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Pattaya is a seaside town (approx 150kms from Bangkok) with a difference. There is no shortage of Hotels. Only those that do not charge overnight for ladies , and are well located for the nightlife action are listed herein. And then mostly of the budget style. The more you pay , the more likely you will have to pay an overnight fee for your lady , if they allow her to stay overnight , and Security is more likely to request Ladies ID etc. Not so welcoming. Also your more likely to bump into families and regular tourists at these higher priced hotels. Stick with the Monger Hotels listed herein.


Sexy Girls - Nightlife Pattaya : 


You will find Hookers , Escorts , Prostitutes and Regular Women a plenty in Pattaya. Beer Bars , GoGo Bars , Disco's , Freelance spots , Massage Parlours , all offering sex services. Your by the seaside without the heavy traffic and pollution of Bangkok. Walking Street Pattaya at night is a must see for the conniseur of sex. Recommend you visit Pattaya at least once in your life.


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