Big Ben has struck ,







Here we go again .... on another voyeuristic journey ,

pervin/observin , and this time some shaggin .....




This Diary is not meant to be a fuck diary , or a Field Report.

It's a recount of my personal thoughts/experiences and any fucks I found along the way.

Includes about 12 fully clothed girlie pics in all. 

Slow start , as usual , but then the pace picked up , resulting in an oversupply of pussy : )

Best brief whore tour for some time , no doubt about that !


Night Owl Thommo

Switched to 'day light saving'. Read all about it below :




Escape - 2



This notice is the result of the many emails I am receiving following publishing of Escape - 2

Because I usually go to the same place 3 out of 4 times , other times I go to Thailand , think I will not mention the specific Phil city that I am visiting any more. Use a made up name. Also not mention specific venues/places by their real name , cause that will identify the city. It's time for me to change location/city anyway. Been to Cebu too many times. Next trip I might go to either Manila or Angeles , but will not identify where I am. Even in Thailand , will not necessarily mention name of city I am in.

I can see , that mainly inexperienced types , are taking the diaries too seriously and think the focus of a particular diary is some sort of paradise. The paradise for newbies is Manila and Angeles where pussy is full on. Not where I go.

Add to that , there seems to be evidence that joints I mention regularly are the focus of these same newbies and thus where I once had these places to myself , I am now competing for seating space , lol. It's ok , one old monger perving on chicks at a certain spot , but when there are 3 - 6 doing the same thing at the same spot , it ain't the same any more. Don't want people to think I am like them , a pervert , lol.

The Diaries are only a tale of how I personally go about things , my experiences etc. They are not meant to be a field report with names and addresses. That sort of information is placed in the Facts section of this website anyway.

So , regular readers , remember , in the future , when I am talking about the Philippines , place names etc will be changed to protect the 'patch' and 'patches' I have worked so hard for , over the years , and any other new patches I find in the future.

And those emailing and asking for Wow's contact number etc (subject of this Escape-2 Diary) , I say read this Diary and read the website. In particular 'Contacts' in the Cebu Nightlife section. I am really getting tired of these freeloaders who have never contributed to this website and never will , who expect me to pass on important personal information.

The Facts section of this website is free and is more than enough for anyone getting started.

If the changing of place names etc does not work , I will discontinue the diaries.

Who poo's in their own nest ?

Not me : )




Before I arrived in the Philippines :

Usual routine. Taxi , driver grumpy. Railway station .. no airport train ! Take suggestion , stop at ... x ... station to catch connecting bus to airport. arrive at 'x' , no bus to airport. Ask guy where taxi ? He points , then says , 'going to airport' , me , yes , 'internationa' ? , me yes , 'share' ? , me yes.

Cut the cost in half. At airport , queue to check bags in very long. Fat airport lady with plastic bags , asks woman in front 'lipstick' ? , she says no (she has no lipstick in carry on). Turns looks at me and , before she could say anything I said : 'no lipstick' . Fat lady and woman and her kids in front of me smile , they liked it.

No stuffin around , through immi and wait for plane. Ridiculous prices at intl airports , ate grapes and apples I had brought with me. Last healthy food I will eat , fair bit of junk food this point on , methinks. Certainly no fruit and very little vegetables , where I'm heading , and not much water ... plenty of beer. Topsy turvy , the opposite to what I do back home. Gotta rebel sometime : )

In singapore airlines plane , guy sitting across from me abusing good service singapore hosties offer. Must have asked them for something about 8 times in first 90 mins. He wants a servant.

From exiting house , to entering Tomville accommodation , it will be 23hrs on the road. Will it be worth it ?

Menu on plane says : "Salad with salmon to usher in the Year of the Rat". So I asked the Hostie ... do you have salad with rat ? Answer : "Oh no , not today Sir". Aint they polite : ) Something for her to talk about when she gets back home , after work : )


Year of the Rat

Rat patrol Feb 2008 , aka , Escape - 2


NO SEX PLEASE , I'm retired.

And then there is the "No Sex Please I am Retired".. Got some great Salvador (Brazil) T. Shirts bought on the recent brazil whore tour. Must get written in English those same words (Salvador T. Shirts) and prance around Brazil again one day. They will not understand it , only a few anyway. Should bring a smile to the knowledgeable ones. On second thoughts , think I will say "No Sex please , I'm British". Thoughts of the British Pound should interest them : ) No sex please I'm retired/british , would not work in Philippines. Too Catholic conservative .... especially in the public domain.

Plane lands in Swingapore , I stand up and I find 'Sex Tourist' standing up in front of me. Now I first saw this guy when queuing up to check in my bags back home. He walked past , , terribly dry and scraggy looking medium length silver grey hair. Baseball cap , faded jeans, and red t.shirt with "Mines Bigger" written on it. All of 65-70yrs of age. Straight away I said to myself , 'he's on my flight to cebu. Singapore , change planes , then Cebu'. Seems I might be right. Will see when we board Cebu flight. Like me , an ageing monger , but he is dressed hippy/rebellious style , I am dressed sophisticated young style (I hope). Main thing , he is not back home sitting around staring at TV , he is up and about living life. Might try and strike up conversation with him later on. That's if I see him again. Don't want to socialise with him , just want to satisfy my curiosity , see if I am right.

Arriving Cebu Airport 2.45pm on a Friday , drop bags Tomville , then out to the Cul de Sac , Ayala (read previous diaries for explanation/background). Start perving straight away : ) Then later on , off to Paseo where nice girls (mice) go. Should be ideal for d' Rat (me).

Still at Swingapore , ambling about having a look at camera's including the latest Snoopy (compact). Came across these really smart looking security types. Six of them within a 30mtr distance. They must be guarding something important : ) Latest auto rifles pointed at the floor fingers resting on the trigger, at the ready. Nifty slouch hats , something resembling medium sized canadian mounties , but angled sharply down to one side. Very smart and looking very alert. I weave my way towards the snazziest of them and asked him could I take a pic , "oh no Sir" , he says , with a big cheesy smile. I said "pity you look very sharp". He said 'thank you sir' , and off I went.

Then passing by departure lounge , too early still closed , there was Sex Tourist (ST) , told ya , he's on the same path as me. Plane goes via Davao. Will he get off at Davao ? No , dont think so , he looks like a non internet man and thus only knows Cebu City and its potential. Pack this laptop up , enter lounge and see if ST gives me a chance to chat him up. Last leg of the journey. Girls , hold on , I'm a cummin.

A few mins ST returns and joins queue outside departure lounge , he's last on the queue , my opportunity. I quickly join queue and ST turns around to see who it is. I said "Off to Cebu" and he said 'yes'. I said "First visited Cebu in 1974" , he said "I first visited Philippines in 1968. You could have knocked me over with a feather. He'd upstaged me , never heard of a guy starting his mongering career way back in 60's.

I told him so , then he said 'but I was 12yrs old at the time with my parents'. "So how old are you" ? 52 , he said. Shit he looks a lot older : ) "But when did you start the hobby" (whoring) , him : 'Three years ago'. That made me happier. He's only been whoring three years. Dont like folks pulling rank on me : )

To Davao we go , then back on plane to Cebu only 45mins away. I am tired. Did not get much sleep two days before trip and night before trip , plus did some physical work , scrubbing floors , tidying up the place , before my Sponsor gains access during my absence. Will I feel tired once I hit the Cul de Sac ? Can not waste a Friday night .... Red Bull to the rescue ? : )

In the plane we have Flip hosties. I ask them what time do we arrive in Cebu , she says 12.55pm. I ask the other two hosties , got all different replies. Welcome to Flipsville : ) By my ticket we arrive in Cebu 2.35pm and thats what happened , after a 40 min stop at Davao.

Touch down Cebu. In the plane , foreigner pushes past me on way to Immigration queue. Somehow he ends up immediately behind me in my queue , then tries to get in front of me. Made sure he didn't. Hate queue jumpers.


Immigration to Thommo : What is the purpose of your visit ?

Thommo's reply : "To meet and fuck as many regulars girls , budget restrictions permit" : )


Grab my bags , first ones off the plane , doesnt usually happen like that. Pass through Customs and down the corridor to Friends Limo service. Into nice car and cheery young (39yrs old) driver. He is intelligent , and I have some good conversations with him along the way. Arrive Tomville (accommodation) , they have fouled up my booking. Reserved best room for next day , mix up with dates. Take an inferior room with no windows etc for one day. Dump bags in room and off to Cul de Sac , Ayala. 



I am feeling a bit guilty. Always writing about Cebu City and saying I have a good time there , but maybe it's


75-85% of Mongers are not impresssed with Cebu City. Why ?

Cause the bar scene , whore house scene , and freelancer scene is weak at best. Manila and Angeles has a lot more to offer in that regard.

Cebu does not work for a lot of guys. So , please do not rush off to Cebu City thinking you are heading to the 'lost paradise'. Suits about 15% of Mongers. Rest prefer other locales. 

It's always a case of horses for courses. And this horse (Thommo) likes the Cebu course. Simple as that. Try Manila and Angeles first , is my advice. Otherwise you might be disappointed with the timid sex scene of Cebu City. Timid compared to Manila and Angeles , that is.


To continue my diary : 

At Ayala , and next to CL (Charming Lad) , was someone I originally met in 1986 and havent seen for 15 or more years. His face looks the same as '86 , soos , thought I was the only one who did not grow old : ) Call him Baby Face (BF).

Sat down at CL's table and unloaded my first of many unique gifts ... newspaper clippings I had saved from September last year. CL is an avaricous reader and will appreciate the news , especially the ones referring to his home country. Wow , chick in extremely tight and short shorts goes past to the toilet. Legs , tiny waste , nice face , wow , super chick ! When she returns she has the briefest tiny look my direction. Think she is not a hooker , but top body , tops. Sits at table behind me with girlfriends , I do not look around , that would be crass.

About two more times she went to toilet , and her girfriend goes too sometimes. Girlfriend hasn't got the face , is darker skinned etc and looks like a hooker. Birds of a feather flock together , so super chick is a hooker too. Young korean guys arrive , 'Body' gets up , other girls get up and they are excited at seeing them (pre-arranged ?) Korean student guys look rather innocent , eventually go away again. Obviously Body has agreed to meet them later on , maybe at Pump Disco (?).

Body and her friend then move to an indoor Restaurant behind us. Reason ? Baby Face is too aggressive in getting girls. Putting too much heat (eyes) on her , she felt uncomfortable and moved away. Eventually BF leaves and Body goes to toilet yet again. On return she gives me a good look and I give her the come on. She plays cool and does not respond. She is interested but not with the guys I am sitting with. She'd talk to me if I was sitting at table by myself I reckon , but haven't seen CL for 6 months , just arrived and so let it slide , thinking I might get her later on.

To cut a long story short. Thought I would see Body again in the same part of Cul de Sac in my trip so did not gawk into Restaurant where she was , changed some money , then off to TomRest (Restaurant) to eat my first decent meal in 30hrs. Girls there remembered my name. Amazing. A fifty plus white chook (W C) there trying to chat me up. We will call her WC. Honey , I do not travel thousands of km's to fuck someone like you : )

Back to Tomville , very tired , food now making me even more sleepy. Struggling with idea of going to bed or heading out to Paseo. Commonsense prevailed and I hit the sack , went out like a light , slept soundly to 4.20am. Woke up feeling sexy. Thinking about who and how I am going to fuck. Slow start to my trip , as usual , but strong finish (as usual) I hope. 'Body' interests me.



To protect the innocent , and my ass , I have placed some girlie pics out of order , so that the pics you are viewing , do not necessarily relate to the text you are reading at that same time. Of course , some times the pic and text do relate to each other. Especially when I can see no harm in doing it that way.

For sure , the girls on this page match the text on this page. Its your job to find out who/when/where : )

And its my job to protect the girls identity and my ass : )

Enjoy ! 




Inferior room at Tomville does not even have a shower. No hot water and no overhead shower. Native style , scoop water up out of bucket and throw it over you. Got usual 'throat' and possibility of cold from airplane passengers , so dont want buckets of cold water thrown over my body. This morning , shopping , Thongs , Mosquito coils , hair loss medication (Propecia) , load cell phone and give newly found contact a call. Test her out , she might be able to supply fresh young fillies. It's all happening , not.

I am happy now , things are going my way. Not that I was unhappy before , I am just happier. Trip is starting to get up and running.

7.20am I ask girl we will call MIL (Madly in Love ... with me : ) where is lady who ironed my clothes last time. "She's retired". OK , anyone else around here can iron shirts ? "Yes , Gratis". I said , with a name like that she should do it for free. What time she start ? "7am" , and its already after that. I said ok , let me know when she comes and I will get her to iron two shirts. Then Mil says "But we have no iron". Shit , tell me that in the first place babe : )

I return to Mil later on and Gratis is there. I ask Mil , where can I get shirts ironed. She explains up the street. Fellow filipino tomville resident , handsome guy , says "You can use my iron if you like". So he gets iron , gives to Gratis and away she goes to iron my shirts.

I give Mil one of my unique 75c gifts to pass on to owner of iron. Something unique that he can pin on his shirt , whatever. Told Mil : It's like a medal , its for lending me the iron.

Then I ask Mil where is the new large size bucket (for washing clothes) that I left behind last trip. She goes to store room and gets it and lo and behold , new water scoop inside it. Forgot bought it last time. So ok , I can now go to tap fill up my bucket with water and scoop out water with my scoop and have a shower of sorts. Didn't like to use public ones already in the room. Taken some Vitamin C to knock potential cold , and haven't had a shower or wash for 40hrs , can not wait another 8hrs when I transfer to the better room.

Luck with iron , buckets , things are looking up : ) It takes small things to please me : )

Tap tap on the door its Gratis with two nicely ironed shirts. Give her P20 , charity begins at home (Tomville). Then owner of iron down hall way sees me and thanks me for 75c gift and asks me what country I am from. Obvious from the gift I gave. Enough said : )

Will put on my bling this afternoon for the Cul de Sac. Nicely pressed shirts and bling. Think I told you before , on return from Escape-1 went out and bought more expensive gold wrist bracelet. Miss Body will be impressed , if she is there.

Forgot to tell you , the top spider and fly spot of Ayala has closed down ! What am I going to do ?. Cul de Sac is good for chatting to foreigners but not so great for scooping girls , 'Body' being the exception. Really bad , that S&F spot closed. Should have bought more beers last trip , then they might have been able to pay the rent : ) Imagine , myself renting that spot out , and having the task of perving on the hundreds of cute girls who pass by each day.

A mortal blow , that S&F spot gone. What will replace it , an ice cream parlour ?

Nearby cellphone shop loads phone for me. New attractive girl working there. Take pic. At first she was reluctant to loosen up , but by the time I left shop she showed some interest. Even so , will not pursue her , seems a bit controlled , no push over. You can't have two control freaks in bed together : )

PIC of girl here (Cellphone Shop girl) removed (21st March) , to save downloads. Nothing special , around '6' : ) 

To Tomrest for brekky/lunch. Just before turning into Tomrest street I spy gal with nice full sized boobs , walking along with girl friend. Turn back and perv on her through back window. Taxi pulls up outside TR (Tomrest) and takes a little time with change. Taxi takes off and I head for TR but cross paths with boobs and her girlfriend again. She looks at me , and I say "Good morning" , she smiles and giggles , says something to her girlfriend. Around 17/18yrs methinks. Nothing wrong with body or face. About four filipino guys right on the spot , otherwise I might have made a move. If I see her again , will pass her my cell phone number.

Inside Tomrest , having brek when someone leans over my shoulder and says hello. Its that fifty year old woman , alias White Chook (WC) again. She's keen , I'm not , do not encourage her , she goes and sits somewhere else. Pity , she might be worth a fortune. Obviously looking for her next husband. Could inherit her house , stocks etc which would fund more whoring , but alas think I will die before her : )

Back out of TR and some shopping , eg more Thongs/Plastic Slippers. Bully the Rottweiler Pup has chewed up 3 pairs of mine already. Need replacements. Other things , then back to Tomville , things to do including texting some folks from previous trip. Short siesta , new Contact from previous trip , Tracey says 'L' is not answering her phone. Tell T (Tracey) to bring another friend whatever. Not looking good , Tracey not strong in English and lacking confidence , will see.

Programme : Shower (didnt shower previous room) , Sunscreen/block at Watsons , Cul de Sac bearing gifts (ear plugs) , Tracey , maybe 'Wow Shorts' from previous day , beer , eat TR , shower , siesta , Paseo. How did it pan out ? ......

Well fulfilled the programme except Wow Shorts was not sighted again (being fucked by the young korean students ?).

Whilst at the Cul de Sac entrapped a nice university student from Mindanao. She is in Cebu with a big group of students and leaving for Mindanao next day. Under control of Uni teachers. First I asked her to take pic of me and drinking companion , then I asked if I could take a pic of her. Then gave her my cell phone number and email address. Under strict control of University staff (saw them lurking around). No chance of her breaking from group and joining me at Paseo tonight. She will email me , but what's the use. Anyway "nice talking to ya" .... nice talking to her. Even better , "nice fuckin ya" , but that won't happen.

To TR for eats and yes WC is there and yes she sat down opposite me. Desperate. Any white chook 50yrs old who chases much older me must be desperate : ) Ate , text wars with Tracey , she will come tomorrow. Paseo legs babe also made contact , not sure if she is coming to Paseo tonight or with Tracey tomorrow. Unfortunate if Paseo Legs comes tomorrow , want to talk to Tracey about pimping for me : )

Its now 9pm , usual problem sleepy (food and grog).

Set the alarm for 10.45pm , hit the sack (bed) , woke up 12.25pm , alarm did not go off (again). Out the door I go to Paseo. This time I move around a bit and find a nice spot on a chair elevated above the masses. As usual 1/2 thousand people in attendance. They are playing that Madonna song 'like a virgin'. DJ stops music as soon as Madonna says 'virgin' , in that short space of silence the girls give out a scream , hundreds of them. Screaming cause they know , "no virgins in Philippines" (only fem babies born in the hospital that day : )

Then an old Guns and Roses song , brings back memories of HongKong and a Nepalese waitress. Music good so far. Lots of attractive girls around , mostly all spoken for or cared for (relative). Not bad sitting there watching the energy of dancers and wondering whether a fly will fall into my web (of deception). No such luck , so after 1 hr , off to Pump2 behind Robinsons Book Store. P50 entrance = first beer. Enter , very small , high tables , not many people , excessive noise level. Got ear plugs tonight , but not a pick up scene , not much energy , not much anything , so out the door I go.

Walk through Mango Square , mostly boys , some girls , it seems to be dying (2am). Then a bayut (transvestite) approaches me. Before he/she could say one word I said “no” , and he/she disappeared. He/she is getting a bit old/tired looking. Seen better days (like me).

Back in a taxi and to Pump1 , Cardinal Reyes Ave. Enter , packed. This time 80/90% Filipinos , previous trip 80/90% Koreans. Tell me about it. Phils always changing. Good , I like variety. Lots of pretty girls , no place to sit or even stand , packed like sardines. Elevated dance floor (stage) fully occupied with girls who face the young guys below them. Something like pole dancing without the pole. Girls show their moves/body , whilst guys 'select' : ) One girl , young European blonde , pretty face. She was doing the same ... dancing for the guys.

Twenty/25 mins of that and I start to work my way out of the place. I came much too late. No spider and fly seat , no observation post. Waste of time. Must be able to perv/observe in comfort and in the right spot : ) On way out stopped near entrance of ladies toilets and air con. Small chick comes along and pretends hot , shaking hair etc and looking at me a number of times. I think "She's too small" . Like a bit of size , especially height. Also two transvestites right in front of air con hugging each other etc.

Outside I go , and stand on steps observing the female occupants of the umbrella tables. Small one comes out of Disco and chats with girls close to me. She does not look at me once , yet looked at me inside. Maybe 'rejection' (inside) is at work ? I was now interested to chat with her to get to her girlfriends who were unaccompanied , but no such luck. After ten mins of that , I am off to Tomville via McD's and some junk food. Arrived back in my room 2.45am.

Well , I have enjoyed the day time better than the night so far. If only 'Wow Shorts' would return to the cul-de sac. Best legs for a long time , perfect !

Now 3.30am , more sleep. Schedule tomorrow ... buy 2 towels , forgot to bring any with me. Meet Tracey 1pm , and then take it from there. Not too hopeful. Think T is going to arrive with Legs babe. Unfortunate. I wanted to deal with them separately = double my chances. OK , so everything is going to plan. Usual slow start as far as sex goes , but I don't mind , its been rather pleasant so far without Sex. "No sex please , I'm retired" : )





Stayed on the bed to 9am , getting refreshed and back to normal. Off to Tomrest , and no WC thankfully. Ate up big , only eat twice a day. Had fun with the waitresses and told them yet another competition this trip too , but different , raffle this time. "Miss Tomrest Raffle" competition. All names in the hat , 1st prize P5 , 1st runner up P2 and third place getter P1. One of the nice waitresses has a big belly , baby due in 4 weeks time. It's a girl she says , will earmark her baby for 2026 : )

To Gaisano Metro to buy towels. Sophisticated looker walking in front of me , nice. Up to 4th floor Drapery. Girl who serves me is alert and notices one of the towels I am about to buy is faulty , tosses it back. She checks all towels for possible faults. Bought 4 cause they look so sexy. Do not have towels like this back home. Right pastel colours and style. Look different to regular towels and most importantly look sexy. Add to my image , hanging in my room : ) Trust Filipinos to have sexy towels. Why ? Cause they are thinking of sex day and night , including design and colours of their bathroom towels. Think I will go back and buy another two more towels , making six in all. Might never see these ones again.

Whilst paying for towels two provincial smiley types of girls come to Cashier to pay for their purchase. They both smile at me , once , twice , three times. One in pink shirt would be a lovely fuck. Decide to pass cellphone tag to Pinky , but four girls and one security guy onto me. OK , I pay , walk 15 mtrs away and wait for Pinky. Took some time , but eventually her and friend pass by. Hand Pinky cell tag , she smiles and giggles , looking back all the time. Disappears down the Escalator. She would be juicy one (innocent) , but maybe difficult to get on her own. If get on her own , magic sex (mostly in the head ... innocence/freshness). Not sure of her age. Hope she is 18.

Within 2 mins of doing that I find myself on the escalator with Sophisticated One/SO in front of me , holding hands with her girlfriend. Some sort of jeans uniform. Girlfriend turns around and smiles at me , then tells SO (Sophisticated One) who turns around and smiles. They did this twice , so just before end of Escalator ride I whip out cell tag and hand to girl friend , as SO is not looking this time. She hands cell to SO , they both smile , SO slips it into her back pocket. Sexy , seeing my cell tag disappearing near her ass : ) SO is taller , got face , legs but of course no tits. Cant have it all.

Think SO works in Gaisano Metro. Will find out if she texes me. She's a bit sophisticated and aloof , dont know if she will call.

Back to my room. On the way , taxi driver says he wants to kill all Muslims , as they killed his Grandfather in Mindanao. "Why dont the government bomb , bomb , everyday" he says. I said the America has been doing that for years. Cant beat Muslims that way. Back into my room and text message from Tracey. She is stalling re the 1pm meet. How many text messages have gone back and fro between her and me , about a simple meeting ? Frustrating dealing with Flips , especially if its over a cellphone. When I call her its "call failed" or she answers but she does not understand. Soos ! Anyway , Pinky and SO online. Will see. Very pleasant time so far , very pleasant. Love it.

So , within 48hrs I am passing my cellphone number to young girls. Can not do that back home. Thats one of the reasons I am here : )

Thinking of some sleaze. Jonquerra or street scene. Street scene not here , its in Davao. Might catch a plane to Davao next week and get some bottom feeders to suck my cock : )

Off to cul de sac , Tracey arrives with two 45 year old chooks in toe. I tell T what I want. She says Cute is always asking after me. I tell her to bring Cute and two more tomorrow , and I will select. "Not prostitute" says T , but also asks me "how much you give her". The Philippines , love it. I said don't like girl who talks money , "no , girl will not talk money but me , how much you give girl".

Anyway dropped that subject and got them out the door/away from my table. Tracey , Cute and two others arriving cul de sac 4pm tomorrow. I return to room and get clothes line up , shower etc.


Not 'Cute' , someone else.


I had two beds in my room. One a double , with my typical purple bed sheet (see pics below)


The other , a single bed , with all my junk on it (left background of this pic)



Along way , taxi driver playing old songs eg Bee Gees from 40yrs ago "to love somebody" etc. The word 'love' keeps coming up in the song , all the time , so I say to driver : 'Love comes and goes , Sex is here forever".

Cute will be good , especially banging her up the ass. Would not have happened many times to her or maybe ever before. Will take pic of her ass etc , memories. Innocence , love it : )

Oh dear , and now its 5.30am 16hrs later. Can I remember it all ? Did I have fun ? Yes Sir. Will you agree ? I doubt it , cause firstly I can not recall all of it.

So , wind back the clock ...... It's 5pm , return to cul de sac second time , its a Sunday and big church service going on in cul de sac. Yeh , tell me about it. How come church service right inside a Shopping Mall. Philippines , thats all. Had to work my way through church mob to get to guys table. No spare seats , guy pinches one from next door for me. The drinking begins.

Lad who was very aggressive towards waiters last trip has been banned from Ratsky's. Takes a lot for Flips to ban ya , but he was bad. Now , he is sitting next to me with beer he bought from Alyssa Vinoteca 20mtrs away. In my country the security would carry him away , but not Phils , very tolerant.

Anyway I am talking a lot and fast , and when the other guys try to put a word in I said "Hang on , I've only got 14 days to say what I want to say , you guys got all year". The banned guy (BG) said : 'He can do in 14 days what takes us one year". Maybe its my twisted sense of humour but I thought that was a good one. I got caught out , no retort/answer to that one , I did say it , and yes it looks like I am saying "sitting with a bunch of fools". So I cracked up and couldnt stop laughing. Whats this got to do with and sex ?

CL (Charming Lad) has got two filipino friends with him , both ageing. They say they are going downtown (bad area) to sing at a karaoke. CL fancies himself as a singer. I do not tell them that I actually got paid to sing (band) in my earlier days. Curious to hear CL sing and thought this could be fun , three drunk guys singing in a sleaze KTV bar. So I join them. They go in a Songthaew (utility/pick up , as in Thailand) CL and I go in taxi. Along the way I asked taxi driver what country for the worst passenger. He says "Korea". Then I say , who is first runner up (next worst) , he said : "Germans". Poor old germans , there we go again. Lots of folks from germany reading this website. Sorry fella's but you've gotta lighten up , smile etc.

I know the Germans like to lecture to the Filipinos and try to change them , but mission impossible. Flips will always be flips , and that is the main reason we keep coming back. Flips are not like us (serious). Gotta love flips for it.

Driver stops in front of place we asked for .... NWH (Name with-held) , we get out and sit at bar stool on footpath , waiting for CL's two amigo's to arrive. I look at the name of the place we are sitting at and realise its not the name Amigo's said and query CL. He is drunk and cant figure it out. I take a walk up and down Pelaez St and came across the correct bar. Then Amigo's arrive in their vehicle (must have money). CL takes off and joins them , I finish my beer and conversation with folks at the first bar. I am doing all the talking .... "only got 14 days" : )

After 14 days its back to my tin shed , by myself , only a Rottweiler pup for company. Talk to him too , lol.

Enter NWH , oh nice air con , girls sitting around , CL and amigo’s are sitting a few tables up. They are playing a nice romantic dance number , so I dance towards the guys table. Pass their table and onto the dance floor (free space inside KTV). Fat lady tries to join me , I gracefully dance away and keep doing my thing. Everyone laughs when I give the fat lady a miss , including her. She laughed too (no other option : )

I danced back to CL and amigo’s table , they were smiling and laughing , got up and shook my hand (for dancing). We are off to a good start. Amigo’s reckon they are buying my beers , they are already buying CL’s , but not going to buy mine , not going to happen. I order , finish bottle , line empty bottles up in front of me. Amigos line up theirs and CL’s empties in front of them. No confusion. No rip off by KTV later on either.

I’m under the influence , never drunk. I might say ‘drunk’ in my diaries but that just does not happen (control , control freak). Also happy , only got 14 days , no time to be sad : )

I walk over to ktv girl singing on mike , she’s sitting with young flip guy. Ask her if she can sing “Killing me Softly” (Roberta Flack). Great song and first song I heard in Philippines 1974 , first trip. She agrees. Flip guy cool , smiley and relaxed. She sings it. Then I request “When will I see you again” , which I have personally renamed to ‘when will i screw you again’. She sings that one too , I thank them.

But there is a body and face not far away , she is a better singer. Get her to my table and buy her LD (Ladies Drink) P100 and you guessed it , get her to sing those same two songs again. Took pictures of her and the ‘mousy’ cashier. Whilst at NWH , at least 20 , possibly 30 pics ! LDC (Ladies Drink Chick) wanted to see all the pics again , so hand her camera and away she goes , backtracking looking at shots , then sheepishly hands me back the camera. I smell a rat (Year of the Rat ... 2008) and look at the camera ... blank , she had deleted all the pics I had taken that day , including shots inside ktv . Total of about 75 pics.

"Sorry , sorry" , she says , but too late. Naturally I do not get upset , I’m here to have fun , and so start taking pics inside KTV all over again. When I got home see I had 30 shots on the camera. Shit I took a lot. Not possible Thailand , they would get aggressive. Thais are control freaks too , myself and them clash on rare occasions , cause of that.

Mousey Cashier cum Singer below.   KTV singer below.

I remember CL’s amigo’s split (ran out of money : ). If they’d given me half a chance I would have bought them some drinks , but out the door they go. I turn around and see CL , yes Charming Lad , behaving in a most uncharming way. He gave the finger to the mama-san or supervisor lady. Out of context , we had a great time and he does that.

He comes to the table , I said “Why you do that” (but not aggresively , curiously) He gets upset at me catching him out , gets up and goes home. Too much alcohol , too often , affects his mentality on rare occasions.

So there I am , last man standing (actually sitting : ) , and I am in a bad area on my own. Pay chit. Tell Mousey cashier to keep the change (P90). They know I am coming back Thursday with copies of best pics for them. Catch a taxi right in front of NWH , no walking around. Geez if you like these types of ktv girls (employed in sex trade) you could have one tapping on your door every five mins. No barfines , no ladies drinks and P500 for sex.

Sorry just not capable of communicating properly what a great day I had. Just trust me , I had a great day.


Back in my room I see I have some messages on cellphone and from those two girls in Gaisano store. Which is which I do not know , I have no names. One of them says “How old are you”. I reply : ‘too old’ , but she texes back. Other one texes me more times = more interested. Think ‘too old’ one is the tall sophisticated girl.




Wake up next morning and Pinky (I am guessing) sends text 6.30am and says “off to school now” . Soos ! What have I got .. jail bait ? : ) My next sentence might be written inside a prison , lol. Feeling brave , I text her “meet later on in day”. Silence , she hasnt replied. Scared , or she has run out of money for cell.

More towels today ? Only bought 4 yesterday , and used one already. They are pretty good at soaking up the water. Got another 2 new unused towels back home , but they are not sexy like these flip ones. Buy two more ? Will see.

Programme : Eat at Tomrest , avoid WC if pos , do some washing , meet ‘Cute’ and two others at 4pm. Fuck Cute from sundown to sun up. Its all happening (in my mind : )

Shit , gotta get rid of those KTV pics on camera , cause Cute might see them. So to Kodak and get copies , then delete from memory.

Pinky texes me “Got school class”. I give up and say “ok lang”. Some fun , but doubt if some sex , especially if under 18.

Off to brunch (breakfast/lunch) I go , different restaurant this time. Eat from a different menu , need a change in my diet. So , it's Kiwi Lodge , popular. They've got a replica chicken there hanging by neck from bar bell , with Sadam Hussein's face over head of chicken. Quite amusing , but not for dearly departed Saddam , the asshole : ) Call at Kodak shop , dumb girl there , drove me nuts. Finally got it sorted out which ktv pics I need copies of. Back to my room.


So many things happened , so many people I met. Foreigners , filipinos , including girls , shit. Busy , busy. Problem is I am a bit drunk and its cinderella time , sleep time 10pm. If I do not put some of it down now , it will be lost forever.

Briefly this is what happened : Cul de sac 3pm. Met a boring narcistic American (sorry Americans) , and a very interesting Austrian guy , very interesting. He's had a very exciting life. Also met a foreigner who I originally thought of as gay , who turns out to be the stepfather of a filipino kid staring at me. This kid tells me he is physically disabled , cannot walk properly. I tell him , get on a forum communicate with people similarly afflicted. Get a sponsor , go overseas and get if fixed. Fight , fight , I told him. He has a step father , I told him I had no father at 3yrs of age. I had problems too , fight , fight. I told him other things too , to inspire him to get up off his ass and fight. Basically Filipino's do not fight , they surrender to their circumstances. Always exceptions of course.

I met Tracey and yes , she brought 3 girls one is pretty , "Cute". I had her previous trip but by gee she is prettier now. She is now 18yrs and 8 months old , physically stronger and mentally more prepared to 'rumble' (in the jungle ... Phils). The other two are ordinary compared to Cute. Bun in the oven , no hurry. Give them Pesos , tell Cute and her girlfriend tomorrow , cause want the cookie to stay a little longer in the oven. Savour , you know what I mean. Something like salivating at the prospect of being up Cutes wonderful tiny pussy , not to mention her very pretty face and innocence : ) Yeh , she is innocent , 34yrs of whoring tells me so.

Will take lovely photo's of this milky skinned 'Cute'. Wow , feel like whanking myself right now. Bun in the oven. When old , you can be patient : ) I tell ya fella's , they fuck better if you do not rush them.

Oh hell , I forget the rest of what happened , lots of smiles (girls) some chats but no handing out of cellphone tags. Enough texting going on already.

Taxi back to Tomville , hot meter. Yet another one. Cebu is getting like Manila. I tell the cunt he is a criminal etc. Take his number etc and of course throw the money at him and tell him loudly : "Asshole". Slam the door and off . He took it , cause he knows he has done me wrong.

Bought some junk food (again) including ice cream for receptionist who looks 16 but is most prob 20. She talks about Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mumma. She told one guest I am looking for a Sugar Mumma , someone to support me. This idea I put in her head couple of days ago. She took to it like a duck to water .... sense of humour , flips have got it (sense of humour). I know she feels sexy when she sees me, cause she's never been fucked by a foreigner and is wondering what it would be like : ) Earlier in day I gave her a unique gift (corruption : ) But the romance will be all over when she sees 'Cute' enter my room : )

To bed , gotta get fit for 'Cute' must fuck her brains out. She's calling Ayala 10am tomorrow with girlfriend , also for fucky fucky. Threesome ?



I woke up around 3am. Getting lots of headaches , and yet only a modest amount of beer consumed , 4 on average. Starting to think now , might be connection with recent radiotherapy on nose , close to the brain , and now headaches. Better go to Internet Cafe and research "radiotherapy alcohol". Perhaps I should not be drinking at all ?

Now up again 5am , can not sleep , need some action. Better start fucking , thats the best action of them all.

Cold sore gel (sneezing getting prob on lower lip) , washing , text Pinky , eat Tomrest. WC has gone to an island where there are "lovely tourists". I told her I keep away from tourists , fraternise with the locals. Hope WC finds a trophy husband on the island , filipino ? Lucky him , half her age , he'll inherit the lot : )

First , call on 24/7 Internet Cafe. Research alcohol/radiotherapy. Second , cold sore cream (24/7 Pharmacy) ...... third eat , I am hungry.



What happened ? Ate , bought mouse mat and then met Cute and her friend L. After pics , got rid of L. Took Pics. Fucked her brainless , then told her I want to fuck L , she agreed and said “L is sexy” (Filipinos , love em , fuck their friends , sisters , neighbours , daughters) L certainly looks sexy.

PIC of Cute ..... later on in trip I met Cute's handsome boyfriend (less than one third my age). Could see from nervousness of Cute and sternness of guy .... place no pic of Cute on this website , lol !


Normally do not hang around with same girl/s , but told these two I am here to fuck , will fuck them and then their friends. Explained it in a more delicate way of course. Told them “you can make money P500 commission when I boom boom each of your friends“. Cute showed me picture of Looker neighbour , cousin. I said right , Thursday.

Today Cute (already) , tonight 6pm L , Wednesday Tracey calls and I place another order , Thursday Cute arrives with Looker neighbour (seen photo). Asked for Looker 8pm , Cute says “no , she is a student , day time , short time only , dont want parents to know”. OK , so long as I fuck her : )

It’s all happening now. Bugger the budget , I am here to bang : )

“Sex please , I am out of retirement now” : )

Now to Ayala , drink , back to room shower , tap tap on door and fuck L . Then eat , sleep , then fuck fuck tomorrow again.






It's 1am , and am I happy. Had a great day with a variety of people. One an author who has had 17 books published already. Won't bore you with that one but I loved talking to my 'soul brother'. Swapped email addresses.

Happy cause the sex factor has been added to my tour. Fucked 'L' . She has got the right body for me and she ain't shy. Into everything sucking , up the ass , any which way.

She was a little bit disappointed in my performance. She wanted something better. Too good for me. Might try her again when I have less grog in me. But legs , ass and attitude. Great. Short time her , she can not stay overnight , do not know why (got boyfriend , or is it ‘mother’ ?).


This gal and her exploits are talked about on this page.


Who is she ?


And I am happy now cause I have found the right people. Fuck Cute and L and then they go and bring their relations or neighbours for me to fuck. So hospitable these filipino's. Why does Cute and L do this for me ?

I think because I have not rushed them. Met them last year , did right things by them then , returned and cultivated friendship further , then I hit them between the eyes eg "wanna fuck your friends". So now got , Cute , L (Wow Legs) and Tracey as pimps : )

Today , an audience with Tracey. Show her where I live so she can bring merchandise/girls directly to my room instead of at Ayala. Then all three know where to bring girls in the future. People at my new residence , Tomville , haven't seen this side of me before. They thought I was a nice old man. Not so , I am a nice old sex tourist. Had a small number previous trip , this time more. Maybe they are starting to get worried ... especially the Receptionist who is madly in love with me (Mil) ........ : )

Rest day today , then fuck Cute's cousin , the university student , who is supposed to be a Looker. Seen her pic , nothing wrong with face. Gotta slow down on the grog , its getting to me , slight 'shakes' already. Found if I eat up big before sleeping = no headaches. Hard sitting at the cul de sac with guys drinking and me not drinking , hard.

If I slow down on the grog I will fuck better. But staying sober in between fucks is a hard thing to do. Philippines is alcohol and sex : )

Sophisticated One/SO and Pinky have not texted me , that's ok , I'm busy with others now. No time for sophistication , and no time for 17 yr old (?) school kids.

My list today goes like this : 1. Washing 2. Brunch (eat) 3. Hair Cut 4. Diary work at Internet Cafe 5. Pic up pics for ktv delivery on Thurs 6. Meet Tracey in my room 7. Cul de Sac manouvres (drinking and perving).

Honestly I am starting to get worn out. I’ve lasted only five days , soos ! I think , from this point on , fuck one day , rest next day. Of course girls are costing me money and so might not be able to fuck every second day , cause of cost (commission to my female pimps , plus money to girl I fuck).

I could go home now and I’d be happy. Frustration inside me has disappeared.

Escape-1 wasn't so sexy. Looks like , unbeknowns to me , I was laying foundations (with Cute , Tracey , and L/Wow Legs) , for Escape-2 , right now. Happens that way sometimes. Buns in the oven. Cute , Tracey and WL have popped out of the oven just at the right time : )

Supposed to be a rest day today , but have had hair cut , picked up pics , eaten , called at Cul de Sac , and spent time at Internet Cafe. Cul de Sac taken over by certain Europeans (name of country with-held to 'protect'). The type who dont smile (most , if not all of the time : ) and also that clown of an Austrian is there again (sorry Austrians , I know your not all clowns). At first I thought Austrian was a personality , but second time he came to cul de sac he made fun of CL in front of others , today 3rd call , he is trying to make fun of me , in front of a table of about six strangers. Be a comedian at my expense ?. Didn't get a chance , I am too sharp for him.

I've only had broken sleep since arriving , bit tired , was keen to eat and then get back to my room for Wow Legs (WL) and her delivery (chick to fuck). So did not stay at cul de sac and did not drink any beer. Interesting to see what kind of girl WL (Wow Legs) has recruited for me. Sometimes recruiters are clueless , sometimes clever. Will see what WL is like.

'Cute' is bringing attractive one tomorrow. Then Tracey says she is bringing natural looking girls on Sunday or Monday , depends when they are available. So , this three member pimp team is looking look. Flips start out good , then crash. See if my pimp team turns out to be the same.

Right now , waiting for WL to tap on the door with her flavour of the day.

Sure enough WL arrived , and 2 mins early would you believe. She had in tow a very sweet village type of girl , tallish , but too slim. Not enough meat on the bone for me , so had to reject her. Very sweet girl. Kept smiling even when I told her not interested in her and reason why (body a bit too slim). Told her , 90% of foreigners would like her , slim , but me , I like figure like WL's , and I can not touch WL , cause she is my 'sister'. The bullshit I give out some times. All for that girls benefit. Dont want to think she is ugly , she aint. Make a nice girlfriend for someone , could be you : )

Skinny one agrees to be a Spotter for me , and if she finds something nice , she will come along with WL and get a spotters fee. WL gets a commission too. Adds to the expense , but no need to hunt , and they bring sweet girls that foreigners can not normally get. Girl next door types. My new Pimp Team is looking good , they have not brought me one single hooker yet , all 'girl next door' types.

Unfortunate that I do not have a bun in the oven today. Dont know what I will do tonight. 'Cute' is coming with looker University student tomorrow. But looker asked 'Cute' , "how old is he" , not a good sign. Tracey with two 'naturals' on Sunday/Monday. Gotta get lucky soon , or fuck a dog : )

Memories of Thailand 1978 ... "Outside , fuck the dog" , said the hooker to me , when I offered her too little money : ) I was young and handsome those days too , soos ! Should have got it for free.

Didn't come all this way to sleep , so to Gaisano Metro I go and buy 2 more of those towels , 6 now. It's ok buying them , but how am I going to get them back home (baggage space). It's a sickness , buying 2/4/6 of everything. Why can't I just buy one ? Bought a second bicycle few short weeks ago. Replica of my regular one. Set it aside , will not use for years to come. Crazy.

To Ayala and thankfully no sign of the Austrian and his NWH fellow Europeans. Good. After a walk around Ayala , AV drink spot (S&F) seems the only real choice. Return to AV and then the bloody Austrian comes from the nearby toilet straight to me. I told him I am tired , just want to have a quiet time by myself , code language for : "piss off" : ) He pisses off.

Beer at AV has gone up significantly. Even so , the glass and beer at AV is better than Ratksy's , and 'Rats' costs 50% more. Work that out. Filipino hustler takes up position at table right next to me. I ignore him. Avoid eye contact. More Mongers sitting at AV this trip. Is it because of promotion , closure of the other S&F spot or the tourist season ? For sure I have now got other guys perving on the same girls I am perving on. Think I had better stop talking about AV : )

Some nice girls come within 10mtrs of me. In the low light conditions I might look 40yrs of age. Lonely Lamb , only me at the table. Dats the attraction.

Three mongers at next door table have got no chance. Foreigner by himself (me) , always has a better chance (scooping a fly). Bit spooky thinking those mongers might have learnt about AV from , and now they are sitting next to Thommo and don't know it , ha ha , like it. They might be thinking : "Where the fuck are those chicks Thommo was talking about , nothing here" : )

Hello Girl from Tequila Joes bar/restaurant , smiles at me when she passes. Must remember me from the days when I drank at TJ's (previous trips) ? I don't remember her. But then , it just might be the Lonely Lamb strategy at work again : )

Trying to work out what to do tonight. Go home and sleep or invest in some Red Bull and party (Pump1). So , to Mercury Drug and purchase two bottles of Red Bull , one for tonight , the other for another night. Then to Shakeys and pizza. Order one draft beer , and when it arrives asked waitress could she drink it for me. She smiled and giggled and said "Maybe after work Sir". Is that a proposition ? : )

Girls passing by on the footpath outside smile at me cause I am now wearing my usual silly alcoholic grin (and I am a Lonely Lamb). I wear a silly grin , when I am under the influence. Look like a soft touch/village idiot , when I smile like that (alcohol).

Pay bill , back home I go and type above out. Will I crash on the bed or knock off one can of Red (Bull) and party ? Pay $2000 for a ticket , just to come here and sleep ?

I am really fucked , truly. Two nights before I took off on this trip , about 8 days ago, did not sleep. From then to now only broken sleep , not one good session of sleep. Add to that alcohol , humidity and pollution , I am 'vulnerable' (for a good nights sleep).

University student tomorrow. Stay off alcohol , sleep , freshen up and fuck her brains out ? Seems the sensible thing to do. Pump1 will rock even more tomorrow night , Thurs night , Valentines day. Whattya reckon Thommo. Go to sleep now , 9pm ?

My inner voice (many of them unfortunately : ) got the better of me , so to sleep I go , waking up two times during the night , then finally getting up out of bed 3.30am. Problem now ... what to do until 6.45am when I go to Tomrest for 7am brunch (breakfast/lunch). And what to do after that , until 1pm in the afternoon , when 'lamb to slaughter' University student (U.S) calls. Concerned she might think I am too old. Where's the plastic surgeon ? : )

Might leave some P500 notes lying around on the room floor. Imagine : WL says "there is money on the floor". And in front of Uni student I say : "Oh its nothing". For Uni student , visions of a big pay day. Deception , its important : )

Think I will browse around T. Shirts at Ayala and SM Malls. Drop off cell tags to Mall employees : ) Need T. Shirts with a buttoned up collar nowadays , to cover ageing 'turkey neck'. See in mirror , look better with collar type t. shirt. Must start wearing that type. 'Bling' (golden bracelet , new smart stylish pants , new quality long sleeve shirts (bought back home) and then collar type t. shirts. Upping the ante all the time. Eventually have to have cosmetic surgery. Know it will cost me $10,000 to get rid of turkey neck (encompasses face lift which I really do not need , face ok , its d' neck dats d' problem). Worth it ? Or better results if I splash the 10 grand on the girls ?

The problems when you start to become an ageing monger , and insist on young non hooker girls : ) Hookers do not care how old you are , just money. Regular girls become sensitive to a guys age , especially when your as old as I am , and they are as young as they are (18-22yrs).

I know a lot of you guys would not be happy without having fucked about six girls by now (six nights so far). But myself nowadays , it takes small things to please me , for example , those sexy towels : )

Beware , this could or will happen to you , when you age. So long as you have got a thousand or more girls on the score board by then , all is well , no regrets. Ageing mongers need quality (non whores) , not quantity (bar girls).

I'm not knocking the hookers, been there done that , just suggesting it might only be a phase for you too. From hookers to 'girl next door'. If and when you do that , you have to put more effort into your hunting ... personal appearance , approach (manners etc) and patience , whilst waiting for the bun to pop out of the oven. 




University day/chick. Lot hanging on it.

Shut down the computer 5.58am and the text wars begin. First one WL (Wow Legs) with : "Happy Valentines" (at 5.58am !) . My reply : "Who is Valentine , your boyfriend" ? She replies saying something about my brother. I say "I have young brother but need commission". Then someone called Hazel texes me and says "Happy Valentine". Who's Hazel , who's Valentine ? WL sends another asking who is my Valentine girl , I reply "Me lolo (old) no have. Sleep now".

I have been up since 3.30am think I can sleep again now , or go to Tomville for brekky ?

Another msg from WL in reply to my 'old , no have valentine' . She said : "Aah sad , you sleep now". Then my final one : "Lolo sleep". Lolo means old , usually refers to a grandpa. WL's English is better than filipino average. She knows all the expressions , euphenism's etc. Good communicator , body , and performance (too good).

Hit and run , hit and run .... don't be tempted (WL) Thommo : )


Decided not to sleep , do some chores then off to Tomrest for eats.

Take big bucket with my snazzy pants in to shower recess. Been soaking pants in water for 24hrs or more now. So took pants out , hung on line above me , then tossed water in bucket into toilet bowl. Noticed water in bowl looked a bit dirty , kept looking at it as water disappeared down the gurgler , shit , looks like a pair of my underpants are stuck in the toilet bowl. Must have tossed u'pants in with trousers ?

I reach down to take underpants out thinking , "they are new ones but will not be able to use them again". Take hold of the underpants , but its not my underpants , its my bloody security leg pouch ! Somehow when I took the pants off 24/36hrs ago the ankle security pouch must have stuck to the inside of my trousers. Unbeknowns to me when I dropped pants into bucket of water , my security pouch was there with the trousers.

Now , I open pouch and find 1. foreign currency $1,500 2. credit card 3. and bloody passport ! Shit , if toilet bowl was as big as mine back home , I would have lost the bloody lot forever. Pouch got stuck half way down bowl , got stuck. If it did not get stuck I would have had problems in financing rest of trip and getting out of the country without a passport !

I check Passport and its nearly ruined with the soaking , visa stamps 50% , sometimes 100% washed out ! Main page with photo etc peeling off cover. Hung passport up on room line with pegs , hoping when it dries out , it will not look so bad. If they let me out of the country , will have to replace it on returning home. Looks a bit dodgy right now (stamps almost washed out). Thank God for computers , they should have my date of entry on the computer.

Fuck , might get caught up with Flip beauracracy at airport on departure. Stupid questions eg "why you do that" , etc.

I feel like kissing that Phil toilet , cause it was small it would not let my leg pouch down and out , got stuck. Soos !

Imagine , your overseas and you flush your Passport , credit card and $1,500 of hard currency down the toilet ! : )

Wow , check the bloody inside of the trouser legs next time pal : )

Now the waiting game ... see if my Passport recovers from the soaking. Lucky no soap in with the water , result would have been even more catastrophic if there had been soap.


Did not type out notes for a while , most probably lost some in my memory bank , but here goes , 2am the following morning I remember :

Happy , happy , really enjoying this trip. "Takes small things to please me" : ) Got P15,000 out of ATM , think I am running over budget , but what the hell. Then walking , walking forever , around and around Ayala Shopping Mall looking for t.shirts with collar. It's Valentines day and the girls seem a bit chirpy , more open to overtures. Some attractive shop assistants step up to me and say things like : "Good morning Sir , Happy Valentines day" , etc.

Fell in love with the most expensive t.shirt of my life , P2,800. Had to have it. Got it for P1800 , they couldnt sell it to Filipino's , too expensive. Then to another 'boutique' shop and fell for P900 t.shirts there. Took some into change cubicle , to try on for size etc. Took off my small leather day bag with reading glasses , wallet , cell phone , compact camera , inside. Hung it on hook. Put down my sun cap etc on stool. Tried on t.shirts , size not quite right. Opened cubicle door and called attractive shop assistant , she goes away to get bigger size , I decide to follow her. I walked to where she was 15mtrs away and chatted with her about size etc , then returned with bigger sized t.shirts to my cubicle.

Guess what I saw .... my leather day bag (that I sling around my neck) hanging on the cubicle hook. Door of cubicle wide open. Anyone could have picked up my bag and walked off with it. Alternatively they could have popped into the cubicle , extracted wallet , cellphone and camera , then off out the shop door ! Soos nalang. That was a close one. Bought two t.shirts there. Walked everywhere , think I checked every single Ayala shop. Young shop assistant girls wishing me 'Happy Valentines' day , everywhere I went. Didnt drop any cell phone tags/numbers , as I am happy with my pimp team and their potential.

Cute calling today with University student (U). Get a text message from WL (Wow legs) saying Cute not coming , WL will come with a sexy lady. I am thinking "Oh , oh , sexy lady eh , does that mean hooker/pro" ? Already run out of cousins and neighbours I can fuck ? : ) Sorry girls I can get hookers anytime , do not bring hooker. Wait patiently for WL , she is 1 hr late this time , tap tap on the door , I open and WL is there with a freshly faced smiley 'neighbourly' girl with a round body (meat on the bone , but not tubby/fat , nice and round).

WL is starting to look like the best 'provider'/pimp. I see why 'victim' is fresh faced , just turned 18 few days ago. Yeh , she could pass for a 17yr old face , especially with that giggly/girly attitude. She seems like a nice girl. I like fucking nice girls : )

As it turns out , see she is very uncomfortable about coming to a foreigners room to be fucked. Gave WL P500 to share with 'victim' ,we will call 'V'. Told her and WL that I am feeling shy (not far from the truth) , call back tomorrow 7pm , I will have a couple of beers beforehand , then I am not shy. For some reason I could not 'slam bam , thank you mam' this girl. Too nice. V was relieved that she was not going to be fucked right then and there , by me , the foreigner. Bun in the oven. Taking a risk she does not return tomorrow yeh , but reckon she will. How could a girl resist ? : ) Nice one , very nice one.

They leave the room , WL texts me saying she will call 1pm next day (Friday) with yet another one. Good , why not. Add to that Tracey on Sunday or Monday with more 'neighbourly' girls and things are looking good. V definitely a juicy fuck , definitely.

Off to Ayala , met CL and he has got a sad faced guy sitting with him. This guy is from that sad faced country I talk about from time to time. Eventually I get some smiles from the guys face , but had to work on him to get that. He goes , we transfer to AV where we are joined by a friend of CL's. Good conversations followed , the guy can smile and he can talk. His filipino wife is 45yrs old but looks 25. Soos ! And yes , they have been married blisfully for 25yrs. Not suppose to happen that way : ) Exception to my 'hit and run' philosophy.

Seven pm we all split. I taxi to ktv joint , open door , call out "pictures" , mousey comes running forward and calls my name. Soos , she remembers my name. P90 tip must have done the trick : ) Give her pics to hand out , then on my way to Tomrest and eats.

After that , back to room. Rain comes down , Valentines night and rain = taxis hard to get tonight. That does it , crash on bed around 9pm. Do not need night owl girls and their low morality (chuckle chuckle) , getting enough kicks during the day. Wake up 1am and usual problem , what to do now. Type above out , thats what.


Not related to surrounding text , but yes one of many who came for an 'interview' ... job of a lifetime (bj).

Was she successful in securing short time employment ?

Whattya reckon ?


University Student






So , unknown merchandise (girl) .. "Um" .... via WL 's Spotter friend , at 1pm , then 'Victim' at 7pm. She is going to grin all through the fucking I know. She seemed to instantly like me and me likewise instantly like her.

1pm one will cost me WL's commission and spotter fee to WL's slim friend (d' Spotter). That's if I take 1pm girl /Um : )

Passport is drying out and looks useable. Only problem , many visa stamps washed out. I have had six full days in Phils , got ten more full days to go. Will I run out of money , honey or chicks .. before then ?

On the surface , Victim looks worth more than one session. She might be my bread and butter babe for rest of stay ? You never know , until you slip your dick into the babes. Its then you say to yourself "Oh oh , think this one is going to be a dud" , or alternatively "Wow , think I am going to enjoy this one". Will have to road test her first. If good , put her on 'staff' (regular salary).

She looks like an apprentice type. One that I have to teach blow jobs , anal etc. Like it. Like being a sex teacher. WL is just too good , she can teach me. Me being a control freak , I like to be the one who is doing the teaching. WL is too good for her own good. But anyway she is getting a cash flow from me , being my pimp.

I know she wants more sex from me (or whoever is around : ) but better not spoil the relationship with sex. Keep her as 'sister' and pimp = better long term results.

"Filipinos , good for short time only" : ) Hope WL is an exception. Ageing mongers need contacts like her : )


As you know , woke up 1am did some typing , then managed to go back to bed and get some broken , but respectable sleep. Nine a.m. now , time to move out , brekky/brunch , then maybe to SM Mall or somewhere until around 11am. WL arriving 1pm with "Um" , lamb to a slaughter. Little does "Um" know , I have fucked a thousand or more of her kind. She is entering the lions den. Brave , these girls are brave. Have to ... survival.

To Davao next Tuesday ? Got small number of places ' n girls there to check out , but problem is .. decent feed (restaurant) and pick up mentality. Davao girls do not have the required Cebu City pick up mentality.

Ten more days of freedom , then 'Escape' no more. Western World re-captures me.
Yeh , back to the western world , cleanliness , financial and political stability , and boredom : ) Boredom ? Not really , in my case , out and about riding bicycle , cooking healthier meals etc is also interesting. There are some advantages in living outside the candy jar/Philippines.

Always on the outside looking in. Control , control : )


To Tomrest , then Ayala 10 mins , then return to Tomville , having a very interesting conversation with the taxi driver along the way .... politics , corruption , Chinese Filipino's , Hookers etc. All subjects discussed. On exiting taxi I said "ok , next time I will give you one of my high voltage (social disease) chicks for free". He said : 'free' ? We laugh , thats it. Laugh a minute in Philippines.

Inside my room text wars begin , this time with Cute. She apologises for not coming previous day and says she has 'black beauty' for me , calling tomorrow Sat morning 10am. I agree to interview black beauty.These girls can not poke at night.Their family/boyfriend would then know their activities. So whilst you guys are fucking at night I am fucking by day : ) Somebodys gotta do it ..... Filipino's , very physical : )

Another message , this time from Nylene , who the hell is she ? Reckons we met at Ratsky's Ayala. I met the Mindanao Uni student there and yes I gave out cell phone number to a good body that same afternoon. Must be her. I would not give cell tag to a 'dog' , so I ask her to meet me 5pm Ratsky's today. Why she took so long to text me I do not know. Whilst typing this she texes again. Turns out to be the Mindanao Uni student. Thought she gave me a different name before. Anyway , no point in communicating with her , she is a long way from Davao City. I'll never fuck her (mercenary) : )

In 75mins Wow Legs calls with what I do not know ... a 4 , 6 or 7 ? Eights and nines rarely come to a hotel room without first meeting guy elsewhere. Only desperado chicks do that (hotel room for stranger). The girls and I have something in common .... both desperado's , them for money , me for honey.

Wow legs comes with Spotter and "Um" and I am surprised with Um's prettiness. Usually they have a nice face but not nice legs , this one does. Her legs were spot on , nice. In front of Um hand over commission to Wow (legs) and spotters fee to Spotter. They are both happy and out the door. Neither "Um" or myself mention money. Hookers mention money, but not her. I shower , she showers , on the bed , talk whilst I get her to fondle my cock. Then I fondle her pussy , it wets up. KY Gel on dick , "whats that" she says. Then condom , then slip it in. Magic pussy. My dick and her pussy get along like old friends. She has good body moverments and delicate hand hand work all over me. We fucked for a long time , she got hotter and hotter as I talked 'n fucked. Like talkin dirty to some of them. Um seemed ideal for dirty talk , eg , "You have a magic pussy" etc.

One thing that disturbed me though , she stared into my eyes all the time. Sometimes this is sexy but not with this girl , dont know why. Must be the colour of my eyes that is attracting such attention (fiend). Maybe Wow/Spotter said as an enticement : "He has lovely eyes" ? I was more than happy with the sex session , washed cock , then slipped it in her mouth. She sucked it , then shower , came out of shower and sucked it again. Second time I liked it. Came out of shower with towel wrapped around , kneeled down on the hard floor , just like she was going to be knighted by the Queen or something , then respectfully into sucking my cock again. The girl knows her place , on her knees : )

I have no complaints about her. Good onel. Service orientated. She saw me give Spotter P500 and most probably thought I'd give her the same , cause she seemed to be surprised and more than happy with P1000 I gave her. 19yrs old in 4 weeks time , school drop out last year January. Nine kids in the family , father did not have school fees for her. Plans to return to school July this year. Money I gave her will help , she said. Girls are always fucking for something , this one is fucking for her school fees. After year 4 she hopes to go to College and study for HMR (Hotel Management = Cook in her case).

I promised to take her and her girlfriends to Paseo the next night , but an hour or so later changed my mind ... Paseo too noisy. Think from this point on my whoring career will mainly focus on day time. Recruiting and fucking day time. Very little if any hunting at noisy places like Paseo or Pump. Day time girls are more virtuous anyway : ) Night time girls are whores : )


You might recall , I met Wow Legs last year , when only two days left of my hols. She has now led me to virtuous (?) day time girls. Wow (legs) learns fast. She has delivered the right girls , very early on in her pimp career. For sure , I suspect she will be eyeing foreigners this point on , hoping to pimp for them. Only those foreigners will not have my eyes , lol , plus my bullshit , which is endless. Plus they will make the mistake of shaggin her , and thus get stuck with her alone : )

Among other things , off to Cul de Sac again. Sat at AV, beer is better and atmosphere is better. With lads at Ratsky's I look at guys and talk to them. I have better companionship at AV ... myself : ) and a chance of a pick up. For sure I have got eye candy , not so Ratsky's (old guys faces).

Realise I have always been sitting at wrong table AV's. Got right one now and getting more smiles and hello's from passing girls. Not tellin ya the right table , work it out for yourself : )

Guy and his girlfriend front up and sit at table next to mine. Looked towards their table and girl swung around and looked at me , not a bad face. At the instant she looked at me her boyfriend looked at me too .... oh , oh , potential danger if guy jealous type. So I decide not to look their way again.

Out of corner of my eye I realise she is looking at me a multitude of times , then the penny drops. He is gay , and keen to pimp her. Further on I see she turned towards me and said softly "hello". Further on down the track she said "Hi how are you". Is it a bayut (trans-sexual) ? Could be. Anyway I get busy with cellphone etc , never give them encouragement.

Off to Paseo , but it doesnt do anything for me. I have been spoiled. Meeting nice girls during day without noise , cig smoke and late nights. No need for smokey night spots. Good boy , return home , sleep ..... Cute confirmed on cellphone she is arriving 10am next morning with "black beauty". Wow (legs) enquired over text how was 'Um'. I text her : "Juicy". I think 'Um' will give me a good report card. Tell girls I am not a bad fuck. This might increase the flow of girls to my room even more. Tracey wanted to bring chicks tomorrow too , I delayed her , suggesting Sunday or Monday. Gotta ration the chicks and money out. Few more days to go before return home and reality.

To bed 9pm , up 11.20pm , only two hours sleep. What to do ? : ) Think , return to bed , charge up batteries for black beauty and anything else Cebu throws at me tomorrow. Feeling better and stonger. Eyes not so tired. Getting back to normal. So its taken me 7 days to settle in.


PIC of girl here , removed (21st March) , to save downloads. Nothing special , around '5.75' : )

Programme today :

Black beauty (?) 10am ; Optometrists re glasses ; Pics of 'Um' developed ; Gaisano Metro to continue hunt for special green t.shirt (with collar) ; Phone a fellow countryman I met at Alyssa last September. He's got a Mercedes and BMW , might come in handy : )

He'll be better company than 90% of the guys I've spoken to at Ratsky's so far. All of them are married to Filipinas , bored shitless , or envious of my freedom/conquests. Pics of the girls does not help their frame of mind either. My chicks look a lot better than their wives , thats for sure , and most importantly , they cost a lot less : )

Their choice : Marriage and sad faces.

My choice : Stay single and smiles on the dial.


OK , cellphone fully charged , camera charged , diary up to date. Cute rings at 2.15am , soos , does she think I am a night owl or something ? : ) She tells me she can not remember how to find my place (cute but dumb : ) and suggests Bo's Coffee Shop instead (10am). I agree to Bo's. Ya gotta agree with them fella's or everything starts to get fouled up. Keep it simple.

Now it's 2.25am and about to go back to bed , but feel alert , energetic and ready to rumble. Problem is ... dont like noisy smoked filled places like Paseo or Pump. And there is only 7.35 hrs before I interview 'black beauty'. I don't like this title 'black beauty'. Think Cute is trying to pump her up. She might be black , but is she a beauty ? My cock is up for it , if she is a beauty.

Saw my face in the mirror , surprised how clear my eyes are now. No smokey reddish tired look. Whites are nice and white and rest of eyes twinkling. Phil girls like my kind of eyes. Now they are back in shape , my potential to seduce has increased. This will increase my confidence too. Fortunately eyes don't age , only the face : )

Beauty and the Beast (me) 10am.

Fiddled around until 4am then on bed , sleep of sorts , wake up in a state of alertness and high energy. That 'tired' feeling has gone. Eyes have it (checked again).

Around 8am go to 24/7 Internet Cafe , not to answer emails , do not do that when on hols , but for other 'work' (secret). Finish my work there , girl says Pesos20 (charge). I say , "how about 20 U.$". P4 change , told her "advance merry christmas , keep the change" : )

And yes , they remember me from last trip , but I do not remember them. I cover up that fact best I can , don't think they realise I haven't a clue who they are.

Out the door I go , and on return to Tomville "Mil" (Madly in love with Me) is there with another worker. Tenant is eating the free bread and coffee breakfast. No butter no jam/jelly , just little tasteless rolls. She is scoffing it down like its delicious (product of her poor environment .. any food is delicious).

I say to Mil and her helper , as I passed by : "Give us this day , our daily Chicken". They liked it. Tenant does not stop scoffing down tasteless rolls , reckon she is trying to eat them all , before other tenants wake up.

As some of you know , all around town there are little bakery's. Many of them have a sign overhead "Give us this day our daily Bread" , from d' bible as you God fearing lads know.

So tenant is getting her daily bread , but God didnt say to scoff the lot down honey. JC shared the fishes , so ya gotta share d' bread babe : )

That explains my sarcastic comment .. "daily chicken". 'Mil' liked it a lot , so much so I heard her repeating "Give us this day our daily Chicken". She will go home later and tell Mum : "Mum , you know the guy I have got the hots for , ageing Thommo , he said ..................... "

Mum might not approve the romance anymore. Thommo is sacrilegious.

Mil would bend down and kiss my ass if I asked her. In 1974 , one girl in Ermita , actually did that to me , and in front of her boyfriend at that ! He later became her husband. And of course , later on they divorced. Reason ? She didn't kiss his ass : )

Now , shower , to Tomrest , then to Ayala where the beauty (victim) meets the beast (victimizer me).

Organised early this morning for Wow to bring that 7pm appointment I cancelled last night , at 1pm today. Gotta take them whilst they are there. The fish are biting , might not last. And my money might not last too : )


On the way out the door I said to Tomville staff : "Give me this day , my daily Chick" (girl).
In taxi , driver a muscle man. I tell him so , arms twice as big as mine etc. He says he is a kick boxer and martial arts exponent. Had some fun talking to him. Ate big at Tomrest , then off to Bos Coffee Shop , Ayala to meet Cute and Black Beauty. Cute rings and says delayed 11am now. Cute is starting to look rather hopeless , as a Pimp.

11am arrives and along comes Cute with a very average looking girl. Her eyes were dull , skin lacking clarity (muddy .... = black beauty ?) and she aint got sexy vibes. Flat person , minus any sign of a personality. Chat to her and Cute for a while , gave them some pesos peanuts then back to my room , shower and wait for Wow and 'Victim' , the one I knocked back last night. Like her face , freshness and keenness.

PIC of girl here , removed (21st March) , to save downloads. Nothing special , around '5.65' : )

Wow due 1pm , texes me 1.35pm to say she is coming. Soos. Looks like she is going to be an hour or more late again. Within 2 mins I get a text from Tracey as follows : "2 girls audition now after that they like to meet u my talent also hope you like it". I ask for 8pm. Have 'Victim' around 2-2.30pm (Wows merchandise) , then Cul de Sac perving and the usual educating of foreigners there : ). So 8pm nice , will be drunk and randy by then. Fuck both of Tracey's 'talent' : )


Wow arrives and wow , has she got a babe. But not 'Victim' , a different one. This replacement for Victim would be the best looking chick , I've had in my room , since the famous 'L' in 1998.

Been waiting 10yrs for a nice one like this to come along. Got an erection within 2 mins of her (Cupid) entering the room. Got so excited I booked her again for next day and told her we will go shopping on Monday for shoes. Really got carried away. Wanted to make sure I fuck her at least once , cause she has not agreed to fuck with me yet. She might just get up and walk out of the room , after inspecting lolo (old) me. But with promises of regular cash flow and 'shoes' , she might decide to give me a try. Hope so. Web of deceit : )

Eventually 'Wow' leaves and I am alone with 'Cupid'. On the bed we go , put her hand on my cock , off with her clothes , ky gel on dick , slip condom on and start fucking. Well this girl has got the prettiest face in 10yrs , extremely cute. Skin light , soft and healthy. Eyes lips great. She's a real crowd stopper. It's magic , slipping my dick in and out her lovely pussy , and staring at her lovely face. I'm thinking : "I don't deserve her" : )

Only problem is , she does not fuck well. Seems she is just not interested in me. Opening the legs just to get money , that's all. The fuck itself was not great , but I was excited that Wow was able to bring such a pretty one to my room. Cupid says Wow and her are neighbours. Going on previous victims , looks like I am fucking Wow's entire neighbourhood : )

Because the girl was not really interested , even though she got a little wet in the pussy , I decided to terminate proceedings without trying for anal or blow job and gave 'Cupid' P1500 for her short time effort. P1500 mainly because of her looks , not cause of her fucking. A looker like her would expect top money. Didnt want to upset her cause she would complain to Wow. Can not afford to lose Wow. Agents like her do not come along every day. Before she left the room I cancelled proposed meet with her next day , Sunday. Did not mention Monday and purchase of shoes. Shoe shopping is not going to happen : )

The problem with top Lookers , too often they decline anal and blow jobs. They think they can just lay there , open legs , and collect the cash. And they do just that , with folks like me and others.

Naturally she declined photo's. Pity , she'd light up this page no end. Guys would be jerking themselves off just at the sight of her : )

She was keen for me to take her to Sunflower Disco , but trust my luck, we might bump into another foreigner half my age , and then its goodbye Cupid. How could he resist ?

Will make it clear with Wow , I want more beautiful girls like Cupid , but ones that fuck for their money. Ideal situation would be ... me fucking "Um" in front of Cupid. 'C' might learn a thing or two by then.

Off to Ayala and educate the boys once again : ) Be at the alert for a text message from Tracey and word of her 'talent'. Decided tomorrow , Sunday , will be an off day. Monday back on duty , fucking , fucking. A mans got his responsibilities (fucking) , especially if he is a whoremonger. Looks like my retirement has been deferred for the time being. No gold wristlet watch for me yet : ) Whilst at the Cul de sac, I received a text message from Wow : "What colour dress should I wear tonight , black or green". Crazy question to ask me. Sort of thing you'd ask ya husband. Keep it simple , do not ask where she is going to wear the dress etc , so I reply :"I think black". She replies : "Thanks".

About 1.5hrs at Cul de sac , to Tomrest , being sms/text pestered by Tracey saying she has her talent , about three of them and wants me to come forward without delay and meet them. She originally agreed to a meet on Sunday/Monday , now she wants today Saturday. Originally agreeing to 8pm , she now wants to meet at 7pm. Tell her not pos , eating some distance away right now. Provided time convenient to me , will meet.

Finally get to Tomville where Tracey and three girls are waiting. Initially I rushed to judgement and thought all three girls were ordinary , but on closer inspection , not so , one is quite attractive , spunky , full of personality , and biggest boobs I have seen for a while. Biggest in my room anyway : )



'P' (Personality) keeps telling me she is hungry , circulating her hands around her tummy just like the beggar street kids do. She is funny and a real personality. So I get her to sing for her supper. She's got a voice. Other girls sing too and they all have nice voices. 'P' can really dance. She writhes about while she sings , does imitating pole dancing , lifting of hair then dropping etc , everything a professional sexy dancer would do , and "P' does it well.

So here I have a Private Dancer , sexy , talented , and entertaining. Extremely entertaining. I was cracking up. She was actually too much. I was thinking to my self : "It's sad , here is this very attractive girl , full of talent (singing , acting , dancing , joking) stuck in a hopeless country like the Philippines". Put her on a talent show overseas and she would rake in a lot of votes and kick start her 'career' , whatever that would be (selling pussy : )

Before , on the cellphone Tracey described the three girls as her 'talent'. Well , 'P' is certainly a talent , and whats more very fuckable. Not only is she a talent for singing , entertaining , she is a talent for fucking too.

Honestly , she was just too much and not willing to stop. I had to open the door , give her and others the big hint to leave. She was getting out of control , taking over the place , in a funny sexy way , and you know I am a control freak , like to run the show .... soos ! So out the door she and the rest must go. Can call her back anytime , via Tracey.

Within short mins of leaving 'P' is texting me this or that , for example , that she is only two mins away in a Restaurant , can "set free" her other friends and return to my room "hehe". She's got my cell number from Tracey. They pass cell numbers around like they pass the plate around at a church : )

Then Tracey texes and apologises for P's chirpy behaviour. "Do you like her , want her" says Tracey on the cellphone. Silence from me , I will reserve my judgement. Got plenty girls circling me , no need to rush.

Thinking of 'Cupid'. Do not want regrets when I return home from this trip. Think I might get Cupid to call again , and teach her how to satisfy her man (albeit short time). Impress on her , she has a responsibility to excite men , not just lay on her back. It's a case of : "I've got the money , where is the honey" ? Don't just look into my eyes babe , do something. Let me see it , feel it : ) Juicy vagina , hasn't been used much. If she is willing to fuck properly , she's got it made , with me and many others. Including you guys. I will give you her cell phone number , not !

Seems I have changed from a Night Owl to a Day Tripper. Even so , 9pm I return to Cul de sac , curious to know if girls are trolling the area at night. Arrived at d' "sac" , nothing doing , back to the taxi rank and return home. Along the way check Mango Square .... not many , quiet , too early. Mango Square is my kind of place , cause you can sit outside , and girls/guys are trolling around. Not a brilliant place , but worth checking out again next weekend , my last weekend of this 'Escape-2' trip. Might be able to make it into a new Spider and Fly spot , far from the ageing Ratsky lads. Ones gotta keep inventing , fine tuning , or else fall behind.

I look at cellphone , lots of messages from 'P' (Personality) , the big boobed 18yr old entertainer/singer. I am more than three times her age , balding etc , yet she is hot for me. There is hope yet , for ageing mongers like me : )

Woke up 12 midnight , type the above out. Think I will text Wow to return Cupid , Monday 1pm. Gonna teach 'C' something about fucking. I was so struck by her beauty that , on the first meet , I felt 'shy' in her presence. Second time around will be different , I will start to be the boss and seek value. Lovely face , legs etc.

Next , from her ..... lovely performance : )

Don't think I will have time for 'P' , even though she has got looks , boobs etc. She is just too much. She's not subservient to me. Need the subservient type of girl (control). They are the best in sucking cocks , getting fucked in the ass etc : )

Control , control : )





Saturday is finished.

Family day , Sunday has arrived. Will strut around with my Pesos 2,600 T. Shirt today. Should impress. Must remember to call on Fort San Pedro park area too. Scored a good one there some time ago. Told you all about her in a previous Diary (Fishin for Fun). Sunday is the day for Fort San Pedro , and for girls looking for a partner. They are looking for a boyfriend/husband , I am looking for sex.

Programme : Brekky ; text Wow and place order for Cupid ; continue search for nice green t.shirt , to compliment the P2600 one ; get Pics of 'P' etc developed. Pass on copies via Tracey.

2.30am , about to shut down this laptop and the next door neighbours , a korean guy and girl , return home from Pump Disco , wherever. As soon as he gets inside the door he starts raising his voice and threatening the girl. Hope he doesnt start punching her. Don't like koreans (I've said that before too). If your a korean reading this ... how about you guys controlling your temper , and smiling occasionally ? Otherwise stay home , soos ! : )

Escape-2 has been good to me , but its cost me some too. Think I have overspent. In what areas , and was it worth it ? Another day : )

7.30am get up off bed , feeling good , look in the mirror and yes those eyes are back to clear (whites) , twinkly and 'alive' , just like when I am back home (No pollution , better diet , no alcohol , cycling etc). Eye power increases my confidence and pulling power. One needs to have a 'weapon' , eyes are mine. Nothing special back home , but special here , lol.

Text Wow and place order with her for 'Cupid' 1pm Monday. Been fantasizing about 'C' locking in to my eyes as she blow jobs me. Its going to be a hard ask , getting a blow job from her , but I must try. If she refuses , last time I take her. Want BJ and anal from her (she has my favourite ass , nice size) , otherwise cancel d' contract. She has the potential , just need her to get to understand guys want value (sexiness) , then everything else falls into place.

Other parts of my body are deteriorating. 'Cupid' damaged my penis skin by over vigorous playing with cock (amateur). Will teach her how to finger a cock properly , that's if she sticks around long enough and is teachable.

So skin on cock fragile , plus feel like I have got an ulcerated inner mouth/throat (pollution ?) , and small boil has appeared on back of my neck. These things just do not happen back home. But then these things , ie , fucking young ladies does not happen back home either : )

Got some nice memories to take home with me. They will help me hold on until Escape - 3.

I've blown the original P300 cellphone load already. To cellphone shop , phone is critical to whoring nowadays. Absolutely can not do without it. Havent replied to 'P' text overtures (personality boobs girl) or Tracey's attempts to contract me to P. Let em wait. P does not have the required legs. She's got the face , certainly the boobs , personality but legs a bit thin for me. Also , I am worried about how good she fucks. Think she would put me to shame , hot , hot , she would be hot (in bed). Control , control ... you know how it is : )

This trip , not much control of my finances ! Current spending causing a little concern. But right now , I don't want to know about it , enjoying myself too much.

To Tomrest , then Gaisano Metro. No exciting t.shirts there fella's. Forget that place for t.shirts (but not for towels). To SM Mall and yes plenty t.shirt shops. Giordano wins again , bought there. Cashier places my purchase (2) in classy bag. I say to her : "Giordano , everything good. T.Shirt good , bag good ..... but salary no good". The girls split up on that one .... 'that's right , no good' (salary) , as they giggled and laugh , whilst I walk out of the shop.

Then I come across mongers sitting at French Baker Shop , perving on passing girls (mostly underage). Pairs of guys sitting at tables , is no good , girls will not come forward if two foreigners. Hookers will , but regular girls will not. 'Lonely Lamb' (1 guy only) best way to go. These falangs/foreigners seem apprehensive at my presence. I am smartly dressed and obviously checking out their status (eating or perving ? : ). Biggest question in their mind .... is he (Thommo) going to stop and join us staring at the passing girls , thus reducing our chances ? Not likely , I've got better places to go : )

Further along I come across the 'Butterfly promo Girls'. They've got a light promo flag attached to their back , it flutters as they walk along. Handing out flyers. I stop them and take pic , handing my cell tag to them same time. Nice girls.


Over the years I have found promo girls a good target , only these particular girls are students during the week. Nevertheless , for an old guy like me , I regard both of the girls fuckable. One on right is pretty , one on left is sexy. I felt the vibes and saw the 'hunger' in left ones eyes. Nice cock sucking lips too (one on left). Told them to text me for copies of pics. Excuse for them to start up a relationship , preferably sexual : )

Out the door I go , taxi driver keen to impress , takes a U turn where he is not supposed to. No traffic around , so no prob. Sure enough a traffic cop pops out from behind a tree and fines my driver on the spot P300.

At my destination P62 away I give driver P200 , "keep the change" , my contribution towards his unfortunate experience. I actually heard him say quite clearly "Thank You". He had been sad from the minute he got fined , understandably , but now he lifted a bit and said "Thank You". Not good I give him all of the fine money , he's gotta learn a lesson ("Don't impress the Foreigner" lesson : )

Sugar , its many hours later , not sure if I remember much. To Cul de sac , two ok guys there , the assholes are absent (thank God). As arranged via txt , 'Personality' girl arrives. I ask her to sing 'Killing Me Softly' to the two guys , one of these guys in particular is interested in the subject of singing and singers. 'P' obliges , and whilst sitting down at the table gives a wonderful rendition of that song. She's got confidence , cheek and balls. The fact that the two foreigners were complete strangers to her , did not deter her.

Then she sat there demurely , but she could not resist ... she came out with the "me hungry" approach yet again. Did it night before , now again. And as I said before , actually touches her tummy like the "me hungry" street kids.

Well she actually sang for her supper , now she is asking "where is my supper" (at 3pm in the afternoon) , lol.

Gave her P500 note , told her to return with change. She did return later , but said to me : "keep the change" ? , ie , she keeps the change ? (P380). Before this I bought her a P70 iced tea which she did not drink. Whattya think I am honey ... your favourite ATM ?

I let her keep P200 , intended to take it off her sex payment later , but she wanted more , the lot.

So I leaned forward and spoke softly to her (other guys at table) as follows : "You are always talking about money , you can go now". She could see I was serious , and after hesitating , got up and left. If she had behaved properly I had intentions of fucking her , regardless of her slim legs = real money for her. Thought she would excel as a blow job girl ... right face , eyes and lips , and most importantly right attitude ... high energy spunk. She would have been an enthusiastic sucker of cock , and might yet do that , suck my cock ... wouldn't be surprised if she texes me later , requesting an audience. If she does .. straight to my room and suck suck babe. No singing this time , sucking. When girls have been rejected and get a second and final chance , they put on a good performance. That's my experience anyway.

As soon as Personality departs , I text Wow , another singer , and request her to attend our table for auditions also : ) She arrives 2 mins after the lads had left. Re confirmed my order for 'Cupid' and told her I am going to teach Cupid some stuff , then test her. If she fails exams , she is out for good. For sure Flip girls pass this kind of info on. She will tell 'Cupid' , this is her last chance.

Cock sucking for sure , anal an alternative. For a pass mark , she has to try and suck cock good. For better than a pass mark , she has to throw in anal : )

Then I explain to 'Wow' , she has the Cebu City Franchise for chicks. Other two in pimp team (Tracey and Cute) are fading quickly into the background. Can not deliver required merchandise. Their contract is in jeopardy : ) Told Wow , 1pm every day , new chicks. She nods yes , can do.

Wow departs to start recruiting more for me. She'll return tomorrow 1pm with student 'Cupid'. Hope 'C' passes her exams : )

To Tomrest , met a guy knew back in 1980's (Cebu City). Eat , back to Tomville by 8.30pm , knackered , to bed with hopes of waking up later and checking out Mango Square. Did not happen , woke up 2am and typed above out. Realise I had completely forgotten about Fort San Pedro and it's possibilities. Too late , there is only one Sunday in a week : ) 

DAY 10 


Look into my Crystal Ball and see a trip to Davao is necessary. Break up the Cebu City routine. Monday , Tuesday Cebu City. Wednesday , Thursday Davao , then Friday to Sunday Cebu , Monday , hit the road jack ... return home , to jerk myself off on the memories of 'Cupid' and others : )

'Personality' might suck my cock yet. I know she would do a great job , its just a matter of cutting out the "me hungry" stories in between. I should say to her "You hungry for food" ? Yeh she says. I then say : "Me hungry for blow job .. down on your knees" : )


My injuries are healing ... cock , gums , boil on neck .... all receding , not a problem any more.

Today , Monday , 'Cupid ' attends classes .... Thommo's Sex School. Tues 'Wow' brings Victim No. ..... Wednesday and Thursday trolling Davao City.

Friday , Sat , Sunday , last throw of the dice .. Cebu City (Wow pimping for me , and Fort San Pedro , plus possibly Mango Square).

Monday , back to reality ... home .... pedalling that push bike , drinking that water.


It's now 5.45am , I have been up and out of bed since 2am. Doing what ? In simple terms : "getting organised". 6am off to 24/7 Internet Cafe , to do some work on Internet for that guy who has published 17 books. He is now going to publish on the Internet and has got some internet learning to do , from the Master himself ..... me , and I haven't published a single thing : )

Whilst at Internet Cafe I will scoop some penpal girls in Davao City. Tell em "Mr Gwapo 1st Runner Up , Davao City , 2005 will be in Davao Wed/Thurs and available for signing autographs". Will target some cuties , dropping my cell phone number along the way.

By the way , Gwapo means 'handsome'/good looking : )

After that , Tomrest for eats.

But first the Internet Cafe. Spent two hours there. Did a lot of research for that Author , he will be pleased with the info I harvested. Sent messages to about 12 Davao City chicks (penpal site). They all got the same message : "Hi. You are Gwapa ..........etc" Bullshit baffles brains (if they have any). Gwapa means beautiful/pretty , for a girl. How could a they resist ? : ) Problem is , I see some of them have not been online for 2/3 months , others not online for a few days or weeks. Arriving in Davao this Wed. They've got two days to contact me and take advantage of my 'innocence'.

In addition , did some work in relation to this Diary. Other stuff too. Nicely organised , now to eat.

Ate , on returning driver seemed an intelligent young guy. Not your normal taxi driver. He was wearing something like long sox , covering his hands and arm. Got him to take me to nearby traffic lights , where they are sold. Seller hopped in taxi with me. Taxi trolls whilst I try them on. Bought 4 pairs = P200. Ideal for keeping sun off my arms when I am cycling , not sure about UV protection though.

Along way driver tells me he was a teacher before , got bank loan P200,000 , bought second hand car and franchise (licence). If your an owner taxi driver , you can make money. He expects to pay off the loan within 2yrs.

Got cellphone loaded , now to Citibank ATM near Bos Coffee Shop entrance to Ayala (P15,000). Nice and secure , inside the building with armed guards. Had to go to bank counter , attractive girl , to get smaller denominations. When transaction completed , asked the girl : "Can you help me spend it " ?

Got the cash , to Ayala to see if they have Air Philippines. No they dont , but in brief time I was in the Mall I was approached by two female hustlers. Think they were working together , cause they hit me within 2 mins of each other. Perhaps they had observed me exiting ATM's at Citibank , about 50mtrs from Ayala entrance ? Maybe they hang outside Citibank and follow unsuspecting innocents like me ?

With the first hustler , I was walking along (inside Ayala) and she came up alongside me and said "Nice pants where you buy them". I instantly indicated , without speaking , that I'm not talking to her , picked up my walking pace , and left her behind. She mumbled something , ie , complaining about my unsociable behaviour.

Then 2 mins further down I stopped at an outside stall to ask the whereabouts of Air Phils. Whilst there , another woman came up and said "nice sunglasses". Well I had the "nice shoes" approach not long ago in Cebu and the "nice hat" approach (by a Filipino) also not that long ago in Bangkok. Only one lacking now is : "nice t.shirt" and that will complete the set : ) Come on hustlers , I spent P1800 on one t.shirt alone and thousands on others , just couple of days ago. Where's recognition for my purchases ? : )

No Air Philippines at Ayala. Off to Shoe Mart and bought ticket there. Had a brief look for Butterfly promo girls ... not around. As they have not called in 24hrs I can kiss them goodbye. I made a very big mistake with them yesterday. Will explain , if they never contact me. It's so embarrassing I dont want to talk about it unless I have to. Come on girls text me , then I will not have to divulge my blunder. Biggest for years.

'Wow' calls with Cupid , then Wow leaves. Pull down my trousers , offer my cock to Cupid. She declines on about 5 separate occasions. Fuck only , she says (not those words). I tell her to go away and think about it. Think she will relent .... survival is more important to her. Personal preferences come a distant second (I hope). I expect her to suck cock tomorrow. Patience pays.

Been up since 2am , now 2pm. Short siesta then Ayala , drink again. Shame , no sex today. Gotta have something tomorrow , going to Davao following day and not optimistic about Davao either.

Within 2 mins of laying on the bed , I thought : Ring 'Wow' and place an order for 8pm tonight and 10am tomorrow. Time is running out. The beginning of the last 'dash' to the finish line (the day I leave Phils). That's typical of my trips (dash). Wow says , yes can do 8pm tonight and apologises for Cupid (reluctance to suck cock).

4pm off to Ayala , heavy traffic. Arrive and CL (Charming Lad) sitting with not so charming person. Decide to sit at AV , better beer (right temp , both glass and beer) and cheaper. Along comes 'Artista' , guy I met at Ratsky table previous days. Surprised he did not go to Ratsky table , instead join me. Surprised. Obviously he knows class when he sees it , lol.

Turns out to be a very interesting person , possibly the most interesting Filipino I have ever met. He's an observer like me , but not chicks lang , people in general. Quite an amateur psychologist. He gave me further insights into the Filipino psych. Which explains their behaviour , wont bore you here with the details.

He leaves , then I leave. Hop in taxi , and usual question from driver : "You have wife". As usual , I joke and say "No wife , I am bayut" (trans-sexual/gay). Of course with a big smile on my face. Joking as usual , not serious. He launches into a story as follows : Passenger with no money , gay , fucks him in ass for the fare. Then driver said to gay : "I'm not happy , you make pain" (in his asshole of course). So , then I ask driver why he let bayut screw him , he said "No wife one year". But I am thinking , there is a big difference between screwing a woman (his wife , if he ever had one) and being screwed by a man (his passenger).

And anyway , if a gay didn’t have the money and the driver was gay , the driver should screw the passenger , and not the passenger screw the driver. Driver got double screwed , and with 'pain' : )

Later on in the trip he tells me he has been screwed many times by bayut. In other words , he is saying : "If you Thommo are a bayut you can fuck me too" . Cause of my original joke , it seems he thinks I am a bayut too. Maybe I look like one ? : ) . Communication breakdown , language/culture breakdown. Do not think I will throw 'bayut' around so much , anymore , especially with taxi drivers : )

The strange thing is , he told me the story like a regular guy (non bayut). There was no bayut voice , no bayut mannerisms (body twitches : )

When the trip ended I laughed , cause I have not experienced so much candor in a taxi driver before. That is , a driver telling me , a complete stranger , he regular gets slammed in the ass by his passengers ("you make pain"). Of course , he misunderstood my original joke , took me literally , and thought he could discuss the subject candidly. That's what must have happened. Otherwise he is an extremely frank/candid guy.

As I exit taxi I said to him "good story" and quickly exit the scene before he tries to screw me. That would be a 'pain in the ass' : )

For sure , a significant amount of my entertainment is coming from taxi drivers. It's always been that way. Remember before on this website , I told you how I joked to the taxi driver , in asking him : "Any virgins" ? And he replied : "Only in the hospital today". That is , only the female babies being born that day , otherwise no virgins. I liked his reply , its not too far from the truth. Candour again : )

Back to Diary HQ (my room) , start tapping above out and then Wow calls. She's got a reasonably cute one in tow , but when she enters my room , immediately realise she is not the 'girl next door' type , she is a professional prostitute. That is , not working for anyone but selling her body every day , if she can find takers.

I fear , this is the beginning of the end of 'Wow'. I told you before , Flips start out with a dash , then crash , they do not go the distance. Looks like Wow has run her race , and has run out of 'stock' (chicks). I told Wow in front of the girl , that the girl she has brought to my room is a professional , I do not want professional girls. Wow says she has better 10am tomorrow. This is also familiar. Had a recruiter before , always telling me she had better ..... never happened. So , its back to the basics , for the time being Cupid. At least Cupid is not professional , very pretty and submissive (but not for bj's). Davao to the rescue ? Doubtful , but we will see.

It's 8.30pm , cinderella time. Better get to bed early , just in case Wow delivers "something better" , 10am. Then there is Cupid at 1pm. If she doesnt suck , then she had better fuck better than she did last time. Think Cupid wants to please , but right now cock sucking is beyond her. In a few weeks or months time , more of a possibility , but not right now.

Until she starts sucking cock , a salary cut is appropriate : )

Got a feeling my best times are behind me. All down hill from here. Even so .... great trip.


9pm I make a dash back to the Cul de sac , to check once again , if there is any action there at night , apart from the noisy Ratsky dance. Nothing , return home , never mentioned bayuts to the taxi driver : )


2am I wake up and see I have two txt messages : One from ‘Wow’ saying Cupid is not answering her txt messages. The end is nigh in respect of Cupid and anything else respectable , I fear.

The other txt msg is from that penpal site. One fish is biting and an attractive one at that. On website , I only sent “you are beautiful” messages to Lookers , no regulars were approached. I tell her I arrive Wed 4pm Davao City. She replies “Two hour bus ride to the city , let me know early when you arrive”. Oh dear , am I such a cad that I will let the girl travel 2hrs in a bus just so I can try and screw her ? These penpal girls are trying to find a husband , who will take them out of the Philippines , not an ageing whoremonger who‘s only looking for fucks. What should I do ?

Not forgetting I jokingly told her on website that , even though there is no pic of me on penpal site “I am handsome lol” (lots of laughs) Is she like the taxi driver , and taking me literally ?

Perhaps she arrives and tells me she has not got the money to pay the return fare (bus). Then I can say : “Ok , for the bus fare , bend over and I will screw you in the ass” ... taxi driver style : )

On the penpal site , she has got an attractive yuppy look about her. Maybe too switched on ? Life is short , let her travel 4 hrs on a bus (2 in 2 out). If she is smart , she will shag and get some money for her efforts. It’s called bringin’ home the bacon. Returns home to Mumma with cash in hand.

Looks like daylight shaggin again. She buses in , gets shagged , buses back.

One step at a time , 1st 10am victim , then news of whether or not Cupid is returning to my den. Told Cupid yesterday not to come , if she is not prepared to suck. Regret saying that now. Enjoyed shagging her ... thought I could squeeze cock sucking into the programme too. Looks like my enthusiasm is going to back fire on me. I will end up with nothing , not even a fuck (from Cupid)

4am and back to sleep , and yes I did sleep until 7am. Woke up obsessed with the idea of fucking Cupid again. Forget about blow job , I will make it up with all the other tricks in my bag. Will sextify her with the skills I have acquired over 34yrs of whoring. Other than her sucking my cock , there is lots she can do , and I can do. Keep her in the room a lot longer , and activate her whole body. See how sexed up she becomes ?




Problem is ... Wow is not answering my 7am text msg. Feeling the pressure. When pressure hits Flips they drop their bundle , withdraw and hide. Wow tells me Cupid is not answering txt msg's , now Wow is not answering. I've put them under too much pressure.

Best thing for me to do is not panic , step back , let things unfold naturally.

"Artista" told me yesterday about the Bayuts and the pretty girls they control. He confirmed what I thought .... bayuts have the best girls. "Um" (the girl I had before , info above) has contact with Bayuts. She also confirmed they are the ones controlling the pretty ones. Might have to re-incarnate 'Um' and get her to recruit , separate from Wow. Got the feeling Wow is about to withdraw into her shell , accept defeat as a pimp , and only offer excuses from this point on. Chances are 'Um' and her bayut friends will be good for 2/3 days. Thats all I want , a good 2/3 days at the tail end of my trip.

This is a problem , finding contacts/agents/wannabe pimps who go the distance. The government should establish a pimp school and teach the students how to satisfy foreigners requirements. Give tourism/whorism a boost.

Frustration is now setting in. The few chicks I have shagged , have got me organ-ised , ie , dick organ expecting more , but currently there is no more. Cool it Thommo , panic will get you nowhere. Once ya start pushing the Flips , they collapse in a heap and are completely useless. Give Wow time to sort out her pimping problems.

7.30am and still no reply to my 7am txt msg. Its unlike Wow , usually get a reply within seconds. The end is nigh.

Might have to re-incarnate Tracey too. Basically she has been hopeless so far , but I am getting desperate and only a few short days to go , before I return home (empty handed ?). So , will text her now , placing an order for Friday , when I return from Davao. My message said : "Need talent Friday". Like it , she calls the girls 'talent' , reminds me of another providor (contact) years ago.

7.50am and still no word from Wow ... panic , panic : )

I don't like this silence from Wow. Has she run into trouble with parents/brother/boyfriends of girls I have fucked ? She has been pimping for me in the same barrio/village for some time now. Word might have spread of her activities. If that is the case , hope they do not come to my very room. That could get awfully embarrassing and potentially expensive.

Wow is an amateur pimp , learning the trade. I knew from the start that was a potential danger for me , going on experiences with other providors/contacts/pimps before. Been some hairy scenes in the past , but those Providors were able to shield me from trouble. Don't know if Wow can do that.

All the more reason to go to Davao , let things cool down. Yeh , cool it Thommo , go with the flow , do not send any more txt msgs to Wow , someone else might be reading them. Someone who does not like 'sex tourists' , especially ones who fuck their daughter , sister or girlfriend : )

The perils of nice girls (Wow) pimping and the perils of whoring (me).

None of these problems with bar girls I know , but bar girls are bar girls. And , I need problems. When its too easy (step inside , pay barfine , step out with chick) I am not interested.


Tracey responds to my txt as follows : "How many talent you want". I reply : "Three best u got 2pm". Love it .... 'how many you want' , soos ! Love it .. everybody is for sale , hire or rent. Everybody. Including me , if I was born into such a poor country : )

Will try and organise 'Um' and her bayut contacts for beauties , Tracey for her 'talent' (singers). If Wow texes , will get her moving too. Going to ratchet up the pace now , fear of returning home to nothing , is kicking in. Always nice to end up with a good one. With many Providors should be able to pull at least one out of the bag. Red Bull to the rescue. Havent drunk any so far , but expect to soon. No time for feeling 'tired'. Time for lots of interviews and the sourcing of at least one nice victim before the plane leaves.

Gonna test my Passport tomorrow , when I travel to Davao. See what they say at the airport. Not beyond them to refuse me travel , cause of the condition of my passport. Better to find out now.

Tracey texes and is talking shit , talking about a different day now , Saturday. Reckons she has 15 talent auditioning that day. I call her to say I will call at audition and select from the fifteen , but she does not understand spoken english. I put the phone down in frustration. Will text her later on , at the restaurant (brekky). Frustrating dealing with these people.

On the way to Tomrest , taxi driver asks me "you buy" (sunglasses being offered through car window). I say : 'No , me sell , sell pussy , me bugao/pimp". He stared at me through his rear vision mirror , very serious now. I point at my chest , indicating I am the pimp , not him. He still seemed a bit serious , so 30mtrs before Tomrest I ask him if he is happy. He says "yes". Then I break out in that Salvation Army song .....'I'm happy to day , yes happy today , I'm happy today , yes happy today .......... cause all my sins are taken away'. When he heard 'all my sins taken away' he was happy and smiled. Another case of communication breakdown.

At brekky , start the text wars with Tracey. She says auditioning is now Friday night , and 20 girls. Suggesting I come to her house , meet family then on to auditioning. I am thinking .... "This could be a long term contact , leading to aspiring singers. This looks good" , so agree to go to her house and meet family before auditions. Want to break into this singers circle of auditioning. Aspiring singers are willing to do anything to get to the top , including sucking cock : ). This ties in with my former live band and disco days. Entertainment , interesting industry.

She said in her last text "You make me proud , come my house". She also said she does not have airconditioning , lol. A fortyfive year old , pimping aspiring singers would not have air con , I agree.

Leave Tomrest and get a very entertaining taxi driver. These Cebu drivers are a real card. 75% of the time , he rambles and drifts all over the place. The things he said and I said , were very entertaining. He ended up listening to me. Among other things I asked him was , how old the taxi was .. answer : 13yrs. Then he asked how old I was. I. I asked him to guess. He turns around looks me in the eye and says '84'. I said : "I was going to give you tip , cancel tip". A few short metres before the drop off point he says : "No , I think I got it around the wrong way , you are 48". I said : 'Now your talkin ... I give tip". Puts his hand between front seats , and shakes my hand (I'm always sitting in the back seat).

PIC of taxi driver here , removed (21st March) , to save downloads.


9.45am Wow breaks the silence and says she is bringing two girls "better choice" , she says. This gal knows what she is doing , and is a mind reader. Yeh , 'choice' , tell me about it. My favourite. Things are hotting up.

Wow arrives , one girl far too small. A little mosquito. Give her P200 appearance money , feel sorry for her , she is being rejected in front of others. The other one is sexy , wow , she has got a sexy look. See PIC , this page , guess which one. Not hard to do , 'native' look.

Good height , weight , legs , but most impressed with her hot native face. Slutty eyes and on heat (24/7). Wow knows how to pick them. Actually when Wow left the room she said "I know what you like". Tell me about it , you sure do honey , and that's why your still on salary : )

On the bed goes HN (Hot Native) , I place her hand on my cock. Lovely , delicious , this girl knows something about sex (19yrs old). So gentle and all over the place , balls the works. Hot hot , she is a hot fingerer of dicks.

Then suggest blow job , wow , one of the best. Hell she knows how to do it. Then to take her clothes off , but she objects. I am thinking a hot girl like this can only hold out just so long. She will crack. More playing with my dick and sucking me off ... she's a champion at sucking and licking. Get legs inside hers and rock her about , massaging her pussy with my thigh. Dont forget this girl is still fully clothed. Got the nice tits out and massaged them too. Any minute she will crack.

She didnt , I blew my stack and felt wonderful. Yeh , I felt wonderful yet did not insert my dicky bird inside her.

SUCK OR FUCK , that is the question :

So firstly Cupid who fucks but does not suck , now Hot Native who sucks but does not fuck.

I think 'Wow' must have explained it incorrectly to the girl , she must have said : "Guy wants bj's" , and Hot Native thought she was coming to me just to suck , and not to fuck ? Obeying Wow ?

She sat on the edge of the bed. I gave her some pesos for a wonderful blow job and fingering. Told her I am going to Ayala , she can go now. She did not budge. I tried two times to get rid of her but she just sat there looking a bit sad ... money under false pretences ?

I said ... you come back tomorrow we boom boom. It seems , my massaging her pussy , tits , and her playing with my cock has finally got to her cause she said "We boom boom now". She realised she could not leave the room without climaxing. Or she might simply have felt guilty , taking money and not fucking. Flips guilty ?

"Revenge of the Monger". I told her 'no worries return tomorrow'. I like my cookies in the oven , like to savour the chicks. Tomorrow 10am it's my turn. She will pay for her original refusal : ) Control , control , taking it too far ?


Which means I am going to SM Mall to cancel my ticket to Davao. I have got good sex in Cebu , why go to Davao ? The Headless Chook is back : )

Off to SM and they refund ticket minus P300. Showed them my damaged passport and queried them , if they think it will be a problem when I leave the country. Gal picks up phone and talks to Immigration , who tell her , long as there are no torn pages , no prob. Great.

Check French Baker. Same old geesers sitting there drinking coffee or water. Better at Ayala , where you can drink beer, and under the influence .. the 4's (Chicks) become 6's. Less chance of a fuck when your sober : )

Off I go to Ayala. Taxi driver tells me it's a P500 fine for that illegal U turn the other day , P300 if ................. (forgot) a technical word that means 'bribe'. If you do not bribe policeman you have to go to the Office and pay P500. Hence the enthusiasm of policeman jumping out from behind the tree the other day. There is a chance of him picking up P300. Driver today said , if ticket issued , too late , P500 at Office. I saw Official ticket being issued the other day. Driver on that day thought fine was P300 , not so P500 apparently. "Is your wife Filipina" says this new driver. I say I do not buy I rent , and then explained it to him (join the library). When I got out of taxi he said " Do not buy , rent". I said , with a smile : 'You got it'.

Got some more cash ex ATM. To AV (Ayala) and two ignorant Easter European types are at the bar. The type who thinks every girl in the Phil is a prostitute. In a very clumsy way , they are trying , to get the nice girl behind bar. When I left , and whilst paying my chit , I nodded towards them and said "hopeless". Bar girl smiled and agreed wholeheartedly. In yet another taxi I go , to Tomville. Type the above stuff out , then back into the fray again. Same winning routine every day. Drank a small bottle of Red Horse , before I left the room. Cant afford sleep now , can only afford sex.

But must tell you , whilst at AV , and busily writing stuff down for Author , I received a txt from Cute. Obviously she has run out of money and is getting 'hungry' again. She asked me "What you doing now". I said : 'I am in bed with your best friend'. From that point on , Cute began texting me frantically , wanting to know name of best friend. Eventually texed her back and said 'joking'. Did not hear from her again. Obviously she does not appreciate my sense of humour , so I won't fuck her again. She can stay hungry : )

Then there was this timid little filipino soul who stepped up to my table (me the Lonely Lamb) and said ever so meekly : "Excuse me , are you Father Martin". I told him 'No , I am Sir Thomas of the Molls'. He smiled and said : "Sorry I disturbed you". Father Martin indeed. Beer on my table , half drunk , soos ! Get real pal : ) I suspect Fr Martin is a poofta (homo) and the young guy was out to earn some pesos. Do I look like a Priest/Poofta ? : )

Starting to think I might look like a homo/poofta. Taxi drivers think I am one , that guys thinks I am one. "Lonely Lamb" , has its dangers : )

Then a text message from 'Wow' asking if she can visit me at AV. I agree. She comes , and tells me her boyfriend has asked her via text : "Why do you love me". Typical Filipino : ) Perhaps he is trying to get rid of her ?. Flips try and get you , involved in their probs. And the problems get deeper and deeper , and more frequent. Beware. Tell em : "I do not come here for problems , I come here for fun".

I told Wow about 'HotNative' , who bj'd but did not bang , and Cupid who banged but did not bj. And how HotNative would not budge from bed , saying : "We boom boom now". Wow could see the funny side of it.

Patriarch of Ratsky mob visited me , also another guy from same group. They miss my loose cannon nature. Now realise it's a good idea not to sit at Ratsky's every day. I need a change of routine. Told Wow I will interview her 'talent' tomorrow at AV , not my room. Guys at Ratsky table 15/20 mtrs away will be straining their eyes to see what Wow's 'talent' is like , lol. Today they were straining to see what 'Wow' was like (she's alright , and dressed nicely too). Told Wow not to bring ordinary merchandise/victims , guys will be looking. My pride is on the line : )

6.30pm Wow leaves , to tell her boyfriend why she loves him : ) Same time I left to eat at Tomrest , then to Tomville and around 8.30pm , the usual , to sleep. I am finding day time manoeuvres superior to night time ones , and cheaper too. Woke up this time at 11.45pm. Type the above out , then back on the bed , thinking about my last five days and how I am going to utilise them. For starters , fucking wouldn't be a bad idea : )


There's no doubt about it .....


Thommo's got the angles ....


And she's got the angles .. legs and ass : )




Little bit apprehensive about Hot Native , 10am today. Think she is going to be a handful. Will I be able to keep up with a sex mad 19yr old like her ? The gloves are off , cause she's decided to go all the way. Can I stay the course ? She's the type who is in no hurry to leave the room . Has no clues what the 'rules of engagement' are supposed to be .. I'll make em up as I go along (yeh babe , up the ass , etc : ). Can allocate about 4hrs with her if need be. Wild session then rest , then another wild session , rest , and so on. 3pm I am interviewing Wow's talent at AV (Ayala Mall). The pressures on , the clock is ticking .... and the Headless Chook is up and running.


Singing Auditions Friday night. That will be fun. I am going to love it. Being a former rock star (band manager/singer) and disco star (owner/dj) , I have a natural interest for all things musical. Add to that , there will be 15/20 girls vying for my attention , lol.

Realise now its a singing competition , not auditions. Think we will call it "Cebu Idol" (as in American Idol) and I will be the Simon Cowell of the panel of judges. Can just imagine it now ..... "Yes , well Cindy , you've got good legs , and tits , but if you want to progress to the next round , you'll have to sneak under my judges table right now and give me a blow job" : )

I'll give the camera a good work out that night. Hope they let me click , click. Its not Thailand , think they will.

It's Tracey's business to spot singing stars , sign them up , find them jobs in Cebu (blow jobs : ) , Manila , or overseas. It's an ongoing activity of hers. Great , every time I call into Cebu I have got wannabe singers , for my personal pleasure. With a bit of luck , they might think they can get work overseas through me. Hope they do , nice motivation for them to pull their pants off : )

And this Contact (Tracey) has been found via 'Wow' , and Wow was 'discovered' on an earlier trip , at a non freelancer spot (regular Filipino hangout) . I fronted her at that place and asked her if she wanted a drink , bought her some scallops , dropped my cell phone number , and the rest is history.

A typical bun in the oven result. 2007 place bun in oven , 2008 , bun pops out : )

Remember though , you need more than one bun in the oven , more than one. Some simply do not 'rise' (to the occasion). And you need more than one groomed pimp , cause few succeed. I have been lucky with Wow ... bullseye. In the background I am collecting cellphone numbers , addresses etc , just in case Wow falters.


6.25am , off to Internet Cafe. I am excited at the prospect of Hot Native returning. It will be interesting to see the look on her face when she enters my room. Smiling keenly in anticipation of sex ? , or trepidation ... lamb to the slaughter ?

Foreigners reputation is on the line. Once she gets going it will not be easy to satisfy her. She will be expecting much. The responsibility to prove to her foreigners are worth fucking , is on my shoulders. Don't worry lads I'll try my best not to let you down.

Think the local flip boys do not last long on the nest. I must hang in there and shaft her pussy for an extended period. I want to see that 'fucked' look on her face , and slow listless movements = fucked properly. Hoping to get a photo of her ass too. A nice ass pic is a time honoured and good way to close my Diaries.

So , HN (Hot Native) arrives 25 mins late = on time for Flip. I open the door and she smiles , happy to be coming back for a fuck. No ‘lamb to slaughter’ , ready to rumble.

She is a totally different person this time. Off with everything totally nude , open legs and expecting to be fucked without a condom. I have dick near entrance but not foolish enough to slip it in uncovered. Tease her , she teases me. Good fingering of cock , slipping her gentle hands all over the place. Great kissing.

On with KY Gel , she slips her fingers all over the now ky wet cock. On with the condom and the fucking begins. After a long session with varying tempo's , legs here/there etc to bathroom , wash outside of condom (important) , slip it off and wash dick (important). Back to her and some good old fashioned cock sucking , in all positions. She sucks at varying rhythms and varies her tongue work all the time. Cock sucker extra-ordinaire .. better than fucking her. She seems to love it , consequently she does it well. Then tap tap on the door.

I dont like this. Who is on the other side of the door .... father , brother , boyfriend. Has someone followed her to Tomville ? Is it my contact ‘Wow’ ? The staff at Tomville never ever tap on my door when I have a 'patient' , never ever. I have taught them so.

Was going to keep HN much longer , and was going to take pic of her ass , but common sense prevailed , and made sure she got her clothes back on quickly. I fully dressed too , including shoes , just in case someone gets aggressive about getting into the room. Dont want to look like we have been fucking. Tidy bed etc , get her to wait a while , see if person on other side of door goes away.

When I thought the coast was clear , I got her to stand behind the door , prized it open a little , jokingly popped my eyes and said : “Hello Mumma , hello Daddy , come in” , looked at HN , smiled , she smiled and then let her out.

I did plan on having a longer session with her , but I know full well the dangers of the Philippines when your fucking non whores. Yeh , she takes money , its cultural , its not prostitution to them. Is to us , is not to them , its survival and its culturally the guys way of saying "thanks" , especially when the guy is perceived as rich (me) and the girl is poor.

Anyway , I feel great , she has taken the tension out of my body. Feel healthier and happier. Invigorated , not washed out. Wasn't with her long enough to wear her down , unfortunately. For a girl like her (hot sexy) , it was a mild enough fuck. For me it was the best sex this trip , even though I haven't provided you with much detail about it. I don't have to write about it , I just did it ! : )


Geez I did not bring many condoms with me , thinking before I had ‘retired’ , and thus no need for condoms. Only two condoms left ! With the help of soap , listerine might be able to re-use them this point on. Will see , contact ‘Wow’ might know where to buy American ones. In all my whoring , never bought condoms in the Phils (or Thailand). Started my career as a bare back rider , now ending it with condoms .... sad : )

Will not take HN again. Dont like this tapping on the door. Don’t like it at all. Think now , she is potential danger (boyfriend/whoever). In that respect , bar girls are safer.

I feel alive , looking for action. No siesta today , to AV tables at Ayala , 4hrs before I normally go there = by time Wow arrives with her choice of the day , I’ll be alcohol affected = any 4’s will become 6’s etc. A field day for Wow and her choice of the day : )

Time comes and Wow arrives with a young lady. Great face 'n smile. Healthy 'girl next door' complexion. Kind of chick I like. So I place order for her at 1pm next day. Wow advises me 'Cupid' is also available for 10am. Not sure if she is going to suck cock , but hell I love fucking beautiful young women , and she qualifies in that respect , so 10am it is.

Usual thing today , beers and talking with the Ratsky gang , but not if riff raff at the table. Returned home via Tomrest and I cancelled 1pm girl via txt msg , why ? Realised when Wow's talent got up from the table (Alyssa) , she was a bit thick/heavy in the thighs. Great smile , face and attitude , but heavy thighs , no thanks. Definitely the girl next door type. Hate rejecting her , and she will wonder why , especially after I praised her during her job 'interview'. But those thick thighs will make my dick go down , not up. Also have to keep 'Wow' up to the mark , she is still learning (how to be a pimp). By the way , this same girl is Wow's Cousin. Think I told you before ... contacts who bring nice girls are bringing their neighbours , friends and relations. Fortunately Flips have a large extended family : )

OK , a big sleep and then Super Star ..... Cupid (10am).

Woke up 11pm , and again now 2am. Fortunately , in the past I have had enough to occupy my time till sunrise (5.30am). Hope its the same again this morning.

Hell , I've changed my mind (again). Now going to text Wow to bring Cousin at 1pm. Just realised ... she would have a nice big ass. Nice pic for me to end this diary with. Cupid will not let me photo anything , let alone her ass. Only four more days to go , so better capture Sweet Smiles (SS) ass.

In years gone by , I drove contacts/pimps mad with my fussiness. Don't want to do that with Wow. She is too good. Do not want to frustrate her to the point where she gives up. Add to that , its unwise that I order , then cancel her cousin. That would cause ill feeling within Wow's clan. Family , and extension of family is very important. Better not tread on it. Will take Sweet Smile as previously arranged. Culturally , I am required to screw all of Wow's fuckable extended family. So , respect culture and fuck SS is what I say. Keep the cash flow within the clan , and there is less likely trouble from Wow's neighbourhood/family circle.

You know the 'Reserved' signs they place on tables ? This morning , I am going to have a cardboard one made up for my new base , over at the AV tables. Too many b.graders at Ratsky table , 15mtrs away. Riff raff not worth associating with. By the way , they are still waiting for that Cheap Charlie , who didnt pay his chit (Escape-1) , to return. They've got nothing else to do , but wait for him : )

My sign will read : "Thommo's Table - Vacancy" on one side , and on the flip side : "Thommo's Table - No Vacancy". If any of the riff raff from Ratsky's table head towards me , I'll turn the 'No Vacancy' side around to face them : )

The "Vacancy" sign will be most appropriate for passing chicks. If they stop and ask what the job is , I will tell them : "Blow" ... (blow job). Myself and people who know me , will find the sign amusing , especially Wow who now calls at Thommo's Table (AV , Ayala) with job applicants/talent every day.

Instead of sitting with riff raff at Ratsky's , I now sit at Thommo's Table interviewing job applicants , and getting pissed in the process. What a life : )

Have to think of a more discrete reply to the girls enquiring about what the job is. If they are good looking , tell them .... "Tourist Guide" , that's a good one. Geez if I lived here , I would have an overflow of girls , and without the need for pimps/contacts either.

The reason for pimps ? I’ve got limited time , 14 days , to get action. If living here , would have time on my side , and thus no need to hire 'staff' (pimps/contacts).


Executed virus scans for my laptop , Defrag etc , then some work for that Author. Its now 5am , back to bed.

Up out of bed , to Printers for table sign. To Tomrest and eat. Back in my room and Wow calls with SS. See PIC on this page (easy one to identify).

When it was time for Wow to leave the room , SS got scared. Found out she turned 18 only 11 days ago. Eventually Wow leaves , promising SS she will wait for her outside Tomville. I get SS on the bed , she doesn't want me to touch her tits or take her clothes off. Fat chance pic of her generous sized ass. Even fatter chance of a fuck. She is making everything difficult , so I decide to release her back to Wow. Not interested in wrestling with a girl. Like HN , this one might change her mind in next few days. Money is a great leveller : ) I txt Wow to return to room , explain situation , then brief Wow re next manoeuvres , have a siesta (broken sleep last night) , shower , to Printers , to Ayala.

I don't mind missing out today , HN was good for 3 days , ie , her sex will last with me for 3 days , then I will definitely need something. Even so , I am not waiting 3 days : ) Cupid is not calling today cause she has just started her menstruation. Hope I can fuck her in 3/4days time , just before I catch the plane home. Today , its all happening , not.

About two and a half hours down the track I decide that I do mind missing out today. So , text Wow as follows : "Cupid blow job girl only today possible yes or no". Only in the Phils : ) could you send such a text. In other words I am saying .. “Cupid comes for BJ only , seeing she has mens”. 'Wow' asks C and then Wow replies :

"She has no menstruation period she was just lying so would 8 b ok 2 u f she can only do sex and not blow job"

I reckon that txt msg should be framed , lol.

So Cupid is still refusing to BJ me , must have a boyfriend or an aversion to old cocks : ) Good looking women try and dictate the terms. Then another problem. Cupid wants to access money right now , shag now (needs money) , but I want 10am tomorrow , cause got to pick up Signs and take them to Ayala for some fun. Not going to let C upset my plans , especially when she is not co-operating re BJ. Control , control : )

Silence reigns , 10.... 20 mins pass and no text from Wow. Looks like Cupid is trying to have it all her way. Not so , will not happen. If I have sex with her only on her terms , it will be perfunctory sex. I decide not to make any more concessions to C , stand my ground. It's the power of the pussy .v. the power of money. And the winner is ..........

Money. She agreed to wait until 10am tomorrow. Now thinking , she must be punished for trying to push me around. When I get my dick in her , it will not be coming out until sundown : ) Will try and slip in a consolation prize (for myself) ... anal , very doubtful , but gotta keep trying for value. Alternatively pics , but so far she has declined to pose for any pics.

Nice to know I have got Cupid online again. If she fucks reasonably good , will have her maybe everyday until the plane leaves. Nice ending up with a beautiful girl , even if there is no oral.

Rang Printers and the table signs are ready to pick up. Shower , to Printers , to Ayala. Arrive at Ayala , sign a hit. I've got the Vacancy side of the sign facing the oncoming pedestrian traffic and it certainly is drawing attention. Increases my chances of snaring a victim.

Even got a gay guy (not bayut , straight gay) taking up position , table next to me and staring all the time. He looks employed , so no connection with 'Vacancy'. Lonely Lamb works on gays too , unfortunately.

The sign is a plus , raises girls awareness of my existence. Can take it with me to other places too. Then a foreigner guy with Groucho Marx moustache stops and asks me what the sign is all about. I tell him , including the kind of service I am seeking ... blow job. He likes it. He asked me "What are you here for". I said : "Fucking". A bit brutal , but the truth. He's now 44yrs old , having retired at 40 yrs old , made his money in TV advertising (?). Spends two months in Phils then two months in Algeria or somewhere like that. Fucks the Flips , but soon to marry a woman from his own culture. Smart lad , not interested in cross cultural marriages. Even smarter if he does not marry at all : )

Then txt msg , third one from Davao. Another Looker , only sent online message with cellphone number to lookers. Say, maybe next time I contact penpal girls earlier in my stay. Even so , Davao is not a hooker city. Different mentality there. Light years behind the Cebu chicks.

It's about 6.30pm now , been drinking for about 3 hrs non stop. I am now vulnerable to 4's and 5's : ) Off to Giordano and bought two more t.shirts and a watch ($100). Yes , the alcohol has got me buying yet another watch. Got two new ones as it is , now a third one. But this Giordano one is crazy , absolutely crazy. In the shape of a large tear drop. Certainly draws attention to the wearer. With the vacany sign , bling on right wrist (gold bracelet) and now bling on my left arm (Giordano watch) , I'm ahead of the pack (or looking like a Goose : ). I'm now no regular looking species , thats for sure (never was : )

Back to my room , sleep. Wake up around 11.30pm , type the above out , check finances etc. Now 1.30am , back to bed. Big day ahead of me .... shagging Cupid , singing competition , and other stuff. Three full days to go , then reality , returning home. I am going to ask Wow to pull out all stops to find something exceptionally beautiful for me. Suggest she employ Bayuts if necessary , which will involve double scouting fees , no probs , must end up on a high note. We always want more .. ‘Cupid’ is really good , but I'm greedy , want even better. Higher and higher we go , until we can go no higher : )

Running out of condoms ... gotta fix that problem. Fucking with Asian ones is just no good.


DAY 13


Wow arrives with Cupid . Off with C's clothes , lovely body. She's getting better at fingering dick , and fucking. Still no bj's. Reckons maybe bj tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes : ) No pics (as usual). She is the top experience of my trip. Placed and order with her for next day too. She's getting to like me , but I think time will run out and I will leave town without C's beautiful face wrapped around my cock. Can't have everything.

Off to Supermarket , chocolates for Tracey's kids. Siesta , AV with sign , Tomrest , Singing Comp.

Arrive at Alyssa , put up my tent , ie , place my Vacancy sign out. More interest in me and my table since I put up the sign. Girl comes along , got some height , reasonably attractive. She seems to be in a flutter re a cell phone call. I indicated to her 'what's up'. She returns my sign language with 'wait a while' sign. Finishes her call whatever and heads straight to my table , fully focused on my Vacancy sign.

She said "What's this" (sign). I said , 'take a seat and I will explain'. She hesitates , keeps standing , and we converse with each other whilst she stands. She decides I am ok and sits down at my table. She's come in from the province looking for work and has not got any yet. Hence the 'vacancy' sign caught her interest. P1800 per month for her lodgings. "Budget problems" she says. I say , "can help" with budget problems.

It's really time for me to go to Tomrest , get my eats and meet up with 'Wow' for the singing comp. I give 'Cell' (girl) my phone tag , and she agrees to meet me same spot 5pm next day. We get up together and I take her across to Ratsky table , introduce to boys , and then off we go together. She splits further up the Cul de sac , is taking a Jeepney , I catch taxi at a different spot.

She's in the bag , she's a shag (if I want it).

Never seen her before at Ayala , so do not think she was trolling. Load on cellphone ran out when she was trying to contact her girlfriend. Hence frustration not far from me. Hey , her girlfriend might be even better .... I'll look into that : )

To Tomrest and hand out raffle prizes. Off to Tomville and Wow is waiting out the front with a taxi. Her father happens to be the driver ! Keep it (cash flow) in the family babe , keep it in the family. Long trip to Traceys place. Taxi stops and there is a welcoming committee by the roadside. Tracey , Cute etc. , about six of them.

Through the tiny little alleyways we go ... looks like a Squatter Settlement. Small timber homes are almost touching each other. You walk out front door of one and your nearly in the front door of your opposite neighbour. Time comes and we exit Tracey's little house , hop in a tricycle taxi to the place where singing comp is to take place.

I was expecting a Hall , but find its an open space , a basketball court. Facing the Stage , there are lovely tall trees in the background , full moon above , and a lovely sea breeze. What more could I want. Introduced to the barrio Captain , then a news reporter comes along and with pen and paper asks : "What's your background" ?. I said 'bad , real bad'. She repeated the same question , I repeated 'real bad'. That got rid of her.

The comp begins and about 15 artists down the line , there is one hot babe , all 17yrs of her , in a full length body fitting gold dress , covered with glitter. Long curly hair , my favourite hair. Definitely a spunk ..... and some time later , the two male judges agree , awarding her first prize P1,000. The girl with the best voice etc was judged runner up (not a spunk : ) And so it went. About 3 hrs in all. Really enjoyed myself under those lovely trees , fool moon and sea breeze.

Sorry no pics , had high enough profile as it was (only foreigner) , didnt want to raise it anymore with stepping up to stage and taking pics of Spunk/whoever.

Wow and I returned to the City , about 45 mins away. Dropped Wow off , she lives in a Squatter Settlement. Think that is where most of her 'merchandise' (talent) is coming from.

Back home , type above out , crash , and wait for Cupid at 10am. If I cant get a blow job , I want a pic of her nice ass , for this page. The clock is ticking , 48 plus hrs and I will be on my way home. No sign of the Headless Chook. You can be sure he is lurking somewhere. Traditionally puts in an appearance at the end of my tours .... panic for the last shag/blowjob.

Saturday programme : Eats ... 10am Cupid ... 1pm meet Author and Internet lessons (for him) .. . 5pm 'Cell' babe at Alyssa , then hopefully around 8pm , outstanding beauty via Wow and her bayut (gay) friends.

Anyway , I'll keep fucking Cupid until my plane leaves on Monday : )




Not much sleep , up , collect pics , shower , type this out. Sent text to Wow telling her to ignore my previous request to cancel 3pm delivery , on the grounds that I am too busy. Reinstated original request : "Dubl Gwapa" , which translates to .. double gwapa = double pretty/ beautiful. Double is a way the flips sometimes say 'very' in english. Especially those with little command of English language. Wow has a good command , but once again 'fun' takes precedence. Cupid is gwapa , now raising the bar , beyond that , if possible. Anything is possible , all you have to do is try.

Think I might bring HN (Hot Native) in for training of Cupid. Personal in-house demonstration of what a blow job is all about. HN will slurp , lick and suck , until the sun rises. Good example for Cupid to follow. Try for HN , 8pm tonight , not sure she can be away from home that time of day. Clean my dick with her tongue : ) But then , she is a 'security' problem. Dont like having girl in room , wondering if brother/whoever is lurking nearby.

So its 10am , eats (havent had any food today) ; purchase condoms and Red Bull ; Ayala 1pm , helping Author with Internet ; 3pm Dubl Gwapa ( ? doubtful of success) ; 5pm "Cell" and more of her 'budget' stories. Then anything after that. San Mig Light will most prob be making the decisions by then : ) Must scour SM Mall for those student promo girls. Twas a Saturday when I saw them. Promo only on weekends maybe. They'll have about 36hrs to extract some student fees from me. Welcome to the 'Fees for Fun' programme : )

Definitely Red Bull time. No time for rest. Cock must be on call 24/7 this point onwards.

9.43am , I am waiting for the tap tap on my door , and 'Cupid' for another shag fest. 11am Wow and Cupid arrives , the usual one hour late ! By George , Cupid is improving. Excellent today. She's getting to feel comfortable with me. Her performance has improved 300%. Best sex this trip , even though no bj , best sex. Maybe Wow was responsible for that , eg : "You'd better raise the bar or your going to lose this guy". So set programme with her x 2 times a day , but she cant come tonight , got party. 10am tomorrow and 8pm tomorrow. Last bang of trip 10am with Cupid Monday , then back to airport and back to reality.

Tracey texes me and wants to bring 'talent'. I place order for curly haired winner singer night before , tongue in cheek cause looked young. Tracey replies : "She is only 17yrs old". Soos maria ! In that long evening gown and powerful voice she came across as much older. Also last night someone specifically said she was 18. Anyway , just a tease. Now Tracey tells me she put her age up for the contest. What a spunk she is going to be in 12 months time. No need to sing , just open the legs : )

Tracey offers me , sight unseen 'talent'. Tell her 'wait' Author comes first. To Ayala , fixed Author , get txt from Wow saying she's at Tomville. I return , 3 girls and Wow waiting for me. Two in College uniforms , and another spunky looking one. Into the room they come. That's when I realise the spunky one is the former 'Spotter' I wrote about before. As a fuck , rejected her some time ago , now she has returned dressed all spunky style. Presentation , you can't beat it : )

So what are these two innocent looking college girls doing in my room ?. I hedged around the subject but got no where , so asked Wow bluntly if they are 'talent' (code language for fuck). Surprisingly Wow says yes. Honestly , I was a little bit stunned. Wow certainly has raised the bar , or lowered it , depends which way you look at it : )

I chat with both of these girls in college uniforms , checked their college ID's (18yrs confirmed) and thought to myself , well ... fuck them , that's what they are here for. It's a long time since I have fucked genuine college girls. Thought , now that I am much older , this kind of merchandise is usually out of reach to me. Not so , it seems , if you've got the right contacts.

So asked Wow which one first. She nominated the one in black T. Shirt , who I will call .. Pixy. She had a genuine pixy look about her , if you know what I mean. Talk about lambs to the slaughter , this was it. I found out later , Wow nominated Pixy first cause Pixy's family (mum and dad) were most in need of money. I doubled checked with Pixy that she is willing to go through with it. She looked so innocent and timid , she could hardly get the magic words out : "Yes" (willing to go through with it). OK honey if your up for it , so am I.

Wow and the two others left the room. Initially Pixy declined to take her pants off , but then changed her mind without explanation , took them off and then began the process of testing her courage , all for money. Silly girl she did not request condom sex , even so I dropped some ky gel on my dick and encourage her to spread it over my cock and balls. This she did very delicately. The more delicate the better. On with the condom. About to enter her cute tight lipped pussy when she said so softly I could hardly hear her (air con noise and tv noise ... purposely left tv on a bit loud to cover with my neighbours , or anyone standing outside the door listening .. happens). She spoke , yeh , one word : "Softly" , not for the last time either. Must have said it about ten or more times. Little did I know , she was a virgin , offering herself up to a lecherous old geeser like me. She does her parents proud.

Think Wow/Spotter convinced her : 1. If your going to lose your virginity , this is the one (me) to lose it with 2. Once you lose your virginity , you can get a cash flow for college fees etc. Realised after Wow and girls returned to my room , they were all excited at the prospect that Pixy was no longer a virgin. Especially Wow , with Spotter leaning forward to hear what Pixy had to say. Conversation in local dialect , think it went something like this : "Did you lose it ? , did it hurt ? You didnt lose it ! What happened ? Pixy : "Oh he got it in alright but did not press the point , in and out only a little bit , round and round , I cummed , he cummed , then I gave him a blow job , cause I felt guilty about him giving me money for nothing". "Did he give you money" , says Spotter etc.

Ha , ha , but I could see Wow grinning from ear to ear.

Yeh , you got it , not full penetration , only the first two inches or so. This 'slowly , slowly' of hers , and her timid and fearful nature , plus the difficulty of ramming the point home (virgins are clumsy with their legs , part of the fear factor) made me think to myself .... well this is paradise anyway , forbidden fruit that a guy like me should not be tasting. I was very excited at the fact I had a genuine college student and virgin at my mercy , waiting to be 'slaughtered' and thus did the right thing , especially when she gave me such a lovely blow job on withdrawal. Virgins know about the power of a good blow job. Give the guy a good blow job and he wont worry about penetrating ya : )

Definitely a cookie in the oven. Now , the morning after , I could have the sadistic pleasure of bringing Pixy back ... no mercy this time , full penetration whether she liked it or not. A bit of sadism (power) goes a long way : ) Will I do it , am I sufficiently a fiend ? Cupid at 10am , Pixy's college pal at 1pm , maybe Pixy at 8pm. Think Dad and Mum would agree : "Couldn't happen with a nicer guy" , lol. Family of ten , would you mind. Pixy is the eldest. Looks like I am the family surgeon and will be destined to take all Pixy's sisters cherry's too : )

Just thinking about her innocent , fearful , timid look and behaviour (spoke very few words) makes me get a hard on. Fiend ! Another turn on , was her silence. Hardly spoke at all , slim and very delicate. Normally I am not interested in 'slim' , but the carnal factor was in full force.

I know , if Wow and Spotter brought her back to my room , they would not be able to contain themselves ... splitting their sides , in the knowledge Pixy will not be able to get away with it a second time. Pixy is of no use to them as a scared virgin. "Put her to work once Thommo is finished with her" , is what they are thinking. Used my last condom on her , got plenty now , can stretch the surgery (penetration) out over hours if I like. Savouring the cookie indeed : )

But there is a problem , her college girl friend seems to have a better body and is most probably a virgin too (birds of a feather) , lol. She's calling at 1pm with Spotter , if she does not get too scared. She will learn of my gentlemanly behaviour from her friend Pixy , and so I think she will enter my web of deception , enter the room , and suffer the consequences : )

Why does Wow relish making a fiend of me ? : )

Yeh , never forget , when I had my dick in her (all 2" of it : ) and our eyes were glued to each other , reading the emotions ... she said sincerely : "You are handsome". It was my eyes , I know that. Have a tricky way of enhancing the natural colour of my eyes. Explained it more than once before on this website (but not 'Bluesy' way). No filipino dong has got my eyes , none = exciting for her to look into them , whilst she cums from my gentle rhythm. Also , I'll never forget her saying : "I love you" when I gave her an extra P500 for "courage beyond the call of duty". She loves me for the extra help (P500) I gave her and her family ... not the other love , hardly knows me : ) Maybe also 'loves me' cause I respected her (virginity) and did not take advantage of her desperate need for money (family of ten).

Anyway , she loves me , simple as that , and I believe her. Problem is , I do not love her : )

Thommo doesn't get to taste girls like Pixy (and Cupid) very often. 'Wow' is really doing a great job , better than my previous contacts. On leaving the Phils , I planned slipping a P1000 note inside a Thank You card for Wow. Might raise that to P2000. Pimps like Wow do not come along every day of the week : )

Spotter and the second student return tomorrow 1pm. I am now fucking students in Thommo's surgery. No time to look for student promo girls SM. Told Wow's girls I am Doctor Thommo and to the 2nd victim (tomorrow) : "Tomorrow surgery" , especially if another virgin. Second one has a better body. First one was more innocent and thus very carnal. For sure second one will be carnal too , especially when I lock the door on her and ask her to take off her pants : )

Took Spotters cell phone number , just in case Wow is not in town next time. Wow might be in Korea next time (singer). Everyone wants a piece of me. For sure randy Spotter wants to fuck me. Same as Wow ... "never fuck the pimp" applies , especially if its a male pimp : )

'Cell' is texting me from Ayala. Have to get rid of her. Wow's babes better.

Cell arrives at Ayala. She is under stress , no job , owing rent. Her behaviour is bad , to put it mildly. Told her I come to Phils to have fun , not to argue ... 'go now' , and she goes.

Signif amount of backstabbing amongst the cul de sac foreigners. The hippie/bohemian , seems to be a spy of some sorts too. Maybe a government spy. I'm outa here (cul de sac) and on my way to Tomville , stopping at the Pharmacy for Red Bull and condoms. Back home and to sleep. Why bother with Paseo/Pump at night when I have great girls by day ? Lifes good. 





Up 5am , to Internet , some important work before lift off tomorrow. Eat , shower , salivate on the prospect of Cupid , yet again. She's a cross between a Pixy type and a whore .... love it : ) Cupid is learning fast , becoming a great seductress , lovely technique nowadays. Slow starter , strong finisher , by the looks of it.

But must save some for Pixy's friend , whom we will call : PF. If she is a virgin , she will not get away with it. I will take her (virginity) , then keep her in my room , lubricate the dick (ky gel) and give her first decent fuck of her life. Want her to have memories of me. Might get her cell or email number too. She will know more college girls seeking a handsome guy like me : ) Handy for next trip. I'm almost four times their age and they call me "handsome". Gotta love it : )

Think , in future , I will introduce myself to the virgins as 'Surgeon' (first name) and 'General' (family name). Hi my name is Surgeon General. Better still " Virgin Surgeon". Paste a sign on my room door : "Surgery .. by Appointment only".

Had eats , loaded cell , Spotter still trying to seduce me through cell phone. I am not having any of it , want many chicks , not just her. If I shag her , end of her recruiting for me. So , there is a danger that Spotter will call by herself and say PF not available , then try to convince me to fuck her , so she gets real money. Not on honey , not on. My final txt to her today was "Make sure patient arrives at surgery 1pm sharp". Patient being PF.

Wow calls with Cupid. Wow tells me , in front of Cupid , she has finally made contact with a bayut/gay who has beautiful girl for P2000 short time (plus Bayuts commission , could be as high as P1000 ?). Must explain to Wow not to mention such matters in front of girls already in the room : 1. Insulting for girl 2. Raise the price of girl already in room etc.

I tell Wow to bring Bayut and 'Extraordinaire' (beauty) 8pm. She is to text me details eg age etc beforehand and after she personally inspects the merchandise. She told bayut , must inspect 'Extraordinaire' first before proceeding to my Surgery.

Wow goes , Sextify until the cows come home. Strange feeling after finishing , I knew it was the end , didnt want to fuck Cupid anymore. Too many others wanting a piece of my dick/atm , too little time to keep up with all of them. Decide on PF and Bayuts choice , ie two more in next 20hrs. That's enough , no more this trip. Taking down phone numbers , email addresses etc of all the important players. Think I will give Tracey a complete miss. In more than 14 days she has not delivered a single fuck.

These final hours , want to relax a little and cherish the moment. Slow down the pace , fuck quality , then on the plane.

2pm arrives and so does Spotter and PF. Well , she does not look so good without her College uniform. Lost some of her carnality : ) She's in tights today , and I can see her legs are rather smallish. Small , shy and no doubt scared. No , enough shyness yesterday. Dont want to make a habit of it. Add to that , I am a bit washed out. Save up what juices I have for 'Extraoirdinaire' 8pm tonight. Don't be surprised if I knock her back too. When I go off someone like Cupid , I know its going to be difficult finding someone I want to fuck.

The Headless Chook can rest in peace.

So , instead of fucking a College student , I am off to the Internet Cafe for about one hour of computer chores. Then Ayala and presentation of a unique gift (peanuts from back home) to the Chairman of the Council of Elders , Cul de sac. Wind down. Eat at Tomrest , then shower and put on my best for 'Extra-ordinaire'. If she is good , will get Bayuts cell phone number , just in case Wow is not around when next I call into Cebu.

'Um' is texting me. Dont know how she got my number , maybe gave it to her , can't remember. Good cock sucker and fucker. Might recall her. Others are calling me. They all want a piece of my dick , or should I say , my atm.

To Ayala , 'Chairman ' is not there. Take up my S&F position at Alyssa , 'Vacancy' sign on table. Within mins score a fish. She looks at sign , slows down , looks at me , willing to discuss 'vacancy' , but alas she is a 4 in my language (little bit tired look , not fresh) , and I rudely nod 'no' with my head. Consequently she keeps walking.

Then two filipino friends of the Chairman are at my table. Then a foreigner who lives in Cebu. Twist sign around to read "No Vacancy" " ) Drink a few beers , then off to Tomrest where I see WC (White Chook) back from her tour , sitting alone at table , so I took mercy on her and sat with her. She tells me she is returning to my country tomorrow too. She catches same flight to Cebu and then same flight back. Exactly same days in Phils as me. Is she stalking me ? lol.

Her brother comes along to our table and she tells him 'We caught same plane to philippines , now catching same plane back home". I said to him 'We were made for each other , your invited to the wedding'.

Most importantly , she tells me flight is leaving two and a half hours earlier than I thought. Soos ! Might have missed my plane. She then suggests we catch same taxi to airport ! Not on babe. Ate , said farewell to her (until airport , when she will stalk me again : ). To Tomville and Extraordinaire.

Arrive Tomville and super chick , bayut and Wow are waiting for me. To my room , and immediately realise superchick is pretty , but for my money no super chick. Light skin that flips like , yes. Pretty yes , but she is not beautiful and most importantly she is not sexy. Can not read any sex running through her veins. Wow tells me the bayut is her brother. Philippines .... sell your sister !

'Cupid' chick of mine has a sexy look , this supposed Superchick , no , flat. Pretiness is one thing , sexiness another. Gave them (girl and brother) some peanuts and told em d' truth , plane leaving earlier than I thought , gotta pack my bags etc. Gave Wow a gift wrapped card with P2000 inside. Never done that before , but never came across such a nice pimp before either.

Dont waste your time asking for Wow's cell number etc , won't happen : )

As Wow exits door she says "I'm gonna miss you". Pragmatic/sarcastic me thinks , yeh your going to miss the cash flow. Your going to go back to living day by day , wondering where your next feed is coming from. Sad , but if she was not in a situation like that , she would never pimp for me. Survival.

It's time to get serious , go to Internet Cafe and do what I was supposed to do earlier on , then return , pack my bags. Reality approaches. Pleasure , then pain. Pain , then pleasure. The merry go round of life.

The life of a Whorist was not meant to be easy : ) 


Only had 2hrs sleep , rest of time spent in packing etc. Thinking about Cupid all the time. Checked finances , calculated time needed , and yes can fit Cupid into my schedule. Might as well end with a bang So , 6am txt Wow and place order. Last time I shagged Cupid I had to use Asian size/quality condoms... most unsatisfactory. Whilst packing early this morning , came across some more of the super thin American ones I was using before. Then got randy thinking of Cupid all the time. Got the cash , make a dash , for yet another session with Wonder Woman.

Cupid arrives on time. No tears when I told her I am going , but bj yes ! She crossed the line , just in time. My farewell gift , no doubt. Amateurish but lovely to see my dick disappear into her lovely face. So lovely that about 5 mins into it I spurted , she jumped up from the bed , to the wash room and gargled with Listerine and water. Came out of the wash room , looked at me and nodded 'no' , that blew it (spurt). Shag , shag , she is good , the best of this tour. Mainly cause she is so pretty and got the right body for me. Add to that , a submissive innocence. Best 'victim' for about ten yrs , no doubt about that.

I queried her re recruiting for me , next trip. I told her , "shag you , plus commission for talent". She agreed. Family poor , need all the money they can get their hands on. At least they have got light in their shanty house nowadays. She was able to pay electricity bill with her ill gotten gains (pussy payments).

Out she goes , myself following , few mins later. Reality day. To airport and preparing oneself for the real world , viz , no fucks , baby jumbo's (fat women) , unoccupied (no biz/job) and a baby rottweiler to control : )

Arrive at Airport , and you guessed it , WC is there and calls out my name. I never told her my name , she must have picked it up from the waitresses back at Tomrest. Immigration queried the condition of my passport , but let me through. Fortunately my Phil entry stamp was one of the few not washed out.

To Coffee Shop where I believe mysterious txt messages came from Sept 2007. New attractive girl there. I clowned around , she liked it (dont they all : ) Among other things , asked her age. She said 18. I said what month your birthday. She said June. I said , then you will be 19. She said no , 18 in June. I said , so you are "running 18". She said yes. I said "I dont like to run , I like to walk". Only in the Philippines , could I get away with that. Anywhere else they would lock me up : )

I'm hiding in that Coffee Shop , far from departure lounge. Will leave it until the last minute , so as to keep away from WC. Don't want her talking to me. Want to sit quietly and soak up what and who I have just done , in Cebu City.

Twenty five mins before plane leaves , so off to the last boarding pass counter. Right next to it is a Massage place. "Massage Sir" says the lady standing outside the door. I said to her : 'only 25 mins before plane leaves'. She said "can do". Philippines : )

Then in final departure lounge , I don't dare look around (WC) , and take a seat right at the back row (control). No sign of WC.

In the plane , and eventually arrive at Singapore Airport. Filipino spunk on same flight. No doubt selling it for U$2/300 in Singapore. Wandering eyes = hooker , for sure. I have observed these girls trying to pick up customers from fellow passengers , before. That's why she was looking around , including at me. She's thinking , maybe I am terminating at Swingapore. No doubt I look like a whoremonger : )

Walking around Sing Terminal , I saw WC coming towards me , picked up the pace and when I drew level with her I said "exercise" and kept moving. Pretended I was walking briskly to get exercise , when in fact was making sure she did not stop in her tracks to have a chat with me. Next she'd be asking for my cell phone number : )

To Cof Shop , need a place to sit down , rest with bags , and to type this out. Asked white skinned eurasian girl "how much for cof". Had some fun with her. She appreciated my sense of humour. Maybe she wants 'out' of Singapore ? By-product of all the whites living and working in Singapore I suppose.

Which raises the question. Your not allowed to chew chewing gum in Sing , but are you allowed to fuck ?


At Sing Airport thinking , back in Cebu , I was a bit disappointed with my farewell. Chairman of Cul de sac did not respond to my farewell txt msgs , but then , think he has his cell switched off most of the time. But he knew I was leaving around then. Should have had his cell switched on. Disappointing.

Cupid did not show much emotion either. 'Wow' did , sort of. Was it all only about money ?

I know Thais are mercenary , but never thought of Flips as being in the same league. Maybe Flips just take money off old fools like me and to hell with the niceties ?

I was more emotional than all of them put together.

Obviously they meant more to me , than I did to them. Soos ! 

But don't get me wrong , I am not thinkin about that , I am thinking about all the fun I had. "Escape-2" would be an ideal retirement point. Cupid and all the other quality experiences. Doubtful if I will ever experience that kind of short trip again. Contact Wow was the difference.

Spent 40% over budget , but got 200% more fun.

Can't take it with you : )


So , in reality , my tour is at an end.


Now is the hour for us to .......................


Until my next Escape ............ 





This notice is the result of the many emails I am receiving following publishing of Escape - 2

Because I usually go to the same place 3 out of 4 times , other times I go to Thailand , think I will not mention the specific Phil city that I am visiting any more. Use a made up name. Also not mention specific venues/places by their real name , cause that will identify the city. It's time for me to change location/city anyway. Been to Cebu too many times. Next trip I might go to either Manila or Angeles , but will not identify where I am. Even in Thailand , will not necessarily mention name of city I am in.

I can see , that mainly inexperienced types , are taking the diaries too seriously and think the focus of a particular diary is some sort of paradise. The paradise for newbies is Manila and Angeles where pussy is full on. Not where I go.

Add to that , there seems to be evidence that joints I mention regularly are the focus of these same newbies and thus where I once had these places to myself , I am now competing for seating space , lol. It's ok , one old monger perving on chicks at a certain spot , but when there are 3 - 6 doing the same thing at the same spot , it ain't the same any more. Don't want people to think I am like them , a pervert , lol.

The Diaries are only a tale of how I personally go about things , my experiences etc. They are not meant to be a field report with names and addresses. That sort of information is placed in the Facts section of this website anyway.

So , regular readers , remember , in the future , when I am talking about the Philippines , place names etc will be changed to protect the 'patch' and 'patches' I have worked so hard for , over the years , and any other new patches I find in the future.

And those emailing and asking for Wow's contact number etc (subject of this Escape-2 Diary) , I say read this Diary and read the website. In particular 'Contacts' in the Cebu Nightlife section. I am really getting tired of these freeloaders who have never contributed to this website and never will , who expect me to pass on important personal information.

The Facts section of this website is free and is more than enough for anyone getting started.

If the changing of place names etc does not work , I will discontinue the diaries.

Who poo's in their own nest ?

Not me : )

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