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I have been whoring touring for 40 yrs now, 1974 to 2014, and still enjoying it   : ) 

Safe , healthy , sex , with young hookers , escorts , or sexy  girls/regular women seeking money for honey  , in Thailand and Philippines ,  is possible .... if your prepared to put in a little of your time reading the free info I supply herein. Click Thailand/Philippines links above.  

Six of the hookers on this page are past companions of mine. These kind of girls are mostly obtainable for US$25/50 all night , eg , 8pm to 8am. Can cost a little more , or a whole lot more , and can cost less than U$25 too.

All prices/info/modus operandi  on Thailand/Philippines links above.

Fun, fun, its gotta be fun or forget it   : )


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