molested her, the woman demanded police come and arrest the man.

When officers arrived at her place of work, a vendor’s stall in front of the Henry Tailor Shop on the Walking Street, K. Sukanya explained that she had been selling souvenirs as usual when a foreign man approached to look at her wares.

But it must have been mammaries and not mementos that really interested the young man, for without warning he suddenly leaned over and simultaneously squeezed both of the young woman’s breasts while exclaiming “Bin! Bin!” Then he walked away.

He did not go very far, however. When police arrived at the scene, K. Sukanya was easily able to point out the man, who was sitting on the opposite side of the road drinking a beer.

Taking the offender into custody, police learned that his name was Amil Detkaharn, a 23-year-old from the Islamic Republic of Iran, a place where boobs are seldom,if ever, seen in public, let alone palpated by complete strangers.

Amil was taken to the Pattaya District Police Station, where Pol Lt Col Omsin Sukankha charged him with sexually molesting a female over the age of 15. He also informed him that the victim was demanding 400,000 baht in damages.

Upon hearing this, the young Iranian fainted, collapsing into a heap on the white-tiled floor.

Police called Pattaya Memorial Hospital, asking that an ambulance be sent to pick up Amil, take him to the hospital for revivification, and then return him to the station to face the charges".


4. Wednesday 28th June : Temple Abbot - Sex with Women and Dogs

"Phattalung Thailand : Wat Na Tom temple, hitherto a landmark of the faithful in Phattalung’s Muang District, last week spawned one of those scandals which, after hitting newsstands, has elicited sighs and perhaps uncharitable tittering.

In this case, possibility of the latter is high: some 70 full-color photos support allegations by unidentified local people that the abbot of Wat Na Tom not only engaged regularly in fornication, but had as lovers two dogs and three women.

Senior monks from the provincial Buddhist Governing Board, its Muang district counterpart, and Phattalung’s Office of the Buddhist Religion, after examining the photos, announced they were real and enjoined the press to “beware of publishing them and casting Buddhism in a bad light,” which is a criminal matter under Thai law.

The chief of Thailand’s Mental Health Department also warned against publication of the photos, saying they were evidence of mental illness and could have evil effects on children incapable of interpreting them properly. The admonitions came too late, however, as two of the pictures had already been published in a mass-circulation daily.

The whereabouts of Wat Na Tom’s abbot were not reported; senior clergy urged him to resign immediately from the monkhood. The erring abbot was apparently caught completely unawares by villagers who climbed up to the roof to spy on him and photograph his lurid activities.

The story surfaced on the morning of June 21, when unidentified local persons contacted reporters with photos showing one of the province’s best known and most respected monks in flagrante delicto.

“People living around the temple have been aware of his activities for months,” reporters learned, “but they lacked evidence with which to eliminate his poisonous influence…Two or three women were sneaking in at night to sleep with him, prompting local people to climb up and spy through a crack.

“They discovered that on nights when no women came to sleep with him, he had sex with the dogs.”

“Were the pictures unclear or concocted, evidence would be insufficient for an arrest,” Deputy Provincial Chief Abbot Pra Kru Methi Ratanakorn was quoted as saying. “But here they are unmistakable.”

“It is certainly him,” said provincial Buddhist Office Director Koonapoongs Taharn-Thai. “He is quite well-known; villagers in the area have always accorded him a high degree of respect. We’ve long had dealings on a regular basis; but I never could have guessed such evil might affect a Phattalung monk!”

Provincial Deputy Police Commander Pol Col Torsak Chukam Thursday ordered detectives to track down and arrest the abbot, identified as Phra Kru Sopit Tamapimol (phra kru denotes a senior teaching monk; the rest of the name means “Beautiful Enlightenment comes undefiled”).

The suspect is described as aged about 61 years, having joined the monkhood in 1957. He became abbot in 1994, and was commissioned phra kru in 2005; until fleeing he also operated a school teaching Buddhism on Sundays.

One “fluffy-haired” white dog, and one black dog, both females, were found locked in his residence. Investigators said they matched those in the pictures.

In response to publication of the incriminating photos, Mental Health Department chief ML Somchai Jakrapant admonished the press to “beware of perverted sex pictures, especially those with animals, or of monks with women. People who have sex with animals are disturbed, because of drugs, perhaps, or because something is irregular in their brain".


3. Sunday 25th June : Bad Luck - Thailand

Fact : Young falang woman shot dead at a small bar 130 or so kms outside of Bangkok. Owner falang (Up2U Bar) , catering for falangs.

And there was Thommo (FFF4) more than a thousand km's from Bangkok (Chiangrai) , all alone in little bamboo bars owned by Thais catering for Thais.

Going on the probabilities , Thommo should have been shot and not the young lady.

Old Thommo lives on , young girl sitting with sister and friend dies. Luck , sometimes deserts ya.

In my FFF4 Diary I made brief reference of one Cantina in Chiangrai where there were three Thai guys and myself. When I walked into the little bamboo shack the girls faces all lit up and I was the focus of attention. I looked around and saw sad faces on the Thai guys. Within 5mins I departed gracefully , handing my hardly touched large bottle of beer to one of the boys. Thought I had encroached on their favourite watering hole and stealing the attention of their women , so moved on to live and drink another day.

Young falang woman above died because of business rivalry. Same applies in Philippines. You can start a business in either country , but if your successful ..... watch your back. No doubt Brit owner of that 'Up2U' Bar has moved on.

Sweet and sour Thailand. In this case very sour indeed for the young falang visitor , now deceased.


2. Sunday 25th June : Thaiphile in the Making

I now realise I have gone far enough with the Thai language to make Thailand really interesting. So , what am I going to do ? Learn a hell of a lot more , dats wot ! Thats what I am doing right now .... learning more Thai

Charm , elegance , politeness ...... dats wot counts , not bj's ! : )

Give a Thai babe enough time and the bj's will come (I hope : )


And this is coming from a "Hit & Run" devotee ... conflict of interest , it seems.

You can have it all in the Philippines .... Hit & Run + BBBJ's anywhere/everywhere.

Decisions , decisions.

Thailand or Philippines ?

Think I will leave it to the Council of Elders.


................. T


1. Sunday 25th June : Philippines - Sent by God


Philippines , pre FFF4 . Ive kept this one (below) for a while. Twas going through a file and decided not to delete it as it might be a source of amusement for some.

Writer of the email below is the one who accidentally sent me an email with the email addresses of all the other guys she is 'praying to Jesus' for : )

Some of the things she says in her email do not relate to me. She must have got me mixed up with the fifteen or so other admirers on her list.

Most important tip I picked up from her , to quote : "eat on time" : ) And another good one from her : "I think you are sent by God to me"


I said to her : "have you got enough love and prayers for all of us" (fifteen). Never heard from her since : )

Here is her fatal email. Dont know how many guys on the list dumped her after her 'accident' ..... Presumably they got the same email. A case of a 'severe loss of face' (Philippines) and 'potential loss of cash flow' , methinks.


"Dearest Thommo .

Greetings in the name of love and peace of Jesus!!!

Hello there!how are you?hope and pray that you are always in good health and happy as you read my mail..

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SUCH SOUNDS TO GOOD TO ME and thank you too for the call last night as my uncle told me that you call me through his number and leave me some message to check my my own concern and respect to you i want also to be very kind and good to you!!!

First,i want to ask an apology for the last time we were not able to meet in yahoo and im sorry if its hard for you to contact me last time when you were here in Cebu...hope you can forgive...

Its my honor and pleasure and i feel very lucky and very blessed to have a very kind person like you who express his kindness to me and i really appreciate that so best concern and best regards then to your sister,hope that she will get soon and best wishes also to all your family and friends there and specially for you...i will include you in all my prayers..

Thank you also for the open heart of helping me..its so nice to think that there is a very good friend even in a far place that cares for me..i and to care for you too in return with out limits with my own sincerety,gratitude and love and respect..THANK YOU SO MUCH THOMMO..

You know what?,one of my favorate name is THOMMO,because as it says in the bible that goes..:for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whos ever believed in Him should not be perished but have everlasting with that verse..i think you are sent by God to me to be my best friend,my trusted one,and my friend for life and forever and that we will have to find out..and i hope and pray to Him.

.Since i have a good vibration in you Thommo so let me give you my trust to give you my yahoo name..its.... ....................and my email add is.. ........................i hope we can chat then and share our thoughts and ideas and be best friends for life and forever..

Finally,words i can say to you right now is to THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!may God bless you good helth of body,peace of mind and happiness forever, take good care always,eat on time and from now on i will include you in all my prayers...hope to chat you soon,,,be happy im here for you my very dear Thommo!
Love and care,

Analiza ..................."




You've got to give credit to the Flips , 'Actors Extraordinaire' , they are : )

Good in front of the camera too.

Entertainment your assured of , in Flipsville.


............. Thommo





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