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Sex w' Hookers Women - Chiang Mai :  



GUIDE only :

Use the information below as a guide only.

It will be helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Thailand as much as possible , including one of my favourite towns ... Chiangmai. Updates below are based on proven reliable sources.


 NOTE : The original 1am curfew for nightspots , varies a bit from town to town. Nowadays. In Chiangmai , some close down at 12 midnight eg Massage Parlours. But the authorities seem to focus mainly on the 'lewd' GoGo Bars. Freelancers on the street and Disco's seem to be able to circumvent the 12 midnight/1am curfew in Chiang Mai , especially Spicy Disco (info below 'Freelancers'). There are other establishments that 'bend the rules' , sometimes only temporarily , until they are caught up with. Thailands sex scene is ever fluid/spermatic : )


Chiangmai is NOT UPDATED ANYMORE (since 1st July 2014) !


Chiang Mai Sex Venues 


HOOKERS - ESCORTS - PROSTITUTES - REGULAR WOMEN looking for some ready cash   :


OVERVIEW : Chiang Mai's nightlife is nothing like Bangkok or Pattaya, or the compact sex scene at a place like Angeles City, in the Philippines. But it still has enough on offer to amuse/entertain you for two or three nights at least (no days for the true blue practitioner , only nights : ). Worth a peek. Personal opinion only of course.

I’d say, after three days and nights you will have ‘been there, done that’. Unless of course you wanted to visit the Temples, Umbrella Factories etc.(which I have been guilty of doing , in days gone by : ).

If you want charm and ambience with some sex on the side , its Chiang Mai. If you want wholesale sex with unlimited choices , it’s either Bangkok or Pattaya.

Quick Tips : For sure , try Spicy pick up joint/disco , Sayuri Massage , Loi Kroh Beer Bars and perhaps Foxy Lady GoGo. Compared to Bangkok/Pattaya , none of which are outstanding. Details below about all of them , on this same page.


Chiangmai is NOT UPDATED ANYMORE (as from 1st July 2014) !



Suggest you buy the The "B&B Thailand North". That same B&B map supplies an adequate map of Chiang Rai too. You can buy maps (and Thai Dictionaries) at DK Bookshop which is located in Kotchasan Road Chiangmai , about 100 metres up from the corner of Kotchasan and Loi Kroh Roads. Kotchasan Rd is on the opposite side of the Moat to Johns Bar. DK Bookstore is a large white building set about 50 metres back from the road. Ask anyone you come across , everyone knows the DK Book Store.




Detailed overview Nightlife scene :


Kotchasan Road (see Map suggested above) is where one of the popular GoGo's is located (not much competition : ) : "Spotlight". Keep in mind ,  a top Go-Go in Chiang Mai could not compare with top Go-Go's in Bangkok , Pattaya etc. Further on past Spotlight you come to the intersection with Loi Kroh Road. Turn left into Loi Kroh road and you have the liveliest beer bar scene in Chiangmai. Maybe 18 bars in all. Details below. 

Sayuri/Pandora quite a distance away (taxi distance away) are two well known Massage places. Details below.

Moon Muang Road - This is the Tourist/Whorist Strip, small as it is. Some restaurants , expat beer drinking spots , local dance spot (Blue Moon Nightclub) etc , but no real red light action on Moong Muang Road itself. "Beer Bar Central" .... I must admit I haven't checked this beer bar/boxing place for a very long time. Think it's died a slow death

Fifty metres further down Moon Muang on your left is Ratchadaminden Road, forming a T with Moon Muang. Post Office is just around the corner in Ratchadaminden. Further down in Ratcha’ ,same side, is Net Square Internet facility.

Back on Moon Muang Rd and at the corner of Ratcha’ is JJ Bakery (see Restaurants) and Montri Hotel (see Accom.) Opposite this T is the Thapae Gate entrance (City Wall).

Pass through Thapae Gate entrance , swerve to your right and cross over to Kotchasan Road for Spotlight GoGo Bar and Beer Bars. Walk along that road in a Southerly direction for about 100mtrs and you'll come across Spotlight GoGo Bar (see GoGo info below). A few metres further up is the beginning of a Beer Bar scene, consisting of approx eighteen beer bars. First bars start in Kotchasan and work their way around the corner into Loi Kroh Road (see Beer Bars below).

Once you have done this Moon Muang/Kotchasan walk you have seen a fair bit of the tourist area (Moon Muang Road) , and a little bit of the whorist area (Kotchasan Rd) most of Chiang Mai's Falang style nightlife , which in reality ,  is to be had , here and there , scattered all over the place. Significant percentage of which is Thai orientated. Further on , I give you specific addresses of some of these ‘scattered’ places.


Go-Go Bars for sex with nice Young Women :

Not a lot of GoGo bars to be had in Chiang Mai, slightly less in fact than even Patong/Phuket. Chiangmai is not a GoGo town. From time to time you might come across a sex venue isolated, all on its own. Thats Chiang Mai - scattered/isolated as compared to the big sex scenes further South (Bangkok/Pattaya).

The currency quoted on this website is the Thai Baht. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

I do not visit GoGo's much at all these days , so take the following as a rough guide only :




Note : Drinks prices might have inflated a little recently. Your Chiang Mai drink will cost about 80Baht . Ladies Drink Baht approx Bt100 . Barfine Bt4/500. ST is in the vicinity of 1000/1500 and LT 1500/2000 (depends on your bargaining skills). Some haughty whores ask for even more than that. The higher the price they quote , the less they like to go with you , believe me. Don't inflate prices for those that follow after you (otherwise no Whorist Heaven : ).

All of this info belongs to :

d' GoGo Bars themselves .... 


Spotlight Go-Go Bar Hookers :


Locatiion : 47 Kotchasan Road. If you are sitting at Johns Bar (Moon Muang Road) and look across the moat to the road opposite, you should spot it. (spot, Spotlight - get it, got it, good). Longest established Go-Go in town. About twenty/thirty lively ladies on the premises. Out of a very small number of GoGo Bars , one of the more popular ones in town. Definitely expat orientated girls here. Prices .... see above for a guide.  Foxy Lady (see below) is another well known GoGo in Chiangmai nowadays , but thats not saying a lot cause Chiangmai is a mini gogo scene at best. And GoGo's are very spermatic/fluid (change like the wind).


Foxy Lady GoGo Prostitutes :

The most popular gogo bar (not saying a lot , when talking about Chaingmai : ) 

Thapae Road , Soi.1. and therefore approx a good 10 min walk from Spotlight. Coming from Tapae Gate end and walking down Tapae Road on the right hand side against the flow of traffic you walk past Soi.6 etc , then Kam Phaeng Din Road and then you come to Soi.1. Turn right into Soi.1 and Foxy Lady is some distance down on your right hand side. Attractive girls when I called (can change). Prices , see above for a guide. Believe at Foxy : Beer Bt135 , Ladies Drink Bt185. Can be pushy about drinks. Bar Fine Bt500 , ST (Short Time) .. they'll try for Bt1500 , you can get it for Bt1000. Overnight (LT) , can get it for Bt1500 (will ask for Bt2000). Atmosphere etc is ok. Some say avoid the place , but I think its worth a one drink peek. Might be for you. Note : The quality of girls etc can change over time. Their website :

Note : Someone said Beer Bars near Foxy are gay. Dont know , never tried em. You have been warned : )

Star Six sex show place  :

Update : Doubt if this place is now worth visiting. This is what I wrote before Star Six lost what little popularity it had :

"Tuk Tuks pronounce it "S'dar Sik". I like saying "Star Sick" , still gets me there : ) Walking down Loi Kroh Road (the beer bar road talked about before , and below again) on the right hand side , turn into the soi on your right before Kam Phaeng Din Road and the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. Its the same soi that houses CEC (Chiangmai Entertainment Centre .. see below notes) but CEC is on left side of the corner and  Star Six  on the other right side (near the corner). Once in that soi its only a few short metres down on the right hand side , set back from the road. Starts 8pm , go 10pm to be sure. Reports are , its dead before 10pm.

Info via the 'grapevine' : Baht 150 entrance = one drink. This place gets both good and bad reports. Some say its too dark , pushy katoey mama-san and girls average looking. Others say best girls in town. Prices , see above for a guide.

Add : On one trip I  walked up the steps and was about to enter , but foreigner coming out of door said place is "bullshit". Heard enough negative stuff about it , so I did not enter. However , next time I intend to enter and find out for myself. Update : I did not check the place last trip : ) No compelling info at hand to make me do so. It will only cost you Bt150 to find out if they are currently the best looking girls in town. I doubt it , hence I did not enter. Until I enter the place cannot be even sure its a gogo , think girls dancing on a stage , not strickly gogo (pole). Think a place like 'Foxy'(above) has better , but that is not saying much. Do not forget , this is not Bangkok and best looking is 'relative' to what else is on offer in Chiangmai.

See Whorum/Forum , you might get some more info there.


Beer Bars for sex with hookers  -

Compared to a place like Pattaya , you could say the Beer Bar scene in Chiang Mai is almost non existent.

Head straight for Kotschasan Beer Bars (info below) and then second priority CEC bars (see below).

Average Prices for sex  :

Your Drink Baht 70/80 ; Ladies Drink Baht 100 (?). These drinks prices might have escalated. Bar Fine is in  the vicinity of Bt400/500 should be the former  , ST (Short Time) asking Bt1000 , but this should be LT/all night , in a place like Chiangmai. GoGo girls get ST Baht1000 , but not Bar Girls , who can be a little older and have not necessarily the same trim bodies of gogo girls , not always the case of course. Chiangmai costs a lot less to run a business and live in , than say a place like Bangkok , hence lower prices normally. Last trip , I had 1 or 2 drinks there. Bit latent , beginning of low season. Sufficient and pleasant girls , but very few punters (mongers). In high season I have seen it lively.

Beer Bar Centre : Moon Muang Road , just down from Bier Stube Restaurant and before Thapae Gate. Sign at entrance to alleyway. When I inspected the place some time ago , there was about fifteen beer bars which never really came alive during my three or four visits. No comparison with the livelier Loi Kroh area (see below). Overall - nice layout, but it just doesnt ‘happen’. Katoey type Cabaret held in boxing ring. Tourist type Thai Boxing later in the night. I'd say this place has potential for bargain basement sex. Not an awful lot of customers, hence the ladies would have to be cheaper. Last trip I passed by , but didnt look too lively. Do not be surprised if it has gone broke and closed down , by the time you call : ) 

Johns Bar : Moon Muang Road. Every time I went pass this place it was well populated including some Falang (foreigner) Backpacker women. Not sure if the Thai ladies here are of the 'take-away' variety or not. Most probably not. Not a bad observation post for passers by (thai ladies , and katoeys , on the troll) anyway , although you would have plenty of falang tourist (not whorist) witnesses to your devious designs : ) Last trip I noticed its still very popular with drinkers and tourists. Do not think girls here are take away. Update : Not sure it is still there. 

All of this info belongs to :

Kotschasan/Loi Kroh Roads Bars :  Walking along Kotschasan Road and away from Thapae Road , you first pass the popular Spotlight Go-Go Bar. At a guess , another 75 metres further along on the same side , is the beginning of about eighteen beer bars , four located in Kotschasan Road itself , but most are around the corner in Loi Kroh Road.

The ones in In Kotschasan Road are not as lively as the ones in Loi Kroh Road itself. And the ones in Loi Kroh might not be so lively during low season , either : )

On the left side as you proceed down Loi Khroh there are about nine Bars including the popular "Butterfly Bar". This area is where it is 'happening' (left side of Loi Kroh Rd) . Your Drink Bt70/80 LD Bt100 (approx).

On the opposite side of the road to these Bars are 3/4 more , including Stairway to Heaven. 

No.1. Bar : Jeremy helped with the following :

Walking down (with the flow of traffic) Loi Kroh road , first Soi on the right (sorry dont know name). If you walk 50mtrs down that soi you will see two bars on opposite sides of this soi , with the same name : No.1 Bar. Some No.1 Bar girls might be take out , some not. In addition there might be an occasional freelancer hanging around there. Worth a beer and a peek/look.

UPDATE : Since heard from others. Their opinion , only a place to drink and chat. Pushy with drinks cause that is only way owner makes money , not selling sex. If you take out a girl here , its nothing to do with management and the girl is quite likely to ask for money up front and then do a runner , ie , not provide you with anything. You have been warned : ) Kind of place I would visit to see how they operate. Knowing in advance what is likely to happen , I would have some fun and say things like "Sorry I do not pay in advance , boom boom , then pay" etc : ) If they got pushy about me drinking beer I would ignore with a smile finish drink in my own time , get up and leave , saying "cha cha khrup" = "slowly" (in a polite way). Yeh , if I thought girls were runners and/or management pushy about drinks I could have some fun here : )

With all info on this website and any other website you never really know until you give it a go ...... see for yourself : )


If your a Beer Bar fan and do not like this Loi Kroh area you will not be impressed with the other less active Beer Bars/areas in Chiang Mai. Although , your little cutie could be sitting at an out of the way ‘dormant’ beer bar, just waiting for you to discover her : ).


Chiangmai Entertainment Centre (CEC) - Beer Bars :

Known to tuk tuk drivers as 'S'dar Sik' (which is really a quite different place , see GoGo above). Best to say s'dar sik , get out , look on opposite side of road and you will see , whilst standing in Loi Kroh Road , you will see a big open air beer barn of a place , with a large arched sign erected over it which says : Chiangmai Entertainment Centre. 

Bar Fine Bt300/500 , ST Baht700/1000 , LT Baht1000/1500. Suggest you do not pay any more than those prices. Your already paying a bar fine , its enough. Walking : Proceed down Loi Kroh Road (from Loi Kroh Beer Bars) , and on the right hand side , 7/10 mins walking distance away is the Chiang Mai Entertainment Centre (CEC). Alternative entrance : turn off Loi Kroh Road into the Soi on the right before Kam Phaeng Din Road. Walk down this soi and you will see Beer Bars starting on your left , walk down to the end of the bars and enter at the bottom , near the Boxing Ring. Twenty two bars , nicely laid out , spacious etc but on numerous visits 'dormant' with only two girls at each bar , on average. Spotted only one 'looker'. Some of the girls might not be the take out variety (so waste of time buying em Ladies Drinks). For tuk tuk , say "S'dar Sik Loi Kroh Road" (see above GoGo instructions). 30/40 Baht from Thapae Rd area. Loi Kroh Bars are usually more lively , and many more girls employed in each of their bars too. On boxing nights CEC , they ask for an entrance fee , even if you entered and sat down before they set up collection points. Rumour has its Baht400 (?) , can't be , thats too much. If me , I would offer Baht100 max if they did not like , smile , get up and go somewhere else in Chiangmai. Bt400 is 5/7 beers ! For years they never charged , now Bt400 ? , cannot be. It's not worth 400 I assure you , seen it on more than one occasion in days when  it was free. Folks used to drop Baht20 into a collection box then. From Bt20 to Bt400 ? Not me : )


If you don't mind the fact that the Chiang Mai beer bars are scattered all around the place, you have in total enough of them to keep you busy for a while , but nothing on the scale of Pattaya , and performance of girls quite restrained by comparison , too  : ).


Info re Massage Parlours for SEX with HOOKERS - CHIANG MAI Thailand :


Sex Massage Parlours : 

Most popular is Sayuri , but not as popular as it used to be. Nothing else has come along and knocked it off its pedestal , as yet

Bangkok for Massage : ) .......


1. Sayuri Entertainment Complex

Note : Like so many other places , Sayuri does not stock the cuties it did in times of yore , but definitely worth checking out once , you might be impressed. It's still the most talked about and visited MP by Mongers. Common comment : Sex is mechanical , but you havent got much choice in Chiangmai. 

Prices here can be lower than Pandora , cause this is largely a 'Thai clientele' place.

Looking at the local map (see Map Info in Chiangmai Basics page) , on the east side of Chiangmai city , and right next to the Ping River , you will find over the Nawarat bridge and at major traffic lights , the corner of Charoen Rat and Charoen Muang Roads. 

Proceed straight ahead along Charoen Muang Road , to the next set of traffic lights (third street up) which is called Bumrung Rajd Road. Clearly indicated on sign post left hand side. Turning left into Bumrung Rajd Road , you will pass the first soi on your left rather quickly but the second soi is some distance further down.Turn left into this second Soi , sign post says : "Bumrung Rat Rd Soi.2". As a guide you have got the right Soi/Road , when you see a red postal box just beyond B R Rd Soi.2. You walk one hundred metres along this Soi 2 and you will see Sayuri on your left. All up , its a 5min walk from corner of Bumrung Rajd/Rat , and Charoen Muang Roads. At night it seemed a relatively safe walk. Couple of pics and little story or two about Sayuri in Diaries page of this website : "Fishin for Fun - 1".

Alternatively you could have a 'dry run' , go there by tuk tuk (Baht50/60 from Tapae Gate area/uptown) , look only , and return by yourself later , on your Honda Dream rented motorbike , thus avoiding the Bt500 taxi commission which will be added to the cost of the girl of your choice if you arrive by tuk tuk/samlor. Alternatively get dropped off by next tuk tuk somewhere in that area , wait till he takes off in the distance , then walk down to Sayuri.

You might like to locate Pandora's (see below) with the same tuk tuk driver ? Its not far away (Bt20/30 tuk tuk from Bumrungrat Rd) . As you enter the main door of Sayuri , you will find 5/6 Karaoke girls and the odd 'stunner'. Presumably no English spoken by these girls , and little interest shown to falangs who enter this main door. Turn to your right as you enter main door past dollies standing on your left , and at top of steps is the Karaoke to the far right. Think you can forget this 'Thai' venue , unless your conversant in the Thai language. I suspect very cute girls inside this place. Never had the courage to enter : )

To the left of the Karaoke entrance is the entrance to the Massage Parlour , enter here and behold usually (but not always) as good a choice of girls you will find in Chiangmai. Not saying a lot : ) Hours 12noon to 12 midnight. Best to be there 4pm on when the 'stars' will have taken up residence. Min of twenty up to fourty girls available at any one time. Possibly 100 or more girls in their employ (see all the Honda Dream motorbikes parked outside : ) .

PRICES : Take a beer , sit and perv , they come and go rather regularly (guys boinking em in the back rooms). Rooms reportedly small dungeon type.  If you want one of the better rooms there is a Bt150 surcharge to the following prices ... Girls with numbers (older) : Baht1000 (might ask Bt2000). Baht 1250 for the girls with "B" badge (might ask for more). Bt1700 (might ask more) for the girls with a "M" badge. Baht 2500 , Girls with "S" badge. These are the correct prices local (Thai) and experienced mongers pay. You take note of the number/letter on the girl , step up to the Cashier , quote letter/number , hand over money. Do not talk to Papa-san who is walking around in front of pond , he will inflate the price 50/100%. And he will also add Bt500 to quoted prices if you arrive in a TukTuk or Samlor taxi (taxi commision which goes to driver).

If Papa-san intervenes in any way and tries to get more money out of you , just say "friend pay ..................... "

To simplify everything , take note of girls number/identification , step up to cashiers window , quote number , and pay what cashier says. Chances are its the real price (not papa-sans inflated price). 

UPDATE : Last time there were no badges with B , M or S. Hope they are wearing badges when you call , otherwise its an opportunity for Papa-san to confuse you : ) And yes , they might have simplified it to "Girls on left of pond Bt ........ , girls on right Bt ........." (?) Possibly best way around this , is to ask Thai guys/mongers sitting around looking at girls , for the correct Thai prices , and take it from there. If first guy claims he does not know prices , ask another. Important source for correct prices .... guys sitting around with  you perving on the merchandise on offer. 

Tip Bt100 for regular service , Bt200 for good service. Thats what the locals do. It's not Bangkok : )

If your a Massage fan , suggest you get off to a good start in Chiang Mai and try Sayuri first.There is also a 'nightclub' to left of Massage as you enter building. I found it a waste of time and extremely dormant on some occasions , ok only on other occasions. There are better babes in the Massage Parlour. Couple of pics and little story or two about Sayuri in Diaries page , "Fishin for Fun - 1".

Note : The pretty girls who meet you at front door are Karaoke girls who do not speak any English , and are averse to dealing with foreigners. Not for sale , hire or rent ... hello girls only. You can get the similar quality northern girls at Nataree massage Bangkok , and they do more than talk in Bangkok , I assure you : )

All of this info belongs to :

2. Pandora’s

This once popular place is nowadays runs second to Sayuri (above). Last two visits to Pandora were dismal. Usually not so many on offer as at Sayuri , but sometimes an opportunity for a young fresh one. Yet some say Sayuri girls are lazy and Pandora peform better (?) Last trip , very few girls there again. Big building , small number of girls in employ. And yet the love of your life might just happen to be sitting in the Pond when you call : )

Getting There : Address: 459/62-64 Charoenmuang Rd, Muang (area/suburb) Chiangmai (city) . Phone 245740-1; 245747. If you said "Massage Pandora" the tuk tuk/samlor driver should know where to go. Baht 50/60 from Thapae Gate area. But if the Tuk Tuk takes you to the front door, Baht 500 will be added to the cost of the lady (taxi commission). I suggest you confirm the location of this one , same time as you check out Sayuri (mentioned above). They are not far apart. Then backtrack minus that tuk tuk driver either on your hired motorbike or get dropped off somewhere nearby by a tuktuk , to avoid taxi commission. Last trip confirmed , definitely Bt500 added to price if you arrive with a tuk tuk.

Location : Follow same instructions as for Sayuri Massage above , except , do not turn left into Bumrung Rat Road , continue on down Charoenmuang Rd until you see a Shell Gasoline Station on right hand side. Further down on left side (Charoenmuang Rd) you will see a tower of a sign post at the beginning of a cement Soi/Street with the name 'Kalyokorn' at the top of the sign post. There are a number of signs on this tower , including "Dr Lee" and below to right of that sign there is a  'Pandora' sign. See Pic in Escape-5 Diary. Go down this Soi to the very end , where you will see a big Pandora neon sign on your right.

Massage Fish Pond - To your right as you enter Pandora's , there are about 30 girls behind a glass wall (Fish Pond). Depends how many are already in the rooms humpin and pumpin. Quite often there is only 6/10 in Pond itself. For numbers and good lookers Sayuri (above) beats Pandora. Cost Pandora - Baht 1500 for the regular girls , who arrive 3pm onwards and who wear numbers , 90mins. Then Bt1800 for 'B' badge girls , Bt2100 for 'S' girls , Bt2500 for 'M" (younger girls). First time I went to Pandora's with Samlor taxi , they quoted Baht 1700, second time when I arrived on my motorbike minus the taxi , they quoted Baht 1200. So, they give the taxi driver (Tuk Tuk/Samlor, whoever) Baht 500 commission for bringing the customer to their front door. This 500 is always added to your bill . Be forewarned : ) You could be quoted even higher prices , depends if Papa-san thinks your a sucker : ) Thais pay less than what we pay for the same girl. Same all other Massage Parlours. Note - the rooms themselves might not be as fresh as they should. Maybe another reason for its declining popularity ?

Around 12 midnight (official curfew time) girls remaining move out of the Fish Pond into the Waiting Room. Some girls hang around there until 2/3am. In fact it pays to check the waiting room anytime , cause girls can be in there at same time girls in pond.

Other Diversions - They also have a Go-Go which is located on the left side as you enter. Baht 150 entrance = lst drink. Pushy for LD’s. Chicks, mostly overweight, odd good one. Atmosphere non existent. Forget it. They also have a Karaoke which I was advised by the staff themselves as 'not worth it'. Going on the ladies sitting outside the Karaoke, I would agree with them. Massage (Fish Pond) or nothing, I would say : ) Last trip .. must admit did not check GoGo , might have closed.




Chiangmai Hill - A mini massage , compared to Sayuri/Pandora’s : See Update2 below , before reading any more.

Chiangmai Hill 2000 Hotel. 18 Huay Kaew Road, set back from the main road. Phone: (053) 400601-5. Fax (053) 4400610. No Email/Website. Tuk tuk 40/50 Baht West from Thapae Gate area. Best instructions are Bens : "If you enter the main hotel reception area , the Soapy Massage Parlor entrance is around the corridor to the left. You can avoid the reception area by going in through the Ballroom Entrance (through car park). The thai traditional massage is on the left , soapy massage is at the right hand corner as you enter the Ballroom. At night there is an illuminated sign at the Ballroom Entrance" , says Ben. 

And then Thommo experienced the following : " Small 'pond' , 10/12 girls (at time I was there) , some good lookers, friendly/relaxed Papa-san. Baht 1700 , the lot (bj etc) . I think , if I had not arrived with a tuk tuk (taxi) it would have been Baht 1200. Tuk Tuk driver made sure he followed me in and opened the Massage door for Manager to see him. It's another way of saying "add 500 Baht , I brought this guy to your Massage". : ) UPDATE : Now know , correct farang price is Bt1200 for some girls 1500 for others , full service. Bt1000 if only 60 mins. Do not pay additional tuktuk commission , if you can help it (arrive on motorbike or whatever). Worth checking out. Update : Possibly , since then they have simplified it to : "Girls on one side Bt1000 , other side Bt1500. Believe 1500 ones often refuse to go with big cock foreigner/falang : ) Update2 : Possibly no sex massage place nowadays (?) Please confirm if you find it so. 

On exiting this Massage , a Hotel Tout said "See Superstars, young girl". Up the stairs we go : x 5 girls he claims are 18/19 years old but looked more like 15/16. Ten sec’s and I’m out of there. Very dangerous , dont fool around with gals looking younger than 18yrs. With bad luck , you could be set up , could cost you a lengthy stay in a Thai prison (stink hole , with cockroach sandwiches as your menu) . Gals under 18yrs are children , and dont know nuttin about sex anyway. As I promptly exit that area of the hotel , the tout says - "You give me tip". "What for, says I". Of course I ignore him , no tip , exit the building , end of Chiangmai Hill , for the moment.

All of this info belongs to :


Phucome Hotel - On the corner of Bunruangrit Road (Canal Road) and Huay Kaew Roads intersection. West of Thapae Gate. Went out there, around 40/50 Baht (tuk-tuk) , further past Chiangmai Hill Hotel. What I saw I didn't like , and so I left disappointed , having gone so far (in the tuk tuk) to achieve so little. Since then been getting reports that their Massages are good , Baht 1000 ones behind glass (fish bowl). Bt1300 for younger ones , who are not behind the glass. Approx 20 girls . The usual 90 mins.

Where is MP ? : "West wing (left ?) entrance , enter underground parking , see neon sign directing you up = the MP".

I entered front of Hotel and was guided to right side = wrong. Enter via underground parking.

Update : MP still there , still ok. 

My personal opinion : At the start , do not bust your guts getting to Phucome or any other Massage. Try Sayuri first. If not satisfied there , the hunt begins in earnest ... Tally Ho , Tally Ho ! Pandora , Chiang Mai Hills , Phucome and any other place the Tuk Tuk takes you to (for his Bt500 commission : )


Diamond Riverside Hotel : Has a MP , but no one raves about it. Info , if you want to check it out : Name of MP .. "CelebrityatCNX" (trust the Thais to come up with a name like that : ). You enter hotel , big signs directing you to MP , everywhere , reportedly. Blue badge girls Bt1350. Red Badge (younger) Bt1600. Apparently you can not have sex with all 'red' girls , that is , do not service foreigners. Overall : Not an exciting place , going on reports. 

Other MP's - Catering for Thais , so not sure if they will give appropriate falang style service , and maybe prices I quote courtesy of RT a Thai resident in Chiangmai , will be inflated when you call , but anyway , have a look .... might be for you

'Ping Pa Yom' Massage Parlour , located at entrance to Wing 41 Air Base , behind Pa Yom Market. Maybe go there first time with tuk tuk driver , but to avoid a Baht 500 surcharge (taxi commission) dont take girl. Backtrack later on your hired motorbike. Baht 1300 , 1500 , 1800. 'Chiang Mai Phu Kam' MP is another RT mentioned. Thanks RT. Someone else mentioned ... OT Massage , thats all I know. In my experience , these Thai Clientele massage places are where your more likely to find the better looking girls. More likely , but not necessarily : )

Fang VIP Club and 'Pretty Club' , offer pretty girls (subjective) for Thai clientele tastes ... Massage Bt1000 to 1700 (girl not necessarily in nude or semi nude , say have shorts on).  HJ (Hand job) additional Bt500-1000 ; Topless additional Bt1000 . Panties off additional Bt1000. No sex. Do not push for sex , otherwise goons might appear and bash you up : ) Obviously not catering for foreigners.  Frustration at a price : ) Same quality girls available for sex at a place like Nataree Massage Bangkok (see Bangkok Notes). 


Disco's for sex w' Hookers : 

Note - As always , be on the alert for katoeys posing as women , except for Spicy (below) , they prohibit trannies : )

Ones to consider for freelance hooker possibilities are :

1. Mandalay Disco : Baht300 entrance = one free drink , Baht150 beer thereafter. UPDATE : The assholes have started double pricing at Mandalay. Last trip they charged me Bt300 for a beer , same beer Thais next to me Bt150. Obviously they do not want falangs at their disco. But there is some nice eye candy at this Disco , I promise you. Can you get it ? Extremely doubtful , impossible if in your 50's or beyond , and ugly like me  : )

Location : Moon Muang Rd , walking southerly distance from Johns Bar. Very popular with local Thais and so taxi/tuk tuk drivers know it. Busy during week too. Mostly regular girls , freelancers a tiny minority. Make sure you get a definite 'eye' before approaching. Thai boyfriend might be nearby. Difficult to find a pick up. Popular with regular Thai girls.

2. "Bubbles". It's in the Porn Ping Tower Hotel , Charoen Prathet Rd.

CLOSED .... I believe this one is closed. Will leave the following notes on here , just in case it re-opens. 

I wrote before closure : "Entrance Bt100 = first drink. This was the Freelancer Disco of Chiang Mai , but seems to be lacking in FL numbers lately. Worth a check out just the same. Watch your change etc. On a Frid/Sat night arrive 10/10.30pm if you want choice in seats. 11pm on its starting to rock , although not as crowded as it used to be. For guaranteed freelancers Bubbles is still the one (except for Spicy , see below) Closes 2am. Weekdays reportedly quiet. Note : There is a mix of hooker and non hooker girls at Bubbles. Beware , she might be a good girl , or her Thai boyfriend might be in the toilet. Smile and talk politely = no probs.

2b. Hotshot Disco : I believe this one is under Porn Ping Tower Hotel , and might be the reason Bubbles crashed , ie , more popular than Bubbles (?) I will check out when next in Chiangmai (might be a long time : )

3. Other possibilities : The Wall (Chiang Inn Hotel) ; Stardust (Westin Chiangmai) ; Crystal Cave (Empress Hotel). Not sure if all of these are still 'functional'. Similar to Mandalay , ie , not really a place to find Freelancers , more of a place for untouchable Eye Candy : )

4. "Spicy" in Chaiyaphum Road.

Update : Apparently Spicy disco has been relocated 200 mtrs away from original spot (described below) , towards Mikes Burgers. This is 2nd hand info. Doubt if I will be returning to Chiangmai any time soon , to personally confirm this , as Chiangmai is too 'tame' for me. 

This is what I wrote before the update ......

"When other 2am Disco's close down freelance and regular girls head here. It's a no fuss , straight out pick up joint , and yet some times a good girl will be there enjoying the 'atmosphere'. Take care how you approach the girls , just in case she is there for fun , and not for pick up.

Directions : 1st , read Update above , slight change in location.

Before change in location : Get tuk tuk to Sompet Market , get out there , walk across brown steel bridge (across moat) and slightly to your left you will see the Spicy building. Otherwise just say 'Spicy' to the tuk tuk driver , they all know it. "Spicy , Sompet Market". Arrive 1/1.30am for table whatever , action proper starts 2am proper , best to arrive by 1.30am if you want a seat. Goes to 5am or possibly later. Very lively place. Definitely 'Pick Up Central'. If you can't pick up here , you cant pick up anywhere. They expect Bt1500 LT , but its not LT at 3am is it. If the girl is remotely interested in you , she will do it for Baht1000. Watch your valuables and keep out of arguments" : )

4. "Bossy" , see below "Thai Style" info. 

Remember , so far as pick up potential goes , there is nothing in Chiangmai to compare with the Bangkok and Pattaya disco's , nothing remotely like it. Except of course mini disco Spicy (described in 3 above) . 

All of this info belongs to :


Vegas prostitute area : 

This 'native' area , is off the beaten tourist/whorist track. Some know about it , some don't. Don't expect a lot : )


UPDATE : Forget this place nowadays.

It has been superseded by all the more modern attractions listed on this page. Consequently I am not visiting or updating it anymore.

Here is what I wrote before I abandoned visiting/updating Vegas in May 2010  : 


"I think if you said "Vegas Ladies", a tuk tuk driver would know where to go. If not, and more particularly, if you wanted to take a medium length walk (say 7/10 mins) to the area here are the instructions. I'd say before twelve midnight would be safe to walk in or out of this area (no responsibility if it turns out otherwise : ).

I went in and out of the area on a hired Honda Dream Motorbike. Have a look at your Map , eg "B&B Thailand North Road Map". Using B& B Map - Coming from the corner of Thae Pae and Chaiyaphum Roads you walk along Chaiyaphun , cross over Chang Moi Road . Further on you will find Lane.1/Chai Ya Phum Road. There is a blue Northern Bearings building on this corner. Walk down this lane past an ancient and crumbling Buddhist Shrine on your right. You will come to a T intersection.

The top of the T is Sithi Wong Road. If you were to turn left into that road you will find 50 metres down a rundown small Thai Trad Massage on your left and a dormant Karaoke on your right , just past the giant rain tree. It is better to turn right at the T , cause forty metres up on the right is "Pub Karaoke". Normally this place has Thai clientele. I was the only falang there on my two visits. Usually they have a couple of cuties standing outside to give you the come on. 

On entering the front door you should go to your left where there is a bar and ladies are lounging about. Possibly 20 in all. Prop at the bar, order a beer YD Baht 150 (large bottle beer) swing around and perv on the ladies. My memory fails me as to the cost of a Ladies Drink but most probably in the vicinity of Baht 150. Not cheap for Chiang Mai , but the ladies are pretty and charming. Then for groping but not poking, take the Lady of your choice to the other side (right hand side when entering the building) and sit at the back in the dimly lit lounges and go for it (fondling/groping). If you sit at the very back lounge others cannot observe what you get up to. Update : I think they might have VIP rooms there. Worth asking about , cute girls. 

Take out ? Not possible with the honey I had , but reckon it would be with others. Just ask "all night" do not ask about BF, might not charge BF. A quality spot with nice girls. Only problem for me , the girl I selected was only a 'grope' girl . She fondled you, and vice versa. Tried to get her to my place of accommodation during the day, but did not succeed. She rang , her English wasn't good and my Thai not good enough to persuade her over the phone to 'cross the line' and visit me.

For something different , Pub Karaoke is worth a beer and a peek. Quality ladies , in evening gowns. That's when I was there , hope it's the same when you get there : )

All of this info belongs to :

"Las Vegas Cafe". Heading in a Southerly direction it is located about 40 metres further up on left side. It’s a Go-Go with limited number of dancers , 15 or so, and the place is in need of some fresh paint. Not sure what a drink was, would have to be similar to Cozy Corner Go-Go. I was told by a fellow practitioner , who was there at the same time as me , that the BF was 3/400 and All Night 1000. But by now think it would be Bt1500. This place was impressive in times of yore , but not impressive at the time of my visit. Too dark and in need of some fresh paint. May 2010 : Went past on a motorcyc , looked like it might be still functional , but not worth going out of the way for , unless of course 'curiosity kills the cat' , prevails : ) I will be back around 2015 : ) Update : Havent been back yet , maybe never : )




Another Sex possibility : 

Kam Phaeng Din Road 


UPDATE : I think forget this area nowadays.

It has been superseded by the more modern attractions listed on this page.

I will NOT be updating this area anymore. Before abandoning this area , this is what I wrote : 

"May 2010 : This area seems to be having a resurgence of sorts. Native places. If I had more time I would have checked it out properly. Think by 2012 it might be up and running. Will call back then : )

Location (Action) - In Kam Phaeng Din Road just past and opposite Mae Ping Hotel. Not far from the corner of Loi Kroh Rd and Kam Phaeng Din Road.

This Road was in days of yore, the home of the ‘Bamboo Brothels’ , housing many hundreds of young non English speaking ladies. 50/100 baht short time for locals, 1/200 Baht foreigners. Since the mid eighties, intermittent government ‘clean ups’ have seen the demise of these places. Mid 1980's .... that far back ! yeh : )

Don’t know what the Thai population do for budget sex nowadays. Drink more Mekong Whisky I suppose : )

Today , there are only about two or three little native ‘Lounges’. with a very small number of girls in each. Some are takeaway, some are not. In some , possibility of ST on premises . Large bottle of beer Bt120 . Ladies Drink : from memory, think it was Baht 80. I had a nice time at one of these places. Sweet young lady, fondling my willy in the dark. Could have taken her third time round , but I was impatient , had to move on : ). Read under Update above , my May 2010 sightings , but doubt if I will ever return to this area again : )



Brothels Bordello's Local Native -


UPDATE : I think forget 'Lady Houses' (aka brothels/bordello's/whore houses)  these days. A limited number are there , but hard to find and seedy in general.

Superseded by the more modern attractions listed on this page.

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai ( further North) have suffered the same fate. The former abundant supply of whore houses has been much depleted in Northern Thailand by the local  'government clean-up drives'.

Why was the north (incl. Chiang Mai) virtually destroyed in respect of Whore Houses ? Well statistics say most of the HIV comes from the Chiang Mai/Rai area , so Thai authorities thought they'd save their Thai citizens by eliminating el cheepo whore houses which catered for the masses (working class Thais) , including el cheepo bangers like me.

Ask a samlor driver to take you to : 'barn poo ying sow', and see what you get . Sow pronounced as in 'cow'. I did just that , on my last trip . Result - Frustrating time with modern 'shop like' whore houses , very small number of girls and expensive prices. Basically foreigners not welcomed in such places. You'll most probably get sour faces : )


Nimmanhemin Road Soi.13. Day time place (lady house).

Warning : Very difficult to find. Info that follows is largely second hand info. I will not be returning to this area again. Before abandonding this one , I wrote :

"This is for Budget Bangers who want to get down and dirty ...... very little if any English spoken at these places ....

Location : NimmanheminRd , find Soi13 (opp 7/11 Store) , go down this Soi13 and on corner of first soi/street , you will see a Pink House which is a 'ktv' , that is , small brothel , in effect. Apparently open 8am onwards to possibly 12 midnight , not sure.  Baht 650 for 30 mins only. Not the kind of action you can expect in say Bangkok , Pattaya , or Patong/Phukhet. Caters for Thais in the main , not foreigners. Small number of girls. This one you can find , as the pink house stands out. 

There is a max of two others close by. I have never been able to identify/confirm/find them. Maybe you will have better luck. Here is the 2nd hand info on their whereabouts  I have :  "At the same first intersection/crossing of sois/roads , turn into soi/street on your right. Two lady houses might be found on your left near the corner. First one on left near corner is Bt500 for 30 mins. BBBJ's cost a little extra". I would offer them Bt200 extra for that. The second one is very close to first one , somewhere.  Update : One of the two has now closed down. 

The third lady house is actually in Soi.13 , just past first street on your right , and rubbing shoulders with the other two lady houses. Second hand info : You will see a blue metal door , maybe removed and leaning against fence nowadays. There are usually a few parked motorcycles inside the place (hookers). Enter main door then enter glass door on your left , where you can buy beer and select girls. Note : They have had some renovations , so maybe changes to building. Prices Bt400/500.

UPDATE : As at Jan 2012 the pink house can be found , yes. Maybe give small tip at Pink House for info on other possible 'houses' (mini native brothels) close by. I will not be updating this area anymore. Good Luck : )


In times of yore , a Samlor rider would peddle for hours, from one whore house to another, but alas not today. It looks like barn poo ying sow (house with young ladies) is part of the Chiang Mai history books , I'm afraid. Let me know if I am wrong. However , you can still use this expression ("barn pooying sow") , and/or "Lady House" , to get the message across your looking for sex : )

As I intimated before , the gov't considers these 'barns' (el cheepo whore houses) as an Aids threat for their less educated and less informed populace , who do not use condoms or care about Aids. Hence they are few and far between nowadays. 

UPDATE : The old style lady house has largely been replaced by a small number of modern 'shop' type houses. Prices through the roof too. The El Cheepo places with pretty girls seems to have gone forever. There is the odd 'native' lady house , hard to find , but no longer cheap prices. In Chiangmai nowadays , finding gals through Lady Houses , is hard work (needle in haystack). Who wants to work hard on their vacation ? not me : )


Thai Sex Bars & KTV's : 

"Chiangmai Land".

Update : Last trip ,  very dormant , rode in and out on my motorbike without stopping.

CHANG KHLAN Road ..... see down below notes on that , possibly worth a check out nowadays.

This is info I wrote on Chiangmai Land , before my last trip ......

Caution : When you enter Thai venues , you have to be on your best behaviour , otherwise you might find yourself being screamed at by a very drunk and bellligerent Thai guy , and maybe even worse , his pals too : ) Especially if you have just mistakenly talked to his girl friend. Smile a lot , sus out the place , don't 'rambo' into action immediately on arrival. It's not Bangkok : ) "Chiangmai Land".

Location - All tuk tuks should know it. See B&B "Map 8 .... bH" , alternatively , "go down Loi Kroh Road , turn right into Chang Klan Rd ( 9 ... bE ) and then after Central Chiang Mai Memorial Hospital , turn into Chiangmai Land Road (street sign). As you enter , KTV's and Restaurants on left , Bossy Disco on right. This is where the Thais chat up KTV gals and dance at Disco's.

DISCO : As mentioned before , be careful of your behaviour at 'Chiangmai Land' as some of the (drunk) Thai boys might resent your presence (and potential to pull the girls : ) , especially at a disco , like "Bossy" , where its wise to tread warily. Take your time and sus out those girls NOT with guy/s and are making eye contact with you first. Most , if not all , of the girls are not for hire/rent. But if you did take them home and bang them , they'd expect falang to hand them a Bt1/2000 'gift' the next morning. Thai culture : )

On the night I called , there was no entrance fee to Bossy. Only stayed there 5/10mins , place packed to the ceiling. I was the only falang/foreigner there. At my age didnt like my chances at such a place. It did not look "pick up".

Other Disco possibilities : "DJ1" and "Point Station".

KARAOKES : Also there is a small number of not so cheap Karaokes where you can buy the very pretty LON’s LD’s at Baht 100 plus a pop , 30 mins of her time only (not cheap for Chiang Mai) , but they are Chiang Mai pretty. Your beer similar price. Thai language skills almost mandatory. "Comodo" KTV one of the first on left when motoring down Chiangmai Land Road. This is where I spent some time. Impressed with honeys there (can change over time).

Ten Karaoke : 239/9 Wangsingkom Rd. Just up from Huan Sunaree Restaurant. Get a Thai to write restaurant name down on a piece of paper in thai language. Show tuk tuk and he will take you to Restaurant. Get out , walk 30/40mtrs to Karaoke. About sixty pretty girls when I was there. Your beer Bt80 , Lady Bt200 one hour (and presumably one lady drink). I presume she pushes for more ladies drinks during the hour. Dont know what they cost. One hour could end up costing you Bt1000 or more. Apparently very few of these girls will go with customers , ladies drinks girls only. Doubt if you would have much success leaving your cellphone number as few if any would speak/write english. Saw 10/15 very pretty ones when I was there , but you'd have a pretty 'dummy' sitting next to you , if you can not speak Thai yourself.

The usual procedure in the Karaoke is :

1. Select a gal from the line up.

2. Take a seat and buy the selected gal a Ladies Drink. On a previous trip my babe gave me her cellphone number within 2/3mins of sitting down with her. This was a hint for me to call her next day and bang her , away from the expensive Karaoke , methinks. See story about "Miss Karaoke" , in the 'NEW' page , "Fishin for Fun - 1" link (No.16).

3. Grope-illation (aka , tit-illation : )  : Hire a VIP room on an hourly basis , its not cheap (no figs). Grope and fondle her , she likewise you : ). Personally , I recommend getting her cell phone number and fondling/banging her away from the Karaoke. Dont waste money on an expensive VIP room.

4. Fuck her short time (VIP Room) , but enquire as to the cost before hand , its not cheap , around Baht1500/2000 , which is expensive for this neck of the woods. Better , cellphone her and bang her in your hotel room next day (P500/1000)

5. Take out Long Time , all night ? It would be prohibitive cause an attractive gal might be able to secure 2/3 ST fucks in a night at the Karaoke itself , plus a bag of ladies drinks , plus cash flow in the form of VIP room rentals. Cellphone her and bang her in your room next day , lot cheaper.


Last trip , got a surprise whilst heading for Chiangmai Land. In Chang Khlan Road came across very attractive girls standing out front of about 4/6 venues waving me to stop. Mostly KTV style places , and thus expensive , but pretty dollies you can be assured. Have one drink (not too expensive think they said Baht80) and assess the situation. The expense kicks in once you engage a dolly. Ladies drinks etc not cheap. Cant remember the hot prices they quoted. But you might find a stunner here , certainly eye candy whilst you drink your Baht80 beer : )

I am quite sure you can fuck them on some of the premises (bigger buildings) and that wont be cheap either. But if you want to screw something above average in looks , this could be it.

Getting there on your hired motorbike : Travel down Loi Kroh Road towards Night Bizaar. On the right hand corner of Loi Kroh and Chang Khlan Road is famous Suriwongse Hotel. Turn right into Chang Khlan and pass through traffic lights until you see girls out on footpath (not that far) trying to catch your eye , waving at you etc. Anyway they know a hansum guy when they see one , and waved at me : ) Most are on right hand side. 4/6 in total.

If tuk tuk , think about Baht50/60 from say Tapae Gate area. Say "Lady .... Chang Khlan Road" . Or replace 'Lady' with 'KTV'. (Pronounced : Chung Khlun , should do it , purists : Chaang Khlaan : )

If you like looking at smartly dressed eye candy , you might find it here : )

Watch your bills/chits , dont let em fool ya. Ask "how much" before everything , and if me , I would pay as I go = no need for chits/bills , which might be padded = arguments = spoils perving : )

Disclaimer : If when you call , they are not eye candy , dont blame me : )

Sex venues can change like the wind. 


And so our 'tour' of Chiang Mai comes to an end. If your a big city man, Chiang Mai will most probably not impress , especially cause some places close down 12 m/n , others 1am (governments clean up campaign affecting Chiang Mai severely). There are exceptions as listed above. If you like a more laid back lifestyle and dislike high rise environments, heavy pollution etc , 'Mai might just be the place for you. In my opinion, worth a peek .

End of info re Venues for SEX with HOOKERS - CHIANG MAI Thailand. For sex , Chiangmai is not all that inspiring : )

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