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Bangkok Nightlife

Other Sex Venues

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GUIDE only :

Use the information below as a guide only.

It will be helpful in getting you started.


Beer Bars for Sex : 

For average looking girls , with a better grip of how to make a conversation ,  in the main. Usual prices : ST (Short Time) , 1 pop = Baht1000 (they ask for Bt1500). LT (Long Time , ie , all night) Baht 1500 , they ask for Bt2000. Some will not stay all night , even if you paid for all night. Better to pay for ST and if vibes good , come back next night and take her for LT.

First we will start with the more relaxed , laid back Beer Bars.

They are scattered here and there. For a real compact beer bar scene you have to go to Pattaya , eg Soi 6 and many other places in Pattaya.

Bangkok .... In Soi 4 , attached to Nana Hotel is Golden Bar. In my experience quite nice girls working here , prices not over the top. Also good perv spot if your interested in looking across the road at what is going on at the entrance to NEP GoGo , usually plenty : )

So opposite the road (opposite side to Golden Bar) is the entrance to NEP GoGo and popular Big Dog Bar , elevated above the footpath , good observation tower and reasonable girls and prices here also. I usually have a sit and perv at Big Dog Bar every trip to Bangkok. Feel at home sitting there : )

If you exited Big Dog and began walking towards Soi.4/Sukhumvit Road intersection , about 15 paces up on same right side , is another beer bar also elevated up stairs , called  "Morning and Night" (MN) , but not open aired like Big Dog. It is very popular too , but I do not like to be enclosed , like open air perv spot and observe. I have never seen any spare seats overlooking the footpath etc so have never partaken of MN. Popular , maybe cause girls better looking there , or prices lower ? 

Beer Bars are scattered here and there throughout Bangkok. A beer bar is where you can pay a barfine and take girl  back to your hotel room. There are plenty of other places selling beer , but the girls employed there can not be bar fined/taken away. You'll get to know it , when you see it. Simply ask if in doubt. 




Blow Job Bars for Sex : 

Note : BBBJ (bare back blow job) is presumed at these designer BJ Bars :

Star of Light :

For BJ Bar conniseurs , and sleaze enthusiasts , a must visit. See GoGo page for detailed info. Located in Patpong .2. GoGo area. Seems to be the most popular BJ Bar in Bangkok. Not so convenient , if living in Soi3/4 area , where all the action is , however. Worth the trip there ? Most bj sleaze bar fanatics would say yes : ) But remember 1. Inconvenient and difficult to find 2. Grotty building and amenities 3. Girls are not young or pretty (in my opinion) 

As Star of Light is located in the maze of GoGo Bars , tourist stalls etc , please check GoGo page , Patpong GoGo's , for detailed instructions how to find designer blow job bar S of L. 

Lolita's :

Sukhumvit Soi 8. That is , Soi.8. running off Sukhumvit Rd. This place has location , location for those living in Soi3/4 area. Not grotty like Star of Light (see above) either : ) Starts in the morning ,suggest do not arrive before 11am.  4pm the day shift finishes , night shift starts. So 3.30pm - 4.30pm ,  good chance to see all of the providers. Your Drink Bt150 (expensive for this kind of place , should be Bt90). Time with girl (bj)  : 30 mins max. Update : Losing popularity lately. Not what it used to be , they say. Still worth a peek , just in case , convenient location. 

Entering from Sukhumvit Rd , walk down Soi 8 to Corleones Restaurant on the left hand side about 100 mtrs down. Almost opposite the Restaurant and on your right is a little Soi (Alleyway/Street) , the second one on your right from Suk' Rd. Someone said there is a 7/11 store on the corner , wasnt there when I called , but could be there now. Walk down this 2nd Soi and towards the end and on your left you will see Lolitas big sign and girls sitting out the front.  The most convenient vacuum cleaning service/BJ Bar spot in the Sukhumvit area. Nice air con , mini bar and lounge chairs. When I was there , Cashier had a sense of humour and knows what she is doing (collecting money and not sperm : ). Nice ambience on my one and only visit inside.

When doing the deed curtains separate you from others. Baht800 to the Bar and a tip of Baht1/200 to the girl/lady , if she was good , otherwise no tip. Full sex with BJ on upper floor for Baht1700. Most of the gals/ladies here , are not very pretty or attractive compared to other venues , eg GoGo Bars/Massage Parlours , but you don't go there to kiss them do you. Good looking girls do not normally work in blow job bars. Demeaning. It takes a 'special' kind of girl who will suck cocks as a job : ) They get a lot of practice , so they get pretty good at it , going from rumours. But Star of Light , possibly cause of their limited opportunities , hard to find , grotty building ....... they are the champs , say the BJ enthusiasts. I love BJ's , but from a girl I have in my room , not as a separate payment in a cock sucking factory (BJ Bar). 

Lolitas have upstairs short time/ST private rooms at Bt1500 and gal. Make sure there is no bar fine added to that . Report to us if there is. If you take the girl back to your Hotel room , you pay Bt800 Bar Fine plus Bt1000 to the girl (3 hours max). Personally I prefer to shag in my hotel room. I dont think many guys take Lolita's girls (or any other BJ Bar girls)  back to their room for a shag , they are not special enough for that : )

On exiting Lolita's you could learn a new way of finding this place. Turn left on exiting the front door and follow your nose (walk straight ahead) until you come to a T (you cant go any further) thats Soi.4. Saves walking back to Soi.8 , then walking along Sukhumvit Road next time.

For clarification and latest info , check their website : Note : There is also a Lolita's in Pattaya nowadays. Staff from bangkok rotate with their Pattaya bar , apparently.


Dr. BJ's :  ..... Soi.7/1 (off Sukhumvit Road) , close to Edens (see Edens info below) . Open 11am to 2am.  Relative newcomer. Girls in Nurses uniforms Baht700 , Full Sex Bt1700 2hrs(with BJ). Consultant girls BJ Bt1000 (or 2hrs full sex Bt2000) . Some say better than Lolita's in Soi.8. Personally dont know. Website for details , and pics of girls  :        Foreign owner will answer emails.  Worth a look , at least. Possibly one of the reasons Lolita's has dipped in popularity (?).

Lollipops : .... Soi 10 (off Sukhumvit Rd)  , further down from Lolita's. This is another new one to me. Reportedly Bt700 bbj ... Bt1100 bbj and sex. Maybe undercutting Dr BJ's and Lolita's , to get a start. Later put the price up a bit , comparable with competition (?). More likely same price as the other two , lads : )

Soi.14 (off Sukhumvit Rd) : Another newish bj place , its called ......... Soms Heaven. BJ Bt700. Full sex Bt1200. I will find out more , as time goes by : )

Other Blow Job places (not in Soi 3/4 area)  :

See Go-Go Patpong Bangkok link/info where 2/3 'infamous' BJ Bars are in full swing.

Pattaya - is quite popular for BJ Bar action also. See Pattaya Nightlife info for details.

Other Towns/Cities : Bangkok and Pattaya are the most famous for their renowned 'vacuum cleaning' services. I do not know of any specialist bj bars elsewhere in Thailand , but no doubt they exist somewhere. Beer Bar , Massage and Disco pick up girls are capable of BJ's too , if you ask them nicely : )


Freelance spots in BANGKOK where you can find



Disco Freelance spots for Sex : 


Good for after 1am activity. Nothing suits you at the bars ? then head for late night Disco's ......

An opportunity to score a pretty one , minus ladies drinks , barfines etc. Girls usually ask Baht1500 for ST (Short Time). If your lucky , Bt1000. LT (all night) is a bit risky , might not stay all night = Baht2000/2500 asking price , quite often the latter. Can be had for Bt2000  , depends on the Disco , varies.

The 1am closing time does not normally apply to Disco's. Usually close 3/5am. 

This is where you will find Hookers , Escorts , Prostitutes looking for money. Even regular girls short of rent money , whatever , do on occasions go to Disco's looking for some quick money in exchange for sex. Only disco's with these type of girls is listed below. 

Discos - Are an alternative way of finding your ‘dream sex girl’ , so long as you dont mind the thump thump of the music , admission charge , smoke , and expensive drinks.( Coke sometimes Baht 100/150 or more ) . Not all the girls at the disco’s listed herein are ‘on the make’, some of them are simply good girls out for a bit of innocent fun. Although its hard for me to beieve that such girls are not aware they are surrounded by Hookers = they are up for it , in my mind , especially if you have a 'cool/sophisticated' approach. Thai’s are very conservative in public , but within the private confines of a disco they quite often let their hair down and have fun. An interesting study.

Disco's is one area the Govt Authorities find difficult to curtail. Possibly they are not overly concerned about Disco's or any dance pick up joints cause they are not so much 'in your face' (loss of face Thailand) as Go-Go's , with their tendency towards scantily clad ladies , and even nudity sometimes. Think you will find the Disco way of picking up a nice lay will continue to grow in popularity , especially if the Govt keeps harrassing Go-Go's and other high profile venues. You don't have to dance cause its a disco , all you have to do is .... pay (the girl : ) Not all disco's you go to in Bangkok are Hooker Disco's , remember that  : )

Update : Yes , cause GoGo's and Beer Bars have to close early , pick up Disco's (less in ya face , and behind closed doors) have prospered and grown. Good way to get a nice lay , if you can put up with the noise , and cramped atmosphere. Note : Guys in their 50's and beyond might find themselves out of place here , and learn that Thai girls can be age conscious. The less pretty ones , not such a problem  : )


ST is around Bt2000/3000 (not cheap)


Ones most talked about one right now :

Climax , Mixx  , Bash , Beat etc. 

See info below. 

Insanity Disco .. Soi.12. off Sukhumvit Rd. Walking distance for Soi3/4 area. Baht300 entrance = first drink free. Supposedly a fun time place/feel about it and lots of girls , significant number attractive. Have yet to visit the place myself. Reportedly closes 2am. Taxi drivers know it , otherwise Google it. Update : Do not hear about this one nowadays , forget. 



Mixx : Intercontinental Hotel (basement) , Ploenchit Rd , near Chitlom BTS Station). I have no details on this one other than it is supposedly one of the better disco's. Subjective : )


Bangkok Beat : Soi 7/1 (off Sukhumvit Rd) , same street as Dr BJ's and Edens (see notes this page). Band. Reportedly a mix of freelance hookers and regular girls , consequently tread warily here. Becoming popular. Reportedly closes aroung 2am. 

Nana Disco :

At Nana Hotel , Soi.4.

Update : This disco has name changes , and changes in ownership. Latest name/ownership : Mai Peng. Forget , and concentrate on the other ones mentioned below. 

Written before update ....

This Disco is slam bam in the middle of the Soi.4. red light district. Regular Soi4/Sukhumvit Rd hookers , no problem. Nana is convenient and close to other places where they can sell pussy. So expect regular hookers at Nana, not the better educated/class non hooker , semi hooker and hooker. My opinion only of course.

Soi.4. entrance is 100 mtrs down from Golden Bar (attached to Nana Hotel itself) on same right hand side. Golden Bar and Nana Hotel is opposite the entrance to NEP (GoGo bars). 

Or enter front of Nana Hotel and ask at Reception Desk for entrance to the Disco , to the left of Reception Desk , 20 mtrs down.  


Climax Disco : 


Update : Even though I was not overly impressed , it is popular. 

Written before update .....

"My impression on one inspection : Lacks atmosphere. Very basic surroundings , cement floor , walls , no decorations , paint etc. Too many white women. Most probably popular cause of drug culture ? Not sure , but hell why is it popular. Popular wiith mongers ? Regular reports say it is. Looked a tourist crowd to me , with limited Thai Hookers interested in sleeping with young foreigners.  Maybe I was too early , suppose to fire 12midnight to 5am , think I was earlier than that. Maybe the white women go home to their hotel and the brown skinned hookers take over then ? 

Location : In the underground car park of the Ambassador Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 11. Walking distance from Soi 3/4 area. There is a sign on the footpath itself. Facing the hotel , which is well back off the road , look to left and enter underground car park (or ask Security) , turn right in car park itself  , then disco on right. Entrance Bt200 (Bt300 now ?)  = first drink free. Beer Bt180 (still same price ?) , yet no real furniture , ambience , just an enclosed car park.  Mixture of hooker Freelancers and regular girls , significant number whiteys when I was there. Goes to 3/5am. More convenient than going out to CM2 (see below) , and not as expensive either. Popular. Get there around midnight for a seat on their cheap furniture. People standing all around you (not my scene , I like a view , preferably a Control Tower , lol). UPDATE : My inspection last trip = not impressed , definitely a car park feel about it , no chance of a seat at my time of visit  , lots of foreign women etc. Did not inspire me , doubt if I will return. If your under 40 maybe , if your over 50 , doubtful .... except for the fuglies , who miss out on the younger falang meat   : ) Read Update above = popular with others = go give it a try nowadays.

Note : There is also Levels (above Aloft Hotel) and Q Bar Disco's in Soi.11. 

Bash Disco .... Popular and reportedly above Australian Pub , Suk Soi.11 , goes to early hours of morning. Bt400 entrance = your first 2 drinks (?) Late in closing , say 5am. Do not arrive before 12 midnight. Yes , this one is popular nowadays. 




Q. Bar is in the same street. Upmarket Bt700 entrance. Definitely non hookers (and hookers) here. Waste of time and money  ? I did not inspect it , not after Climax , which was such a disappointment. Update : I presume a bit more difficult to pick something up at Q. Bar. Stick with Climax  . Bash , or Beat (info this page). 

Spicy Disco :

Low priority , but give it a try , if you have the time. Might be for you. 

Located on Ruan Muang Soi 1 (behind National Stadium). I have yet to track this one down , but taxi drivers know it , popular and worth a peek. Bt300 entrance. I think that gets you your first drink too. Rages until after 4am. By 1am any decent seats have been taken. See rates (girls) above in introduction notes. Update : Never hear about it nowadays. Bad sign. Try others before this one. 


Bossy Disco :

Little bit of a low priority nowadays too , but give it a try , if you have the time. I used to hear good things about it before , not sure if its still as good , nowadays.  
Not too far from Soi.4 action area. Located in Pratunam area , small side road off Sri Ayutthaya. Official address : 90/84 Soi Rajchaprarop Rd , Phayathai , Rachtavee.  All taxi drivers know it. Baht300 admission = first drink free. Seems it goes to 5am or beyond. Mix of good girls and hookers. More hookers than good girls , I suspect : ) Popular. Pay for each drink as you get them , otherwise distinct possibility of being overcharged later. You will not win any discussions re overcharging , and maybe even get beaten up by Bossy goons if you get aggressive about it , even when your clearly in the right. Pay as you order , best way (no chits/bills/invoices piling up some distance from you , and therefore no 'misunderstandings' : ) Girls here apparently expect Baht 1,500 to 2000 ST (short time). Even at my age , I would not pay more than Baht1000/1500 ST. No need to bargain , if she says high price , counter with your price , smile , and stay cool. She will soon smile and say "ok". See rates in introduction above and use them as a guide. 


All of this info belongs to :


If you do not have time to spare you can forget ALL of the following ....................


Narcissus Disco :


Low priority for a pick up , High priority for a perv : ) 

Overall , and in general .... NOT a pick up disco , but in my opinion , certainly worth experiencing , based on my one visit some time ago.

Update : Better google it , might have 'died' since I visited : )

Location ... at the back and to the left hand side of Pegasus (see below Pagasus). Baht550 entrance = three free drinks. I think it was Bt150 a beer thereafter. Prices have no doubt gone up since then. Great decor , atmosphere and non commercial feel about the place. On the night I was there lots of 7's and 8's and even the occasional 9. Spotted a 9.25 and a 9.50 there too : ) Foreigners 40yrs and younger , in a smiley mood have some chance here , but the audience in the main is well to do Thais. Maybe 1% are hookers , maybe not. All girls are hookers if they see what they like. It could be you : )

Call weekends , other nights reportedly no good. Its a weekend disco. Tread warily at Narcissus. The girls Thai boyfriend might be in the loo or somewhere. He has got the money and connections to fix up any 'problems' : )   Observe for sometime before making a move. If the gal is giving you the eye , more than once , its generally the green light for a 'move'. No 'eye' no 'move'.

For me (oldie) not a pick up place , but a great voyeurs disco. I really enjoyed my time there , perving on the eye candy. Finished 2.30am , at time of my visit. Wouldnt be too surprised if it closes later nowadays. 

All of this info belongs to :



Now we discuss Hard Rock Cafe , CM2 , Spasso and Riva's.

Short info .... If on a limited vacation , forget ALL  of the below mentioned four : )

Getting to them :

Re the first three , you catch the Sky Train (BTS) at Phloen Chit E2 Station (Baht 20/25 ticket) , to Siam Square Station , and exit the left side of N1 Siam Station, turn right at bottom of Station stairs and walk short distance past Soi’s 5 & 4 to Soi.3. Walk to the end of Soi.3. and at the corner , look to your right and you will see a building not far off , on the left side , with a very large "Save the Planet" sign across the top of Hard Rock building. To the side of that building you'll see a "Hard Rock " neon sign. Note - Soi 1 starts on left of our screen , Soi 6 is where CM2 is located.

An alternative to the train is to catch a 50Baht taxi ex Soi.4 area. For the kind of money you are about to spend (Baht150 or more a drink) at these joints , you might as well taxi on over , and just say to the driver "Hard Rock Cafe ... Siam Square" , that should do it. Alternatively , get your Hotel Front Desk to write it down in Thai language for taxi driver.

1. Hard Rock Cafe. Excerpt from my "Fishin for Fun-2" Diary :

"Baht250 entrance = 1 free drink. I enter , walk upstairs and confirm family type tourists in the main upstairs , whores and whoremongers down stairs. Downstairs I go. At 9.15pm there is not a single seat left. Two falangs are sitting by themselves at a four chair table. I know what they are up to .. they expect some honeys to approach them later on , asking permission to sit at their table. Devious : )

Get a Kloster Beer and stand at edge of bar , almost falling off onto lower level below me. Hardly even standing room in the place. I check the chicks out , they check me out. I would say at that time of night .. 40/50 chicks , maybe more , and standard 'ok'. Believe they ask Bt2/3000 ST , wouldnt pay it , same bodies at Angels Disco. Suspect there is mass migration across to CM2 Disco around 10.30pm - 11pm ? Anyway , Hard Rock is worth a visit , say 11pm onwards. Should be some talent there by then . Remember , the ugly ones arrive early : )"

2. CM2 Hooker Disco joint  -

Overall : Bad value disco. , nowadays.

Google "Mixx Intercontinental Bangkok". Rumour has it , its replaced CM2 Disco. Dont know personally. 

"Concept CM2". This is a pick up Disco that is nowadays maybe playing second fiddle to places listed on this page. Mainly cause of its location and the crazy prices girls are quoting at CM2.

CLOSED .... believe its closed down.

NOT closed ! ? Rumours , gossip .... you never know. Myself , I would not waste any time on it. 

Before possible closure , info I wrote : 

"Not the kind of place I recommend any more , cause of the crazy prices.  Girls similar to those at other Disco's mentioned on this page , plus Russians that cant get a customer in Russia : )  

Note : I have been to CM2 on more than one occasion but doubt if I will return again. I have got pretty good intelligence on the place without going there again. A guy in his fifties might struggle to walk out with a 'looker' , unless he is willing to part with serious money. 

So, after leaving Hard Rock Cafe, if you walk back towards the direction from which you originally came, you will come across the Concept CM2 Nightclub/Disco on the corner of Soi.5. It’s below street level , under the Novotel Siam Hotel ("Lotus Novotel Siam Square Hotel"). Facing Novotel its a side entrance to your left in Soi.5 itself . There are steps leading down , under the Hotel. Walk down the steps , like entering a cave, to the ticket sellers . Arrive around 10/10.30pm for a choice of seats. Baht650 entrance = 2 drinks. Bt130 regular brands of beer , Bt190 Klosters (and maybe others). Prices are more likely to have gone up recently  , than down : )

Originally a mix of hookers and non hookers here. Not any more , high priced hookers only. And high price does not mean girls here are better looking than other places either. They are not high class , they are high priced for the sucker fringe (mongers). 

Nice layout and seating for possibly 3/500.

Is it worth the entrance and drinks price ? There is only one way to find out , go there. Lucky dip fella's , lucky dip. Move around to locate your 'quarry'. Dont get stuck at any one place. Remain flexible , your 'gem' is waiting for you , somewhere ..... but not my kind of gem  : )

Girls will ask more here (up market environment) than some other places. Are they worth it ? For me , certainly not. Significant number of foreign girls eg Russians etc plying their trade here and asking significantly more than the locals  , say Baht3000 for short time and Baht5000 for all night. Some suckers paying these prices. They think they are getting top class , not so , in my opinion. Better value other places. 

Regular Thai girls are thinking in the high thousands too. Bad value , better elsewhere (Spicey , Bossy , Liquid) , inhabited by some very pretty girls too. Spicey , Bossy , maybe a little bit better class than the others.  "Insomnia" Disco the flavour right now (see info up above). Liquid verging on 'average' girls with a sprinkling of spunks. 

Sunday nights are supposed to be well catered for  (CM2), and Monday night might still be ladies night (free entrance for ladies).

Forget CM2 is what I say. For masochists , or curiously inclined , only  : )

3. Spasso Nightclub :


Bad value place (personal assessment). 

This one is more about sophistication than sex : )

NOTE : All the following info has been collected 'second hand'. Never heard enough good stuff about the place to ever want to visit it personally.

This one is in the Spasso Restaurant , basement of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, near corner of Ratchadamri and Ploenchit Roads. Not far from the World Trade Centre and/or Novotel. By this time, Angels was beckoning me and so I did not check it out. Got a feeling it's not for me. Apparently entrance at Spasso's Friday & Sat is Baht 700 after 10pm , which includes the first two drinks. Thereafer your beer will cost you Bt300. Possibly no cover charge and not as much action Mondays to Thursdays. Once again , not necessarily all the girls here are Hookers. Tread warily.

The Thai Freelancers at Spasso' are asking too much. General opinion is they are a little older and overpriced here.  Can be Bt4000 and up for ST (short time). Not worth it. Sundays its quiet. Some of these girls could be ex Go-Go girls , dressed in evening gowns , trying to recoup the extra cost of operating out of such an expensive place (Spasso). High class hookers by price only ? What is 'high class', the price or the person ? High class sex ex Spasso ? Unlikely : )

All of this info belongs to :


4. Riva's Disco dance joint :



Bad value place , not mentioned by Mongers nowadays.

NOTE : All the following info has been collected 'second hand'. Never heard enough good stuff about the place to ever want to visit it personally.

Following info has not been updated for a long time. No intelligence on the place (not popular enough) so no updates :

Similar to Spasso in style , operation and prices , except Ladies might cost a little less. Not so well regarded as Spasso's though. Babes operating out of here considered a little older and overpriced when compared with a place like CM2 (above). Located on the ground floor in the Sheraton Grande in Sukhumvit , between Sois 12 and 14 (opposite Robinsons on the other side of the road , corner Soi.17). Places like Spasso's and Riva's have style but do not represent value for money. Personal opinion : ) Quiet on Sundays. UPDATE : They have started charging Bt500 entrance fee = 2 drinks , but this might up the cost of the ladies. There are better places , eg CM2 for budget upscale , or Angels for budget medium scale. Prices might have increased even further since then : )


SHOCK Disco .... Forget it. Fuglies. Popular with Indian lads. 


No Disco/Dance .. Freelance girls for Sex :



No dIsco freelance , means places where there is no loud music and there is no dancing. For starters : Soi.7 Beer Garden , and/or Thermae (traditional and voyeuristic) and/or Gullivers. Plus outside Nana Hotel in the car park/lot or on the footpath , hookers hanging around. Quality usually ok only. 

Note - previous security tips re Freelancers. You’ve got no recourse with these Ladies. They can disappear into the night and you will never find them. This includes "Disco Dance Freelancers" too , by the way. Hygiene checks ? - no. Complain to mama-san about poor service ? - no , no mama-san to complain to. Have they stolen from other Freelance customers before ? No one knows. I do not hear many stories about guys having stuff stolen from rooms by these girls  , but it can happen , including the occasional drugging by a street freelancer. 

Its a real gamble with freelancers, but we 'mongers are gamblers by nature anyway. Try and get the odds in your favour as best you can . Shop wisely - no refunds , no returns : )

Nana Hotel Car Park/Lot or Footpath  : 

10pm onwards , and before , average looking/class hookers (mixed with katoeys). Police raids decimate numbers. Doesnt happen all the time. 

On the footpath in front of large Nana stone sign is where you will find them. Hopefully it will get back to the good old days when a hundred or so hang around in this area. Update : Still only 20/40 standing around , where there were hundreds before. Nana Hotel management strictly enforce their "off limits" policy to girls , who can only stand on footpath nowadays , and not invade the Nana car park itself.

Baht 1000 ST is correct price. Dont be surprised if they ask Bt1500 ST , not on , no , too much for these particular girls. Best to short time these girls first , if good you can always offer her more to stay the night. LT (long time) is say Baht1500 , 2000 if particularly attractive (Ladyboy ?). Inside the Nana Disco (Nana Hotel) , same girl might ask for more than aforementioned rates. Fact she is standing outside in public = hungry or desperate for a customer. In general , your more likely to find a better girl INSIDE a Disco. And the ones standing outside on footpath ,  might have a bad reputation , that is , not allowed inside eg Nana Disco. See Disco Freelance notes above. Beware of Ladyboys (Transvestites/Katoeys/She-men) standing in amongst the girls. Hard to pick sometimes , take care , drugging , theft and robbery from the room , is their (Katoeys) forte (not all of course : )


NEP side of the road : 

In addition to Nana Hotel side , there are hookers hanging around on the opposite side of the road too. NEP side. Same price as above. But mostly katoeys I observed. Opposite side of the road , and on footpath in front of cement Nana Hotel sign for the regular hooker girls (and katoey). Back on NEP side of road ,  almost exclusively for katoeys nowadays. 

Overall ... these Nana and NEP street girls expect .. Bt1000/1500 ST (Short Time) ... more likely the latter , and Baht1500/2000 LT. In my opinion , Bt1000 ST and Bt1500 max LT , is what they are worth.

If you look hungry they might ask for more , if they look hungry you will offer less. "Don't look hungry/too keen" : ) Note : Beware of Katoeys (she-men) in this and NEP (See GoGo Bars notes for NEP)  areas. Early hours of the morning when mongers are drunk , Katoeys pounce. Quite often with intent of eventually robbing in some way. If they get into your room they know how to drug and rob you : )


Other places :

You can forget all of the following , of historical interest only : )  .....

Before Grace Hotel , Soi.3 .... (a) Ali Baba Indian Restaurant. (b) Opposite Ali Baba is an Arab nightclub  with reportedly good looking Syrian working girls and nice bar. Personally I dont know either. . 

Grace Coffee Shop - Location Soi.3 . Enter Grace Hotel. Update ... no Coffee Shop with anything of a hooker scene anymore. Forget Grace Hotel/Coffee Shop. However there is an A-rab orientated disco downstairs near where Cof Shop used to be. Baht200 entrance , overweight women to suit the A-rab clientele and nothing much else. Waste of time when there are so many other more interesting places in Bangkok. Update : Russians (Easter Europeans) gals operate out of Grace too. ST Bt3000. They do not do LT (all night). 

Bamboo Bar : Apparently in front of Grace Hotel and open to 5am , Freelancers. Never been there myself , suspect overweight b. graders for the A-rab clientele , only. Think it might be on the opposite side of street actually.

There is a Dubai Restaurant with WG's (apparently) , after Grace Hotel (Soi.3)

Apparently Restaurants Soi3-5 have Russian hookers hanging around. Not a lot. 

Rajah Hotel : Russian Hookers ... some are from countries nearby Russia , not Russia itself. For example , Rajah Hotel (Location info in Annies Massage notes) Soi.4. , Lobby , Baht2500/2800 ST (Short Time) and only in their room upstairs , 3rd Flr. Service rushed and poor , so they say. Go to Russia for Russian Hookers , Thailand for Thai Hookers : ) 

All of this is Copyright info belongs to

Gullivers Soi 5 :



Worth a visit , yes.

Not so easy to procure , if you look over 50 , but if your sharply dressed , willing to spend , anything is possible. One time the prettiest and most spunky girl in Gullivers was with a guy who looked 60. He knew how to get the younguns (charm , respect , and money : ) Myself and others had to be satisfied in looking on with envy. She knew I and others were interested , but she was sticking with her Sugar Daddy : )

Location : Soi.5. , off Sukhumvit Road , about 125mtrs up on the right hand side , big neon sign on building. Bars and Pool Tables. Free Newspapers and free Internet connection , but not free girls : )  Respectable tourist folks sitting outside , respectable Mongers and Freelancers inside : ) Big building , quality furnishings. Quite a contrast with Beer Garden in Soi.7. and Gulliver girls are therefore ' aloof ' by comparison. They do not necessarily make eye contact with ya' , especially the girls playing pool. Ones sitting at tables are more likely to check ya out. For a lad on a short vacation with limited time , maybe the less sophisticated Beer Garden is better , as the girls there waste no time there letting you know they are interested : ) Younger guys ... Gullivers. Older guys .... Beer Garden. Go to both : )

Even though Gullivers is relatively 'sophisticated' , check your bills and watch your valuables , especially if playing Pool. Short time here is Bt1500 , can be had for Bt1000 if your smart. Sometimes same girls can be seen in nearby Beer Garden (see info this page) offering themselves for Baht1000. Vice versa Beer Garden girls in Gullivers , but latter more the exception. Beer Garden girls dont have the outfit/clothes for Gullivers , normally.  And further still , same Gullivers girls at CM2 Disco asking Baht2/3000 or more ST. Certain places have the reputation for paying certain prices , but girls can be same quality. Pay for a quality girl , not a quality building/furnishings/aura : )

UPDATE : Last trip Gullivers was full and busy. For a younger guy , must visit. Older guys can score here too , but need to be freshly showered , shaved and reasonably well dressed , that is , look like your not a budget banger like me : )  Some visits , the place has been quiet , others very busy , depends on various factors. Call say 7/8pm to 10pm. After 10pm they might wander off to CM2 or some other Disco. Not normally on the streets , these particular girls. 

Beer Garden Soi 7

Easy place to procure , quality average , or below average girls. On odd occasions a very attractive girl steps into the place and everyone (foreigner) pounces at the same time. My advice 1. Walk inside check out whats there 2. Not to your liking ? , take a seat near front door and pounce on first good one as she enters  : )

Location : Soi.7. - Next street up from Gullivers. See your map. Normally there are at least x 3 times more "no bullshit" girls on offer at Beer Garden , compared to Gullivers , but hard to find a quality girl here. Not impossible but hard. Subjective. Upon entering Soi 7 , you'll see a large building on your left hand side , say 50mtrs up. Plenty of signage , you can not miss it. Lots of not so sharply dressed mongers here nursing a drink , waiting for their dream girl to arrive : ) Food and drink prices moderate. Price of girls ST (short time) Baht 1500 but can be had for Bt1000 if your a good negotiator. LT (long time/all night) = Baht 2000 normally. No noisy music , big barn , with lots of girls who start arriving 12noon , 7pm onwards best time , Fridays and Saturdays biggest selection. You have to try this one and Thermae (see below) ... must visits when you visit Bangkok.

[Apparently in Soi 7/1 (not Soi 7 itself)  , there is a place called Tequila Dragon, with Pool and Freelance girls. Big bonus is .... very late closing hours. Didnt see it]

Soi. 3 to Soi 15 :

Update : African and Arab girls are taking over this strip. Pretty sad sight nowadays.

Before the udpate , I wrote : 

"Street chicks are a raffle/lucky dip. Sometimes a bad dip , especially if you let them steal from your room (preventable). 

Street Pick Ups - Sois 3 - 15. A very busy area 1am onwards. Most folks (mongers , hookers , and others) are sitting down at plastic tables/chairs having a snack , after having worked at a GoGo bar , wherever. 

Soi 3 - 5 To make sure your in the right area , look for Starbucks on Sukhumvit Rd. It sticks out/obvious. This is where the bottom feeder hooker freelancers hang out (African/Arabian). If your interested in attractive girls or 'lookers' , I can tell you now , you will not find em here. Exceptions might prevail from time to time , of course. On one occasion walking along Suk between Soi 3 - 5 was surprised with the quality , think it was 1/2am. Recent trips  ... new innovation , horrible looking African babes , who will try and grab you as you pass by. Wrench your arm from them and tell em to "go back to Africa" : )

Street pick ups in general : Firstly, make sure it is a girl and not a he/she (katoey) that you are looking at , especially along Sukhumvit Road near corner of Soi 4/3 in the early hours of the morning. The later it gets the higher the ratio of katoeys. Katoeys are targeting drunk mongers , and not uncommonly for the wrong reasons (theft).

Bt500/700 Short Time Bt1000 Long Time is the correct rate for these desperate Sukhumvit Street Soi3 - 5 souls. They are the bottom of the barrel. Watch your valuables with this lot. Definitely condom time , definitely. Exception ... Sometimes a smart 'looker' will prop here. She stands out , gets a customer at Bt1000/1500 short time very quickly.  But dont base your plans on exceptions : )

Broadly speaking the first two/three hundred metres of either side of Sukhumvit (odds side better) heading South-East (towards Soi Cowboy) from the corner of Soi4/3 is the beat for these 'desperate' girls , and consequently desperate Mongers : ). Odds side of the road is where it all happens , though.

Significant number can be found between Soi's 3 and 5 . Although you will also come across street touts in the same area trying to sell you this or that , or just simply trying to rip you off in some way.

Foodland , Soi .5. is a well known FL spot , especially after 1am (hungry Go-Go/BeerBar etc girls who missed out ?)

Further down the odds side of Sukhumvit is the Ambassador Hotel and an outdoor foodcourt which is supposedly a pick up spot in the early hours of the morning. Dont know personally about that , but do know that the odds side of Sukhumvit Road from Soi.3 for 2/3 hundred metres heading South East is the liveliest street FL area. Not saying a lot cause quality in this area is definitely lacking. Exception : GoGo girls after work , having a snack. Street freelancers extend all along Sukhumvit Road (odds side) to Asok Road (not far from Soi Cowboy). Wouldnt go that far (Asok) after 2am though , katoeys rob with violence there , at times. 

Along Sukhumvit ,  touts might show you an Album of girls. Do the girls in the Album exist ? Sit down at one of the side walk 'Cafes' (small tables and fold up chairs) drink a beer , and let him bring the dream doll he is showing you in the Album. Chances are he can't : ) Ambassador Plaza and Soi.11 areas are noteable for these Album touts. Do not go with tout , your the buyer , he goes gets the dream girl and brings her to you. If you go with him you might find yourself getting robbed or worse. The least that will happen , you will waste your time  : )

Along Sukhumvit , between Soi 13 (7/11 Store ) - Soi 15 (Thermae) , late at night is supposedly Bangkoks 'Paris', with sidewalk 'cafe's' and interesting people circulating around. I think all you will find is plastic tables and chairs on the footpath : ) An outdoor Thermae . Yes , well its certainly interesting for a voyeur type like me , but dont expect to secure a nice one. Nice ones are usually taken. It can happen , but more the exception.

All of this is Copyright info belonging to



Thermae Coffee House :



Location : See below.

Nowadays , difficult for Western World (USA , Europe etc) man  to score the pretty ones here. Inside , girls on right available to whites. Other prettier ones on left of bar/s are for Japanese/Koreans. If your in your twenties , got a chance with the left hand side ones

Sounds like you cant get anything decent in Bangkok ? Not so , there are Freelancer gems , here and there. 

Thermae , open till 2am but 1am they switch off the outside neon sign and its basically all over. 11pm to 12 midnight would be 'peak traffic' time. 1am and your chances are getting slimmer.

Japanese and Koreans dominate this place. Attractive freelance hookers abound , seeking the "3.3.3" treatment , viz  : 3" , 3 mins , 3 thousand baht. Attractive ones normally refuse to go with Westerners , but there will always be exceptions , especially if your young and handsome. Overall , and for a Westerner , its largely a waste of time going to Thermae nowadays. Unless your satisfied in taking the less attractive ones. For the curiously inclined only , and/or masochists : )

Beware : Katoeys (Ladyboys) hang around outside , not allowed inside. 

Beer cheap enough , but frustrating knowing that the attractive one you like will most probably refuse to go with you. She'd prefer to wait and try her luck on the Japanese/Korean ... "3.3.3" lucky dip.

YD (Your Drink) Bt 90 ....ST for the Japanese proned girls : Baht2000/2500 (or more)....LT Baht3000/4000. They are on the left as you enter the undergroud dungeon (Thermae). Many will refuse to go with non Japanese/Korean guys. Maybe 12 midnight on , just before closing 1am , and empty handed ,  they will change their mind ? Alternatively , your 22yrs old and hansum (Western guy)  : ) 

The girls on the right , as you enter , are normally available to non Japanese/Koreans (Westerners) and go for Bt1500 ST , and Bt2000 all night. You can pay more if you like : )  The ones I saw are only worth Bt1000 ST and Bt1500 max LT. Keep your eyes peeled on the front door and approach any looker rather quickly. If you dont , someone else will : )  Better quality than Beer Garden (mentioned above) primarily cause of big spending Japanese and Koreans = attract the Lookers. Although the right hand side ones were not especially good , they are Beer Garden average , I'd say : )


History/Background : In days gone by and in the early hours of the morning all roads led to Thermae" , aka , Desperado’s Dungeon. A real Lottery, if ever there was one (part of the fun). A must for the traditionalists. Been there since the Vietnam War. American r 'n r lads got it up and running : ) Americans won the war , Japanese won the chicks (Thermae 2nd millenium : )
Thermae is a Greek work meaning, something like :‘bath house’.. Thermae was established in 1967. Originally there was Thermae Massage Parlour above with a Coffee Shop below. Popular with American servicemen. Massage girls would drift down to the coffee shop after work. Eventually the Coffee Shop became more popular than the Massage Parlour and why not , prices would have been right , for starters. The Coffee Shop was a bar right from the start. I first visited Thermae in l978 in the old building. In the mid nineteen nighties they pulled it down for high rise development and now its located close to the original spot , between soi 13 and 15 , closer to 15, in the basement of the Ruam Chitt Plaza Hotel , 199 Sukhumvit Road.


As you face the entrance to the Ruam Chitt , you will see a Thermae neon sign and stairway on the right hand side leading down into the basement and Thermae itself.

Do not go too early. Its a Nightowl spot and you should not be there before 10pm. Closes down 2am (used to close down 6am : ). If anything happens at Thermae its in that small time frame. More likely 11pm to 1am. Best , to arrive at 10pm , sit at bar , pounce on anything attractive that walks through the door : )

Where do the attractive ones at Thermae , who miss out , go to after 1/2am ? I suspect they go  to the freelance disco's mentioned above ,where they switch to white guys (desperation : ) Koreans and Japanese do not seem to go to Disco's , which are a freezone for whites , and non white Westerners , alike. African Americans have success everywhere , by the way. I think they are particularly popular in Pattaya , also Bangkok. Africans themselves , not so popular , I believe. Let em know your from America ... "Hi ,my name is ........... I am from America" , will dispel any doubts re your origins and thus behaviour : )

Sorry Africans , you have earned the reputation somehow , along with Indians from India. Its the girls who have given you that reputation , not me !

All of this info belongs to : 

Siam Hotel Coffee Shop :



Demolished !

BACK ROAD (Behind La Belle Massage Parlour) :

New happening : In the back road , behind the former Siam Hotel. Update : Yes there are thai speaking freelancers in the Backstreet , behind where Siam Hotel was. They are for Thai clientele and might not want to go with you. For sure they do not know english or foreigners sex requirements , and pretty as they might be , turn out to be bad value : )

Before demolition of Siam Hotel , this was the scene in Backroad :

You will find 30 (eg Sunday night) to 100 girls (eg Friday or Sat night) lining the road and 30 or more cars crawling past checking them out at any one time. Quite a scene. To find back road , exit front main door of Siam Hotel , turn left onto Petchaburi Rd , take first street turn left (30/40 mtrs ?) and then take first left again (30mtrs) , then your on the back road and the girls begin at that corner. Back road runs parallel with Petchaburi Rd. Take a seat at the plastic tables by the road side , drink Beer Chang for 30Bt and observe : ) Alternatively catch a taxi outside Siam Hotel and tell driver to turn first left , then first left again , tell him drive slowly "Lady" , he will understand what your up to. Then on a slow crawl , inspect the ladies standing by the road side. Prices here lower than inside Siam Hotel but still high , as far as I am concerned. They will ask for Bt1500 ST.

Update .. Backroad is actually 'Kamphaeng Phet 7 Road' , which is behind newly constructed La Belle Massage Parlour in New Petchaburi Road (see Massage notes). Directions : Travelling along Petchaburi Road , pass La Belle on your left , turn next street , Phet Uthai , on left , then first street on left , Khamphaeng Phet 7. Prices : ST Baht1200/1500 for the few foreigners who frequent the place ..... ST Baht700/100 for Thai guys. They know the nearby short time hotels. Doubt if they will go back to your Hotel (security reasons). Very few speak much english. 

Which are better , Disco pick ups or Siam type girls , now located in backroad ? Well , disco girls can speak english and know what falang wants , plus in the three best disco's outlined above , there would be more to choose from , so Disco's. 

I am wondering where those nice looking Coffee Shop girls hang out nowadays ? Small number on the backroad (Kamphaeng Phet 7 Road). 

Note ... As indicated above , Siam Hotel and Coffee Shop has been demolished. No more.

Watch your valuables with all Freelance girls , regardless of where you meet them.




UP MARKET REGULAR GIRLS , not necessarily pick up.

Got some money , well dressed , under 40yrs of age and preferably speak Thai ? Then head for

"RCA" ... taxi drivers know it.

And try places like : Route 66 , Cosmic Cafe , LED , Takura .... for starters.

Girls not p4p , not hookers , regular educated girls , that might or might not speak to you : )



Sex Massage Parlours : 



Where everyone can secure the company of a pretty girl , but usually only for 90 mins : )

Better standard of 'lookers' at Massage Parlours (personal opinion). Better than GoGo's (roughians by comparison , lol) , Beer Bars and most , if not all , Freelance joints. But you can always find exceptions in the latter mentioned outlets (GoGo's etc). Problem for me .... you have got only 90 mins with Massage girls , and they are totally covered up in long dresses. Better meat inspection (body) with the usually , less sophisticated , less demure .. GoGo girls. You have more of a 'fuck' session with a GoGo girl , more of a 'sex' session with a Massage Parlour lady. 

Best massage hours : 3pm - 5pm for full selection. But nothing guaranteed in that respect. 7pm on the tourist buses loaded with Japanese , whoever , start arriving at some MP's eg Cupidy Massage (see below) , scooping up wholesale numbers of girls at individual massage parlours.


You’ll never run out of Massage Parlours. They are everywhere. The Asoke - Din Daeng - Rama 9 Road area is the Bangkok Massage area. See your Map (info on maps accommodaton page). Mentioned  below , if taxi commission applies to your MP (Massage Parlour) , get driver to drop you off then walk away from the place , sit down have a drink whilst driver knicks off = 500 Baht cheaper massage. Alternatively get him to drop you off at a nearby Hotel , to disguise where your actually going. 

Massages are very popular with Westerners and Asians alike. Not a bad way to be introduced to Thailand after a long plane trip. Herein lies a miniscule amount of information about a big subject - Massage. Most experienced guys have their own favourite places , learnt only the hard way ... trial and error. In the main. Only popular MP's listed below , but popularity comes and goes in this ever fluid/spermatic venue for sex. 

Kinds of Massage -

Thai/Traditional massage: does not involve any sex. 2/300Bt. It is possible at some to bribe ($) the girl into sex , but why bother when there are thousands of sex massage girls waiting for you and your penis : ) I like direct , no fooling around places , so I do not supply info on these non sex massages : )

Body/Soapy (and , or , Oil) Massage is the one with sex. Soapy is the most popular.

Before agreeing to price ,ask the mama/papa-san if the girl of your choice can do the necessary ‘tricks’ (bbbj ; anal etc) , or , alternatively try and arrange with mama/papa for a quick chat with the girl , and ask her . Once that is clarified you can get on with it : 1. To the room 2. Bucket of soapy water, you on the air mattress, she lathers you, she rolls and writhes all over your body getting your stick up, blow job, boom boom , 90mins. Thats a soapy massage. There are different variations of this , and you can dispense with all this , have a shower only , and get on with the fucking .... the clock is ticking , 90mins only , lol. 

All of this info belongs to :


Popular massage parlours right now  :


1. Tulip , Mango , Cherry , and Snow White sex shops , for best (porno) performance.

2. Nataree for a choice between very pretty young girls who's sexual prowess is doubtful  , and regular 'pond' girls who know how.

3. Annies for location , location and very active floor management  by Aey = She will steer you in the right direction , to get satisfaction.  


All listed in detail , below : 

Annies Sex Massage :


Annies has been providing massage girls for many years now (Estab. 1972). Two years before I started whoring touring SE Asia : ) Well known. Initially a budget place , recently upgraded to better looking Baht2500 girls , 2 hrs , 2 shots guaranteed ... for Pics etc. But rooms themselves need a bit of upgrading though. Popular place. Website :

Annies has an active Manager/owner ...  name : Aey on the floor , and is most probably the person who will greet you on entering the reception area itself. She does not like 'poor performers' (girls , not you : )  , and makes herself very accessible (for criticism/praise) , you have to pass her in and out of the reception area. She's got her finger on the pulse , that one. Update : Aey not so accessible nowadays , busy elsewhere. You can email her for advice re selection , and for reserving a girl. Your email will be answered by Aey , normally. 

Most convenient short walking distance from accommodation listed on accom page (separate info).  Short walk from NEP/Nana. Most other MP's involve taxi/train trips. Worth one look at least , might be for you.

Location -

Walking from NEP GoGo complex (see separate page for info on GoGo Bars)  , away from Sukhumvit/Soi.4. intersection , that is ,in the opposite direction (brief map in Pocket Guide) turn right into Rajah Hotel car parking area at the 7/11 Store. Once you have entered the car park , walk past Rajah Hotel entrance on your left, to 50 metres further , and at the end of parking area on your left hand side, corner of Soi .2. is Annies Balcony Restaurant with greenery dangling from it. Hours - 10/11am to 12 midnight. Hours may have varied and can be flexible. Up the stairs and straight ahead to a cute bar and a small fishpond ahead of you. There are usually 15/20 girls at any one time. Note : do not mix up with any other "Annies" Bar in Rajah car park. Walk all the way to Annies Balcony Restaurant with greenery (plants) (30 mtrs past Rajah entrance). Last on left.

The Mama-san will explain all the details to you. If you come in a taxi , ask for Rajah Hotel. If driver says ‘Massage’, say no, otherwise he will want to take you to another place where he gets commission. Annies does not pay taxi commissions , hence price is not inflated above quoted prices here , like some other places. See below for info re Taxi Commissions. After being dropped off in front of Rajah’s walk 30/40 mtrs max. (to your right , if you were facing Rajahs front door) to Annies , on same side of  driveway/parking lot as Rajah. Location , location , its got location but , in comparison with some other MP's ,  it needs an upgrade with its furnishings etc. Popular with enough to want to check it out. 3 mins walk from Dynasty or Nana Hotel , that convenient.

Update : Still popular.  Still needs refurbishing : )

All of this info belongs to :


Nataree Sex Massage  : 


5/6pm to 7pm is a good time for full selection (always exceptions : )

Overall , very pretty girls who do not give the kind of service ('porno') at other places like Tulip , Mango , Cherry and Snow White MP's. 

1. Sideliners : Young pretty girls who do not know how to fuck (not totally true of course , always exceptions : ) . 2. Ladies in the fishbowl , who do know how to fuck (true most of the time). Your choice ... looks or performance : )

Location : 167/17-20 Ratchadaphisek Road , Ding Daeng. Popular MP right now. Most probably cause they seem to have a lot of young girls (18 to early twenties).

Finding it :  1. From NEP area , catch Nana skytrain to Asok station. Follow your signs to MRT (Underground Rail) and catch train to to Huai Kwang Station , alight and take exit 3. As you exit the station (exit 3) you will see a huge Emmanuelle neon sign , walk towards it , and past it you will find Nataree (neon sign). Its the next building after Emmanuelle , on the same side. After Nataree is Emerald Hotel.  2. Taxi to it : Alight at Emerald Hotel and walk a few steps back to Nataree.

Building : Facing the elongated Nataree building , entrance to soapy sex massage itself is to the right hand side (right neon sign). Oil non sex massage to left entrance (Bt800). Soapy popular , stocked with pretty gals. Possibly best time 5pm-6pm , when there is a shift change.  Usually 50 or more girls on display at any one time. Hours 1pm-12m/n. It might even start at 10/11am. Prices - Fishbowl , regular girls , those better at fucking ...  Bt1800/2000 2 hrs. Sideliners , pretty girls usually with less skill/enthusiasm in fucking : Bt2600-5000 1.5hrs. Guys who previously liked CP2 (info above) now like Nataree or Mango/Tulip/SnowWhite (see below). Unfortunately you might find rooms at Nataree have a worn look about them. Too popular and too much fucking going on , for the rooms to be otherwise : ) Update : Rooms have apparently been refurbished/refreshed. 

I personally visited this place two times on last trip. Eye Candy Central. They have got the lookers here. Especially outside the 'pond' (shop window) , those outside the glass enclosure and sitting on the lounge. On one visit about 50 girls , next visit about 125 girls , and not a 'dog' in the house. Eye Candy , at a price : )

Blowjobs with condom , unfortunately (CBJ) ... can be exceptions.

Note : Taxi driver might try and take you to some other Massage Parlour where he gets a nice commission. His commission is added onto the correct price for the girls. He might say , eg "Nataree no good" etc. Do not take any notice of him , and insist on your destination. Better still , get dropped off at next door Emerald Hotel , or better still , go by train (see 'Finding it' , above).


Tulip Sex Massage : 


"Tulip has always stood out because of satisfaction level. Not necessarily the prettiest of girls , not ugly either , but for something like a 'porn' experience , the lads praise this one. Should not be missed. No website. Entrance , reception area rather poor , rooms reportedly good.  You should try Nataree (eye candy) , Snow White and/or Mango  (see info below) and then maybe Annies (location , location). Then you've got some idea of the Bangkok massage scene. 1pm on best. Taxi is not the way to get to Tulip ... one way traffic and restricted parking the problem. To get there catch a BTS sky train to station "Thong Lo E6". Take Exit 4 , exit west side (oncoming Sukhumvit traffic below you) , that is , evens side of Sukhumvit Road , and under station 30mtrs away , in NEP direction , you will find Tulip (806/2-3 Sukhumvit Soi 38 , near Thonglor Junction. Phone : 2391 7584). Before you go down the steps and onto the footpath below , look hard right and you will see a Tulip sign attached to the building (on evens side of Sukhumvit Rd) . When you get to bottom of exit stairway you do a hard turn right and start walking in NEP direction , that is , with the traffic. 30 metres up you cross over a Soi on your left. Continue along Sukhumvit Rd and twenty metres further along you come across Tulips shop front. Looks like a traditional massage place from outside , but inside its Western traditional porno : ) Phone : 0-2391-7564 / O-2381-2349

Girls on offer should be at same level as Reception Desk. There might be some downstairs , getting ready to come upstairs too. Do not let them select , 'sight unseen' for you. Hours 10am - 12 midnight. I would go anytime after 2/4pm , earlier and you might get the desperado's who find it hard to secure customers. Popular ones do not need to come early.The massage itself (oily variety) can easily be dispensed with. It's only a cover for the real biz ... fucking. Two hours with the girl , Bt400 1hr room/massage charge , Bt800 if 2hrs ... given to Front Desk , plus Bt1500 full porn star sex , handed directly to the girl. If you think she is extra-ordinary , then there is nothing stopping you from giving her more than that : ) If you only want bj or hand job , ask at Front Desk re cost , but most people go there for full sex , as it has a good 'porn' reputation. Cheaper room charges , viz Bt400 for only 1 hour , Bt600 for 90mins. Regardless of room time paid for , girl is the same Bt1500. She keeps the lot.  

Update , room charge ... Maybe its Bt600 for room 1 hr nowadays , not sure. 


Snow White Sex Massage : 

It's on Soi.26 (off Sukhumvit Road ... 20mtrs down on left hand side) .... and an oily (not soapy) type of massage parlour. For sex , popular with mongers. Hand job Bt500 plus room charge. BlowJob Bt1000 plus room charge. Baht1500 for full sex , plus room/massage charge of Bt400 (1hr) or Baht800 (2hrs). Managed by an ex Tulip employee. Make sure , politely and calmly , that you choose the girl , and not them choose for you. You choosing is possible , dont worry. Snow White is vying Tulip for popularity nowadays , and seems to be succeeding in that endeavour. See their website for prices etc ...     Rumour has it , they are not very diligent in keeping their website up to date .. not sure.

Update : Maybe its Bt600 for room 1 hr nowadays , not sure  


Mango Sex Massage  : 

Website : (alternatively google) .... or (?) 

Currently , at or near the top , in popularity for real porn style sex .... and that's a pretty good reputation , when you think of how many quality massage parlours they are competing with. Still popular. Horses for courses , check it out along with others mentioned on this page. 

It's on Soi.24. Walking distance from Prong Pong station , near Emporium. This is the oily type of massage parlour. Becoming very popular with mongers. Mango is one of the 'flavours' right now. Same Hand Job and Blow Job charges , as above. Baht1500 for full sex , plus Baht 400 , room/massage charge , 1 hr. (Bt800 if 2hrs). They did have a habit of choosing for you , so say "I choose" softly to receptionist. They might then flick a photo album to you. Better to see the girls in flesh if possible , before choosing. Update : they seem to have abandoned that unpopular modus operandi , and the girls reportedly are out in the open for you to see and select for yourself  , in the waiting room. See their website for prices etc ...   Some typical airbrushing etc of photo's with massage parlour girls pics. Make allowance for that.

Update ; It might be Bt600 for room 1 hr nowadays. 

EZ Massage Crashed and now called : SnowWhite2. Soi24/1.  


Others .... similar , but not as popular as the above : Cherry Massage Soi 24/1 ( Gaining popularity. Standard prices.  AddictMassage , gets good mentions nowadays too (check Google for website). Colonze2 ... someone told me : Walk on down past Nataree Massage and Emeral Hotel , past The Lord MP to Soi.7 where its on the right hand side. Supposedly College students (?). Reportedly Bt1700/2300 regulars , plus 'models' upstairs (cost more). 

Relatively new foreign owned one ... Nuru Massage , Soi 7/1. Varying opinions of this place. Bt2000 1hr. Certainly does not have the porn star reputation of Tulip , Snow White and Mango. But its got convenient location. Website : ........ for more info. 


La Belle Sex Massage : 


Formerly Mona Lisa Massage Parlour in New Petchaburi Road (next to formerly Siam Hotel). Previous building was demolished , now new owners and management. Luxury (image only ?) Massage Parlour called La Belle. Reports coming in say the girls there are above average looking. But that is subjective and some guys are heavily influenced by the price they are asked to pay. If asked a high price , they start seeing lookers , if asked a low price they start seeing dogs. And La Belle is high priced  : )

Prices. A Baht1000 Foreigner (Farang/Falang) surcharge applies. 90mins with the girl.  Varying prices from Baht3200 (girls on left) to Baht6000 (girls on right) , plus the surcharge. They'd have to be extra beautiful at Bt7000 eh ? ! , but I suspect you will find them much the same as other places : ) A luxury image = luxury prices , but not necessarily luxury girls : ) Will not cost you any money to have a look , might be for you. Ground floor ones are the cheapies , as you go up in the building , the price goes up. Worth a look ? 

Most likely the taxi drivers get a Baht500 commission for bringing you to La Belle too. This on top of the charges listed above. So , to avoid that ,catch MRT train service to Petchaburi Railway Station , take Exit 1 , walk straight ahead a few short metres to Petchaburi Road itself , turn left and 400/500 metres along Petchaburi Rd , past the Honda car sales building you will find La Belle. Update : Others like Mango , Snow White , Nataree , Tulip and Annies , all on this page , would I expect , off better value.


La Defense , have some good looking babes , so they so. Google for address etc. Not sure if following is correct : Rama 9 (Road) , Royal Pacific Hotel. Report your findings in the whorist forum , please.


The Lord ,  Baht4600/7000. Not foregner friendly (surcharge ?) . Those that visit not impressed. Possibly a waste of time. Google it for address etc. 


Utopia Sex Massage :


Note : Not many folks talking about this one nowadays = not a good sign : )

69/1-3 Rama 9 Rd , Huay Kwang. Catch taxi. To avoid possibility of a taxi commission : When he goes to turn into Utopia , tell him , "changed mind" and get him to drop you off at a shop few metres further on. Exit taxi , enter shop whatever and when taxi has taken off backtrack to Utopia. Why ? Cause your already going to pay Bt1500 farang/foreigner surcharge on Utopia's already heavy prices. Why cost so much ? Supposedly good looking girls , don't know , never been there , but will go there one day to find out for myself. So you do not want to pay an additional taxi commission (Bt500 or more) cause you arrived in a taxi.

You could take the attitude the Bt1500 is a 'dont like falang/foreigner' levy , as I believe the girls get Bt1000 of the levy. Or you might take it as a 'big dick' or 'smelly' levy. All the more reason to fuck them : )

Lots of girls , quality , and high prices. Fishbowl Bt2000/2200 + Bt1500 surcharge ; Sideliners Bt2400 + Bt1500 surcharge. There are 'models' too. Better see your Bank Manager before considering them : ) My experience with 'models' , they are tired looking older women with pseudo sophistication. Personally I think they are a set up for suckers. Mention the word 'model' and guys open their wallets. But I have yet to visit Utopia (will do next trip) , so cant really say , in this case : )

Another sucker one is 'students'. Mention 'student' and guys start to salivate (forbidden fruit) and spend accordingly. Lots of 'models' and students are just regular girls , posing as something else (to relieve you of more money).


Taxi Commission - No, it's not the name of a Massage Parlour : ) Although it would be appropriate, considering a lot of them pay the taxi drivers commission to bring you to their doorstep and then charge you inflated massage prices to cover the commission.

Remember, if you take a taxi to the front door of a massage parlour, the driver expects a commission from the proprietor. The parlour on most occasions is obliged to pay the driver a commission for the bringing the customer to them, even though you decided to go there without any prompting from the driver. This commission inflates the price of a massage significantly, and can actually run into the hundreds, and thus is best avoided. The idea is to be dropped near the parlour without the driver knowing the parlour is your destination. To be dropped near, you need some landmarks and request driver to drop you at the landmark , and not the parlour .

Exception : Some Massage Parlours do NOT pay commission to taxis , whether they drop them at front door or not. Usually highlighted in my info above. 

Massage ? says the driver , on arrival at front of an MP. No, says the experienced whorist. Then when the taxi has taken off, backtrack to the parlour. Alternatively, get out of the taxi and prop in the first place that serves beer and sit and have a cold beer whilst waiting for the taxi driver to knick off. Its a game, dont let the taxi’s get the better of you on this one. Add’s to the fun of whoring touring and helps your budget no end.

If necessary say to mama-san - "no taxi, what’s your prices", then she’ll know your looking for a good price. Quite often, if a parlour does not pay a taxi commision, as in the case of Annies and others mentioned above , the driver will plead that he doesnt know the place and try and steer you towards a taxi commission parlour of his choice. Your the buyer , its always YOUR choice.



Lower priority massage parlours .....


The massage parlours mentioned below are not quite the 'flavour' nowadays , but then , one or more might rock your boat :

Darling sex Massage - Sukhumvit Soi. 12 , 5/7 min walk from NEP area. So its got convenience.

This one is not so popular nowadays. Quite often service lacking , and all girls try hard for a tip of Bt500 or more. On the way out (?)

As you turn into Soi.12 you will see a giant Darling Neon sign on your right. Can’t miss it. About 60 girls, Baht 2500 - 2900, (90 mins) plus tip and therefore not cheap. Ignore papa-san when he says "two girls better" , unless of course you want two girls (and two prices). Darling does not pay taxi commissions. Hours , usually 4pm to 11pm. Maybe on Sat/Sunday 1pm on. Darling is mostly a convenience factor , short walk from our recommended accommodation. Better looking girls than Annies  , most would say. Update ... Darling is slipping behind places like Nataree , Mango  etc (see above for them).

Nana sex Massage - Apparently located within the Nana Hotel itself , ground floor , near the lifts . Note : Never seen the place myself though. They can send massage girls to your Nana room , apparently. Never hear anything about it , so cant be too great.

Plaza Entertainment (Sex) Centre -

Note : This one has declined in popularity recent times , cause too pushy etc. They try sucker prices on you etc. Not a relaxed atmosphere. Still worth a look , if you have time. It's a big show. Worth a peek : )

How to get there , three possibilities ...

1. A 15 min walk up Soi.3. Coming from corner of Soi.3. and Sukhumvit Road walk up the right hand side of Soi.3. past Grace Hotel etc for 15 more mins , passing over New Petchaburi Road to a T intersection of sorts (Name : Makkasan Junction ?). If you look to your right at this intersection you will see a high rise with the 'Plaza Entertainment' sign at the top. Actually you will see this sign on the high rise well before you reach that intersection. Turn right at this intersection head straight towards the Plaza sign , through a car park of sorts.

2. Alternatively , if your not the 'athletic' type .... take a taxi to Prince Hotel , and take a short walk through to the tall Plaza Entertainment building (large sign near top). Thus avoiding a taxi commission (Bt500) being added to the cost of your lady. Let taxi driver think your going to Prince. If he says "massage" , say something like : "oh no , have wife" : )

Cupidy Massage :

Note : Not the best of reputations nowadays , but worth a peek , just in case. 

3. Or , if heading for Cupidy Massage (12noon to 12m/n) , take taxi to front door of Plaza Enter. building and enter its front doors. Do not mention the word 'Cupidy' , ask for PE building only. Once inside the building take the lift/stairs on your right down to Cupidy. Thus fooling the taxi driver , cause you will pay a hefty taxi commission (Bt500) when you order a girl , IF you arrive at Cupidy's front door in a taxi : )

Walk in (no taxi) :

1. Following the '15min walk to' instructions above , you will find on passing through the car park area , underneath and to the right of the Plaza building a neon sign 'Cupidy Massage' Baht 1800 for the fish bowl girls and Baht2200 for the 'sideliners' sitting on the couch. Prices might have inflated since I have been there. I must admit this one has become to be known as a place for sucker tourists. Mango , Nataree and many others preferred ahead of this one nowadays.

Do not let papa-san push you into a selection. Order a drink sit down , relax , perv and select at your own pace. If papa-san pushy tell him "later" (come back later). If problem with price say "I paid ....................... last time" (fishbowl). Check this one out first , as it seems to be more popular than the other two MPs in Plaza building , mentioned below. To my eyes the girls on offer were rather ordinary/regular (nothing special) for massage girls , however , think it was about 9pm , two hours late , and things were hopping. A large group of japanese had just arrived and others were arriving all the time. Pond was rather depleted , lots already taken and shaggin their heads off ? : ) Management pays taxi commission = busy MP. This place is famous cause its busy , cause they pay taxi commission and thus taxi drivers drag falangs to the place kicking and screaming : ) Suggest you enter main Entertainment Plaza door (see above info) around 7pm , slip down in the elevator = full display ? , and minus taxi commission of Bt500.

2. Plaza Entertainment building itself (not underground at Cupidy) :

If you choose to ignore 'Cupidy' and continue to walk straight ahead all the way to the front of the tall Plaza Entertainment building , then walk up the 'marble' stairway and through the large main door entrance where you will find more Massage girls , both on the ground level and at 6th floor level.

Once inside this building , as I said , walk straight ahead and you will find two seperate ponds (Massage windows) on your left. Herein resides possibly 50/75 in total at any one time , if you arrive before popular ones are taken. Hype says the 'models' are on the 6th Floor. On arrival at 6th Floor , exit elevator turn left , then turn first right , then turn first left , straight ahead across and up steps entering Aqua Club where I found about twenty so-so babes , not 'models'. Better girls on ground floor and better $ value in 'Cupidy' (basement). NOTE : On my last 'inspection' in this building (not Cupidy below) , there was only one (yes one) girl in large pond and 15/20 in sideline pond , smiling to Japanese customers. Looks like I struck a very busy night AND called too late (9pm). Suggest you call 7pm.

I have not as yet asked re prices (too shy : ) but believe at ground level they are asking Baht2000 for Fishbowl girls and Bt3/4000 for Sideliner girls (smaller pond , no glass). There are some 'lookers' amongst them. Compare Baht1800 at 'Cupidy' down below in the basement , also with some 'lookers' , sometimes. Sixth Floor they ask Baht4/4700 I believe. Certainly not worth it , especially when compared with the girls on the ground floor (Plaza building itself)  or Cupidy (below) , in the basement. Two hours , regardless of the MP you select.

Prices in the main building itself are unreal , just as good or better for less elsewhere , eg , Cupidy in the basement. Some guys think cause the price is high the gals are classy. This is only the case some of the times. Be discerning and decide for yourself if the gal/s themselves are 'classy' or the price is just for guys looking for a 'classy' price.


Chao Phya .1 and Chao Pyha .2 Massage Parlours for Sex  :

NOTE : These two massage parlours are no longer on the 'A' list anymore.

I have listed them here for 'historical' reasons only , and I dont want to throw away my 'old' hard earned info on them : )


Chao Phya .1. Massage Parlour.

NOTE : This one might have had a name change to : J-One

All of the following info might have changed since new management and name change .....

It's in Sri Ayuthaya Road/Street . After catching the Skytrain to Phaya Thai N2 Station , you exit Station exit No.4 , and head in a northerly direction turning right at the first intersection , a few short metres away. Your now in Sri Ayuthaya Road , same side as you exit the train , Florida Hotel is on the corner of this intersection (No.6 on the map below). It is then a short walk to Chao Phya.1 Massage Parlour , set back from the footpath. Next door is the Phayathai.1 Hospital (No.8 on the map below).

You will find at Chao Phya .1 a long straight row of 60/80 girls who look younger and possibly prettier than CP2. Reports coming in , saying numbers of girls going down , don't know , do not visit MP's normally. Pushy Papa-san spoils it. Baht 1800 quoted. No tables and chairs to sit and conjure up which one to take. Not the relaxed environment of CP2. On exiting , noticed small Pond on the right , with 10/12 so-called ‘Superstars‘, Baht 2200. Some of which looked downright worn and ugly. Must be good at something : ). Overall - CP2 for me.

All of this info belongs to :


Chao Phya.2 (CP2) Massage Parlour for Sex  -

537 Sri Ayuthaya Road/Street. Relatively honest operators. 

For the curious only ..... "Continuing on past CP.1. Massage , you walk another 5/7 mins (300 mtrs ?) along Sri Ayuthaya Road where you will see on the opposite side of the road a huge Neon sign "Chao Phya.2" on a large building which looks like a 300 bed Hotel. Large car park in front of the building which is set back off the road. When I was there , 1/200 cars parked in car park (lots of humpin and pumpin goin' on : )

To right of CP2's main entrance is "Sexy Night Club". Didnt look too sexy to me at 8.30pm . Most probably kicks off later. Enter main doors of the building and you come across a huge curve shaped fish bowl with up to 70/80 girls of varying categories. Plus more in the rooms , 'doin the deed'. However , numbers might be down nowadays.

There are tables and seats where you can drink a beer and perv, although you are some distance from the 'bowl' , that is the fish bowl where the ladies sit, waiting to be selected. Papa-sans are relaxed types. Not pushy. Signif. number of Thais sitting around perving. Take Baht1900 as the average price for these girls , 90 mins. Three categories Bt1700 ; 1900 ; 2000. Papa-san will explain. Reports coming in lately , say numbers of girls on offer is going down , way down (say only 50 on display nowadays) , don't know , do not visit MP's on a regular basis. If numbers down , its most probably a sign of it's impending 'death'. No taxi commission , to the best of my knowledge , otherwise get out of taxi at Europa Inn to avoid commission. Update : March 2010 still there and looks like it will always be there. Others , as indicated on this page , have taken over , however.

Taxi - As far as I know , CP2 does not pay taxi commissions , but if you want to avoid that possibility , have the driver drop you off at Europa Inn (No.9 on the Map above) and then walk across to Chao Phya .2 (No.10 on the Map).


UPDATE : On my last 'inspection' , choices were not all that brilliant. This happens all the time at all venues (Freelance Bars , Disco's , Massage , wherever) .. some nights 'lookers' other nights unimpressive. "If at first you do not succeed , try , try again" another place : )




Emmanuelle sex Massage  :

UPDATE ... I have been there , visited the place two times , total of four girls only both times , yet a giant of a building. I think Nataree next door with all its young eye candy has put them out of business. Forget Emmanuelle not worth visiting. Nataree (see above) yes , Emmanuelle , a definite no !

Before Update .... Just off Ratchadaphisek Road. One block north of Emerald Hotel. Directions : Sky train to Asoke station , then MRT Underground rail to Huai-Khwang station and take Exit 3 at that station. On exiting you will see a big Emmanuelle sign. Alternatively , catch a taxi to the Emerald Hotel , alight and walk a short distance in a Northerly direction (towards Huai-Khwang station). This avoids the possibility of a taxi commission. Prices : Bt2500 to Bt5000. Popular place , worth checking ( ???? see Update above). Must be very popular only see 2 girls there on two visits , or else they see me coming and run for cover : )


Poseidon Entertainment :  , Ratchadaphisek Rd , opposite Grand Hotel. Suttisarn (Sutthisan) underground (MRT) rail station is 100mtrs North of Poseidon. Getting there by taxi : to Grand Hotel , stop taxi at overpass footbridge. Walk across to ten story pink/orange building. By train : board MRT train to Sutthisan , exit 4 (escalator) to Ratchadaphisek Rd. Poseidon is in a ten story pink/orange building , about 500mtrs South towards Huai-Khwang Station. 1st Flr Karaoke with dancers. Hard if not impossible to take these girls out. 2nd Flr (upstairs) , opens 2pm : Bt2300 and up for 90mins plus the Bt500 falang (foreigner) surcharge. 3rd Flr (elevator on 1st Flr) , opens 5pm : Bt2900 up to Bt5500 for 90mins plus Bt1000 falang surcharge. Prices vary a lot , they try and suck as much money out of you as possible. If they think you will pay a thousand more than these prices , they will certainly try for it.

UPDATE : Personally visited this place. Popular with some punters , but over rated in my personal opinion. Other Massage joints listed on this page have just as good and even better girls and prices. There is a certain type of Monger who only sees beautiful girls when he is being charged 'beautiful' (silly) prices. Cause he pays top dollar he convinces himself the girls are 'special'. Dont be one of those fools , look objectively at the girls and decide for yourself .... "are they worth it" ..... answer in respect of Poseidon , for me : "no".

Even so , think you should visit it , just in case I have got it all wrong. My comments above maybe a bit harsh : )


Overall : There are a multitude of Massage Parlours in Bangkok. Suggest you sample the tried and true ones outlined above , then venture to others later. However , if is recommended by a taxi driver , you can be sure he is going to get Baht500 commission , which you pay via an inflated massage price. 


Other places in BANGKOK where you can find


Escort - Bordello type ladies : 

Pegasus Club :

Note : I have not been to Pegasus for a long time now , and have no intention of returning .... too expensive (see below). OK if most outstanding girls in Thailand , but I do not think so = not value for money , in my opinion. 

In Thailand , the Lady House to beat all lady houses (?). Some call it an Escort Agency. Grandeur and garish opulence at its best/worst , and you pay for it. Sex - those that I know , all say it's 'great'. Would you admit otherwise , if you paid big bucks to get it ? : ) 

Location - 112 Sukhumvit 23, Soi Prasamitr. Catch Sky train to Asok E4 Train Station. Walk along Soi.23, past Soi Cowboy on your left and an Italian Restaurant on your right. Turn into first Soi on your right. Pegasus is a short walk (1/150mtrs ?)down on the right hand side. You can’t miss it. Set back from the road , white pillars and grandeur. Up the steps and through the main door. You will be greeted by a number of sophisticated ladies including the mama/papa-san.

Mamasan quoted to me ST prices as follows: PR (Public Relations) girl - 1700; SL (Sideliner/Sailai) 2200; Model 3200. Double those figs for All Night. So if you took a Model All Night it would cost you 6400 plus 2700 initial drinks plus Tip the next morning, in the order of 1000 I suppose. Tips are definitely in the "up to you" category. If you give Baht2/500 to other girls then these girls would be expecting 1000 min I suggest. Total outlay for a Model = Baht 10,000 , at a gestimate. Note : Prices never stand still. They rarely go down , but do go up : )

See my Update below.

Think these girls are actually trained (as in a school) to provide mature/sophisticated sex service. Good lookers ? - Supposedly so, but guys who pay big bucks only see what they want to see - 'classy'/expensive looking ladies. I tried and failed to have a look at them without spending big bucks. See Wednesday Waffle Article .3. 8th May 2002 titled - "Stolen Photo's" , for more details of what I experienced when I entered Pegasus ( incl's photo's , outside of bldg only).

Membership - Some say if you join (Baht60,000 for 3 years) the sex is not so expensive.

From a cynics viewpoint, I say you pay for the expensive real estate , decor and expensive clothes and sophistication of the ladies and not their beauty or talent in bed. But there are some guys around who only think the ladies are beautiful if they pay a beautiful (expensive) price. Not me : )

How about you trot along there and send in your report ? : )

UPDATE : I finally 'gate crashed' this place , paid Bt900 for a beer and saw the Merchandise. Disappointed. They were typical pretty massage parlour girls , nothing more. Also the figs mama quoted me , it would cost around Bt11,000 to have one drink , her one drink and then out the door for an all nighter. Are they worth it ? Certainly not , says me. Thats the equivalent of x 6 pretty massage girls ! See "Fishin for Fun - 2" (Diary pages) for more details (incl. pic) on my 'inspection' of this place. Think you will find your beer is still Bt900 and a Ladies Drink is Bt900 ! Forget it folks , its a joke.

Update Jan 2013 : Prices still much the same , reportedly : Bt900 Entrance/beer ; Bt1800 for 1 hr girl sitting at your table , incl's 1 ladies drink. Bt900 each 'talk hour' thereafter (no sex). Take out : Bar Fine 3000 , Bt3000 ST Model , Bt4000 Star. Double those figs for all night. Worth it ? Definitely NOT ! They are not specially pretty , but they are dressed better than other girls and the venue itself and furnishings etc is deluxe. Dont pay for that , dont be hoodwinked , head for a nice Massage parlour instead : )

This is a typical 'high class' place , with high class prices , but girls no different to others elsewhere. Your paying for the massive building , expensive interior and furniture , high rents and pseudo-sophistication. All of which you can not fuck : )

All of this info belongs to :


Gentlemans Clubs , aka , G Clubs :


Popular right now : "Maiake" G Club  (google it). 

But there are lots more , eg Pent , The Pimp , St Moritz etc etc.

Expensive , and catering for Thais and SE Asians , not Western foreigners (white skins/African Americans). But big spender foreigners go there and take girls sometimes , yes. 

No barfining of girls , as such , but at some places you can take them home with you. Especially if you have spent a lot of money at the place , eg Bt10,000 and up : ) Membership Baht10,000 to Bt50,000. Non members , eg whites can enter. Usually a minimum number of drinks is charged before you sit down , say x 3 drinks for say Bt1000. Ladies drinks Bt 300/350 (can be more) , 30 to 45 mins company of lady (per drink). English language spoken at most , limited at other places.  If you stay and watch floor show , expect to spend Bt3000/5000 on drinks , minimum. Generous waiter tip is expected on top of that too , say min Bt200 , more likely Bt500 ('them' Bt1000 wouldnt be unusual  : )

Floor shows , pretty girls , rather tame , can be exceptions at some clubs viz semi nudity or full nudity. Depends on their relations ($) with authorities.

You can get girls cellphone number but doubt 1. She will answer 2. If answer , come to your hotel , extremely doubtful. They are not into foreigners , they into Thais : )

Especially if they tell her "He arrived in a taxi". On arrival in the taxi , see all the expensive cars parked outside. Girls target owners of those cars , not us : )

Sorry Brad Pitt , didnt know you were reading this .... ignore all of the above , you'll be right , might even get a discount    : )


Other Sex Houses : 


"EDENS" Soi 7/1 :

Fetish/Fantasy/Toys etc

Edens is a Fantasy House of sorts , with Toys , Costumes (Fetish Lingerie/Uniforms etc). A controversial place. It seems that those who like the place are forever defending it against those who do not like it. Controversy is good for business , hence no doubt a lot of punters go there out of curiosity to see for themselves what it's like : )   Edens website :

Those that like the place say : The sex is great.

Those that do NOT like the place say : The gals are not pretty and are on the older side and that good sex can be found elsewhere for less (eg Mango/SnowWhite/Tulip Massage places). Also it is pretend , rehearsed , robotic sex. 

I've come across more of those that are in favour than against the place. Not my scene , never personally tried it.

UPDATE : Not as good or popular as it used to be. Places like Mango , Tulip , Snow White (listed under Massage) are offering better service apparently 

Seems to me , if you want something different (uniforms/toys/hard core etc) and are not worried about the prices and the more 'maturer' ladies on offer , give it a try.

Located in Soi.7/1 (use Maps above , eg Map No.1 as a reference point). Not Soi.7. itself, but further up towards Soi .9.. It’s a lane in between Soi.7 and Soi.9 and Edens is located approx 100 metres in from Suk’ on the right hand side. Hours 12.30pm Noon to 12midnight. Best selection times : 1pm to 10pm. Naturally , 1pm best.

It's B4500 for two girls , 90 mins , room for this included. You have to pay Bt4500 even if you only take one girl , same price. It's a two girl scene on offer here. No exceptions to this '2' policy. Except you can take one , but still pay for two : )

For take-away (back to your Hotel) it's Bt4500 (2 girls) 90 mins , during hours of 1pm to 10pm. Then there is after 10pm , when you can take-away one girl and keep her till 6am ... Baht8000 (not a typo) ... only a fool would pay that !. Take her away for 24hrs and its ...................... dont know new price (fools only please : ) 

You can not sit around and drink beers , perving on the ladies whilst you make up your mind. Management expects you to make up your mind re which ones  you are taking , after one drink.

Compare sexy massage for Baht 2500 2 hrs  , 2 shots , at a place like Annies , a short walk away (See Massage Notes above). PS : Not everyone likes Annies , just like not everyone likes Edens. No one establishment can please all the customers all the time : )

To each his own , if you go to Edens and get your rocks off and see it as value , then that is all you need : )

Edens website : 

All of this info belongs to :

"Escorts Bangkok" :

Personally I need to see chicks beforehand , therefore never get involved with "Telephone Escorts".

Ive put this one in here cause apparently this mob are doing a similar (but not the same) scene as Edens (listed above). That is school costumes/fantasy and the like , and most importantly you do not have to take two girls. Not sure of the price but believe works out cheaper cause only one girl involved. For details : (not to be confused with 'bangkok escorts'). Apparently Edens still reigns supreme when it comes to the better sex. It's subjective , perhaps you should try both : ) UPDATE : Havent heard about 'Escorts' in ages. Check their website first.


Art Bars/Lounges for Sex :

For masochists and those who think high price = high quality girl. The higher the price the prettier the girl ? Not always so. Especially applies to these Art Bars/Lounges. Not good value !

NOTE : I have not visited these places for yonks. Masochists occasionally talk a bit about them , otherwise not really mentioned. Not value. If you like pseudo sophistication , at silly prices , its for you : )

These bars are dying a slow death , cause not giving value , thats why   : )

Soi . 33 -

6pm - 1am . You can walk to this area from Soi Cowboy/Pegasus but not from Soi.4. Too far. Suggest you catch the Sky train to Phrom Phong E5 Station and backtrack a little to Soi.33.


I do not recommend these overpriced Soi 33 bars , where you have to pay for each drink as it arrives otherwise you risk being ripped off.

These places are not cheap. Bar Fine Bt1600 before 12 midnight , Bt1200 after that , plus .... ST2500/3000 , LT4000/5000 is typical.

Can cost more earlier in night , can be less later in the night. Your paying for the pseudo sophistication and decor when you visit the Art Bars/Lounges. Same girls can be found elsewhere without the expensive dress and atmosphere for a lot less. Also , there is no guarantee the gal will go with you , even if you have paid the 'bar fine' , and if she does go with you to a Restaurant/Disco , whether or not she'll go to your room later on and have sex. Also note : BJ's are not normally on the menu with these type of girls. Of course handsome guys score better :) Me being a regular guy (no hunk ) 'pretence places' like this are not for me or anyone else who can see through the veneer of sophistication and silly prices.

Paying the barfine does not guarantee that the lady goes with you, or if she goes with you that she does the deed . Some of these ladies are ‘companions’ only. Check this out before paying a bar fine. My suggestion is buy one Ladies Drink only and see if you can meet the gal next day (before she starts work) , avoiding the expensive Bar Fine.

"Monet" , "The Office" and "Renoir" are the long standing popular ones. Dec 2012 : Renoir is closed. Some other bars in Soi.33 pad their bills etc. Beware , regardless of the Bar your sitting in. Christies and Napoleon are particularly bad in respect of padded bills.

If you want to go with a buddy and sip a few beers in a 'classy' environment , smile and chat with expensively dressed girls , then go for it. Otherwise stick to other places listed on this website. Continued .....



You will find out by reading the following , I do not like these 'Art Bars'.

Chits/Bills ... you will see I keep saying "watch your chits/bills". Such is necessary at Soi.33. , a sucker set up and thus sometimes sucker padded bills.

How to get there ... on exiting Suk’ Road and about 75mtrs down Soi.33 on left hand side is Christies Club (unpopular , padded bills/chits) , then a further 75 metres , more Art Bars on both sides of the street , with names like : Renoir (popular but watch chits/bills) ; Monet (popular) ; Goya (give a miss) ; Napoleon (not so popular anymore , possibility of padded bill/chit) ; 'Dali' etc. Dali watch your bills/chits. About 15/20 in all. Owners call them clubs , but punters call them Art Bars cause of their names.

Monet and Renoir (on right hand side before Monet) appear to be the more popular of the bunch (subjective). Renoir can be 'pushy' and watch the Ladies Drinks , they might try and rip you off at Renoir. Update : Not any more , place closed down.

Monet (and Dali above) can have padded bill probs though, watch it here and anywhere else in Soi.33 regardless if 'popular' or not. Best time, early in the evening before they jack up the price of drinks, 9pm on . Before 9pm YD Baht 90 , Baht 125/150 thereafter (ask before you order , prices are more likely to have gone up than down : ). *LD same as YD . After a set 45 minutes (varies , ask before hand) you have to buy another LD otherwise the Lady leaves you. Note : These prices might have increased recently.

"The Office". Not pushy (?) , and apparently nice gals , but this can change over time. Location - walking down Soi.33 past Novotel Lotus on your left , you will find a Soi (laneway) to your right. Turn into this Soi and at the end of and on the left is 'The Office'. Apparently worth the visit , and maybe even superior to Monet and Renoir (old favourites). Suggest you arrive 6 - 8pm when this place is most active.

Many of the ladies in Soi33 are in the 25-35 year age range. Pseudo sophistication and so expensive prices. For the curiously inclined masochist ? : ) Watch your bills. Pay for each drink as it arrives , alternatively check each bill/chit as it is slipped into your cup. If they are not showing you the bills for your drinks , as you go along , you are most probably being set up for a padded bill later on. Sophisticated people with 'class' are not supposed to check their bills are they , ha ha. These are the kind of places where your not supposed to be concerned about the cost. Consequently some of these Bars exploit that very fact and over charge/pad. Not value for money. Why pay above the rates for a gal just to ponce around in an evening gown ?

In my opinion , better sex attitude and good bodies for less elsewhere. For example , Massage Parlours. You can discretely meet Massage girls during the day or on their day off too , dont forget.


Back to Soi 33 : Luciano's (some distance down on the left hand side) is popular with some and the girls reputedly have a better attitude , but that can not always be guaranteed. Kosu Mosu caters for the Japanese clientele and the girls are not so pretty. Fairy Club looks suspiciously gay. With a name like that , what else could it be ? : )

All my comments re 'popular' , 'pushy' etc are very subjective. Its trial and error , your favourite might be someone elses disappointment : )

Suggest you amble around , trying 'The Office' and Monet first. They do not normally come in for as much criticism as the others.

UPDATE : Ladies Drinks. Most probably , after Happy Hour (9pm) , LD's cost more than Bt150 nowadays , a lot more : ) I won't be going there to find out. Waste of time for someone like me. I don't like pretending to be someone I'm not , talking to girls pretending to be somebody they are not too : )

All of this info belongs to :     

Thai Whore Houses - Bordello's : 

I have no real information on this.


I dont know anything about regular Thai style Bangkok Lady Houses. Most , if not all , are quite often "off limits" to foreigners. Ask me about small city/town lady houses and yes I can tell you something. If any reader is a Bangkok Lady House fan, please share your knowledge and expertise with the rest of us. I know there are beauties locked away in these places, but young girls being locked away in a big city doesnt appeal to me and thus I am not so keen on visiting such places , in the first place. Especially when most of the girls can not speak English. My Thai is limited , not good enough for decent conversations. Lady Houses in Thailand are more of a prison , than any other LON' establishments I know of.

The most famous 'Lady House' (some call it an Escort Agency) is of course Pegasus (as explained above). Think the Pegasus ladies would have more freedom of movement than those in a typical Bangkok Lady House : ).


Short Time Sex Hotels : 

If I shag short time , its in my hotel , so do not know a lot about designer ST Hotels. Ask the girl you have chosen , she will know which one to use. Average price Bt300.

Playboy Hotel - Info I have been given : "No. 40 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 3 . Nana Nua Road/Street. Same road as Grace Coffee Shop , in fact behind Grace Hotel". Sounds a bit confusing I agree. Girls will know where it is , will know. Another friend said its : "In the road behind Grace which connects Soi.3. and Soi.11". Reportedly Baht 300/500 for three hours. Quite popular with ST punters. Ideal for a Bier Garten ST liaison.

PB Hotel - This could be Playboy Hotel , not sure. Reputedly Baht300 for two hours. Apparently not in same league as Playboy. Best to ask girl she will certainly know.

Star Inn Hotel - Another one convenient for Bier Garten/NEP/Thermae etc predators : Star Inn Hotel , Soi7/1 Bt300 one hour , Bt500 two hours , Bt700 3hrs. Note : Not Soi 7 , but Soi Soi7/1 . Coming from Soi.3 its the second Soi.7 sign you come across. (check sign posts). Next to Edens (info on  this page re Edens)

Taboo : I mentioned Taboo in the NEP Go-Go notes , as follows : Taboo ST Hotel - 1st Floor (UK) Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) , on right hand side , near the corner. Baht 300 standard room ; Baht 350 Deluxe (with bath tub) , two hours. (supposedly clean and modern). Used by the Katoeys employed at Casanova's (same floor, 30 metres away). Note : Price might have edged up. Update ... Last trip do not recall seeing it , yet must have walked passed it , if it was there. Perhaps they have move on. Update2 : Yep , two ST places on NEP precinct and Bt300 a room. 

All of this info belongs to :

After 1/2am Action : 

In times before you could hunt at bars to 3/4am and beyond. Nowadays its best to secure your pussy before 1/2 am closing comes into force. Exception : Disco's which can go to 5am , for better quality girls. See Disco Freelance info above. Also street hookers (see info up above)  , but usually quality down , and plenty of katoeys (she-men) posing as women etc (street hookers). 

Sukhumvit Road , odds side , from Soi3 to 15 = tables , drinking , hookers hanging around. 

Soi.2. off Sukhumvit Road , 3 min walk from NEP , some hookers , tables , chairs and drinks to sun up , apparently.

Dating Sites :


1. Badoo , mix of Hookers and regular girls  2. Thai Friendly  3. Date in Asia   4. Thai Love Links (?)

Tread carefully , lots of them are not hookers but might fuck for money , just the same. 

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