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It will be helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Philippines as much as possible , and then update the info below. Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources.





I have given up on Davao City. It leaves me cold. Manila , Angeles and Cebu City are the action places. All other places in Philippines do not compare , including that 'backwater' of a town called Davao City.

From May 2011 onwards you will find some Davao info on the Forum under 1. Philippines 2. Other Towns (Phils). No new info on Davao City on this page as from May 2011.

For 37yrs I visited Davao City on and off , I have now given up , not worth it.

Finally I have given it the chop , and its a nice feeling : )

Tally Ho !



Here is what I wrote before May 2011 : 



6th December 2011 : Foreigner kidnapped from a town/city on Mindanao Island , same island Davao City is located on. Said I would not update , but this one an important reminder , kidnapping of foreigners for ransom does happen on Mindanao Island. No ransom forthcoming  ? Then sometimes foreigner is executed. Does happen. You have been warned.



2003 : March , Muslim seperatists struck just outside the old Davao International Airport , reportedly killing 21 people and injuring 150 others. Getting on the terrorist bandwaggon , it seems. There is now a newer Intl Airport for them to blow up : )

2003 : April , There was another bomb blast (Davao) , killing people.

2005 : August , Some bombings in Zamboanga and other town/s , but nothing in Davao City itself.

Time (and place) for adventurous souls to pounce on all that unserviced pussy : ) ?

SMOKING/CIGARETTES .... Davao city is a non smoking city. Now in Thailand 'smoke' can mean blow job , not that kind of smoke. Cigarette smoking. Not allowed indoors ,  throughout entire Davao City. Enforced.


If Cebu City is the 'Pearl of the South' (or 'Sows Ear' as some would put it) what should we call Davao City ?

A laid back mildly interesting whoring town , thats what. Nothing exceptional , and an air fare to and from , boat out of question (too far). Worth 2/3 nights only , more likely 2 (nights). Personal opinion only , others might disagree.

Much better if you had Davao girls arranged ex Internet before you arrive in Davao. Then its a different matter cause there are pretty girls in this neck of the woods , just like most other places in Phil. Arriving there empty handed and expecting 'action' with attractive girls , will not work , unless your a 22yr old Tom Cruise look alike. Even the internet girls can be disappointing. I am afraid Davao lacks the 'hooker mentality' that you usually find in places like Manila , Angeles and Cebu City.

I keep calling in to Davao on an irregular basis cause I am curious and tenacious by nature. Will keep going there until I 'crack the code'. Havent cracked it yet (2010). Perhaps there isn't one to crack : ) Update : Havent visited Davao for a while now , losing interest. However , still update info as best I can. Nothing much happens in Davao anyway : )

Some parts of Mindanao Island are 'no go' areas because of Muslim seperatist activities , including the kidnapping of foreigners for ransom. Davao city itself is mostly 'Christian' and firmly under the control of the central government and the local christian Mayor , so there are no real personal security worries coming from seperatists or local criminals normally , except when muslim seperatists/terrorists let off bombs ! (see above 'Terrorism').





Transport :

If your coming from Manila , certainly air. By Ocean Liner would be too much of a yawn. If your using Cebu City as your 'base', then by air again , one way : 45 minutes and P2900 approx. Can be cheaper via CebuPacificAir , Offices in Robinsons Mall.  Ocean liner, once again not an option . Have a look at the map, its some way off, right around and under the bottom of Mindanao. From the Davao Airport , taxi to city centre using the meter is P125, depending on traffic and whether air con or not. I dont think I have ever been in a genuine air con taxi yet (Davao).

Walk out of baggage hall across pedestrian crossing to line up of taxis. Take first taxi in row , and away you go. Check he is using meter , if not , insist he does , otherwise get out of taxi. Normally no problems with Davao Taxi drivers , but if there are going to be problems it will be on arrivals at the airport (typical in the Philippines , and the world over ..... airport taxis).

Within the city, your mode of transport will be taxi , cause they are so cheap , P35/40 ave trip. Taxi drivers within the city, are generally honest and obedient souls. Their taxis are so bad no western country would allow them to operate : )

Sex Hotels best for Hookers :

The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

Davao is an ok place for accommodation. For those with no choice of their own , here are some to consider. No problem with girls , unless indicated :

1. Casa de Habana

Located at :  29 J. Rizal St , walking distance from Las Casitas (below). For budget bangers. Phone : 082 227-0965/082 300-4968.  Website : Rooms : P650-P1140. Apartelle P2,400. Make sure you get a double bed (P860). Single rooms too small , need a double. Nice friendly place , of historical interest. Location : excellent , right slam bam in the middle of a naughty night life area. Bar , Restaurants just outside door. Discreet entrance and exit with girls , cause its in a nightlife area. Short walk to 'Boulevard' action and other nightlife venues too.

2. Las Casitas , 185 Rizal St. Phone 082.222 3001/224 0945/300 7703. Email :  No website. P900 - P1850. Make sure you get a room with double bed (P1,045 and up). Wifi in their Coffee Shop. Relatively new Hotel. Rather popular right now. Make sure you do not get a room facing live band area. Great location for Rizal St action (see Nightlife notes below). Budget travellers should give this one serious consideration (location etc)

3. Galleria , Gov Duterte St , opposite Davao Doctors Hospital. Convenient location. Some say good , others say not so good. Believe its next best choice after Casa Leticia (below). I stay in even cheaper joints : ) Rooms at Galleria : P1395 to P2000 plus. Phone 082.221 2480 Email :

4. Casa Leticia , J Camus St Ph. 082.224 0501 ......... rooms P1500/2500. As far as I know they do not charge for overnight guests , check beforehand. Reserve/pay for a 'double room' = no overnight charge , normally. OK place in a reasonably good location. Free wifi. Maybe you can give their breakfast a miss : ) Rather popular with Mongers. Did not inspect rooms. 

5. Casa Ruby , for those who like a homely atmosphere. Reasonably convenient location (taxis very cheap). Overnight girls no problem , I am told. Located in the Dona Vicenta Village. Taxi drivers know it. Kitchenette some/all rooms. P900/1300. More info : , for pics latest rates etc. Email : Phone (082) 224-8116.

6. "My Hotel" , San Pedro Street. Room rates P1000 to P2500. Promo rates sometimes available. Relatively new. Info : Fairly popular. 

7. Apo View Hotel , 150 J. Camus Street. One of the more popular upper class ones. This one is a bit exy at P2500 and up , regular price. I believe discounts are possible. Apparently you can join the Diamond Club at the front desk on arrival and thus get a nice discount on room rates. If they say anything , just say "My friend did it" (joined and got discount). Have a fake friend name ready , they will not check. New wing is best. Lots of mongers have stayed there. No probs with ladies at AV. More info : (?) or just 'google'.

8. Marco Polo for the big spenders. Also another popular up market Hotel. Corner C M Recto St and Manuel Roxas Ave. Every taxi driver knows it. Info , prices etc  : Note : When you walk into MP , the girls expecations ($) will rise. Apparently no prob with overnight guests.  

Strictly budget :

9. Sampaguita Tourist Inn , Mt Mayor St , Davao City. Phone : 082.227 2958 Website : , and/or : ....... Rooms around P450/550 should be satisfactory. Regarded and recommended by local expats , but when I was there could not inspect rooms "fully occupied". Plus lots of taxi drivers and other guys hanging around out the front. Add to that , large foyer with folks hangin around = "walk of shame" ? : ) Therefore , low priority for me. Like being discreet : )

10. Ave Flor Inn, 108-3 C. M. Recto Street. ( Pronounced - Arvay Floor ) Phone: (082) 2278152 . Price range P250 and up. P550 rooms satisfactory but smallish. Ave Flor is reasonably located (Apo View and Casa Leticia better located) and monger friendly. Recommended for those who dont mind 'budget' style accommodation. Their matrimonial rooms at P1000 are ok for a short stay. Genuine warm/hot water service. Hookers no problem , recommended budget. 

11. SHORT TIME (ST) HOTEL : This is for screwing girls away from your regular accommodation. Ask the girl of your choice where to go , they know the right places , and cheaper ones too. Alternatively , tell taxi driver 'Plaza Roman' ST Hotel. Its off Cabaguio Street. Drivers know it. P150/350 3 hrs (quality varies as to price).

There is another one , some distance away , out at Bonguyan Beach area called 'Queensland' , but apparently Plaza Roman is the better one. I do not use ST Hotels , bang girls in my hotel room.

Ask girl your with , is best. 


All of this is info belongs to

Restaurants :

For me , personally , Davao has limited choice for eats.

1. "De Bonte Koe" in Rizal St. Steak etc. Ask taxi driver to drop you at Metro Bank Rizal St , get out and look across road to Chico's. Facing Chico's you walk down driveway to the left of Chico's , and at the end turn right and your at the back of Chico's where De Bonte Koe is located on your left. DBK apparently owned by a dutchman Henny , who has trained his staff well. Food is satisfactory , but not overly brilliant. Prices a little up market but not too much so. Waitresses are attentive in this sophisticated Restaurant. Worth checking out at least once.

2. Seafood Restaurant : "Ahfat" Seafood Restaurant , alongside Victoria Plaza (Shopping Mall). J P Laurel Ave (Ph. 082. 226-2688). Very popular chinese run restaurant. Might be difficult getting a seat , go early. Taxis know it. Apparently they also have a non sea food (chinese food) restaurant. Seafood one is well known and popular ... must be a reason : ) I will try it one day.

3. "Jacks Ridge" : Filipino cuisine. Shrine Hills , Matina. Overlooking city , sea etc. Filipino cuisine (I dont like  typical Filipino style cooking). For me , would take girl there for romantic vibes , but not for food. Girl would enjoy cuisine , you might too : ) Popular with mongers romancing their babe. Taxis know the place.

4. "Choiser" : Steak etc. Standing at front of De Bonte and looking to your left you will see "Someplace Else" Bar , walk up that laneway in the direction of Rizal St and you come across "Choiser" Restaurant. Similar quality food to De Bonte , possibly little more expensive , without the atmosphere and class of De Bonte. Chance of a pick up here cause local girls more likely to stop here and some passing traffic (girls) near your table. But if I wanted to lure passing traffic I would eat at De Bonte and sit at outdoor section of nearby "Someplace Else" drinking beer. Not much traffic passes by , but then not much happens in Davao anyway : )

5. Next door to the above two eateries is the locals : "Iron Horse" , quite a large area , where its one cheap price ,  eat all you like , at plastic tables 'n chairs. Lots of iron around the building and you can eat like a horse (eat all you like) , hence 'iron horse' , I suppose. I did not want to experiment with food at this place , having just eaten at Choiser , but you could try this place for a cheap eat and possibly a better chance of a pick up , although plenty of pinoys (guys) there eating and observing your moves. Would a girl re-act to an overture from a guy twice her age in front of her peers ? Most probably not , but she most probably would if you were in your twenties or thirties though. Anyway , have a geek. You'll be the only foreigner there (no competition : )

Entrance : You have to walk past Choiser to Rizal St footpath itself , turn left and 5mtrs on , turn left again into Iron Horse. Worth a cheap feed and reconnoitre.

6. Dencias Restaurant in Gen Luna St, 150 mtrs from Apo View Hotel. Opposite Gaisano Department Store. All taxi drivers know it. Chinese Filipino menu. Spotlessly clean , efficiently run , and tasty food at reasonable prices. Only problem : working out what the native named dishes are. Waitresses will help you in that regard. Arrive early , gets crowded. In my experience good for small meals only. If hungry go for Chico's Complex explained above (De Bonte Koe and other options)

7. Apo View Hotel .. J.Camus St (every taxi driver knows). Used to have a Buffet on 9th Floor .. no more. New nice looking Restaurant on ground floor. Last trip wasnt in the mood for experimentation , so didnt try it.

There are lots of Restaurants in Davao City , but I do not like experimenting with food. Nowadays I stick with De Bonte Koe (details above) and will try Ahfat (Seafood) next time. The way I am going that will be 3rd millenium : ) 


Change Money : 

I change in Cebu before I fly to Davao. Never changed in Davao City itself where I suspect the exchange rate is inferior to Cebu anyway. Suggest you do likewise. If I had to use a bank in Davao I'd use Equitable. There is a possibility Equitable have had a name change ? Ask hotel front desk , if you need info re changing money.

Internet : 

Try "Net Xprs" , Duterte Street. Open 24/7 , 150 computer booths. Pronounce Duterte : Doo-tr-tee. ('r' is heavily rolled , as an Irishman would roll it : ) Alternatively say "Mayor Duterte" Street (named after him). Front Desk would know. Or ask taxi driver , plenty of net cafes in Davao (like everywhere else : )

Airlines : 

Cheapest tickets ex CebuPacificAir in Cebu City , or Manila. I do not know if they have a desk at airport or not. Possibly PAL still fly there or their budget " AirPhilippines" covers Davao. 

Ask at Davao airport on arrival. Airline Offices at Airport.  And ask for phone numbers , street address in the city (airline of your choice). It's too late once you get into the city (long distance away).


Now the important stuff , sex with hookers , young women , whoever ................

Sex at Disco's - Bars - Clubs - and on d' Street : 

Not yet on the scale of Cebu City , and doubt it will ever get there. In fact I am sure it will never get there. Local insurgencies hold the province back.

Suggest you arrive on a Thursday , get the lay of the land , Friday and Saturday nights go for it , Sunday leave town : )

In my personal opinion , and following about twenty trips over many years (1st trip 1974 , yep way back then)   , this town just does not have a 'pick up' mentality like say Manila , Angeles City and to a lesser extent Cebu City. It's less commercial and thus the girls come across as 'nicer' in general , but I know guys who have been scammed in Davao too. "A fool and his money soon parts company" : ) Sweet smiley girls , but they are not thinking 'sell it' (pussy) , so much , thats the way I see Davao City. You might find it different , especially if your young/ish. Although I was young many years ago (1974 for example) , and all I got was smiles. For sure you do not get much of a 'come on' from the girls in Davao City , sweet as they are : )

They have to fix the muslim insurgency problem first , investment will follow , then money flows , and then pussy : ) 

For me , Davao is very much a 'backwater'. It's stayed that way for the many years I have had it under my surveillance.

Only way to be really sure is lining up Davao girls on the Internet ( before you hit town.

Use as a Guide only. The Nightlife scene is ever changing , but slower , in a sleepy town like Davao.


SEX with - Young Women - DAVAO:

1. Street Hooker Scene Sex 

With street girls be careful with your belongings , especially in the room. I do not recommend overnight liaisons. Whilst your asleep she might steal from your room and do a runner. Use condoms at all times , high risk of STD's. Prices short time ST P300/500/700 normally. Read on ...

Hop in a taxi and tell taxi driver "Central Bank Chicks". This means the street girls hanging around in front (actually side) of Davao's Central Bank ... Tionko Street. Possibly the best line up there. Also sometimes small number of girls in streets running off Tionko Street. If you do not like what you see there , think it will be no better , more likely worse , elsewhere. But one thing Davao has got , lots of girls hanging around the streets. Less of a come on attitude than Manila , Angeles and Cebu City , but more street hookers per head of population. Work that out : ) Even so , possibly 200/300 girls , scattered all over the place. Central Bank is a high priority : )

Not far from Central Bank are the Victoria Plaza girls. Not as many , and on my two visits , not quite up to standard either. But trawling is a lucky dip.

In the area surrounding Apo View Hotel, there are ladies with and without pimps hanging around. For example , corner of Gen Luna and Legaspi (aka , J. Camus St) Streets. P300/500 ST ( 2/3 hours ) is the correct price , when they are on their own , no pimp involved , but they will ask for more , no doubt about that. When there is a pimp : P500/700 is expected from foreigners. Sounds too cheap, but that is the going rate on the streets. They will ask for more , of course ... resist : ) P1000 if youngish , attractive , and in company of a mama-san. Condom time , when your thinking of screwing uneducated/ill informed street girls. Condom time , all the time , everywhere , anywhere , with everyone. No doubt taxi driver will take you past this area. No need to remember street names , just do a taxi crawl.

If you want , you can use Apo View as your starting point. Tell taxi driver 'street girls'. He should then start cruising around streets surrounding Apo View and beyond. There are hundreds of girls hanging around the streets say 10pm on , when other 'self respecting folk' have gone home : ) Tell him "more" if the ones he has showed you are not satisfactory. If no luck , try another taxi driver , fares are so cheap. Another driver might be smarter at locating the better street hookers.

Corner of San Pedro and Palayo streets , friend had success , P500 short time and screwed in nearby P80 short time hotel , her choice. Street hookers scattered all over the place. 

Short Time Hotels : If your not banging in your hotel , then best ask girl where she wants to go for the deed. They know all the places , especially ones they feel comfortable with. Otherwise : There is a short time hotel at the back of Plaza Roman (Cabaguio St P60 taxi ride out of town centre) . Also another one , in the opposite direction , over the river (Ecoland/Matina direction) called "Queensland".

2. Corner Store :

Some folks say they pick up girls at the Convenience Store (I call Corner Store) at c/r of Illustre and J.Camus Sts , where these two streets meet. Location : If you walked out front of Apo View took a hard turn to right and walk along J. Camus you would come to the point where Illustre meets J.Camus St (fork). Myself , I personally think its all a lot of 'hog wash'. It would take many visits before you picked up anyone at this Corner Store. My personal opinion , after about 6 visits. Of course there is such a thing as 'luck' , where you score first or second visit. Curiosity requires you to check it out , it might be for you. There must be at least one hundred similar places in Davao City. Nothing special about that particular Convenience Store as a pick up joint (personal opinion).

On last trip , the Corner Store area has had a face lift of sorts. The Peoples Park for example has been improved. Perhaps you could wander around there on a weekend and try your luck. But dont expect too much , charming provincial environment , not a pick up place , unless lucky. Not M-Thurs , when I think you will only find pick pockets , pimps and transvestites there : )

If standing out the front of Convenience Store you will see 'Sidepocket' in front of you. Snooker place , not pick up. To left are some eateries , and I suggest you have a beer in each one (about three) and try your luck. Following investment , fresh paint etc , this area might be picking up. (Pick up , picking up , got it ? : )

Golden Chicken : Opposite Gaisano Department Store , 3 mins walk away ,  is another possible pick up joint. Open 24/7 , lots of late nighters hanging around. Good cheap food , I believe. Also Jennys 20 mtrs up , similar opportunity maybe.

All of this info belongs to :


3. Disco/Dance -


Venu disco .... apparently closed down.

Outside the front and to the left of Venue there are elevated eateries , and then at ground level some seating and drinks served. The building furtherest from Venue is a disco for young ones. Popular and full. If your under 40 , it might suit. In the centre and not far from the Korean Restaurant I sat at a 'kitchen' table for a drink , then was able to transfer to nearby table with two girls. They turned out to have 'baggage' , not type I am seeking , so passed. Anyway , you should hang around this area for a while , an opportunity might come your way : )

4. Promenade -


Tell Taxi Driver : "Rizal St" (Pron : Ree-zaal). When you see an arched entrance and "Barbecue Boss" and "183" signs on roof , you know your at 'Boulevard'. Weekends is time to strike. 10pm for a decent seat. Sit outside , in the centre strip , not inside any of the tiny 'clubs'. For example Club 183 is popular and young foreigners claim to score there. Action and pick up potential is outside. Inside they have their own little 'cliques' groups. Outside easier to make an approach. Even so , chances of a pick up here not really good. Lively area. Live Band , cheap piss (beer). Go for it , most lively spot in Davao City (not saying a lot : )

Yes , last time I was there could have picked up a gal , but I am fussy and didnt oblige the young lady. The young 'lookers' there were not interested in old Thommo. The only way I could get a respectable looking babe there would be to buy her (and friends ?!) some drinks and then discreetly slip my cell phone number to her , hoping she would then text me up whereupon I invite her to meet me again in my Hotel Lobby , whatever. Better still get her to give you her cell number cause 'good girls' in the Philippines are not supposed to initiate things. Can't see a foreigner walking out of 'Promenade' with a nice babe on his arms. Everyone would look and gal would be branded 'whore' something she doesnt want in a conservative city like Davao. She has to live there , you don't : ) But its still the best entertainment spot for me in Davao City : "Promenade" (Rizal St).

Wander around Rizal Street , enter laneways etc , check out places , like behind Chico's eg "Someplace Else". Move around , you might be lucky , but only might be : )

5. Other Entertainment Areas -


Station 91 :


Latest info has it that faggots are invading this place , and instead of cute sexy girls dancing on the stage you've got faggots. Dont know , could be right , could be wrong (info). Before I received this disturbing info , this is what I personally knew of the place ..........

Located in CM Recto St. Taxi drivers know it. Was there on a Friday and Saturday night. In excess of 1,000 people attended on those nights. Sat in Coffee Shop near entrance and spied the merchandise entering and later exiting. Some nice honeys , but they do not give the eye , as in other more lively Phil cities. Too provincial , this lot (Davao).

On Wednesdays its Ladies Night and a Sexy Dancer comp sim to one at Sunflower Disco Cebu City. Entrance P40. Weekends they can have 'shows' of sorts , too. It's not a pick up place , but it doesnt stop you slipping your cell phone number to a girl. Some chance if your over 50 , better than some chance if in 20's/30's. Certainly good perving : )

Other places .......

Autoshop : Taxi drivers know it. Young folks 'hip' joint. About 3/5 different dance spots plus tables and chairs out in the open. My couple of visits on Friday and Saturday nights suggests : 1. Do not call before 12 midnight 2. Autoshop itself is dead , but the two dance places on left before Auto' are lively. 3. Did not see any opportunities at outside tables 4. Reckon if your not young you will find it hard securing a lay here. Young guy , could be different. 5. Doubt if its worth visiting Mondays to Thursdays.

Torres St : Bajada (suburb). Lots of eateries and socialising here. Many hundreds of girls and guys , but most if not all , seemed to be seated with friends. Did not see any unattended ladies , but they would be there , hunting for local lads in the main.  Was impatient. Should have spent more time to see if there was a dance place tucked away somewhere. Once again it did not have a "pick up" atmosphere. Looked like decent folks minding their own business. No sign of mongering : ) Slip a nice girl your cellphone number ? : ) Update : 1. There are apparently open air dance spots on top floors of some places 2. And there might be a place called "Joke" , where the waitresses dance and drink with customers for a fee. If me , I would sweet talk them , slip cellphone number and hopefully bang them in my room during the next day before they started their shift : )

Bonguyan Beach : This one is out of town a little , but not an expensive taxi ride. Goes all night till sun up. Cheap beer , cheap everything. Some very scrawny unnattractive street girl types greeted me on arrival. Further on , there were about six different places where folks sit at tables , drink , get up and dance etc. Believe there can be fights here , didnt see any sign of it on my visit. Also , did not see any lookers. What 'looker' would hang around in such a low class environment , no police anywhere etc. ? For a 'native' experience only , and make sure your not hitting on someones girl friend or sister. Drunk guy might appear rather quickly. If you want to drink all night , this is the place : )

Matina Town Square : Taxi drivers would know it. Apparently a bit out of town , but might be too young of a crowd. If very young crowd you would be wasting your time , for more reasons than one. Dont know for sure , never checked it myself. Update : Yeh , forgot to check it , doubt if I missed anything. I am not hopeful on those rare days I visit Davao City. 


I do not visit the following places (No's 6-9) any more. Waste of time for me , but maybe not for a newbie and curiously inclined ?


6. Downtown Mini 'Club' Scene :


As you will see from my comments , most of these places are grubby and sleazy. Don't be surprised if you pick up some fleas amongst the sleaze : )

Places like these change a lot. Dont be surprised if some of what I describe below , aint there when you call : ) If you travel for adventure/experiences and not 5 Star Air Con accommodation , consider the first three : (a). Adonis Night Club - C.M. Recto. P50 entrance, P70 your drink, dirty place, very few dancers. The ultimate mini sleaze 'club'. I think they should rename it 'Sleaze Club' and people would flock in , just out of curiosity. I did not touch my drink ..... place and glass too dirty.(b). Itmai Club - Next door to and similar prices to Adonis, only marginally better than Adonis. For the brave only : ) (c). Apollo Cocktail Lounge - Anda Street. Second worst after Adonis. Don't bother. (d) . Gallera Club - C.M Recto street near corner of Bonafacio St. P20 table charge , P70 Beer. These prices/conditions can change like the wind. Ask before you order anything. UPDATE : Give Gallera a miss

Hot Legs 2 (formerly Stag Club)


San Pedro Street. P50 entrance, P50 a beer. 10/15 girls, some ok.

UPDATE : Last trip "Stag" neon sign still out front but place now under new management and called Hot Legs 2. I entered but only stayed 5 mins , seen it all before. Girls looked ok , but expensive ladies drinks are high on the managements agenda. I declined offer of girl at my table cause I knew it would cost me hundreds. Didnt stay to find out if they take all their gear off , believe they still do.

The following info was typed out , based on longer stay/s on previous trips. Some of it will be current , some outdated :

"Totally nude, no peek a boo/titillation/fake strip here. The top 'nightclub'/strip joint that I came across, even though it's not located in a very salubrious area and the place itself needs a fresh face (paint) etc. They call it 'nightclub'. More appropriately it is a 'dive' : ) Beware of ladies drinks. The first one will be about P120 (ask beforehand) and then the lady might start ordering 'doubles' at P240/330 each, yes each , without first asking your permission. Pesos 120 for a ladies drink is ridiculous in itself , for this neck of the woods. Hefty prices for management to pay pretty girls to get their gear off and to grease the palms of 'whoever' to allow full nudity, I suppose. I was quoted P3500 to take a lady out of Stag. Ridiculous. I nearly spat my drink out/choked , when she said that. The sad fact is guys DO pay that sort of money ! And so , I am asked to pay 3500. 'Big Spenders' are spoiling it for the rest of us. In the Philippines P3500 is for some , a months basic salary , working 6 days a week x 10 or more hours a day. Note : P2500 seems to be the barfine price nowadays. Still too much : )

Compare P5/700 all night for a street walker. I got 'Miss Hall of Fame' off the street near Apo View Hotel for P700 all night , and she had just as good a body and better attitude than anything at Stag , and Stag has some good ones. Luck does strike at times. Stag seems to be a bit of a voyeurs haunt. Lots of guys sitting around perving on the nice bodies, two or three foreigners included , but not many buying ladies drinks and no one taking the girls out. Even so , a must visit for the 'experience' of a down town nude show. Top mini 'show place' / club ..........that I came across in Davao City. Tops for girls , but place needs a good scrub out and fresh paint. Perhaps you visit this one first , if you think it is too run down and the girls are not so pretty , your in for a hell of a shock at the other downtown places mentioned before : )

There are other Hot Legs places too ... Hot Legs 1 , which has now  moved next to Club 91.  Hot Legs 3 in F Inigo Boulevard. Apollo and Starret , also in F Inigo , are reportedly no good. For me , these kinds of places are of no more interest , but for a newbie these sleazey native style joints might be a bit of an experience.



7. Cabaguio Complex :


Overall : Not recommended. Sucker prices.

Tell taxi driver : "Plaza Roman" and he will take you to the complex in Cabaguio Street, about P60 taxi ride from Ave Florr Inn (City Central). This place is upmarket compared to downtown C.M Recto/San Pedro frivolities.

NOTE : I have no intention of returning to this place again. Waste of time. Only for suckers , incl. sucker prices (personal opinion).

All the following info relates to a trip of mine some time ago. Names , prices etc most probably have changed by now.

PRICES will have inflated !

Facing the front of the Cabaguio building, to your right is a place called 'Needle Point' , at P200 entrance, 12/15 girls, ok, titillation strip. Not like the downtown places I have mentioned , where they go all the way (2005 onwards with new Mayor downtown no doubt changed). All the strip here at the Cabaguio Complex is titillation only, not full strip. If they do show you their pussy, its as quick as a flash camera. Not the real thing.

To the left of the building is the main entrance. First on your left is 'Bunker Hill' P150 entrance and 15 or so girls. Titillation strip.

Almost opposite and to the right of Bunker is 'Plaza Roman Massage'. About 20 or so girls crammed into a small room. There is a little port/peep hole to the left of the small Reception Desk. The girl at the Reception Desk pulls a cord which draws back the curtain over the peep hole. Rather kinky. Their 'Roman' style two/three layered costumes cover up their figure, although some try and show as much of their boobs as discretion will allow. P400 for massage only. Big bucks if you want sex , eg P1500/2000 ST . (Remember - street girls P300/500 for 2/3 hours) .

Out of 'Roman' and further down that same aisle and you have 'Star Laser' on your left. Forget it. Even further down the aisle and through glass doors to the very end of the corridor and to your left is : 'Inside Out Upside Down KTV'. Well , it was called that when I was there , might be called 'upside , down and out ktv' by now : ) P200 entrance ( = first drink free) , 30 or so girls, some good lookers. Peek a boo strip/titillation. Your drink P45 , after first one. Ladies Drinks - P228 first one, then P108. Update : Maybe LD's are P300 now .  Arrive 9/10pm for 'strip'. After 12 m/n supposedly a Disco, but 12 m/n it became deserted. This idea of customers dancing with the titillation strippers ('disco') did not take off on the night I was there , principally cause there were only three customers , including myself , in attendance. Taking these girls out would be very expensive. Not value, especially when I already had Miss Hall of Fame waiting for me at P700 all night.

Note : There is a short time hotel at the back of Plaza Roman. Also another one , in the opposite direction , over the river (Ecoland/Matina direction) called Queensland.

All of this info belongs to :

8. Sexy Go-Go's -

Local authorities do not allow such 'decadence', hence nil. See "Downtown mini Club scene" info above , closest you'll get to a go-go in Davao.

9. Whore Houses Brothels for sex with Young Women  -


NOTE : The following info is very sketchy as I did not spend much time researching whores houses in Davao and have no intention or doing so in the future. What I saw did not impress.

Taxi Driver .. just say "Casa Lady". Casa is pronounced : Car-suh. It means 'house'. Whore house in this context. He will then take you to the minimal number of casa's (whore houses) in town. What I saw and experienced indicated Davao City is lacking in decent whore houses. No one else talks about them either , so can't be too flash. A casa by the name of "Sawsu" has been mentioned recently. Maybe check it out , if your a casa fan : )

SEX with - Escorts - DAVAO

Davao has them (whore houses). It wouldn't be the Philippines if they didn't. Called at two with two different taxi drivers. First one was located in Zuaso St , near corner of Verde St. The taxi pulled up in front of a tiny grotty room facing the street housing below average ladies x 3. Second house had some pretty girls and I planned to return to it later , but didn't. Can't find my notes on it : ) The pleasant Davao Taxi drivers are best for a reconnoitre. Although they get a bit excited when they take you on a whore tour , thinking they might be in for a big commission (from the casa/whore house owner ie)

The above information looks a bit scanty, compared to other big towns/cities , and for a good reason , Davao City is not great for whoring. Once again , this is my personal opinion. Yours might be different.

Best way is to line up the pretty Davao ladies on the Internet a week or two before you hit town.


It's been there, done that time.

Once you have bowled over Manila, Angeles , Cebu and Davao, there are only scraps left on the table. Adventure and fun a- plenty in other towns and provinces , yes , but also limited sex venues , accommodation and restaurants to choose from. Of course there will always be exceptions , where a little town suits you and you score. It's happened to me , it can happen to you.

In general , when in the Provinces , expect difficulties in locating decent accommodation, restaurants and an ample supply of chicks willing to take their gear off in a small town, where everybody knows their every move.

I like small cities , but not small towns.

Exception : Chiang Rai in Thailand , my personal 'retirement village'. I go there for ambience and charm , not for sex : )

Tally Ho , Tally Ho , the hunt is on ...................... for more sex : )

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