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GUIDE only :


Use the information below as a guide only.

It will be helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Thailand as much as possible , but not Patong/Phuket anymore. Updates below are based on proven reliable sources.


NOTE : The original 1am curfew for nightspots , varies a bit from town to town , nowadays. But the authorities seem to focus mainly on the 'lewd' GoGo Bars. Freelancers on the street and Disco's seem to be able to circumvent the 1am curfew in most towns/cities , including Patong/Phuket. There are other establishments that 'bend the rules' , sometimes only temporarily , until they are caught up with. Thailands sex scene is ever fluid/spermatic : ) Patong/Phuket Disco's for example usually go to 2am and sometimes beyond. 


Very few changes/updates cause very little 'intelligence' on this place , numbers of mongers and interest in this place seems to be declining. Still a favourite for the beaches though , and a favourite amongst regular tourists too.


Phuket is NOT UPDATED ANYMORE (as from 1st July 2014) !


NOTE : Nowadays I do not visit Phuket/Patong and so consider any updates as reliable 'second hand' info. Although this 'second hand' info is becoming scarce as mongers wake up to the fact , Patong (in Phuket) is loaded with sucker prices , and average looking women , and thus most mongers like me ,  keep away from the place. 

But then , there are some who like it. Think its guys who put beach before bitch. Nice beaches down that way : )

CRIME : Targeting foreigners in this touristy town is on the rise. Take care. 

Terrorist Threats : In the past , some foreign governments have given out warnings re a possible terrorist attack in the tourist/whorist Patong area of Phuket. Nothing to date has eventuated.

And the infamous Tsunami killed thousands , yes thousands , of foreigners. If on Patong beach , keep an eye on the horizon and don't go to sleep : )

SEX ACTION : Pattaya is by far superior , in all respects , except say for beach. Patt's beach is crap , literally , sometimes (sewerage breakdown : )


Phuket is NOT UPDATED ANYMORE (as from 1st July 2014) !

Phuket Sex Venues 


for SEX with HOOKERS

Firstly, I will discuss Patong Nightlife because it will occupy most of your time and resources (sperm bank and atm included). By comparison , nightlife for foreigners ,  in Phuket town itself , not Patong (see below for Patong) ,  is almost non existent and therefore is placed at the very bottom of this page.  

Patong (Phuket Island) Sex Action ......


Disclaimer :

As the years go by my interest in Patong/Phuket wains even further. I have no intention of returning to this place .. too much of a sucker tourist atmosphere for my liking , and so consequently treat all the info below as reasonably reliable second hand info. Not personally visited any more :

As with Pattaya and Bangkok watch yourself and your money when out an about late at night. Keep an eye on those bills that keep dropping into that 'cup' in front of you and do not pay with large denomination notes if you can avoid it. Same Bangkok 'rules of engagement' apply here and everywhere else in Thailand and the rest of SE Asia for that matter.

Patong is mostly Beer Bar action with sufficient Go-Go ; Pick up Disco and Massage to satisfy most (but not me). It’s more expensive than Pattaya. Is it worth travelling to ? I would say it is not necessary to travel to Patong on your first or second trip to Thailand. Bangkok and Pattaya will keep you busy. If you decide to check out Patong , then consider adding Hatyai and Ko Samui to your list. I would not travel to Patong just to see Patong. I would roll it in with some other southern towns.

Best time to Go ? - Most probably December to March when prices , particularly accommodation are at their highest , unfortunately. June to July = least monger numbers and some girlie places dormant/closed. August on' is the wet season. You can presume that some lookers go home during the low season. No point them hanging around earning peanuts. Girls rest pussy and return to the fray December - March ? : )

Be prepared for very high Tuk Tuk prices , 100/200 Bt common. Why ? Its a tourist town. Sucker tourists throw their money around , consequently the locals grab it : )

Note : For a more sexy time , Pattaya is more favoured nowadays. Although Pattaya's beach is polluted. But nearby islands (Pattaya) great , they say. 

Bangla Road/Soi Bangla :

Since my last and final visit to Phuket , this street has been turned into a walk way (no vehicular traffic) at nights , I believe. Similar to Walking St of Pattaya , including hookers walking up and down looking for customers. This is a good trend I approve of , and upgrades Patong a smidgen , but only a smidgen (tiny bit).

Beer Bars for sexy hookers  - 

There are in excess of one hundred Beer Bars , enough to get you drunk and keep you busy for some time. Same as Pattaya , the younger ones with the best bod's are employed in the Go-Go's. You will always find exceptions though , and at a much greater discounted price. Most Beer Bars open around 6pm and things get moving 9pm onwards. Note : Prices are ever increasing in Patong (big spender sucker tourists to blame). Some of the following prices might have increased even further , by the time you get there. Average Beer Bar prices are higher than Pattaya : Your Drink Baht 70/100 , Ladies Drink Bt100 or more (Compare with Pattaya) ... have heard of Bt180/200 Ladies Drinks too  , Bar Fines Bt300/500 , or they might try for higher (bf). Higher bar fine earlier in the night , lower bar fine towards end of night  (tourist type hi-jinks). Short Time Bt1000/1500 and Long Time Bt1500/2000 , add Bt500 if high season (sucker tourists , tourists , tourists , inflating the price : ). Lower prices are more than adequate. Use these fig's as a guide only. If your being quoted more think twice , incl. Pattaya , where its cheaper overall.

Small beer bars away from the tourist strip : Bar Fine Bt300 and Bt1000 ST. Bt1500 LT. Varies according to circumstance eg girl interested in you etc.

The currency quoted on this website is the Thai Baht. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

All of this info belongs to :

Location - Walking down Soi Bangla from Rock Hard Go-Go and on the same side , you first come across Soi Sea Dragon , then Soi Eric , Soi Crocodile/Katoey , Soi Gonzo (not so great)  , and finally Soi Easy. A humungous amount of Beer Bars are to be found in this area.

Soi Sea Dragon - has some go-go bars. Opposite Suzie Wongs , you will find Monica Pool Bar. Upstairs at Monica's = Lolita's Blow Job Bar ... Blow Jobs Bt700 or Bt1500 with full sex. 

Most active/popular - Soi Eric and Soi Easy (Soi Tiger ?) , with the latter more of a Bar complex , not a Soi/Street anymore , and the more impressive beer bar strip. Girls overall , were ‘average’ lookers (my opinion : ). There is a possibility foks are calling Soi Easy ... "Soi Tiger" nowadays.

Soi Tiger/Katoey - When I was there katoeys were dancing on an elevated makeshift mini stage at the entrance plus katoeys were approaching people on the footpath. They are at the entrance and at the end (Andaman Katoey Cabaret) of this Soi , but not so much in the middle , it seemed. Katoeys and tourists in Soi Tiger.

On the opposite side of Soi Bangla there are a number of popular Bars.

SHORT TIME rooms , some attached to the bar. Girls will know nearby ones. 




Go-Go Bars for sexy young women  -

Note - the local authorities sometimes make life difficult for the 'lewd' and limited number of Go-Go Bars in Patong (and elsewhere in Thailand for that matter). Thus , sometimes closures.  

The Go-Go's are located in the same alleyways and area as the Beer Bars. See Map below and text that accompanies it. Use the following as a guide.  PRICES : Check prices before you order anything. There might have been some escalation in drink prices of late , especially Ladies Drinks : YD (eg Beer) 150-200 ,   LD ... Bt150-200 , BF 600 , ST Bt1500/2000 and LT 2000/3000 , more likely ask the higher price , and some have the cheek to ask even more than that. Compare with Beer Bar and Freelance girls = not good value at those prices. Normally you do not get twice as much fun for twice as much money, but if you do , let me know : )



Suzy Wong , go early for full selection , say 8/9pm. Probably most popular of all of them.  YD (Beer) Bt100/150 , Ladies Drink Bt180 , BF (BarFine) Bt600 , ST 2000 , LT3000. Girls in white gear = not take out (so they say). Girls in black gear = can barfine/take out. Possibly the best gogo girls , worth a peak/beer , at least. Other popular ones : Diablo ; Devils Dungeon. Sometimes topless and/or nude in these popular gogo's (depends on mood of authorities at time you are in town). 

So Sea Dragon is Patongs GoGo Street , but others located elsewhere , also. Think Suzy Wong is located in Soi Sea Dragon  

Rock Hard Go-Go Bar -

On the corner of Soi Bangla and Rat-U-Thit. Upstairs. The first and longest established Go-Go in Phuket. Nowadays in the 'ok' category only. An average GoGo in Bangkok would beat it easily. Prices may have inflated : YD Bt150 , LD Bt210. Bar Fine usually a little more than other places , Bt1000 , nowadays. ST Baht1500/2000 LT Baht3000/4000. Price depends on the popularity of the girl and whether she has other options on the night you want her. Patong/Phuket is a tourist town , so expect to pay tourist (sucker) prices. Bangkok is the premium GoGo town , followed by Pattaya. Patong (on Phuket Island) really doesnt feature as a GoGo town  , compared to those other two.

Downstairs : Club Rio , not GoGo (hope that info is right , not going back to find out : )

Email: ... for the latest developments/info. Might have changed with reported name change (?)

Soi Sea Dragon -

Possibly the best GoGo Soi/Street. I think Suzy Wong is in this street/soi. Start with it. Keep in mind , the Go-Go scene in Patong is mini compared to a place like Bangkok , and even smaller than Pattaya. Patong is not a Go-Go town , it's a Beer Bar and Freelance (Disco's/After Hours street pick ups etc) town. Many Beer Bars in same street/soi.

BJ BAR (Lolita's) : Second hand info tells me : "Walk down Soi Sea Dragon to Cafe Massimo , back of Cafe there is a sign "Lolita Launge" (not typo : ) , up the stairs you go to the bj bar. Opens 8pm (?) apparently. Thought it would be open day time too ? Reasonable looking bj girls and Bt700 for the deed , BBBJCIM (bare back blow job , cum in mouth). They might ask for more , than that , but 700 should do the trick (as in Pattaya/Bangkok 700/800)

All of this info belongs to :

Soi Eric -

Might be one or two go go's in this street nowadays , not sure. Soi Eric is a popular Beer Bar street/soi.

Soi Crocodile/Katoey -

At the back of Soi Crocodile/Katoey there might still be a go-go called "Andaman Queen" Go-Go. A play on words no doubt , as from memory , the nearby sea is called Andaman. And-a-man , not 'and a girl' , you sea/see : ) All of the 'girls' dancing at this place are men/katoeys.


Other Venues for SEX with HOOKERS - Patong/Phuket :


Disco's for picking up Hooker Women : 



If you do not have any luck at the Beer Bars or Go-Go's and it's after midnight, you might consider trying out the Freelancers operating within the local hooker Disco's. 1/2am onwards there is a flood of Beer Bar and GoGo girls , interested in a dance , drink and going home with a handsome guy like you : ) Don't forget , not all the girls at these Disco's are for sale, hire or rent. Especially earlier in the night. Watch for 'eye language'. If you look close enough at the right ones , you can see $ signs in their eyes : )

POPULAR ones :  Concentrate on Tiger and Hollywood Disco's (below)

PRICES : On average Bt1500 for ST (short time) and Bt2000 for LT (long time). Its not all night when you meet the girl 1/2am in the morning : ) No ladies drinks to buy or bar fines to pay ... worth keeping in mind. 

Starting at the beach and working away from the beach :

Banana Disco -

in Taweewong Road (Beach Rd) .

See Tiger and Hollywood Disco's below , more popular and better chances.

It's part of the Patong Beach Hotel , above the Banana Lounge. Similar prices and similar pick up scene to other Disco's. See above prices. Baht 250/300 entrance fee (= first two drinks). Seems to be 'less commercial'. Some foreign women at this place. Not so popular as Taipan , or Tiger. It seems Banana is a good one to go earlier in the night .. classier , ie , good girls (?) who get their rocks of earlier in night. Less Freelancers here. For  higher % of bad girls its Tiger Disco , see below. Also , be aware , Katoeys (she-males) will approach you along beach road to and from Banana. 12 m/n to 2am is when it 'happens'.

Tiger Disco -


Tiger and Hollywood below are the two most popular Disco's nowadays. Hollywood is most probably THE most popular pick up Disco. Possibly younger girls here , rather than other two mentioned below. 

Apparently on the ground floor there are beer bars and respectable ladies to be had (?)

Tiger Disco : Best 12 midnight to 2am. Didn't come across it during my visit. Apparently in Soi Bangla Road and popular. How did I miss it ? Must have been 'blind' drunk : ) Receive positive reports about it nowadays. There is a big Tigers head over the side entrance/footpath , apparently. Plenty of Freelancers , some amateur , others not so amateur : ) Entrance Baht 300 = 2 drinks. Your Drink Bt150 (?) .  Prices girls ? ... see above. Tiger has a reputation of a late night revellers place (3/4am closing) , and a sure thing for a hooker. Too easy : )

Hollywood Disco -

Seems to be the most popular pick up disco in town. Best 12noon to 2am. Located in Soi Bangla (Road) also. Apparently girls at Hollywood are less professional , but it nevers get to the situation your not paying , and you will most probably have to pay same as say Tiger Disco above. Late closing here too ... 3/4am. Hollywood and Tiger are the two most popular ones right now. Prices girls , see above 'PRICES'.  No entrance fee , to my knowledge. Beer Bt180. Maybe older hookers here (?). Baht1000 LT (long time) is feasible , but will ask Bt1500 , maybe even Bt2000. I presume , if Tiger still out of action , Hollywood is rockin'   !

Taipan Disco -

Not so popular nowadays and more suitable for older guys searching for older gals (over 30).  Location - Rat Uthit Rd opposite side of road to Star Club , a few metres north of the Soi Bangla/Rat Uthit Intersection. Cannot recall if it was before or after Soi Sunset. No entrance fee at time of my visit. An ok place for pick ups , particularly 9pm to 11pm. Possibly girls a bit older here , hence free admission : ) Prices girls , see above 'PRICES'.

Safari Disco -

Forget , too far away.

"A ten min taxi ride (Bt150/250 ?) away from the action area (Bangla Beer Bars etc) , and is apparently open till daylight. Best time 3am - 5am , after others have closed. But in reality I think you can safely give this one a miss. I have. I bet the tuk tuk drivers charge a fortune to return you to the Soi Bangla area. Gotcha ! as you walk out blind drunk with the sun up  : )

Other FL Action -

Street girls Baht1500 LT (depends how many hours left in the night/morning). Most of the action takes place 1/2am onwards , when regular venues close down. You'll find the gals anywhere near the corner of Rat Uthit/Soi Bangla (outside Hard Rock Go-Go) and/or down Soi Bangla in the Cafes etc there are hungry 'fish' (gals) who have missed out at the Go-Go/Beer Bar/Disco's ..... and are circling around like hungry sharks looking for a 'bite' to eat .. $ ..... you ! : ). McDonalds area in Soi Bangla is a possibility for Freelancers too.  Soi Sansabai is also active with FL's. A percentage of these gals of course are Street Freelancers pure and simple. As usual , take care with your valuables when dealing with untraceable Freelancers. Prices : Ask Bt1000 short time. Ask Bt1500 long time (all night) , can be had for Bt1000 especially if its 2/3am whatever (its not all night then). Depends on how desperate you/she is : )

UPDATE : Soi Bangla has become a Walking Street at nights , apparently. Thus hookers parade up and down it , as in Pattaya. This is a good move , and a plus for Patong/Phuket , but I still will not be going there. Take me more than that to get me to go there. Change in attitudes (girls)  for starters   : )

All of this info belongs to : 

Sex Massage Parlours : 

No town or city in Thailand would be complete without its time honoured (sex) massage parlours.


Cheap Massage : 

Note : Be aware of possibility of lady boys/katoeys in these places.

Apparently in response to Christins/Cristins (see below) , high prices and average or below average service , a number of small cheapy massages have cropped up in the same street , and open for biz 10/11am onwards. Location : Walking from seafront to corner of Soi Bangla and Rat Uthit Road , turn right , into Rat Uthit Road ,  100/200mtrs down you will find these small massage places (same area as Cristins Massage)  , offering a 1/2hr massage for Baht200/300 Baht. Now these places are not supposed to offer sex , but do. Officially .. Hand job Bt500 , Blow Job Bt700 , Full Sex Bt1000 , incl. the 1 hr massage. They will try for higher prices. There might be an additional Bt300 above those prices. As you can see "sucker tourist prices" prevail in Patong. Do not look 'hungry' , be casual , relaxed , and you should be able to get for at least Baht200 less than prices quoted.

Soi Kepsup/Kepsap : Has about 12 small massage shops apparently. Girls quite keen to drag you inside too : ) These and other small cheapy mp joints are open during the day (and maybe night) , starting 10/11am. Second hand info.  

You have to call into a number of them before you find a pretty one that satisfies you. Most are average at best. But pretty ones can be found with patience and persistence (informs a friend of mine). If you see girls standing outside a shop , asking you to come in , chances are its a sex massage place. Scattered here and there. 

Christins -

See update below , before reading. Not cheap and not popular nowadays. 

Probably the most visited and possibly only established large MP in Patong itself is called "Christins", about five/seven minutes walk down the right hand side of Rat Uthit Road , heading South from the Rat Uthit and Soi Bangla intersection. This Road may have had a name change lately ? Anyway , if walking along Soi Bangla and you come to intersection , make a hard right , Christins is down on the right hand side.  

Open early afternoon (2pm on') to 12 midnight. 6pm on better selection. The quality of girls can vary from day to day , some days 'lookers' , other days not. Different girls different prices (different horses/courses : ) Baht2000/2500/3000. Common for them to quote Bt3000. NOT worth it. Plus a tip depending on 'service' (Bt1/200 should fix it , but they expect more : ). So they are not cheap , one and a half hours of massage/sex ,with the possibility of the occasional 'dud' to contend with. Save your massage money for the cheapies described above , or places like Nataree in Bangkok (cuties).

Update : Reports say nowadays , this place aint what it used to be. Too many average looking girls 30yrs old and over , and the odd pretty ones , sometimes with attitude , costing too much. Think you will get better value at cheap massage places described above. Myself , I would get better value (incl. lookers) at pick up Disco's also mentioned above : ) 


Katherine Massage : Google for their website. Seems to be better value and well regarded by local resident foreigners. Baht 2,600 1.5hrs , 4-7pm Happy Hours Baht2000. Website for details. 


Russian Whores


There are Russian (Eastern Europe) Bars/Clubs , couple of names I have heard 1. Moulin Rouge 2. L'Amour. Very expensive , pushy , rip off places. Keep well clear of anything 'Russian' in Patong (and rest of Thailand for that matter). Really bad reports coming in about these places. You have been warned. 


Thats the end of my notes for Patong , the sex centre of Phuket Island.

The info below maybe of curiosity value only. Phuket Town is not considered a whoring town for foreigners. Action central is the Patong part of Phuket Island , not Phuket town itself.



Phuket Town  :

UPDATES .... Check Forum for the possibility of fresher info.

Info below has not been updated for years.

No time or interest to visit and up date this part of Phuket. Nothing like the lively and foreigner catering Patong end of town (island) , described above.

The Phuket town nightlife area is about thirty minutes/18kms by Songthaew ( and/or an expensive tuktuk ride)  from Patong. As I have said before, it is tailored for the asian way. I do not have a lot of information to offer you, as my one and only trip to Phuket Town itself was not all that inspiring , especially when the prices at times were through the roof , and so I didn't stay long. I was keen to return to Patong where I knew I could get what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay.

GUIDE : These Phuket Town notes have been 'abandoned'. Use only as a rough guide. Consider as 'Archives' (historical ? : ) info/reading material only.

Warning : Phuket Town , in the early hours of the morning is not Falang/Foreigner territory. Your not supposed to be there hunting for pussy : ) So take care with the local Thai boys , if your trespassing on their particular 'beat'. "Go back to Patong , where you belong" : ) Exception - if in the company of a Thai.

Therefore be prepared for girls who feel uncomfortable and apprehensive being with a foreigner ,  and a certain amount of danger in streets/soi's away from the main drag.

Cafe's -

are popular with Thai and Asian tourists. An el cheepo Cafe by the name of "Joys Cafe/Karaoke" , in the Phoonpon Plaza area might be worth checking out. Plenty of Ladies on hand to choose from and reasonable prices for Phuket: LT1250/2500. Is it still there ? (Thommo 2010 : )

For something more upmarket, and really upmarket as far as prices go, you could try The Pink Chamois Members Club at the Metropole Hotel , where your drinks will be very expensive and a lady of your choice will cost anything from 2500/3500 ST. Long time possibly double that. Don't be surprised if the expensive lady is limited in the English department and is averse to bj's. Is she really beautiful, just because of a beautiful/expensive price ? And dont be surprised if Pink Chamois no longer exists too : ) (Thommo 2010)

Go-Go Bars -

I didn't come across any , think they are non existent , as they are a 'falang (foreigner) phenomenon' : ) .

Beer Bars - Ditto. Did not come across any typical Beer Bar scene , think it's another 'falang phenomenon' that Thais do not sponsor : )

Massage -

Quite a number of them, but I only checked out the well known and popular "Grand Plaza Massage", behind the Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel. Prices range from 1500 to 2500. You'd have to be a rocket scientist to work out how they decide if a girl is a 'superstar' (Baht2500) or not. Quite often, from a foreigners perspective, the cheaper ones are better looking and give better service than the expensive ones. Thais go for light skin , pointed noses , and pretty look , not for sex potential : )


Summary Phuket Town : 

If you speak Thai, or are of the curious kind , a trip to Phuket Town might be worth while, otherwise , Patong has all you need. And dont forget curiosity sometimes kills the cat (potential trouble with drunk monger Thais early hours of morning). 

If you do venture to Phuket Town , take care when in Thai dominated venues , early hours of the morning. Make sure the gal smiling at you , hasn't a Thai boyfriend nearby : )

Early hours of the morning - your safer in Patong ....... Falangs/foreigners playing field : )

End of info re Venues for SEX with HOOKERS - PHUKET/Patong. Bangkok and Pattaya fella's , not Patong , unless your a bitch/beach freak : )

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