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Thread: Cebu - Sex , Hotels etc.

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    Cebu - Sex , Hotels etc.

    All cebu info here please. T


    with old posts from previous website.

    Up to you to post fresh stuff. Forum open to members late 2010.


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    I started Cebu thread with old Field Reports. Might be of interest to some. T

    2 . 24th December 2002 ....."Peter".................Cebu City/Moalboal

    Note - this Report was first posted in New Emails on the same date.


    "Stayed at Jacinta, whorist very friendly pension.

    Club Circus is def. O.K. place to go, just don't like a kind of music they play there. Never
    mind. Been there twice /wednesday night/wasn't packed, just O.K. 40-50
    girls, 10-15 men. Scored sweet Chinese looking Cebuana student /after 2 days
    dating/, I'm in love AGAIN!

    Also went to MI VIDA bar, nothing was happening there 10 P.M. Tuesday, but know from the locals , it's lively there on Saturdays after 11 P.M.

    Taking a walk at Ayala afternoon is just unforgettable. Never seen so many
    beauties in one place. Had a beer outside IDEA ITALIA bistro, some ugly
    transvestites were swarming around , but none of them joined me at the table.

    Moalboal and Panagsama beach is not a dead place at all. Saturday night
    disco is full of local chicks to pick up, although they're quite shy, so you
    have to date with them 2-3 days before.......

    Take care , ALL THE BEST ,



    Just briefly about location of MI VIDA. It's AT Ayala center, just opposite
    corner from two main entrances, so you can get there entering 2 main
    entrances, passing IDEA ITALIA then walk all the
    way through /ground floor/ at the end, look up you'll see zebra like/black
    and white/ sign of MI VIDA. The Club is on the 1st floor. You can also enter
    there from the back side /park side/. Stairs to the club are just by the
    Sorry, can't explain it better.


    1. 17th September 2002 ...."EZ".................Cebu City Night Venues

    Note - this same report was originally shown as an email on 17th September 2002



    girls from san carlos...YES. (Photo Albums out front)
    the guard bit? (Guard showing Album to Foreigners) YES. but sadly not anymore.


    you have to have club harem on your list. its along the mandaue highway, cant miss it with all that neon red lights. nice girls too. 100 entrance. P5000/LT for the girl. (includes bar fine)


    MI Vida - great place to pick some girls up, but well, its not as easy as you think. if ur young and good looking, then you'll have at least an 80% getting one (or even two) of charge. =)


    a place called "Crossroads" is also a place worth going to. its a complex that holds a strip of restos and might get lucky there, who knows?

    "The Village"- right in front of the mid town hotel. bars, restos etc. its a local watering hole, so you might want to check that out too.

    hope you find these infos useful.




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    3 . 31st December 2002 ....."Randy".................Update - Cebu City

    Note - this Report was first posted in New Emails on the same date.

    I've lived here (Cebu City) since August and usally go out every week or two and check the action.
    Black Hole, Silver Dollar, and Lonestar all charge around P700 barfine but Viking has upped their barfine to P1700 while the girl still expects another P1000 on top of that! From experience I can tell you that most of the Viking Girls will only do short time although they all say that they will stay all night. Although they have some real lookers here it has a bad reputation for girls that like to turn as many tricks as they can in a night. Had an ex-girlfriend who still works there who agreed with me on that. Black Hole just opened in September and is located just a few doors down from the Viking Bar. Its the current "hot" spot although IMHO the girls are just average looking. Good atmosphere though and the ladies are friendly. Mistys, Dimples, and Cities are all closed although I was told by the mamasan at Thunderdome that Cities was to reopen in Jan of 2003. Barfine at Pappilion is P2000 with the ladies still expecting a tip.
    The Cobra Bar downtown was a hot place for awhile but the last time I went in there they had one dancer only! Bottoms Up was probably the best of the fillipino downtown bars that I frequent and it is only average. Haven't tried the pimps or the casas yet but Jun always sits out in front of the Cebu Century Hotel and is reputed to be the best for procuring ladies. Will try him out soon and see what he has for sale! Agree with you totally that the KTVs are overpriced. Sat around Infinity one night until I almost fell asleep from boredom.
    I've had a lot of luck during the day hunting for ladies at SM Mall. Most of the expats will sit around the French Baker restaurant (near Dunkin Doughnuts) and watch the ladies go by. Many freelancers know this and will sit down and talk. Plus their are many non prostitutes who will favor you with a smile and will sit down if they are not too shy. A good place for me at SM is the Cyber Java, an internet center located on the top floor near the bowling alley. Many college students stop in here to use the computers and some are looking for a foreigner boyfriend or to make a little extra money for school. Cyber Java also has tables right outside their door where you can sit, drink a coke, and watch the ladies go by. Great location because many unescorted ladies walk by here on their way to see what movies are showing.
    >From what I've seen in the PI I would have to say that Manila has the best lookers and the highest prices, Angeles has the friendliest and cheapest, and Cebu has the best balance of prices and atmosphere.
    Good hunting,


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    4. 25th March 2003 ....."TigerNedCebu".................Moalboal - Great Destination

    How are you , Fellow Mongers ? .

    Just back from Cebu 5 days ago now, had to take some time to myself to adjust to the Jet Lag.

    Looks like I made it home just in time also, with the war in Iraq, starting the next day...

    Had a great time in Cebu and Really Great Time in Moalboal itself.

    For the person who stated on this site in the past that Moalboal is Dead and not worth visiting, They had to be blind and stuck on themselves to make a statement like that.

    I arrived in Cebu on a Friday afternoon, after spending the night in the City with my wife and son, we traveled to meet the family, and I ended up spending till Monday at their place.
    Was sure nice seeing family again after a 3 year wait..

    Monday, I had to leave the family behind (they wanted to spend their time with the family), and I myself had arrangements to take a course in Scuba Diving in Moalboal..I made plans for this some 2 months earlier and am very glad I did.

    For those who enjoy diving or would like to learn, Moalboal is Very Highly Recommended and I would also suggest visiting a gentalman named Klemens, who manages and teaches at "The Blue Abyss Dive Shop" in Moalboal itself.
    The course was very enjoyable and was very convienient...I had all evenings to myself..

    Lots of Divers and Drinking, with many sea side eateries with Seafoods Freash Daily from the local fisherman..

    To get to Moalboal, all one has to do is go to the Southern Bus Terminal and inquire which bus leaves for Moalboal, they leave almost one every hour and the trip is about 3 hours in total, 2 and a half if traffic is low.

    Once in Moalboal, take a hop to Panagsama Beach, or just ask to be taken to the Dive Resorts and Shops, this is only a 30 peso hop of about 2 KM......


    Now to the nightlife, I will try to save you all alot of guess work....

    Once on the main strip of Panagsama Beach, all your travels are done on foot, there is a main pathway that follows the coast and you can walk one end to the beach head to the other in under 15 mins...

    I would reccomend for a cold wet one, SM Beer is the norm, stop in the Bulldog Bar, Swiss owned and the owner loves to throw them down himself. One evening he had the bar girl take out of his private stock a bottle of 12 year old Filipino Rum and I must say, a bunch of us stumbled out of there after a very fun time sharing stories of our homelands. I myself being from the USA, was the only American there that I new of. Overall, many Germans,Swiss, and Europeans....Aussies also..But we all had one thing in Common, VACATION...

    I stayed in the Southern end of the Beach and would reccomend to keep your room here, Very Quiet and NO Motor Bikes hardly at all....and again, only a 10 min. walk along the wonderful shoreline path to the nightlife area which can be busy and noisey....

    I stayed at Marcosas Lodge, very clean, helpfull,and fair a search, they have a nice web while I'm at it...a great diving shop and where I spent my diving time was... Klemens, Ned sent you....

    Heading North back towards the nightlife you will find a number of great eateries, pubs, and small parties all ready to invite you in for a Beer.....Bulldog was a great spot, and another was R-Bistro..only 18 peso per SM Beer....
    If you get that far, across from the R-Bistro is the place to find your little Brown Bomber....

    A Place named "Red Banana" when I first stopped in for a drink one evening, I was the only Male their with about 12 Filapinas all wanting my attention. And I will say this, ALL the Girls where Beautiful......

    Getting right to the point, an all night companion will cost you $1,000.00 peso, they will ask for 2,000 - 1,500 but if you offer $1,000 and stick to your guns they will surely be at your side when time to head back to the room.......

    If your not into the bar scene, there are many women who offer Massages, don't worry , they will find you and approach you all the time.

    I did get one after a dive one day and for 200 pesos it was well worth it, very relaxing, but they are strickly there for Massage, if you want extra just let them know and they have girls of the evening that they deal with and will hook you up with one of "Their Friends"..

    Overall, I would say, Moalboal-Panagsama beach in CEBU, Philippines is a must. And don't worry, if your not a diver, plenty of other things to do there now.

    .There is a business named Planet Action..they offer horse back riding, hiking, river rides, caveing, motorbike rentals, trips to waterfalls and so on.. Very good prices also.....

    I will be going back to Moalboal again on future visits and would say, head down there, very laid back, beautiful women, lots of friends to be made and great prices...E-mail me if you like.....Thomas will hook us up....

    And yes, I ended up my first night with a lovely girl named Ester.. But I thought she was a bit to fast wanting to get back out and look for more buisness.....

    But at the Red Banana I met a really Beautiful Stunner....I will keep her name for myself...Let just say Kim....But Kim ended up meeting me when and where I wanted and she played the part of a wonderful guide and friend....If I was single, I could have easily fell for her. But I can just say this, I hope she is there 2 years from now.....She really new how to make me feel good and wanted.....But Like I said, their are MANY BEAUTIFUL FILIPINAS THERE waiting your arrival at the Red Banana..........

    CHEERS, And Thank You Whorist for helping learn how to bargain.

    And loving the girls for who they are...

    Truly, Tiger Ned

    ADD :

    From what I noticed, the largest number of men in Moalboal are yes divers, with mid to upper 30's the norm in age.

    But there are for sure some older gents there for just the pure relaxaction and enjoyable quietness of the place.

    Like mentioned earlier, when I first went to the Red Banana, which is an open air bar. Shaped like a horseshoe with a nippa roof. I spent about two hours there and I was the only Man to take a seat during that time.
    There was about 12 to 14, and mostly very good looking Filipinas (LONS) just hanging around there, singing and dancing and having an all around good time chatting with me, just waiting for others to come by.
    With the then, war about to start, Moalboal itself was very quiet, I was also told by buisness owners (mostly expats) the busy season runs from Christmas to Easter. Most of the Expats themselves are married to Filipinas and have children and from what I could tell, very laid back and happy lives.....
    I would just say, even if things where not to someones likeing there, they can still easily take a short bus ride back to Cebu City itself.
    But I truly believe, it's what you put into your visit that will return the best times in Moalboal.
    The locals like to chat and bar hopping and restaurant hopping, opens lots of doors and lots of friendships..

    But for sure, there are many LONS and they by far outnumber the men searching for their companion....
    I would also like to point out, these are ALL Freelancers, NO FEES to be paid to have someone go out with you. and again the Average All Nighter runs around $1,000.00 , what a deal, and the chance of a runner is very small due to the fact, they have nowhere to run back to. If you are fare with the girl, she will surely want to stay by your side during your visit......
    Hope this helps...
    Some Places to Check Out in Moalboal are....Food: Last Filling Station and Sunset View Restaurant......
    Bars: Bulldog Bar and R-Bistro (Directly across from Red Banana)
    Best LON Pick up joint: RED BANANA and CHIEF MAUE Station
    Best Dive Shop: Blue Abyss Divers....(A Must even if a first timer) Some of the best diving in the world, My first time and I got Certified in 3 days with 4 open water dives included, the colors and marine life are AWESOME....
    OVERALL: A Must visit place......I had a Great Time There....
    Truly, Tiger Ned


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    6 . 16th June 2003 ....."Lmarines".................Massage - Cebu City

    Massage Parlors:

    First of all the Philippines are not known for giving great massages. Better go to Thailand and get all those soapy massages that most are thrilled off.

    CEBU : a place less known for its massages when compared to Manila. There are not many Massage Parlors here, you have better luck from requesting such service from the Hotels, not many provide such service and most will not do FS. So, here is a list as to where to get a decent massage:

    The Hearts Health Service massage parlor located on the ground floor of the Fuente Pension House bldg., 0175 Don Julio Llorente st. and near the Fuente Osmena Circle. I took a girl name Aimee, short about 4'11" sweet and very beautiful and her skin is silky smooth. Her massage skill level was good, although it ended a good 15 minutes before the 60 minutes intended. After that, we spended the last 15 minutes for the all the way service or FS: HJ and Sex. It took some persuading to make her have sex with me and P1500 to close the deal. Aimee is a very sensual woman, enjoyed what she do. I guess, that playing the innocent at first is part of their MO to get you to want them and to make you feel she is not an easy catch but, when the $$$ come into the bargain is a done deal. Worth the time and effort. The rates are fair and they are open 24/7. You should try this place out. The sessions are on an hourly basis.

    Finland on Palaez St., downtown Cebu. Finland is the longest running Massage Parlor in all of Cebu. It seems that they must be doing something right. They are open 24/7 and the Prices are fair. They offer all kind of services: Half and Half, HJ, CBJ, some will do some anal or DATY. They are open 24/7 and the prices are quite Fair P1500 for the whole package.

    Here's the name of a few massage parlors, although I don't have much information on them. I know that they exist because I been there at least once. A Taxi driver will know this places. They are open 7 days a week and are open from 8am till 3am. The prices are fair at P1500 for the entire service but, at Ceasar Palace the price is at P2000. All the Massage sessions are on an hourly basis if you want to extend the session, lets say, you are in the sex part of the session, you can do so, but will have to pay for the extra time. They are:

    1. Caesar Palace in Mandaue City
    2. Venus Health Club in Downtown Cebu.
    3. Holiday Health Club in Cebu City

    Here is a list of Hotels that offers massage services in their premises or deliver to your room:

    Sarrosa International hotel has a massage facility. Located at F. Cabahug St. cor. Pres. Quirino St., Villa Aurora Cebu City. Tel. No. 232-5811 Fax No. 232-5819.
    The facility is average and the cubicles are small. The girls are at your balls as soon as you drop your shorts. I had a girl here that was highly cute and had a nice trimmed bush. Gave P1000 and she was OK. They are open 24/7 and offer all services.

    Days Inn Hotel located at Airport Rd., Pusok Lapulapu City, Cebu
    Tel. No. 341-0476 Fax No. 340-7890. This place is found near the Airpot and they offer in-room massage service. The name of the manager that runs the Massage service at the Days Inn is Rhoda. If you call her ask her for a girl that is "GAME" -- it means a girl who do FS. The tip for the extra service is P1500. Their operation is always available 24/7. Just say the hour and the girl will be there. The whole experience will go from P2500 to P3000.

    Waterfront Cebu City Hotel located at 1 Airport rd., Lapu-Lapu City
    Tel. No. 340-4888 Fax No. 340-5882. The one in Lahug offers in room massage service as well. The girls that provide the service do FS. The maximum that you will pay for the girls services will be P3000.

    Now my favorite is Club UK Bikini Bar, located in Downtown Lapu-Lapu. The place is run by an Aussie name Digby. Digby is a nice chap and he is always looking for new ways to make some extra cash. His girls are also available for outcalls massages in your hotel room. So if you are looking to go that way you should give him a try.

    Please, remember that all sessions at the Hotel are on an hourly basis. Extra time will be charge.

    Another way to look for outcall services is by looking up for the services section of either the Freeman or the Sunstar. Both are local Cebu papers and you will find lots of girls who offer massage services in your room.

    As you can see Cebu is not a Massage heaven. Manila has more Massage Parlors and more pricey too. If Massage is all you want and you don't mind to pay more for such services go to Manila. If your budget is tight go to Cebu.

    5 . 16th April 2003 ....."Lmarines".................Mi Vida - Cebu City

    Cebu: MI VIDA

    MI VIDA located at the Ayala Shopping Center on the first floor with the Zebra looking sign is where the action is going on on the weekends. Anytime after 11pm is perfect. The place is pack with girls. Regular Pro's, Amateurs and Non-whores alike frequent this place which lately has become a great pick up spot. I spotted two girls here that I have seen earlier at the Waterfront Cebu Hotel. They said they were Students but after talking to them in my passable Cebuano and English I could tell that they were not College students. One is Better looking that the other one. Mich is a 9+ and the other one is a natural 9. You can insist on only to take one but they will refuse as they prefer to go in pairs. They like threesomes. We agree on P4000 (P2000 per girl), for an all night of pure and amazing sex. Both are amazing in bed. I must say the best threesome experience I had ever had on my entire life. They are usually found around 8 or 9pm, sometimes later in the evening, hanging around the Lobby Lounge of the Waterfront Cebu Hotel. They are also regulars of MI VIDA and BRIX. Look for them and you won't regret it. If you have problems looking for them ask the Bartender at MI VIDA.
    One more thing about MI VIDA. If you are eyeing a girl you like but you happen to be slipping out with another one. You can even ask the waiter and even he will get the girl's number for you. No Problem! This place is very cool. The waitresses here are good looking too and are game. Carry yourself well and you'll find it hard not to score with one of them. This place has the feel of LA Cafe in Manila.

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    7. 12th August 2003 ................"Cat Man".................Cebu Manouvres

    To Tom Cat and all of you other Alley Cats,

    This maiden voyage to the Philippines was during August 2003, my first
    visit to the country.

    This paragraph covers my paucity of hours in Manila. The rest of the report
    covers Cebu City.
    I arrived after midnight and between 1 and 2 checked out one venue - EDSA
    Entertainment Complex in Pasay City. I spoke with many papasans and
    mamasans in this community of go go bars, whilst surveying the talent of
    course. There were 20 GROs for each patron, a total of over 100 GROs in the
    entire complex. There were only 2 other caucasians in the entire complex.
    The other patrons appeared to be Filipina. The BF for ST or LT was P1,000.
    In addition, the initial asking price for ST was P2,000 - P3,000. I was
    sticker shocked and did not engage in negotiation from such absurd levels.
    (I have never paid even half of that amount in LOS). No stunners but many
    were pretty or cute. I departed without any takeout because it was way over
    my budget. The next morning flew to Cebu.

    Cebu City has plentiful go gos. I only window shopped a few because I
    prefer other interface venues. No stunners, but GROs equally pretty and
    cute compared to EDSA. The combined asking price for BF and tip is about
    P2,000 - P2,500 for ST. High ratio of GROs to patrons. Most are located on
    or near Mango Av. From the Osmena Blvd. Circle, the map and street sign for
    the East-bound street is General Maxilom. One block East of the circle is a
    retail area called Mango Square. No go gos here. However, continue E. on
    Gen. Maxilom for 2 or 3 more blocks downhill (literally and figuratively)
    and you will be surrounded on both sides by go gos. Never saw a sign Mango

    LMarines wanted info. on bars. These do not appeal to me, so I have little
    data. Along Christina, between Fuente Osmena and Juana Osmena paralleling
    it about 3 long blocks to the East, there are tacky open air bars. These
    were patronized only by locals whenever I was wandering by. The enclosed
    Blue Bar is also here, near the intersection with Juana Osmena. The green
    and white street sign, easily visible at night, on the corner of Fuente
    Osmena, reads Yap Street. There is a faded yellow and black sign there too
    with the street name of Christina. This is the only street between Avila
    and Llorente. GROs and brokers are plentiful and tourist-friendly along
    this street. Ample selection. This was my favourite interface venue - more
    later. One of the GROs I met on the streets also worked at Blobo Night Club
    near Robinson's Department Store on the circle. The BF alone is P3,000.
    Never visited because it was way beyond my budget.

    I have enjoyed MPs in LOS but I did not not patronize Cebu MPs due to
    sticker shock,denial. I dropped by Hearts Health in Fuente Pension.
    Interviewed a couple of cuties (definitely not stunners) about "extra
    services and special services". The initial asking price was P1,000 for HJ,
    P2,000 for BJ and P3,000 FS. I would not pay even half that so I did not
    negotiate. Wandered off to Finland on Palaez St. downtown. The papasan
    denied that "extra services and special services" were available. I had a
    look at the merchandise anyway, which was displayed in a small fishbowl.
    Total of 6 GROs, 2 cute but none pretty. Ordinary massage was about
    P350/hour. I did not want to play the game of initially ordering an
    ordinary massage and then negotiating in the middle of it for FS. Some of
    you studs may enjoy this seduction game as a challenge.

    Was taken on a tour of the jonquerras during late afternoon by 2 brokers.
    They quoted P700 for ST in one of these ghetto cubicles (gag) or take out.
    Dozens of GROs popping out of the woodwork. A few were cute but none pretty
    or beautiful. Did not patronize the jonquerras for many reasons.

    OK - call me selective! You may find your haven in any of the above. I
    found mine walking the streets. This was where the action was for me.

    Cat Man


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    9. 8th January 2004 ................Gary ................."Restaurant Updates"

    Good afternoon:

    I am in Cebu right now , here is some updates :

    Ayala has added a restaurant area at the end of the mall. The restaurant area is two stories.

    There is now a Starbucks at Ayala in a separate building.

    For the best hamburger...go to Burger Joint on Archbishop Reyes.

    There is a new mall called Crossroads that has several good restaurants. It is past the overpass and taxi drivers know it.

    TinderBox (next to Crossroads) is a rip off so stay away from it.

    Take care and thanks.


    8. 20th September 2003 ................Lmarines with : ................."Massage Memo"

    Hi guys, it's been a while from my last report. I'm giving a chance to other to step up and make a contribution. Some have taken the challenge and we are enjoying those FR's of our fellow whorists out there who really want to make it into whorist heaven. Here is the SOP: go to the battlefield either in Thailand or PI and scout the area and report back to Sir Thomas, Field Marshall, your FR.

    Here is a list of some of the hotels that have MP facilities with extra services in Cebu.


    1. MOGAMBO FALLS (Plantation Bay Resort, Mactan) P300 entrance fee -consummable- it give you use to their unique spa facility which includes an outdoor hot water jacuzzi, a salt-water jacuzzi and a cold water wading pool. A full body massage with extra service will cost around P1650-1800 but in any case, they're pretty expensive. The service is good and relaxing though but if you just want the massage it cost less.

    2. BODYFLEX MASSAGE in the Cityview Pension House. Bodyflex also do outcall service. I tried them. The girl I got was about a 7. But very "accomodating" to my numerous requests. P600 for the massage. And P1000 for the extras. But then you might also get some girl who just do straight massages. You should tell the Bakla who handles the business that you want extra services.

    3. CAESARS PALACE - located in Mandaue near Innodata... This used to be one of the best in the country. Spacious Carpeted Rooms, Solid Doors, Hot/Cold Bath, queen size bed wall-to-wall mirrors. The quality of girls have fallen tremendously. Girls now between 6 - 8. Room costs P1000. Extra service between P1000-1500. Very Sad on how the service here has lost his edge. Girls here are cold/ businesslike. They fight off any new applicants. Girls here have an average of more than 3 years employment in this place. Still worth a visit.

    4. WILD ORCHIDS - MP's of Horizon Hospitality Group. 2 branches, one in Prince Court Mabolo and the other one in Metropolis
    Court Guadalupe. Choose the one in Guadalupe if you must. Girls 7 - 8. They are more busty than in Caesar's but still pale in comparisons to the heydeys of massage in the 90's. Price : P350 Happy Hour /P650 regular rate. The girls here are the horniest of all the MP's I've tried in Cebu. They give great massages that includes caressing of your balls and penis. Extra service is between P500-1500.

    5. DREAMTIME MASSAGE - MP of Sarrosa Intl Hotel Tel. # 032 232 5811. I mention this one on a previous FR and didn't elaborate much. Reportedly to have students as massage attendants but I've only encountered two in my 30+ visits to this place. Choice of common room (4 beds) at P450 or the private hotel room at P850. This place is not conducive to good extra services. The girls will ask P500-1000 for handjob and between P1000-3000 for straight sex. Anyways, you should try BIANCA, malaking boobs. But if you really want somebody that is totaly game, I will recommend that you should take TRINA. TRINA is usually on the graveyard shift. This chick is really hot.

    6. SHANGRILA MASSAGE - MP of Garwood Hotel (formerly Park Place Hotel). Very few attendants, looks are from 6-8 and they have wet Thai massage. The girl strips all her clothes and massage you in the nude.

    7. MARS MASSAGE which is in the 2nd floor of Hotel Victoria de Cebu along Gullas Street. They've got 16 girls there! I highly recommend the place since I've been there over 15 times now. Pick one, then the girl will go to you. Give to her the P250 pay, which she'll deliver to the cashier and get back to you. Yes P250 is the massage rate. I got a great massage from a girl named Lisa. She's only 22 and yet she's so skilled in the art of massage!

    Just as the massage was about to end, she teased me (into thinking about extras) by lightly touching my balls and my penis. I got aroused instantly then decided to negotiate. I wanted all-the-way sex and her price was P1,800. I paid her and we started making love to each other then we started our intercourse. She was tight and I came fast! Best time is between 10 AM to 2:30 PM.

    I will be in PI soon and scout the area as usual. I will have some new info for all after I come back from my trip. Happy whorist hunt to all!!!


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    10. 12th January 2004 ................"Oljoe".................Overview-Cebu City

    Note - this same report was also posted in NEW link 1st Feb issue , as it was an interesting read.

    "CEBU CITY Nov. 2003

    After the relative calm of Davao City the return to the hustle and bustle of Cebu City was enervating. I was no stranger to this place, my first visit in 1992 followed by many during the courtship of the worthless moll from Bogo [in the far north of the island] whom I married in 1994. Prior to that disaster I had been extensively involved in energetic mongering there both directly and through the use of pimps. My first stay was at the Hotel Century on the upper floors above the cinema at the corner of Colon and Pelaez. A rough old place where everyone even the female receptionist and security guard were into "finding nice girl". Then and on this visit I went to the upscale ‘Mercedes’ also on Pelaez but it had had its best day and after one night I moved around the corner into the newer ‘Cebu View’ at P.700/nite for a/c and cable TV.

    Leaving the Mercedes I encountered a pimp from ten years back and the recognition was mutual, immediate and initially jovial - can’t remember his name but he’s small and walks with a limp. Anyway back then he had reliably produced a wide range of compliant young dolls from just legal age, including two or three claimed to be "just in from the province - almost virgin, you will be her 3rd man"! Could have been so, they had almost no english and were very nervous and unsophisticated. This time we both foresaw more good business but he failed spectacularly. After making many promises, "very sexy, young, beautiful" etc. etc. we went off somewhere along Junquera, the nearby street of sleaze, and thrust the taxi into a maelstrom of off-street alleys, shacks and joints to stop at a mama-san’s casa. Apparently the chosen chick was unavailable but Oljoe was horny and foolish enough to be guiled into waiting over 20 minutes for languid

    18 y.o.JESSIE - 3 2 0 - to ready herself and break his rule by pre-paying P1500 for her - I trusted this guy from previous deals. She distinguished herself by wanting to leave immediately after arrival in the hotel room so much so that I had to block the door physically to prevent the mare from bolting amid promises to return ‘soon’. After much palaver and unfulfilled demands for "additional payment" she provided a reluctant BJ and a doggie so uninspired that I failed to ejaculate. It was interesting and part of a pattern how much her english improved after a row.

    I gave the pimp a broadside at next meeting and severed a long relationship. Dr Parkinson prevents Oljoe from essaying his earlier long treks but he resolved to wander about as muchn as possible to make his own choices. The famous San Carlos University is only two blocks away from the Cebu View on Sangkiangko and he remembered the very pleasant 19 y.o. student who offered herself at the car park so long ago for only p.400. This time I’m damned if I could find the spot which is rumoured to function still. No loss however - I found that in and around Colon at all hours the Mountain will come to Mahomet, in this case:

    DAISY 19 y.o. 3 8 9 (2k) P.300 ST; 500/all-nite, appeared before me with an offer I couldn’t gentlemanly refuse. Sadly a total and recent computer crash has obliterated all pix of her [the video is fine,.luckily] and others on this latest venture to the RP! Another of the 150 cm tall(?) ‘tinies’ I favour and no beauty, but with a very caring and affectionate manner enough to have her remain with me all week. Two weeks off her 20th birthday yet with a 3 y.o. son and 1 y.o. daughter, she pricked my social conscience so I was generous when I pricked her. As always I marvelled at the contrast at the difficulty of penetrating such a small orifice which had already emitted two kids. She did say that she suffered greatly during and after childbirth indicating some crude post-partum anFsthetic-free needlework, and was grateful for oljoe’s vasectomy guarantee and gentle entry but I never penetrated her fully, even doggie-wise. Happy, undemanding and punctual she was a good companion, and complemented:

    EVELYN 35+ 1 6 7 (?) P.200 BJ ( AUD $5.00 only!) 300 ST. While walking back to the hotel I noticed I was being ‘trailed’ by a remarkably well-dressed mature lady clad in a fetching suit with quality accessories. Flattered I allowed her to accompany me to the room and was surprised at the low tariff offered. With all goodwill the reason was obvious when she disrobed as her body went ‘boing’ morphing into a fairly shapeless mass Very anxious to please she provided competent if not memorable service but later outstayed her welcome by appearing frequently at my door uninvited. Guess that’s how you survive when the bloom of youth fades.

    I always enjoy taking a streetside window at fast food places. There are many in Cebu City notably on the main drag, Colon. E.g. Jollibee, Orange Julius, and a chinese-food oriented place whose name I forget. Sit and admire the passing parade and surely someone will try to make contact with you through the glass as did:

    RICHELLE 18 5 ? 8 (0) P.500 ST. After much making of eyes at me I persuaded her to join me inside for a snack.

    Another mini-ho like Daisy she was willing enough but it was too soon after a.lengthy session with the latter for me to perform. Spirit willing.......... Aah, it was ever thus

    I’ll certainly return to Cebu City. The new bridge and better access roads have greatly reduced the airport transit to the city, and the easy solicitation available on the streets is attractive as I am not normally a bar or club aficionado.



    Webmasters Note : Oljoe , as some of you know , won the Nobel Sex Prize 2003. We have it from good authority this prize is to be renamed ........ Noble Sex Prize. Submit your Feeled (Field) Reports and you too might be in the running for the Award in 2004.

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    12. 24th February 2004 .............Cebu............ Sgt Raymonde

    My favorite stay in Cebu City is at the Kan-Irag. The show bars near there are a total waste, I agree. They are outrageously overpriced, and offer zero as far as atmosphere goes, and even chick quality. I didn't see anyone who had me excited. I'd much rather have a chick sitting next to me at the Silver Dollar. (I've had good luck there.)

    Downtown is a total dive, but the pimps have come up with some good ones for me down there. I feel totally safe at the Silver Dollar, but not at the downtown bars (Manny's, Apple, etc.).

    Tacloban does have a "massage" parlor, all locals. I know because I went with the friend of a pen pal of mine, and revisited the place later. The girls were average and cheap --a knowledge of Tagalog, Cebuano, or Waray is helpful. It is totally non-descript, and I'd be hard-pressed to find it now, but it does exist.

    My guess is that every city of any size in the PI has a sex trade, but the stereotypical conception is of girlie bars and neon lights visited by wealthy Europeans, whereas the reality is that in a dirt poor country like the Philipppines the sex trade exists without any foreign help.

    I did stumble across a great find in the Brown Bear on Mactan Island, Cebu, but several local bars further down reeked of potential trouble --a bunch of local guys drooling on a chick's gyrations, while me and my friend sat as obvious foreigners at a very conspicuous table. We saw it as potential problem, so we finished our beers and left. My friend did pick up a runner at this bar or another one similar to it. Alcohol and time do tend to blur the memory.

    The bars on the other side of the old Mactan bridge struck me as a total waste, and we left the old Mactan Bridge bar when a fight broke out between two falling-down, bombed-out-of-their-skulls foreigners, interrupted by one of the combatants' woman, intervening with a 2 X 4.

    I was going to give you a report last summer, but I picked up a DUI, and had to scuttle the whole trip to the Philippines. Curses! So come hell or high water, I'm going this summer, and I'll give you the full write-up.

    Take care, and thanks for offering such a kick-ass site.

    Sgt. Raymonde

    11. 18th January 2004 ..............Orchid Health Club ............. Gummy Bear

    Orchid Health Club (Also known as Wild Orchid)

    Location - Prince Court, Mabolo, Cebu City. They also have a branch at Metropolis Court, Guadalupe.

    Didn't count but about 12-16 girls. Receptionist was exquisite but not on offer at the establishment. Chose two girls. No 7 Marites and No 19 Pia. Marites was my type but Pia was a little to full for me as I am afraid I like them skinny. Both girls ( in fact all on offer) would get 7+ in the appearance stakes. They were all stunners. Massage was 650 pesos (7 UK).

    I was taken to a room (P650). Large double bed + shower room. All clean and I'm fussy. All three of us had a shower which was disappointing as in some establishments this is taken together. Massage was thorough and sometimes painful on the back. When Marites massaged my arms she extended them and clamped my wrist between her thighs. Needless to saw this was a turn on as my hand was able to start wandering.

    Turned me over but I guess 'extras' was obvious by that time and there was no pretence of a frontal massage. An extra's price was 500-1500 peso's each (16 UK) , mine was P1500. This included full sex and oral (Both with) and towards the end which is me performing oral on Marites (Great) while wanking myself and Pia playing with my balls and bum.

    My only regrets is that I didn't get them to dress in the rubber dresses I usually carry and I didn't get to rim Marites - Perhaps next time.

    These girls and the establishment are honest as far as I can see. Don't worry about leaving 1000 peso note at the front desk with the receptionist. The girls bring you your change. I gave the girls a 500 peso tip but it wasn't expected. However they did stay with me while I waited for the taxi with Marites allowing me to play with her leg and bum. Pia unfortunately giggled all the way through the evening and this doesn't turn me on although it may some! Highly recommended guys as a parlour.

    Gummy Bear

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    14. 28th March 2004 .............Cebu & Phil Generally............ Mike

    To Whom This May be of Thought:

    I'm flying back to Manila the beginning of May. I have been in and out of the Philippines several times in the last five, or six years. I lived on a province island for eleven months in 1999-2000.

    I have found the place to be a filthy place where the place is run by the males who haven't got a brain any larger than a pin head.

    I have met some very beautiful Philippinas all over the country. Malls are a good place to stalk out you're prey, but getting rid of one you just pick up and bring back to you're lair is not easy sometimes. A Philippino I got to know, who was educated used to call me "The last bus out of town" to remind me that these girls are looking for a way out of their country first and foremost.


    I have run the bars and clubs in Cebu pretty extensively. What I look for in any of them is to see if there are lots of Japs in them. Japanese men are inmature sexually, not just in the size of their wangs. They pay big money for the ladies, and papasan and momasan want their cash. The girls would all prefer to be with an American or any Western man over a Jap anytime.

    I have met a few stunning ladies at the Ayalla mall in Cebu, and some very fine ladies at the S M mall. I will say though that the best B J I have ever had was from a street walker in Manila. I swear she could have suck started my Harley - Davidson from the back jug exhaust pipe. Swallowed the load with a smile on her face. No tits, but a beautiful ass.


    I usually stay at the Swagman hotel in Ermita when in Manila. I was many times with my Ex who was a Philippina I met in Hawaii years ago when she was married to my chief in the Navy. Once a whore always a whore. I told her that ten minites after we walked out of the court house.

    Good girls are very approachable in the Philippines. Most bar girls you meet in the malls will tell you where they work so you can meet up with them at work, and pay their bar fines to get them out early. Like you suggest, make sure she understands you want her to hang for the night so she knows she is not going back to the bar to try again. I have found though if you are nice to them, tip them, and try to show them off aroud town a bit, they will usually want to stay all night no problemo, and many times will ask you to come by again the next night. I don't because I don't like to get involved. Many will call you at you're room to set up another encounter.

    I lived in an apartment in Cebu, and I had a situation where I had a lady whom I met at the mall and brought home who came by late one night and gave me a great blow job. stayed all night, and served up a great "Breakfast in bed" the next morning. We went down the street to Jolly Bees for some food later.

    The girls in the industry who work for the Casa houses, bars, and massage parlors get checked out weekly I'm told. The freelance girls in the malls are usually skanks, but I met a busty little fine assed L B F M at the S M who liked to go around in a little school girls skirt carrying books, and stalking westeners. Experienced freelance girls don't get checked, and can be the carriers of S T Ds.

    I spent a few nights in Ormoc on Leyte Isle. Only about three bars, and a massage parlor, but some real hot looking busty L B F Ms to be found. L B F M = Little Brown Fucking Machine. Ormoc can be fun for about two or three nights, but it gets old. It seems to be a cleaner place than most other places in the Philippines. Tacloban is nearly dead.

    One can seek women aggressively in the Philippines, but do not be an octopuss in public. The girls don't like it for the most part, and want to be treated with respect. The place can be fun, and if you have a hustle you can have a real good time. The people fall for some of the dumbest hustles there because they see you as a walking dollar. They loose focus on everything because they love money so much, yet they all claim the same thing for everything. "No Money"

    If you have problems there and you make a police report, don't expect any action on their part unless you shell out some pesos. It is how everything goes there. Corruption is a way of life there. The system is easy to understand, but frustrating.


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